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Mattie Gurl
Shemale, Micro Cock, Lactation, Role Play, Flashing, Kinky A Fiction requested by a Contact.

Waking to find Mattie not in bed, Jacob went to check on her. His eyes saw her still sitting on their couch with Jim and Jack beside her. He could see her arms over their shoulders, her head thrown back, eyes closed. Quietly he moved closer and almost gasp out loud, the boy’s were nursing on her breast! Having heard their floor creak, Mattie opened an eye, raised a finger to her lips and motioned Jacob away. In their bedroom, he thought about their long day.

Jim and Jack were son’s of his c***dhood friend Hank. Hank’s brief marriage lasted just long enough to birth them. As infants, Hank’s mother Lara raised them. Within 3 years Jacob was at his bedside when a brain hemorrhage took him. Jacob promised him to take care of his family. Now, 18 months later, he had just laid Lara to rest. Jacob and Mattie were now pseudo parents.

They had never thought they would be guardians or parents. They had been together as a couple only a year before Jim was born. Mattie 35, Jacob 40 lived in Montana where Jacob worked in conservation. Giving them both freedom to hike, camp, fish and study every aspect of protecting the land. The boys only knew Houston, Texas. The boys had spent 2 days, looking out the car windows crying. Each stop they made, they clung to Mattie for dear life. At their house, they cuddled next to her talking in whispers.

Jacob had left them, showered and went to bed. They boys talked and cried against her until her upper robe was wet. She thought of the last hours of conversation she had with Lara and remembered her saying “when all else fails, give them tit. It comforts them”. Jack’s tears would flow causing Jim to cry, feeding each other’s misery. As a last result, Mattie uncovered her breast and pushed a nipple into their mouths. They instantly suckled them and comforted down. They had nursed on her empty breast almost 30 minutes before Jacob walked in. Two hours later she came to bed explaining to Jacob and asking “what will I do?..Jacob, one day they will know I have a cock”? He rolled her into his arms replying that they would cross that bridge when it came.

The next day was much better for the boys. They spent much time outside viewing pasture lands, mountain ranges and the forest. They were still clingy, keeping near Mattie. Jacob left after spending an hour outside with them, he kissed Mattie and the boys giggled for the first time. She had worn a simple, button front denim dress, without a bra and full sized panties. Several times she had to catch herself being lady like keeping her knees together. She hadn’t had constant males around in a while. Once they were back inside they sat to rest. In minutes they snuggled against her sides and kept peering at her breast until she unbuttoned her dress saying “only when I offer them to you”. Jim replied “just like Grannie said”. In minutes she was nursing them both. Mattie had sat thinking of how wonderful it felt, different from being like sexual foreplay. In a minute she squeezed her thighs together as her miniature cock pulsed cum inside her panties. She was surprised at the amount it continued to droll after she came. It drooled and oozed until the boys stopped sucking her breast. When they were finished, she got up having to change them after being soaked with her cum.

Mattie had been born with a micro penis, she was an XY male. She had also suffered Testicular Atrophy, small balls. In her High Schools years she had her small ball sack removed and her small balls simply tucked against her lower pelvis. They were not noticeable. Letting the pubic hair grow, it completely covered her pencil thin, 1 inch long penis completely. It always drooped, hanging slack and hidden. It was then she decided to be a T Girl and made the transition to Transvestite. In her college days she transitioned with the formation of hormone grown breast. Additional body modification and sculpturing she was fully a T Girl. Dark haired, pretty, slim and only 5ft 2, she made a pretty woman. Later that night she came to bed after putting the boys down. Walking into the room, she removed her gown showing Jacob her stained panties. He grasp her crotch as she told him that it happens when the boys nursed on her. Jacob kissed her pulling her on the bed as she folded her legs back saying “fuck me”. His cock slid downward through her cum matted hair until it made it’s way into her budding asshole. Her sphincter gripped him, almost chewing his cock shaft each time he thrust into her. He made love to her, kissing her, nuzzling her as she whimpered softly. In a minute his cum spat into her! Slow, thick singular hot wads slugged into her. As his cock throbbed Jacob whispered “Mutha Cunt”. Mattie giggled “I’m not”. He grinned, “you’re mighty close..Breast feeding”. She grinned “I wish”! Jacob told her if she really wanted to he would arrange for her to get estrogen and prolactin shots, she would produce in a relatively short time. In less than a week, she took the boys for physicals while she got injections.

