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Anthony took his time walking home from the bus stop, after all, it wasn’t like he had anything to look forward to once he got there. “What could be better than spending your eighteenth birthday alone?” He said to himself sarcastically as he opened the front door to his family’s big house. Anthony’s parents had both earned a lot of money very young as corporate lawyers. When Anthony asked either exactly what their job consisted of, they would just say: “Basically you help people who already have a lot of money make even more money.” Given his family’s well-off means, one would assume that it would be no problem for Anthony to attract a large circle of friends, and even less of a problem for him to attract the attention of the opposite sex, unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy for him. First of all Anthony was not what most people would consider to be attractive. He was not ugly, just, unremarkable looking. He stood 5’8″, just a little shorter than average, with narrow shoulders, and a physique that was some peculiar combination of flabby and too skinny. He had a plain, flat face, and mousy brown hair that grew so kinky, Anthony found it easier to simply shave himself bald.

As if being homely wasn’t difficult enough, Anthony found social situations painfully awkward. He just didn’t know how to handle himself: he’d either stare at the ground, completely silent, or worse, make one cynical, sarcastic remark after another. It was especially difficult when women were involved. There was one particular incident, where one of the more attractive girls in Anthony’s class had begun talking to him about an assignment, and he had become so nervous, that he lost all control and grabbed her breasts, resulting in him being suspended for two weeks. As painful casino şirketleri as Anthony’s social short-comings were, eventually, he learned to accept them, and like most awkward boys, found solace in T.V., videogames, and prolific masturbation.

Most of Anthony’s human contact came courtesy of his parents, and although their relationship was never warm, Anthony could at least count on them to try and make him feel special on his birthday. But this year was different, the day before, they had told Anthony that they would have to leave town on an emergency business trip. “Sorry darling,” his mother had said, “but it looks like you’re on your own for your birthday. We’ll make it up to some other time.” Anthony walked into his bedroom ready for another night of junk-food, and stroking it to his collection of big tit magazines, but when he tossed his back-pack on his bed he heard the door click shut behind him. He turned, and saw a perfect vision of femininity leaning against the wall.

“Are you Anthony?” Long, honey-colored hair framed her heart-shaped face with its bright blue eyes; a red-lace bra held her plump, melon-sized breasts, and a matching pair of boy-shorts was stretched around her round hips and thick thighs.

“Y-Yes.” Anthony answered nervously. “Who are you?”

“I’m Candace,” she answered as she stepped towards him, “your father sent me.”

“Sent you for what?”

“What do you think?” Candace gently stroked Anthony’s cheek, and then began planting soft kisses with her full lips. He pulled away. “What’s wrong? You’re nervous aren’t you? Don’t worry, I know how to help you.” She sat down on the bed and beckoned Anthony to join her, he sat down obediently. “You see, there’s a special name for women like me: I’m casino firmaları not just a call girl, I’m what’s called a ‘Man Maker.’ I have a talent for making this easy for boys like you. So don’t worry, because I’m going to make sure you really enjoy this.” She gently grabbed his hands and started pulling them towards her. “Do you like big breasts Anthony?” She placed his hands on her breasts. “Your father told me you like big breasts.” Anthony instinctively started kneading Candace’s breasts through her bra; he started to pant while she purred.

“Are these real?” Anthony asked.

“Of course they’re real,” Candace answered, “they’re F-cups. Do you like my F-cups Anthony?”

“Yeah. How big are F-cups?”

“A little bigger than double-Ds.” Without Anthony having to ask her, Candace reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting the two glorious mounds of pale flesh hang freely on her chest. Anthony gazed at them in awe, mouth agape, wondering how it was possible for breasts so perfect to even exist.

“I want to suck on them,” he blurted out. “Go ahead,” Candace said with a smile. Anthony crawled over and placed his quivering lips on Candace’s round, pink, right nipple, and squeezed her left breast with his right hand. Anthony sucked earnestly, as though he was a newborn and Candace was his mother. He began to use his tongue, and Candace cooed as her nipple became hard. “Oooh, that feels so good Anthony.” After about five minutes, Anthony pulled away. “What?” Candace asked.

“I’m ready to do it now.”

“Alright.” Candace stood up off of the bed and quickly pulled off her shorts, then started to take off Anthony’s pants for him as he struggled with his shirt. “Oh my God!” He heard her say.

“What is it?” He güvenilir casino asked.

“Your cock, it’s … it’s …”


“It’s huge!” Anthony finally pulled of his shirt to see Candace smiling at his hard member. “It must be at least 10 inches long!” Anthony had never really thought about his penis, except for the odd time in the shower at gym when he had caught other boys looking at him. He wondered if there was maybe something wrong with it, now he knew it was the exact opposite. “I’ve never had somebody with one this big. It’s thick too, God it’s like a zucchini or something.” She started to lick the tip.

“No,” Anthony told her, “let’s just do it.” Candace lied down on the bed and spread her long, thick legs; Anthony crawled on top of her and slid his cock in to her. Anthony grunted, Candace’s pussy was moist and warm, and felt just as wonderful as he had always imagined a pussy would; Candace moaned softly, in the past she had usually had to fake her pleasure, but not this night, after years of small, prepubescent penises, she finally had a real cock inside her. Anthony wanted to look like he knew what he was doing, so he started slow, building momentum. He soon went into high-gear, pumping and thrusting like a real man. Candace started to moan like a ghost, her face turning a bright red as she clawed the edged of the mattress, enraptured by pleasure. “Oh shit Anthony that feels so good!” She screamed arching her back, Anthony grabbed her hips for better leverage. “That’s it, ram me – ram me as hard as you can; fuck me like the little slut that I am!” He did exactly that, pumping so hard and fast that Candace’s huge tits bounced like gelatin molds. “Almost there Anthony, don’t stop!” Four or five last thrusts did it, Candace gushed cum from her pussy, as Anthony shot ropes and ropes of hot, sticky semen into her. Anthony leaned on his headboard, exhausted, and as he looked down on Candace’s sweat-covered face, he knew that he was now a man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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