Maria – My big Italian mama

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Maria – My big Italian mama
This is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other site.

This adventure happened just over a year ago when I was recovering from some nasty surgery.
I’d known Maria over 20 years ago. We had worked together briefly, and her neice was friends with my younger sister.
She was a large woman – there was no escaping her weight – she was a big Italian mama. And starting a family only added to her size.
We stayed friends on social media and through this I gathered that her husband left after her second c***d was born.
She’d had a relationship with another man, but he was long gone from the scene, and her messages were mostly about her k**s – now more grown up, and her health – weight related illnesses. She only ever provided head shot pictures of herself, but you could tell despite the flowing dark locks and deep brown eyes that there was a lot of woman underneath.
Anyways – I’d parked at a supermarket after a trip to the hospital for a post op check up – the other side of town to my usual haunts. Returning to my car with a few groceries, a big landcruiser had stopped a few spaces over. The driver was struggling to get out, and as I walked over to offer my assistance, I realised it was Maria – a massive Maria. She was BIG – and she waddled round to the boot as I approached.
“Maria” I called as I neared her “how are you?”
She recognised me, smiled and gave a husky “Hello”.
She seemed embarrassed and shy to speak, so I pressed on for us both “It’s lovely to see you – its been years.”You’re looking well.” “How are the k**s?”
“They’re with their father this week on holiday,” she replied with her deep sexy voice, “I’m so lonely without them around”
And with that she burst into deep sobs right in the middle of the car park.
Ever sympathetic, I moved in putting my arms (as far as they’d reach) round her shoulders, and held her close while she calmed down. I could feel her huge breasts pressed into my chest, and noticed just how much weight she was carrying – all over her 5’3 frame. She wore a tent-like flowery dress which covered almost to her ankles, and fashionabe boots to cover the rest of the way. Despite that it was obvious her legs were big like tree trunks, and her arse made the dress stretch in an alarming way. I liked it!
As she eventually composed herself, she gently pushed me away with a deep “thank you – I needed that”.
“Come on”, I said, “lets get a coffee, you don’t need to be lonely today”
She looked up at me and smiled, her eyes sparkling at me as she did.
Her face was still beautiful, despite the years and the now tear streaked make-up.
She made her way towards the cafe, and I watched as she slowly heaved one leg in front of the other – her big arse wobbling as she took each step, straining at the material of her dress like some large a****l caught in a sack.
In a few paces I’d caught her up, placing my arm affectionately across her shoulder as we made our way inside.
We were soon in a booth and Maria sat across from me eying the dessert menu.
I brought her latte and a huge slice of gateaux which she devoured, smacking her full lips together as she took the last bite. She drew her finger across the plate to get the last of the crumbs and icing from it, and slowly sucked them from her finger, blowing me a kiss as she finished.
“Thank you” she purred, ” I needed that”
After over an hour of catching up, I went for our third coffee and found myself ordering her another slice of cake.
Maybe I was turning into a feeder, but I loved watching her eat – the sensuous way she took each forkful into her mouth, and the way she looked across at me as she did.
“Well someone knows how to spoil a girl” she smiled as I presented the plate.
“Getting your just desserts” I quipped, “but it has put a smile back on your pretty face”
Maria blushed and lowered her eyes at the compliment, “nobody has said anything that nice to me in years” she half whispered.
Eventually she said she would have to leave – a hair appointment her excuse.
“Your hair looks beautiful already” I said, and again Maria shied away from the compliment.
As I walked her slowly back to her car, we exchanged numbers, and she leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. “Thank you for cheering me up. It was sweet of you”
I hugged her farewell, but couldn’t resist those lips, and guided my mouth to hers with a slow deliberate kiss. She kissed me back and pushing me away said “I need to thank you properly for the cake and the company – would you come to dinner tonight?” Of course I accepted, and she text me her address with a “see you at 7 ish”
As Maria drove off, I returned to the shop picking up some nice wine and a big bunch of flowers, then rushed home to shower.