A month and a half later, Mattie’s breast had expanded to 40 DD filled with milk. She had yet to tell the boys but they had mentioned that her nipples were larger. Their family unit had settled in routine. Most morning they came into their bedroom, climbing in the bed noisily to wake them. Today they came up the hall hearing soft moaning and paused as Jack quietly peeped in. After a quick view, Jim looked in. They saw a side view of Mattie on her back, legs folded back as Jacob’s head grovelled between them. “Ohhhh Lover……Baby..I’m close” she whispered. Jim whispered “they’re doing that grown people thing”. “Here Jacob…Take it…Take it Honey” Mattie said as she arched her back. Jacob stopped his head movement as she hissed softly. In a minute the boys watched him crawl over her and began thrusting against her, she said “hurry..The boys will be up soon”. Jacob rapidly stroked into her and softly groaned. In a minute he was laying still as he kissed her passionately! Mattie whispered in his ear, “they saw us”. Jacob rolled of her replying “good” as she covered herself. Five minutes later they came in as Jacob told them she would be out to fix breakfast soon.

An hour later, she kissed Jacob as he left. Sitting with the boys she said “I saw you this morning..Don’t be shocked, it’s how we show our love”. They smiled, she said “soon, I’m going to let Jacob see me nurse you because I love both of you too”. Again both of them smiled, she added “ I’ll actually have milk for you soon”. They jumped up shouting “really”? Mattie grinned “any day now”. They asked if she was having a baby, she told them “no”, she was only making milk for them because she was a different type of woman.

The weekend came 2 days later and so did Mattie’s milk. She woke feeling Jacob sliding his cock into her canlı bahis şirketleri as he spooned behind her. With each deep thrust of his cock, her breast felt extra heavy as her body undulated. She grasp one and found a slickness, looking down, thin streaks of milk jetted from her. “Jacob,,,,, I’m milking” she whispered, “you’re fucking it out of me”. He slammed into her spurting her ass canal full of cum! In a minute, he rolled her on her back, saw her wet chest and dropped his mouth over her tit sucking strongly as she softly giggled. He quickly suckled her saying “I got the first”. She grinned “leave some for the boys”.

It was a rain drizzling day, Jacob had intentionally remained home and Mattie had delayed nursing the boys until her breast felt filled again. It was 3pm and usually by this time, they had nursed her several times and Mattie had a surprise for everyone. She was sitting with the boys as usual when she left them and returned. She sat between them, smiled at Jim then winked as she pulled her top down. He leaned over, suckled her tit and screamed “milk”! She giggled, “easy Baby, that one is yours..Take your time”. Mattie leaned back, placed her heels on the seat and flashed her hairy crotch at Jacob. He was totally surprised since he had seen her panties earlier. She also knew having both boys at her side, neither could view her. Her small cock hidden in her hair oozed cum until her crotch glistened in wetness. “You’re flowing” Jacob said as he viewed her. Mattie grinned “heavily”. Jim gurgled “uh huh”, they laughed. “He’s getting it out of you”, Jacob grinned! Mattie groaned “and it feels so good”. After several minutes, Jim leaned away leaving her distended nipple saying “MattieMom..You taste good”! Jack laughed as he suckled her remaining swollen nipple. “MattieMom!…Never heard that before”, Jacob shouted! Mattie grunted as he saw her crotch fill with white, thick cum speaking “MattieMom..I like that”! Her crotch hair began to mat as she continuously came and whimpered loudly. Jack soon drained her, sat back as she dropped her feet to the floor again. Mattie laid back breathing deep saying “Y’all got it all out”. In seconds, Jacob d**g her into his lap, let her lay against him saying “You’ve done your boys well” then flashed them a thumbs up! “When can we have some more”, Jim asked? Mattie laughed loudly “in about 2 hours. I have to make it son”. She whispered to Jacob, “did you like watching me cum… I’m really drained, top and bottom”? Jacob kissed her as the boys giggled loudly! Mattie fed them through the rest of the day until her nipples were tinder. They woke the next morning as the boys nudged themselves on each side her and nursed her breast before she could get up. Jacob laughed as she squealed like a young girl!

