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Matt smiled as he looked down at his beautiful younger sister on the bed. Her fingers dripped with her own juices as she franticly thrust three of them in and out of her overheated pussy.

“God! She’s dreaming about fucking me again!” Matt thought to himself.

“Ahhhh! OH FUCK! It’s so goooood! AHHH, UUHHHH, OOOOH!!!” Nickie screamed and arched her back as her cunt exploded and rippled pleasure over her whole body.

In all the excitement, Matt tore off his clothes and climbed into bed with Nickie. As he did, she woke up, “Ohh baby, that was so nice!”

“You were dreaming, sweetie,” Matt said, gently wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“Again? Oh goodie! That means you are ready for me right now doesn’t it?” She asked eagerly.

“I sure am!” He replied as he got on top of her.

“Wonderful!” Nickie exclaimed, wrapping her arms around her sexy older brother.

Matt loved how quickly Nickie became aroused normally. But the few times he had found her masturbating in her sleep or while waiting for him to come home, she hadn’t even needed any foreplay at all. It was straight off to the races.

This time was no different; in fact Nickie was even hotter than usual. She grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her gapping, now very sloppy pussy. Matt didn’t even get a chance to take a breath before she shoved her hips toward him, burying his large, hard cock in to the hilt.

“Yeeeah!” Nickie groaned as she squeezed and caressed her brother’s throbbing prick with her pussy.

“Fuck me baby! FUCK your horny sister!” Nickie urged.

Matt needed no convincing. He started stroking slowly, but Nickie wasn’t satisfied with that this time, “Harder damn it! I want you to give it to me!”

Matt had never seen Nickie this hot, but he was glad, because they didn’t have much time left seeing as she was getting married and moving across the country in the fall. As he thought about it, he chuckled to himself. Here he was, fucking his sister for all he was worth, all the while her fiancée was probably hard at work preparing for their wedding!

“Too bad,” Matt thought selfishly, “I had her first!”

Meanwhile, Nickie was thinking along similar lines, “Too bad Craig can’t fuck like this, and his cock, HAH! That little thing couldn’t satisfy a mosquito,” as she looked into her brother’s eyes and saw the fiery delight of banging his own sister she thought: “I’ll just have to visit as often as I can.”

Apparently both brother and sister were already very hot, a few more strokes and they grunted and howled in orgasm. Over the years they had learned exactly how to pleasure each other the most and it paid off time and again.

“ooooooooooooo” Matt moaned as his mouth formed an oval, his body jerked in orgasm and Nickie’s pussy milked his cock dry.

“CUM! CUM! CUM!” Nickie demanded, “Fill me with your hot stuff baby!”

As his cock pumped his cum into her, she lost control and her head spun in a torrent of love and sensation.

“Oh that was nice, so very nice,” Nickie sighed as they lay next to each other, “We’re gonna have to fuck as much as we can this summer, because I don’t know how much we’re going to be doing it after I’m married.”

Matt could hear the disappointment in Nickie’s voice, a disappointment he shared. They had both become used to getting great sex on a regular basis, and certainly neither of them wanted it to stop. It was to this end that they planned to beşiktaş escort fuck each other’s brain’s out for this, their last summer together.

As the weeks went by, they did just that. They also decided to experiment with various ways, like the time they were in the shower and Matt was about to enter Nickie from behind when she reached around, took hold of his cock and said:

“Not there,” She said, referring to her pussy, “There!” As she placed the head of his prick against her asshole.

“Are you sure, Nickie?” Matt asked, very surprised.

In reply Nickie pushed back against him and his cock slowly penetrated her extremely tight ass. Nickie winced as she continued pushing, harder and harder, trying to force her brother’s large thick cock all the way into her. Matt held her hips and pushed forward, hard. His cock disappeared from view. Nickie screamed in pain, but at least the worst was over.

Nickie knew Matt felt terrible, he’d never hurt her like that on purpose, so she reassured him:

“It’s-OK,” she panted, the pain was slowly subsiding, but the heat was just starting to build.