At 7 prompt, I güvenilir bahis siteleri was knocking on the door of a somewhat jaded semi detached. As Maria opened the door I said “Wow, your hair looks amazing (it did) – I didn’t think it was possible. Her long dark locks were flowing around her face and tumbled onto her chest. Tonight she was wearing a black top, which accentuated her pale skin and a long skirt to hide her flesh. She hugged me warmly as I presenter her with the flowers. “I should have brought chocolates too Maria – forgive me”
Maria laughed giving me a peck on the lips “everything you do and say to me is so nice. “It’s lovely to have you here to cook for, please come in and get comfy – there’s wine in the fridge – pour me one too while I put these flowers in water”.
Maria served a delicious seafood linguine, watching her suck the strands of pasta through pursed lips into her mouth was very erotic.
Opening a second bottle of wine, I joined her on the plush sofa where she talked passionately about her love of cooking. I stared into her deep dark eyes as she spoke, which must have un-nerved her a little as she squirmed her big behind causing her thighs to move closer together.
“Please don’t look at me like that” she whispered “you’re making me feel funny”. “But Maria, you have such beautiful eyes” I replied, “and such a sexy mouth”.
Maria turned pink at this “Stop it” she implored fluttering her eylashes.
Taking that as a sign, I put my glass down, and leaned over her large frame my lips coming into contact with hers. We smooched like this for a good minute before she pulled away breathless.
“Raising those Italian passions am I” – it wasn’t a question – I could see she enjoyed the kisses.
“I’m just not used to this” she said “and besides – look at me” she jestured to her body in self disgust.
“Nothing wrong there” I answered as I leaned in to kiss her again, this time letting my hands wander from her sides onto where her ribcage should be under her breasts, then down across her ample belly.
Maria pushed my hands away, but continued to kiss me, so I did it again, this time gently running my fingers over her enormous tits, feeling the material of her bra under her blouse.
She gave a soft moan into my mouth and kissed me harder – I could feel her nipples through the material begin to harden.
Running my hand back over her belly, I reached under and began stroking her bare fleshy stomach, occasionally moving up to her huge bra covered tits.
As Maria cuddled closer to me, I struggled to get my hand under any longer, so instead stroked and tickled her back – first over the material, then under.
finally I went for broke, and on a downward stroke, ran my hand over her behind to her huge thighs.
“Stop” she shrieked pushing me away, clearly still too self conscious about her size.
“Maria” I said “It really doesn’t matter how big you are. If it feels good, just go with it. You are not just a big girl, you are gorgeous”
I don’t know if she believed me, but she pulled me back towards her and we began passionately kissing again.
Taking up as if nothing just happened, I resumed stroking her back, and a few moments later, ran my hand back over her bottom. This time she just kissed me harder – her tongue pushing a little firmer into my mouth.
Encouraged by this I slipped my hand under the waistbad of her skirt and knickers, and gently ran my hand over her arse. Maria shuddered as I stroked her backside, gripping me tightly as if to invite me to go further.
But my arm just wouldn’t reach any more, so after a short time, I ran my hand up her back again, just making contact with her bra fastening, which I deftly unclipped, releasing the bountiful tits which remained pushed firmly into my chest.
“Enough” she mumbled “lets go upstairs”
The stairs creaked as she climbed in front of me. Her frame filling the staircase as she made her way up. “Give me a moment” she said as she made her way into what I guessed was her bedroom.
I took the opportunity to freshen up in the bathroom, and shortly after, opened the door to her boudoir.
The light was off, and I could see Maria under the duvet from the bulb on the landing. I closed the door, and made my way carefully to the bed, sitting to undress, before climbing naked in beside her.
Maria wasn’t naked however, she had refastened her bra, and the offending garment, along with her knickers acted as a barrier to my naked caresses. But the feel of my skin on her flesh made me instantly erect. My cock poking at her thigh as we kissed.
Maria responded hesitantly “I’m scared” she whispered, “it’s been such a long time”.
I hushed her planting gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders, as I once again unfastened her bra – this time taking it off completely – discarding it on the floor youwin as I kissed my way further down her chest until eventually my lips reached her nipples. Maria shuddered at this – her huge breasts clearly more sensitive than I anticipated. I took it slowly, fingers dancing lightly over her areolae, my lips barely touching and received a contented sigh as my reward.