Five years passed, puberty hit the boys hard. Having been home schooled girls we seen but seldom interacted with. They had remained constantly preoccupied rambling the wide open wild lands. Jim and Jack were prolific voyeurs constantly peeping Jacob fucking Mattie. Unknown to them, they knew and always took extra effort to keep her hairy crotch out of view. They had even seen Mattie giving blow jobs and throat fucked. It was entertainment until puberty told them that they were missing something. They climbed into bed to suckle their morning milk and Mattie felt their stiff cocks press against her until they were done. After they left she grinned, “your boys had hard cocks”. Jacob replied “guess you have to figure out something”.

That day, Jacob and the boys went to watch the pasture for the Stallion Run, the free range horse’s. A Stallion mounted a mare and when his cock slid out spurting, the boys grinned. Jack said “MattieMom you say is a different girl? But she’s pretty, got big milky breast, she’s a girl”? Jim added “and sometimes we hear you mount her. She’s a girl”! Jacob smiled “she’s my girl but she’s not the girl for just any guy, she’s special! When you’re older you will understand”. They looked at each other somewhat confused replying “OK”. They walked back home and met Mattie at the door, “get washed up, dinner is just about ready”. She turned and they noticed her zipper front dress was tightly clinging to her. As she walked it showed her ass cheeks bouncing with each step. Jacob set up Tray Tables and sat beside Mattie as they ate. Serving them first, Mattie sat last popping a wide gap as she squeezed under her Tray. The boys caught her full, hairy crotch before she crossed her thighs. They ate and chatted as she uncrossed her legs several times. Jacob saw them constantly glancing down and knew they were peeping her. An hour after dinner, she left them to shower and change telling them that she would let them nurse later. She came back brushing her wet hair in a short robe to sit between the boys. They were quick to nurse her as she propped her heels on her seat. She sat letting Jacob see her cum as they got their fill. Later in bed she said “my nipples are bigger than my little cock”. Jacob grinned as he slid over her telling her about their man talk. She replied that she flashed her full crotch at them during dinner and he laughed that he thought so. She reached under her pillow brought out his knobby cock sheath telling him to make her moan.

By the time the boys came to peep, he was shoving it into her as she moaned “yes Lover, get it…Get it good, I don’t know why, I’m just horny as Hell”. Jacob thrust into her deep, she “ahhhhhhhhed” loudly! Jacob grinned and winked “all these years and I still can’t have enough of you”. His thrust became rams into her as he added “the feel of a Special girl never changes. Always a perfect fit, always warm and when you do that “thing”….Only Girls like you can do that”! Mattie’s asshole gripped him, she said “this”?..Jacob moaned, “oh god Baby, you’re going to pull it out of me”! He rammed then hissed loudly! Falling on her he said “Damn baby, you stole it from me!..I wanted to fuck you more just took it out of me”. Mattie winked, “you can fuck me in the morning”. The boys rushed away. In their room they talked about Mattie’s hairy crotch and wondered what she had done to Jacob. Jim replied, he didn’t know but would die to know! “Wonder if she will tell us”, Jack asked? Jim told him he didn’t know but she was always open with them and he would ask when the time was right. The time came when Mattie had them fall cleaning, they were to thoroughly dust and clean the house before heat was needed.