Nickie bent far over, and Matt started to withdraw, very slowly. He looked down and marveled at the way her ass clung to his cock, and moaned softly as her muscles tried to pull him back in. He stopped with just the head of his cock still inside and Nickie squeezed him as hard as she could. That was more than Matt’s poor penis could take, he felt his orgasm boil, so he thrust his whole cock back in just as he yelled in delight and his cock started squirting jet after jet of thick creamy cum deep into Nickie’s ass.

Another thing they tried was the time Matt told Nickie about how wonderful it felt when she licked his cock the very first time they fucked. He didn’t have to ask, Nickie immediately took his hand, walked him over to a chair, pulled his pants down and told him to sit. She then knelt and after giving him a seductive little wink, dropped her head into his lap.

She tickled his balls with the tip of her tongue, then she simply breathed hot, moist air up and down his cock. It quickly responded by swelling and lifting. Just as she had that first night, Nickie licked his cock from base to tip and sucked softly on the head. This time however she continued sucking, slowly sliding more and more of his cock into her mouth until she had him all the way down her throat.

Pushing his cock up against the roof of her mouth, she began slowly contracting her throat around his cock, all the while licking around the shaft and wriggling her tongue back and forth, not to mention sucking softly. Matt groaned passionately and began stroking Nickie’s hair.

She then very carefully tightened her throat and squeezed his cock tight with her tongue and mouth and slowly pulled backward, allowing his cock head to slide out of her throat back into her mouth. There she sucked harder and rolled his aching prick with her tongue. After a few moments she started bobbing her head up and down, stroking his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. Her pussy juices started to soak through her panties and she could feel her thighs becoming moist and slippery.

Nickie began to moan as she really got into the first blowjob of her sweet older brother. She pressed her legs tightly together, but it wasn’t enough, soon her hand went into her pants and started massaging her beylikdüzü escort bayan cunt in time with her mouth. She decided to go all out and give him the best blow he would ever have. Matt closed his eyes and held her head, helping her move up and down while he started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her warm, wet, soft mouth sucking so lovingly on him. He screamed and groaned as her skill quickly brought him to the edge, and then with one last hard suck, his cock released an enormous load of cum, surely shooting all the way down into her stomach. Nickie shallowed every last drop and moaned in delight as she brought herself to orgasm seconds later.

Passion built upon passion and love upon love, until Nickie had completely forgotten about her husband-to-be. Matt too had never, in all these years, even thought twice about getting a girlfriend. Nickie had always been there for him and vice versa. The rest of their family noticed how the two of them had been walking around on a cloud all summer, but no one thought there was anything strange going on, or at least they didn’t say anything to Nickie or Matt.

Alas it was only a matter of time, and that time came just a week later. Nickie and Matt were enjoying another one of their hot fucks when the phone rang. Cursing and stomping as she went, Nickie ran to answer the phone, because she knew it could be Craig.

“H-hello?” She answered, quite out of breath.

“Hi baby! How come you’re out of breath?” Craig asked.

“Oh I was just thinking of you and playing with myself,” She lied.

“Wonderful! I can’t wait to see you too! I’ll be arriving in a couple of hours.”

“That’s great! I can’t wait to see you,” Nickie bit her tongue as she swore to herself.

After saying her good-bye’s, Nickie returned to Matt’s room. Matt frowned when he saw the dejected look on his sister’s otherwise pretty face. He knew what the look meant; their fun and games were about to come to an end. Looking into each other’s eyes, they spoke volumes of their forbidden love, the sadness overwhelming both of them.

The young couple wrapped their arms around each other and sobbed in sorrow at the nearing end of their affair. But also in happiness that at least their souls had found each other, however brief their time together had been and unfortunate that they had been born brother and sister. Their tender comforts, genital words and soft caresses led once again on to more pleasurable things.

