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Cathy was driving the 155 miles home from her college campus to visit her mother. While driving she thought about her bold and brassy roommate Carmen. The hot Mexican girl was trying to seduce her but she had never been with a girl or even thought about it so she was rather reluctant. She had to admit to herself that Carmen was very enticing and it was becoming increasingly difficult resisting the voluptuous sex kitten. Cathy was getting moist between her legs thinking about Carmen’s curves and big tits. Cathy was thin, blonde, blue-eyed, with small breasts, but had the face of an angel. She couldn’t get Carmen’s sexy, steamy, and spicy body off her mind.

Then the 19 year old girl thought about her conservative, prim and proper, up-tight, and totally straight laced mother. Cathy’s mother was thirty eight but looked more like a sister than a mother. The resemblance was striking. Cathy wondered if her mother masturbated because since her father died last year her mother hasn’t even dated. She thought of discussing the situation with the sexy Carmen but feared her mother’s reaction. This time Cathy didn’t know if she could make it home for the weekend until the last minute so her mom didn’t know she was coming but Cathy thought that it would be a pleasant surprise for her.

The slender girl used her key and entered the plush home. She looked all around the house but her mom was nowhere to be found. She decided to go to her room and then get a nice hot bath. She loved relaxing in the tub especially since all she could do at college was take a shower. As Cathy disrobed she heard strange noises coming from the maid’s quarters. With nothing on but her pink panties Cathy began to tiptoe down the hallway. The door to the room was ajar and Cathy got the shock of her life as she peeked in the room. The big black maid had her legs spread lewdly and her mom was nursing on Martha’s huge tits. The maid then urged, “Come on now and let mommy’s big tits alone and kiss your way down to my hungry black cunt. My black cunt is what you want most isn’t it baby? This works out great for both of us. You are a slut for my juicy cunt and there is nothing that I enjoy more than to watch and feel a pretty white girl eat the shit out of my horny love hole. Yesssss! Oh hell yeah. Put your tongue all the way up my cunt as far as you can and then just wiggle it all around. Chew on my fat pussy lips and nibble on my clit. You love eating my hot juicy cunt don’t you slut? Tell me how much you love it.”

Cathy couldn’t believe her eyes as her hand slipped down to her own wet pussy. She couldn’t understand why watching her own mother debased in this way was so arousing but the young girl was on fire. She fingered herself as she watched her mom feverishly devour the big woman’s hairy pussy. Her mother only paused for a second to lift her glistening face, look up at the dominating black maid with her pleading blue eyes, and proclaim, “Yes mommy I love your big black pussy and can’t get enough. Please may I lick and suck it until you cum in my mouth and I can drink up all of your scrumptious juices?”

Martha ran her hands through Cindy’s blonde hair and replied, “Sure you can baby. You’ve been a good little pussy licking slut for mommy and you deserve a nice tasty reward. Cindy licked with fervor as her face was held tightly to the smoldering Volcano that erupted hot tasty juices into her waiting mouth. Martha humped her pussy as hard as she could against Cindy’s pretty face. Martha cried out, “Eat mommy’s cunt my little pussy slut. Suck it dry and then lick it all up. Then put that tongue of yours up my ass-hole and get all the juices and cum that leaked down there. Don’t stop baby. Get every last drop. Yesssss!” Cathy was still fingering her own tight little pussy and was about to reach an orgasm of her own when Martha looked right at her with a wicked smile on her face.

Cathy fled to her room and was shaking from fear and from her arousal. She needed to cum so bad. Martha told Cindy to take a nap and get a good rest because she had a surprise for her later. Then Martha took the short walk to Cathy’s room. When the big maid entered her room Cathy turned beet red and she shuddered. She couldn’t help but stare at the huge tits and hairy black pussy that was still leaking. Cathy just froze in place when the black woman stepped closer to her, pressed her hot body against the young girl’s frail frame, and then kissed her on the lips. Cathy wanted to resist but she was far too gone to do anything but return the passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined and Cathy melted in the maid’s arms. Martha’s full soft lips felt so good that the girl could not believe it.