Mattie had put on one of Jacob’s shirts over a khaki mini skirt with full size White Lace panties. They had worked each room in the house together. Many times they had seen views of her ass and hairy crotch. Bending, reaching and squatting, they both sported lumps in their pants. Mattie was bent forward, her full ass showing with hair exposed around her gusset, Jack said “milk break”! She stood replying that perabet güvenilir mi she would freshen up and meet them in her bedroom. They were on her bed as she showered, Jim said “I’m going to ask”, Jack grinned! She came out breast swinging as she tossed her shirt and panties in a pile. They each took a nipple, sucked her as they also caressed her torso! Draining her she asked “did you get enough”? They grinned until Jim asked “what’s a Special Girl”? She giggled “I guess it’s time you need the Bird’s and Bee’s talk”? Jack replied “No, we understand that part. It’s not like we don’t hear you and Jacob. It’s that Special thing we don’t know”? She grinned “you really think you’re grown enough to know”? They nodded “yes”, she said “You may not like what you find out or think of me differently”? They gave her answer after answer telling her nothing would change. Jack said “whatever it is, you’re just a Girl to us and Jacob chose you, there can’t be anything wrong with being special”. She hugged them and stood by the bed.

“What do you see” she asked as she turned completely around. Her hands worked her skirt off bending forward showing her pantie covered ass until she turned to face them. Placing her hands on her hips, she stood legs spread wide. Her full frontal with panties bulged with hair outside the Lace. “You’re a Girl”, Jim shouted! She crawled between them, laid back saying “Special Girl’s have sex differently from regular girls”. Jack said “you mean they a lot of it”? She giggled “men who love special girls need more of them”. Jim laughed “evidently! Jacob is always after you”! “Special girls are always ready for sex”, Mattie spoke. Jack said “even at this minute”? She grinned “even now”. They all laid in silence until Jim spoke, “we haven’t had sex”. She grinned “would you like to”? Jack shouted “yes!..But I don’t know how to”? Mattie giggled “who’s first” as she pushed her panties off. They jumped, she added, “take your pants off”!

Jim crawled over he closed legs until she spread them as she grasp his cock. Guiding him into her lower crotch, she d**g his glans through her hair slowly. Lifting her legs to his side she said “push”. In a second, Jim was grinning as he sank into her! “Oh goodness gracious!..Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh”, he shouted as his virgin cum spat into her! He fell on her shouting “Jack! You’ve never felt anything like this” as he spent his thick load! In a minute, she rolled him off closing her legs quickly and smiled at Jack. He was over her in seconds, sliding into her wet asshole! He actually gave her 2 thrusting strokes before he screamed! Panting like a dog, he pumped wad after wad into her! In a few minutes, he lay beside her as she asked “how was that?..Did you like it”? They shouted “yes”! They chatted another 20 minutes, Jack asked “can we do it again sometimes”? She grinned “sure, if you want. I can do it for both of you and Jacob easily”. Jack asked “everyday”? She hugged him, “if you want. I don’t mind..I’m a Special girl”. Jim replied “I don’t know about those other girls but I’ll take a Special girl anytime”!

She giggled “Special girls take men differently. Special girls always make sure their men are satisfied”. “Y’all have a lot of oral sex! We sort of accidentally saw you sucking on Jacob” Jim spoke. Mattie grinned, Jack said “and we see him with his face between your legs too”! Mattie blushed “all of you milk me but I give Jacob something a little different”. Jim shouted, “can we have some”? Mattie grinned, “I’ll have to think about that but if either of you want me again”? Jack was over her like a flash! Thrusting into her hair until his cock slid down into her wet asshole! She grabbed him saying “Just breath..Don’t move..Feel me”, she softly squeezed his cock. “Special girls do this for their men”, she spoke. He laid and in a minute, she milked his cum out of him. “Jim, Man this is unbelievable”, he hissed loudly! Jack pulled him off her and slammed into her! “Do me”, he shouted! In another minute, Mattie lay smiling to herself feeling the hot cum almost filling her inside. She let them lay as she got up saying, “we need to get done” as she put on fresh panties. “You have a pretty butt”, Jim said. She laughed replying “get your butts up”.

