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Tara dropped her shorts to the floor and pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing ample breasts barely encased in their flimsy lace bra. Brett lay face down on the bed, his arms outstretched with his head turned away from her. Afternoon sunlight lit their bedroom. Waves crashed onto the nearby beach, beating a rhythm on the sand.

She stopped to look at herself in the mirror of the old-fashioned dressing table before unhooking her bra, revealing her well rounded breasts in all their glory. She ran her hands over them and circled her fingers around the dusky areolae, then rolled her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, first one, then the other. She marveled at her reflection; a tawny colored girl with a sweet face, long dark tresses streaming over breasts a couple of shades lighter than the rest of her skin, with tiny waist that curved into ample hips, still covered by a pair of black G-string panties.

After stroking her stomach and massaging her breasts and nipples once more, she slipped off the panties and sat on the bed next to Brett. Taking the bottle of massage oil, she poured a generous amount into her right palm and applied it to his back. He murmured appreciatively, his right eye half open, admiring her luscious body as she worked.

Brett was a man of few words, so Tara didn’t expect him to say anything during what she regarded as an intimate, erotic episode. Actions spoke louder than words, anyway.

She had positioned herself before the dressing table mirror so she had full view of herself as she worked. Her breasts swung slightly as she rubbed and massaged the oil into Brett’s willing body.

She massaged his arms, and at the same time massaged her breasts, starting to feel a delicious tingling between her legs and a heat which spread throughout her body. She reached for more oil, filled her right palm and applied it to Brett’s back and arms. She reached behind herself with her left arm, rubbing her pussy with her middle three fingers to enhance the flow of honey between her legs. She stroked and rubbed herself a little, while her right hand continued to massage Brett.

When her left hand became covered with her dew, she withdrew it and rubbed the moisture over her breasts and nipples. By now, her large nipples were a dark shade of crimson, well and truly erect. She marveled at their beauty in the mirror and Brett watched her through his half-closed eye moaning bahis firmaları appreciatively as she stroked both herself and his back.

Reluctantly, she applied both hands to her work, her strong fingers expertly massaging Brett’s back, ass and upper thighs. She loved her massaging her lover’s body.

She couldn’t help though admiring the reflected curve of her well-rounded ass while she worked. She couldn’t resist dipping her finger into the honey flowing between her legs, producing an exquisite tingling which rapidly became an ache in her slit.

She decided not to finger herself any further, but to concentrate her efforts on Brett’s muscled body. He was relaxing, moaning contentedly in response to her stroking. She massaged his arms again, then started work on his lower legs.

Brett was taking great delight in both the massage and Tara’s body. He turned his head to the left, taking in her mirrored reflection, admiring the curve of her back, her ample ass and glimpses of her rose tipped breasts, swaying enticingly over his body. She was only half turned towards the mirror, making her reflection more tantalizing.

Tara occasionally paused in her work to look at herself in the mirror, touching her breasts and rolling her nipples. She was quiet, but couldn’t help sighing with pleasure at the erotic feelings evoked by her reflection and her touching.

Brett couldn’t resist reaching out his left arm, to touch her right nipple, tweaking it a little and massaging the areola before rolling the erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger, all the time watching it and Tara through half closed eyes.

A smile was curving on Tara’s lips. Brett reached out, caressing her neck and the soft skin above her breasts which made her moan softly with delight. She continued her work on Brett, with an energy now enhanced by Brett touching her rosy hued teats.

Straddling his butt cheeks, she rode her hands up Brett’s back and down again, several times, not just for Brett, but because she enjoyed the sensuous feeling of her pussy rubbing against his ass.

The honey was flowing strongly between her legs, so she put her middle finger against her clitoris, shuddering lightly from the exquisite sensations produced. Breathy moans escaped her mouth with every stroke.

She reached around herself and dipped her fingers into the waiting wetness there, before rubbing those slick fingers over kaçak iddaa her nipples. Although she desperately wanted to feel Brett inside her, she lifted herself off his body and said, “Turn over.”