As I kissed lower to her belly, hands never leaving her skin, Maria just lay there, her breathing getting heavier. This was probaby a good thing, as my cock was bursting with excitement, and if she’d have held it in her chubby fingers it could have been too much for me.
Finally my exploring hands reacher her crotch, and I stroked her pussy lightly over the material before running my hand down further to tickle and caress her tree trunk thighs. I made long sweeping strokes up and down her legs, stopping just short of the prize each time. Maria squirmed trying to push her body down to meet my hands “Stop teasing” she implored.
So I ran my thumb firmly up the panty covered furrow of her vagina which made Maria moan deeply.
Then hooking both hands into the waistband, I slowly tugged her big knickers past her bum, down her legs and off, to join her bra on the floor.
Both now naked, I moved to kiss her, and her mouth eagerly found mine. At the same time, my hand was caressing her pubic mound – which was covered in a thin bush of hair. Gradually I allowed my fingers to part her outer labia where they danced in the wetness of her pussy entrance, finding her (surprisingly) tiny clit within the folds of flesh. Maria let out an a****l moan at this, and not wanting to disappoint, I circled the nub with my thumb, leaving my fingers free to delve deeper into her wet cunt.
I was just toying with her pussy at this point, but suddenmy Maria made a noise somewhere between a growl and a screech, clamping her thighs tightly around my hand, forcing me to stop. There was no build-up, her orgasm clearly came out of nowhere.
Pulling my hand free, I licked my fingers discovering a not unpleasant taste.
Maria flopped on the bed, purring quietly. I began stroking and kissing her upper torso. There was a lot to cover. This time I was a little more forceful with her nipples, tugging gently with my teeth at one while pinching the other between my fingers, before swapping over again and again. Maria continues to lay there and let me do whatever I wanted.
Moving her onto her side, I played with the vastness of her bum and the back of her legs, pinching, biting and occasionally adding the odd soft slap. She was putty in my hands, her moans and heavy breathing telling me I was on the right track in the dark.
Pulling her legs apart, I lowered my face towards her soaking pussy, running my tongue between her labia and teasing her clit. “No” pleaded Maria, “I can’t take much more”.
I carried on regardless, each lick of that tiny clit making her gasp a little harder, until she gave an orgasmic yell, pulling my hair to yank my head away from her pulsing clitoris.
“Please” she begged when she finally got her breath back, “Please, now”.
I climbed on top, heedless to my weight on her, my cock knowing where it needed to be. Pushing her thighs wide, I plunged into her waiting cunt.
“Gnnnuhhh” I don’t know if that was her or me or both of us, but wow did it feel nice. Far from being slack, her vag was velvet smooth and surprisingly tight, but very very hot.
Once we were both used to the sensation, I slowly and rythmically began grinding my hips into hers, pulling almost fully out before thusting back into her.
I knew I could keep up this slow pace for some time, and Maria seemed lost in extasy while I pounded away.
Increasing the pace slightly, my hands found her breasts, and I grabbed them hard, partly for purchase, as my thrusts got stronger.
Maria moaned at each thust, and pushed her fat body back at me. Her little cries of “ooh” changing to a lower pitch. Recognising her approaching orgasm, I increased my speed, and fucked her for all I was worth.
As she crashed through not a sound came out, she was clearly spent, but then so was I. Balls churning, I felt the spunk begin to rise so I quickly pulled out (contraception hadn’t been discussed) and let fly massive spurts of my lust all over her belly.
We collapsed into each others arms, and I realised Maria was softly sobbing beneath me. kissing her eyes, cheeks and finally sexy mouth, she sighed contentedly, and we rolled into a sideways cuddle, before exhaustion over took – I don’t know who fell asleep first, but it must have been quick.

When I woke, the sun was shining through the curtains, bathing the room in a soft blue light. The duvet was pushed back, giving me my first view of the naked form of Maria. Her acres of pale flesh accentuated youwin giriş her long dark hair which flowed around her like a dark pool on a snowy day. One huge breast visible with a sexy red nipple and massive areolae surrounding it. Her ass was enormous, and dimpled with stretch marks, and those thighs, wow those thighs. Powerful muscles under the fatty layer to move her frame around. I think I fell just a little in love with her right then. I gazed at her for an age, until she gradually began to stir.