They worked cleaning as she flashed herself. They talked sex, Jack asked “are you going to tell Jacob”? She told him not yet. She needed more time with them but she would tell him when she decided. Jim asked if she would give them that “something extra” she gives Jacob? Mattie laughed, “not today…Jacob will want it when he gets here…Maybe tomorrow”. They replied “OK”! Jacob returned home with the house all clean. He rushed her into the bedroom. The boys quickly followed and saw them wrapped in a tight 69! Jacob’s head dipped as hers bounced! In minutes they were moaning and grinding until they sat up and kissed passionately! “She’s giving him something when he eats her! Look at the way they kissed, it was special”, Jack whispered. In another minute, she was beneath Jacob as he slow fucked into her. “Wow! She’s turned up really high, taking him very deep”, Jim replied. In a minute they saw Jacob thrust deep as his head shook side to side, “he’s cumming in her”, Jim smiled as they ran back into the living room.

The next week, Mattie let them have her twice, 3 times daily. Jacob knew they were fucking her yet kept it secret. The boys were completely entranced with fucking her. After nursing on her breast, she had started giving them hand jobs and moved on to giving them blow jobs. They had not figured out yet that she was a Special girl. Without a ball sack and her micro penis hidden in her thick hairy torso, they couldn’t see a difference. The next week she allowed them 5 times daily, being young and full of cum they wanted more but she kept them at that rate, all while actually teaching them to fuck. Jack said “I don’t think I want a girlfriend, I rather have you”. Jim quickly added “me either”! Mattie smiled, hugged them saying “you’re young”. Her mind raced thinking it was time for them to know the truth.

Jacob needed to be in a team of researchers at Yellowstone, he would be busy but taking them to enjoy the Park. The first day there they hiked and toured, the boys got to nurse her, but not fuck her. The next day Jacob had set them up with transportation on an official tour. They left their Inn together, Jacob was dropped off. This time Mattie wore a “Bush Style” jacket, matching skirt and hat. She would flash the boys when the tour guide wasn’t aware. When they stopped for lunch, the driver left them with a return time. She told them their next stop was a hike through where they would meet the guide on the other end. They smiled when she added, “If we get the chance, you can stand behind me and I’ll squeeze it out of you. But you have to be fast”! She had her hand in a fist then let her panties drop perabet giriş on their table!

On the hike, she spotted a house sized split boulder. It was a walk through featuring Native American drawings. They delayed their pace watching a group inside, Mattie said “in there, but you must be quick”! She sat on a stump opening her thighs grinning “incentive”. In a minute they were following behind her looking under her skirt as she climbed the hill. Inside the boulder, she leaned against the wall holding her skirt up. Jim rushed behind her, thrust into her hand as she guided him into her! Mattie flutter clamped his cock several times, in seconds he spurted cum into her! Jack slammed into her, thrust twice and hissed as his cock blew! In a minute, Mattie literally walked off his cock, still spurting! Outside of the boulder Jim said “you’re dripping. It’s on your rear leg”. She walked on saying “it’s good for my skin”. They managed to fuck her one more time before they were picked up. At the pick up point she used the restroom to replace her panties telling them that they gave her more than she could hold.

At the Inn they got a message that Jacob would see them in the morning, his group were camping over night. He also told them not to touch the equipment he left there. Mattie knew it actually was a video monitor, already active! She sat down removing her top presenting her breast saying “here! I’m almost too full! They hurt”! Instantly they nearly bumped heads sucking on her! “Oh my god, yes boys, get it out! I’m so use to feeding you more often, I make too much”, she whimpered. They drained her, she said “I don’t know what I’ll do without you”. Jim hugged her telling her they were never leaving her.
Jack asked “can we have some of that special stuff you give Jacob”? Jim quickly added, “we know it’s between your legs, it can’t be anywhere else”? Mattie grinned “Order us a meal. We will eat, shower and I’ll consider it”.