Martha jammed her fingers up the girl’s tight hole and pulled Cathy’s face to her rubbery nipples. Cathy licked and sucked with all she had as she shook to the strongest orgasm she ever experienced on the black woman’s hand. Cathy was trembling like a little bird when Martha asked her if she had ever casino şirketleri eaten pussy. Cathy told her about her roommate but that nothing had happened yet. Strong black hands pushed Cathy to her knees. The hairy black pussy was only inches from her pretty face and the aroma of the aroused woman drove her crazy with lust. For the first time in her life Cathy felt a strong carnal desire to lick another woman’s pussy.

Martha pulled the girl’s face to her dripping pussy and encouraged the overwhelmed white girl by saying, “Go on and lick it baby. I know you want to so don’t be so shy. When you get back to school you will know how to please your hot tamale roommate and she will love you for it. I can see it in your eyes that you are a pussy slut just like your mother. I was watching you finger yourself as your slut mother serviced me. Go for it baby; eat mommy’s big black cunt all up. By the time you get back to school you will be just as good at eating pussy as your mother. Mommy is ready to give you a delicious chocolate treat so taste it. I know that you want it so bad. The look in your pretty blue eyes tells the whole story. Eat it now slut!”

The long curly black pubic hairs tickled her nose as the white girl stuck out her tongue and sampled her first pussy. A big black one at that. Cathy couldn’t get over how good it tasted. The more she got the more she wanted. Soon she had trouble breathing as she had her whole face in the black woman’s gaping, dripping, and juicy hot cunt. Remembering how her mother did it she licked it all up like a cat licking milk. Without being told she lovingly cleaned out Martha’s ass with her tongue. The maid exclaimed, ” Damn girl are you sure that was your first time? You were fucking fantastic. My dear little cunt lapper you are the best. You were born to eat black pussy, especially mine. Don’t let your mother know that you are home yet. Tonight I have some black women friends coming over and I was going to let your mother service them all. Just stay in your room and be quiet and then when your mother is doing her thing I will come get you and you can join in on the action. Your mother will be surprised but what the hell can she say with her mouth clamped to a black pussy?”

Later that night Martha climbed the stairs, went to Cathy’s room, helped her get naked, and then walked her down to the living room. The maid sat with her on a love seat and told her to watch the show. Her dear mother was sandwiched between two older black women getting banged by a huge black dildo in her pussy and a thinner one in the ass. Cindy was screaming out in pleasure, pumping like a piston, and flailing her arms about wildly. A slender black woman crawled between her legs and started munching Cathy’s moist muff. This was the first tongue that ever touched her pussy and Cathy was lost in carnal lust as the expert tongue worked it’s magic. Martha told her that the woman just loved eating white pussy.

Cathy was in a state of bliss as she reached one orgasm after another. She couldn’t get over how many black women were at the party. There must have been at least a dozen. Soon the women were coming over to Cathy and feeding her their hot cunts. She could no longer see her mother but she sure could hear her moans of lust. Cathy ate every black pussy in the house and beamed with pride when she was told that she was the best pussy eating slut that the ever had. After cleaning each dildo with her mouth Cindy finally spotted her daughter gobbling up a black woman’s juicy cunt and demanded, “Cathy! What the hell are you doing?”

Martha told her to shut the fuck up and help each black woman get-off again before they left. Cindy complied and before long both mother and daughter were dripping cum and pussy juices from their lips and their faces were glistening and red from being face fucked by so many women. When the other women had gone Martha slapped Cindy across the face with force and commanded, “Get the fuck up to your bedroom and me and your slut daughter will join you. I want both of you kissing every inch of my ebony body,sucking my feet, my tits, my cunt, and my big black ass. Your precious little girl already eats pussy better than you do so you are going to work harder or you won’t be able to feast on my juicy cunt anymore. Do you understand me slut?”

Cindy mumbled, “Yes mommy.” and they combined to give the black maid the best night of her life. Before passing out from exhaustion after so many orgasms the maid thought to herself how wonderful a white mother and daughter team was and wondered why she had never done it before but knew that she would do it again and not only with these two.

Cathy arrived back at her dorm exhausted and her tongue felt like it should be in a sling. The sight of her topless roommate turned her on but she was just too tired and went right to sleep. During classes the next day Cathy was constantly distracted by some of her sexy female classmates and a couple of the casino firmaları lady teachers. It was then that it hit her. She was now a cunt craving lesbian but that somehow didn’t bother her at all. Actually she felt all tingly and pleased. She looked forward to her next carnal coupling and knew that Carmen would be the one. There was no way she would or could resist the curvaceous Carmen nor did she want to. She knew that her roommate would hit on her as she usually did and if not then she would make the first move.