“Morning sexy” I smiled at her. She smiled back, until she realised I was drinking in her nudity. “No, don’t cover up – you are beautiful”. Maria blushed, turning vast areas of pale skin a deep red. “I’ll fix some coffee, you lie there”.
With a quick stop at the bathroom to freshen up, I padded naked down the stairs to hunt out the kettle. A few minutes later, Hot drinks in hand, I returned, to find an empty bed, but the sounds of a shower running next door. Abandoning the drinks, I tried the handle, and was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked.
It was only when I opened the shower door Maria screamed – her hands too small to make any decent attempt at covering up.
“I’ve seen you already” I laughed, “And I like what I’ve seen. Want me to do your back?”
Without waiting for an answer I squeezed in with her, pumping soap into my hands, and was treated to being able to wash and massage every inch of her fabulous body. Washing each other was getting us both turned on, and a look passed between us that said “back to bed”
I towelled off much quicker (less to dry, ha ha) and lay in the middle of the bed, my cock to attention, as Maria entered the room. “Come here you sexy bundle of fun” I jestured she join me on top. “But I’ll crush you” she said. “Just come here”, and she did.
As she lay half on me I could feel her weight pressing me down, and was glad of the firm matress at my back.
I chewed on her neck, then her nipples as my hands stretched round to play with her bum. Maria tossed her still wet hair like one of the women on a shampoo advert, and moaned as I reached down between us to curl my fingers into her pussy once more.
Eventually I shimmied down beneath her, so my head was in a thigh encased heaven, and my mouth found her willing vagina.
After a few playful licks, I thust my tongue as far as I could into her, which made Maria shudder with lust, then proceeded to explore every crease and fold of her sex with my mouth, using tongue, lips and teeth to great effect.
Finally I settled on her little clit, and kissed, licked, nibbled, bit and sucked at her clit and pussy lips. Above me I could just make out that Maria was writhing, a hand on each nipple as she pulled them. She was rambling now. I guessed she’d reverted into Italian, but she could have been speaking in tongues for all the sense she was making.
As her screams became more intense, and I sucked hard on her clit, she smashed into an orgasm that shook her whole body. her thighs were trembling either side of my head, and her pussy juice gushed into my willing mouth. “Oh god oh god oh god OH MY GOD” she cried as she recovered her senses, “That was amazing”
I wriggled back up the bed, glad to breathe easier again, and my throbbing cock brushed against her pussy.
“Ooooh yes please” she purred, and promptly impaled herself to the hilt on my member. This made her shudder again, but the passive lover of the previous evening was now gone. Gone was the shy girl too. Here was the sexual goddess of love, and she knew what she wanted.
She began riding me with quick short strokes, more shoving her weight backwards and forwards on my prick. I pushed her upright, and could now thrust back at her, and we settled into a hot rapid pace as she rode me , the bed straining beneath.
In this position I could admire her body in all its lusty glory. Her huge tits bouncing in all directions as we fucked. Her cheeks neck and chest were flushed and soon became redder still as she charged me towards her next orgasm.
I was close too, and I told her, but her goal was in sight, and she bounced even harder on my engorged cock as we thust away at each other.
Finally I could stand no more, and I exploded deep into her womb, what seemed like gallons of spunk flowing from me deep into her. That was all Maria needed. Talk about light the blue touchpaper. Maria screamed as she came, riding the last of my erection as she flooded the bed with her juices.
Both teeming with sweat, we collapsed in a heap of fat and limbs and smothered each other with kisses until our heartrates finally slowed.

I eventually left 2 nights later. Exhausted and weak from days and nights of passion.
Maria had made the walk of shame round to her neighbours to apologise for the noise, and I snuck away at dusk before her k**s came back from their holiday.

We carried on our lusty affair for a couple of months, until Maria received a job offer back in Italy which was too good to turn down.
She’s coming over for a visit next week. I’ve been hitting the gym to be ready for her.

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