He complied and she saw he had a beautiful erection. His eyes devoured her as she straddled his cock, enveloping it in the honeyed folds between her legs. She went to work on his torso, her fingers paying particular attention to his nipples, which she circled before grabbing them and pinching hard.

Reaching up, Brett’s hands grasped her breasts, lifted them and cradled them together, moaning with the sensations experienced in his cock and nipples, and the vision of his voluptuous lover.

Tara still had to finish working on Brett’s legs, so she reluctantly dismounted and set to massaging his left thigh, his right and then his lower legs. Brett gazed at her swaying breasts as she worked, a visual feast of which he never tired. He wanted to devour them, for teasing him for so long. His level of arousal had become almost painful.

He said, “I need your nipples, in my mouth… now!”

Tara smiled and obliged, mounting him again, just above his erect penis. Brett was able to immediately put his mouth to her left breast, using his tongue to play with her nipple. He cradled and massaged her other breast with his right hand at the same time.

Tara moaned with pleasure at his sucking and touching. As soon as he released her left breast, she placed her hungry lips upon his open mouth in a lingering, hard kiss, sensations now reaching from her breasts to her honey soaked pussy.

When she finally released him from her ravenous kiss, she put her lips to his neck and began kissing all the way down to his right nipple. She flicked her tongue on its erectness and sucked as hard as she could. Even harder when he moaned with delight.

She then rose up and placed her right breast near Brett’s mouth. He instantly took the cue and guided her nipple into his mouth, sucking with delight and desire. Tara cradled her lover’s head in her hands and caressed his neck, her pussy lips cradling his cock, she shook her ass to heighten the sensations produced for both of them by this luscious contact.

Each of them was in the seventh heaven of pre coital rapture; the effect of a sumptuous visual feast and skin on skin contact anticipating the massive explosion they were both longing for. But Brett wanted kaçak bahis to prolong things; he didn’t want to come yet, though his cock was throbbing almost unbearably.

He pushed Tara onto her back and moved quickly to place his head between her legs. He lapped up her juices, now flowing non-stop. Tara moaned in ecstasy, and reversed her position on the bed, turning on her side to take his cock in her mouth. She took the tip between her lips and started moving backwards and forwards over it. Brett kept licking her honeyed folds with his wonderful, hard tongue.

She knew she wanted Brett inside her. Now. She stopped sucking him and pushed him onto his back.

“Hey, I haven’t finished yet!” he said.

“I don’t care!” All I want is to fuck you. Now! I need you inside me!”

With that, she impaled herself on his hard shaft, her lubricated pussy’s juices well prepared for this task. She slid down easily and reveled in the feeling his cock produced, deep in her vagina. The ache she’d been feeling for some time was immediately eased by Brett’s penis. She’d felt it many times before, but it still gave instant satisfaction. She rode it confidently, anticipating the satisfaction it would give her.

At this point, Brett was moaning…no…groaning, with satisfaction. He had Tara’s gorgeous breasts and nipples shimmying in front of him and his cock was being massaged by her wonderful pussy. He put his hands over her breasts and fondled them firmly as she moved up and down on him, her juices flowing freely over his hard, quivering cock.

Tara’s hand alternately focused on his nipples and his balls, reaching around to massage his sac, while suspending her pussy activity on his cock. She rode him again for a little while, before reaching over to put her tongue to work on his right nipple, then his left, sucking them like they were nectar filled fruit.

But she soon resumed her real work, the massaging of Brett’s hard shaft with her magical vagina. She contracted her muscles there and Brett showed his appreciation by grabbing her breasts again and massaging their wonderful fullness.

Tara put urgency into her movements and was soon rewarded by an explosion deep in her pussy which released what seemed like several hundred soaring birds through her body. She screamed ecstatically and fell on Brett, who took his opportunity to release his own explosion by throwing her on her back and thrusting hard and fast until he came with a roar, releasing his seed deep in her body.

Falling on top of her, panting, Brett gave her the compliment: “You always deliver when you say you’ll give me a massage, Tara!”

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