Cathy excitedly entered her room and was pleased to see Carmen wearing only a black thong that barely covered her puffy pussy lips and black pubic hair was sticking out of the small thong. Cathy threw her books on her bed and then just stared in awe with her mouth wide open at the Luscious Latin Lady in front of her. Cathy was titillated, turned-on, tempted, and totally thrilled when Carmen asked invitingly, “See something you like sweetheart? Why don’t you come over here and show me just how much you like what you see? Don’t try to deny it Cathy. You are drooling, your face is crimson, the nipples on your tiny tits are stiffening, you are panting like a bitch in heat, and you are licking your lips like you want to lick my spicy cunt. Get on your knees and crawl over to me and Carmen will give you what you crave.”

Cathy was under the enticing Mexican girl’s spell and was willing to do anything she was told. She dropped to her knees and made her way over to Captivating Carmen. Carmen lifted a foot and told the girl to suck her toes and feet first. The lovely Latin 20 year old then demanded that Cathy take off her thong with her teeth and then she could have what she wanted. Cathy succeeded in tugging down the tiny black garment and Carmen lifted one leg out and sexily cooed, “Now stick out your tongue and eat the caramel candy you crave so much. Feast on it for as long as you want to baby girl. It’s all yours to enjoy for as long as you like”

Cathy dove right in and devoured the tasty treat that was offered her. She licked and sucked with fervor. The smell, feel, and taste of the honey dripping cunt was driving the white girl insane with lust. Her hands reached up to molest Carmen’s awesome tits as she sucked the gushing pussy in a feeding frenzy. Remembering her experience with Martha she licked and sucked Carmen’s ass as well. The nineteen year old girl savored every drop of pussy juice and girl cum. As Carmen’s juices flowed she cried out, “Oh hell yeah baby. Just like that. Oh, oh oh, yesssss! It feels so fucking good. Don’t stop baby, keep worshiping my cunt and ass with your sweet mouth and make me cum again. Oh God, where did you learn that? You are by far the best cunt lapping bitch I ever had and I have had quite a few. Yessss! Here it is, you are making me cum again. You eat pussy soooo fuckingggg gooodddd! Yeahhhhhhh!”

When she regained her composure Carmen tore off Cathy’s clothes and threw her on the bed. She kissed every inch of the white girl’s body then probed her pussy with her long, thick, and talented tongue. Also the Mexican girl stuffed three fingers in Cathy’s horny hole and one up her ass. Cathy was in carnal bliss as her pussy leaked like a hose with a hole in it. She cried out, “Carmen I never felt so good before. Your tongue is so long and thick! Your fingers feel soooo divine. Oh my god, I’m going to cum again. Yesssssss! So fucking good. Don’t stop, Pleasessss don’t stop, ohoooooooo!”

Carmen ordered her not to move and went to the closet and came back with a big pink dildo strapped on. She fucked Cathy with fury and make her get on her hands and knees and fucked her hard from behind until the white girl collapsed from exhaustion and too many orgasms. She made Cathy tell her where she learned to please a woman like that. After Cathy told her everything Carmen stated, “I want you to be my girl and not fuck anyone else again except when we are both with others together. Tell me now if that’s what you want too.”

“Oh yes Carmen that is what I want. I don’t know what is best, eating your pussy or having your big tongue up my tight pussy. I love the way you fuck me with the dildo too. Just looking at you makes me tremble, get so fucking hot, and totally crave pleasing you in any way I can.”

Carmen smiled and said., “Good girl then it is settled you are my girl now. The first thing I want you to do is tell the maid that you are mine. I have many fun adventures in store for us. Down the hall there is a black and a white girl in a room together and they both live to eat pussy. I know some hot cheerleaders that we can play with and a few teachers as well. I have plenty of girls and women that we can fuck. Some are White, Latin, Black, and some are Oriental. Hang on baby girl because we are going to have a blast but most of all we can enjoy each other every night. We best get some sleep now my little cunt lapping, ass licking, and dildo fucking little girlfriend.” They dozed güvenilir casino off with a contented smile on their faces.