With Matt in an upright position on the bed, Nickie climbed onto his lap. She smiled at him as she very slowly sank lower and lower until finally her ass wriggled comfortably into the small space between his legs. SNickie closed her eyes and focused on the large hot cock inside her, as she did tears again came to her eyes as she thought that this was possibly the last time she would ever feel it.

Just then she felt Matt gently brush her tears away with his hand, after which he began kissing her all over her face. She opened her eyes to a warm and loving smile that said it all; this might be our last time, but think of all the good times we’ve had, and now lets just enjoy each other in the moments we have left.

With that Nickie slowly lifted up pulling Matt’s thick cock out from her wet cunt. Then she slid it back in just a little bit faster. Up again, bostancı escort bayan down again, up again, down again. The heat was too much, and Nickie broke into passionately bouncing up and down in Matt’s lap. The desire and the heat and the pleasure rapidly grew as the fondness they had for each other flared into true love.

As she bounced faster and faster, Nickie felt her love for Matt over take everything else. Matt too, knew in that moment that he would never find anyone like Nickie again.

“Uhhhh,” Nickie moaned, “I-I… I LOVE YOU MATT!”

They looked at each other, with red, flooded eyes. Smiling, crying and hugging until their bodies reminded them of what they were doing.

“Ohhhh!” Nickie howled as her pussy sent sparks of pleasure out all over her body.

Matt gritted his teeth and tried to hold back as an incredibly intense wave of sensations rolled through his cock.

“Oh fuck, Matt! I’m gonna cum! My cunt’s going to soak your hot prick baby!”

“Do it! DO IT!” Matt urged.

“Oh…OH…OH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!” Nickie had never felt her orgasm build to such a height before, her pussy felt as if it were about to tear itself apart as she desperately humped herself up and down in complete and utter abandon to the love and desire she’d always felt for her delicious older brother.

Matt meanwhile was fighting to stay with Nickie. He tightened all of his lower body, trying to hold back his orgasm. His body shook in pain, delight and raving need. The extreme strain showed on his reddened face and he could do little else then hold Nickie as tight as he could.

“CUM! PLEASE!” Matt begged.

Nickie bounced and humped and writhed franticly, now beyond words and even moans, all that was left in her hoarse throat were small primal grunting noises. Suddenly her mouth opened wide and a terrible look of pain spread across her face, as it did she slammed her cunt down, trying to get Matt’s whole body inside her. She shivered violently and her body jerked uncontrollably. Everything went into slow motion, as their bodies took over from their minds.

Matt had just one moment in which he realized Nickie was cumming, and so he to let go and felt his orgasm explode, taking away his conscious thought. All they were aware of was the blinding light and deafening roar of far and away the most powerful orgasms of their lives. Each could faintly sense their partner’s orgasm, but it all seemed so far away. Slowly their hearts and souls mingled and entangled with each other to the point that they were no longer two, but one.

The pleasure…ahh, the pleasure was really indescribable. So much pleasure their entire bodies ached and pained. Of course Matt’s cock twitched hard and his cum shot out so hard Nickie felt like she’d been punched inside.

Eventually, after probably 5 or 10 minutes. Matt and Nickie separated and slumped into a sweaty mess on the bed. The sheets were soaking wet with their juices, and Matt’s cum oozed rather obscenely from Nickie’s totally satisfied pussy.

Suddenly Nickie jumped up, and started getting dressed. Then she grabbed Matt’s clothes and tossed them to him saying:

“Quick! Get dressed.”

“What are we doing?”

“We’re leaving!”


“After what we just shared, I can’t marry Craig, and the only way we can be together is if we leave, come on! Hurry!”

After getting dressed, they grabbed what money they could find, and their ID and within an hour they were on a bus to Mexico.

Matt and Nickie became very successful in the tourist industry in Mexico, and their love never waned. They grew old together, after having several children and grandchildren. They lived a long and happy life, and none of their friends ever discovered that they were actually brother and sister.

The End.

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