The next morning before classes Cathy shot off an email to her mother to tell the maid that she belonged to Carmen. She showed the email to Carmen and then they engaged in a smoldering 69 before hurrying off to their classes. After the school day was over Cathy checked her email and was surprised to read that the maid and her mother were happy for her and would come to visit and meet Carmen over the weekend.

During the week Carmen was true to her word and her and Cathy enjoyed some lascivious liaisons with other students. Cathy felt her pussy leak when she was told that the next week they were going to visit the lovely Ms. Sophia Manuel. Sophia was a history teacher that looked like an amazonian sex goddess with red hair, green eyes, huge tits, curves in all the right places, and stood over six ft. tall.

Friday night rolled around and Carmen answered a knock on the door and was greeted by Cindy and Martha. Introductions were made and Carmen was taken aback by how much Cindy and Cathy looked so alike. She couldn’t help but notice that Cindy was dressed like a total slut with her short black skirt, see-through pink top, high-heels, black mesh stockings, and heavy makeup. Carmen explained their relationship and that they never cheat but they do have sex with others when they are together.

Martha declared, “That sounds great. Can we get in on some of the action?”

Carmen laughed and said, “Sure, let’s go visit a couple of pussy loving bitches that live right down the hallway.” The two girls were delighted to see the four sexy women. The black girl feasted on Mother and daughter while the white girl eagerly ate-out Carmen and Martha.

Then they visited the cheerleaders room and they already had three girls over for company but welcomed them and one said, “The more the merrier!” To start off the orgy Martha wanted to show off her domination over the white woman and had Cindy eat out every cunt in the room including her own daughter. Then a full fledged orgy broke out and each girl and woman got their full share of pussy licking and they all had their own pussy eaten as well.

Martha and Cindy spent the night with the girls and were delighted when Carmen called Sophia the next morning and asked if they could come over that day. Filled with excitement Carmen announced. “WE are all invited over to a sexy teacher’s house to party!” Martha mentioned that one of the cheerleaders, the big busted pretty blonde, said that her father had left her mother for a younger woman and that her mother was lonely. She wondered if she could invite them and seduce the mother into lesbian sex. Carmen told her that she would have to ask Sophia.

The four lesbians entered the home of the sexy Sophia and were in awe of the amazing Amazon. From her redhead to her red painted toes the woman was a total knockout. She served wine and boldly took off her robe displaying her naked beauty. Everyone was drooling and couldn’t take their eyes of of her lush red bush and puffy pussy lips. Sophia exclaimed. “Don’t be shy ladies. Get rid of those damn clothes and let’s party.” They didn’t have to be told twice and were naked in a flash.

Martha considered showing off and having Cindy service them all but she wanted to be the first to sample the ravishing redhead’s tasty treats. Sophia’s legs were already lewdly spread so Martha just dove right in and began eating the hot red cunt. The tantalizing teacher moaned, “Yes eat me all up you nasty black bitch. Suck it bitch, Oh god, you do that soooo good. Don’t stop, lick, suck, and drink it all up. Shitttttt, yesssss! Oh my god, do it baby, do it to it, yesssss!” Carmen was experiencing lascivious bliss as mother and daughter teamed up to worship her tits, pussy, and ass with their busy little mouths.

They all took a break and Martha asked Sophia if she could invite a cheerleader named Amber and her mouther over. She explained the situation and expressed her desire to initiate the mother into lesbian sex and have another mother and daughter team to play with. Sophia thought for a moment and then replied, “I don’t know about that. I know Amber and she is fine but her mother may not go along with this and could cause me trouble at school. I could always find another job but I rather enjoy the one I have and wouldn’t want to be dismissed for having sex with a student.”

Martha pleaded, “Please let me do it. I know that the lonely mother can be seduced into becoming a pussy eating slut. That is my area of expertise and just think how much fun it will be to have two mother and daughter combos to play with and the mother doesn’t have to know that you are a teacher.”

Sophia smiled and said, “What the hell; why not? After the way you ate my pussy so good I just can’t say no to you.” Martha beamed and called Amber. Amber was excited and said that she would tell her mother that she wanted her to meet some of her new friends.

About an hour later mother and daughter arrived and were whisked in by Martha. The black woman held the frightened woman tightly and asked, “What’s your name slut?”

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