They had ate and the boys were sitting around in their underwear. Mattie came out in an Red, ass cheek length, sheer nightie, her nude body clearly showing through. “Breathe, boys! You’ve seen me before”, she grinned. Taking a seat across from them she calmly said, “I’ve given you almost everything”. They ogled her body peering at her crotch as she told them to listen closely.

“I made milk for you..I gave you my body because I love you…You want what I feed Jacob…I’m not sure that you will like it?..Jacob loves it and I make sure he has it when he wants!..I make enough to share and if you want more in the future, I’ll make it…Jacob isn’t here and I am full, for him”. The boys smiled widely. “Special girls are different and by nights end, you will know how different”, Mattie spoke. She pointed to her hairy crotch as she told them that they were right, Jacob nursed her Gurl Clit, a small penis like nub hidden in her hair. It was small, barely long enough to be taken by their lips. That she would guide them directly on it, they would need to tongue search it and once they had, just hold it in their lips. She would feed them without their help. Mattie motioned Jack before her. On his knees, she grasp his face, slowly pulled it into her crotch. Jack’s tongue swirled in her hair, found her micro cock and held it in trembling lips. Holding his head she said “I Love you Jack” as small slugs of her cum oozed inside his mouth. In seconds she said “swallow”. He did but not before he rolled her cum around inside his mouth. Jim heard him gulp loudly as Mattie hissed saying “one more and we have to let Jim have some”. In a minute, Jack gulped again! He sat back smiling as she told Jim to wait while asking Jack how did he like it? Jack spoke loudly “it’s sweet! Like butter sweet!..It’s amazing, no wonder Jacob loves it”! Mattie giggled and blushed, “it’s not all that”. In five minutes, Jim was face locked in her crotch. She feed him 2 full mouthfuls as her breast leaked milk. Jacob sat watching her on a monitor, as she turned the boys completely out. In a few minutes, she sat with her legs crossed and smiling.

“Do you think you’re going to want more”, she asked? They pounced on her as she laughed “OK, but not now”! The grinned, she asked “do you really, honestly, enjoy having sex with me”, they nodded “yes”! Holding their hands she told them “I’m a Special Gurl… I look, I feel, I am a girl…I have breast..I do not have a penis..I also do not have a vagina”. They gave her a confused look, she added “I have a Pleasure Port!..It gives me pleasure and gives pleasure”. Jack loudly shouted “You’re a girl to us, whatever you have”! Jim quickly rolled over, lifted and pinned her knees to her chest without looking down, thrust into her! He slammed into her “you’re all the girl we need”! Mattie giggled as he rapidly rammed into her! Jack nudged his head on her chest, sucked her squirting nipples as Jim fucked her. Jim moaned loudly as he shot his thick cum into her! Jack pushed him away causing his cock to pop out as a fuck fart blasted from Mattie! Jim slammed into her muck filled, loose asshole! In minutes, he too was squirting into her! Mattie moaned like a school girl as he fell back, drawing his slime covered cock out of her. In a minute they sat, she asked “are you certain, I’ll be enough for you”? “Are you certain you can make enough “butter sweet” for all of us? I really like it”? Mattie blushed again replying “you two made me a milk cow, I’m sure you can make me a butter bowl”. Mattie got up saying, “I need to empty your babies”. Jack whistled at her, she turned “what’s that for”? Jim replied, “suddenly you look different from behind”! As she showered again Jack told Jim that they were fucking her asshole. Jim replied asshole or not, he didn’t care because he was fucking Mattie! She came out nude, walking with a sexy sway. “Ahhhhh can we see it?…Your portal”, Jack asked? Mattie blushed “god..It’s nothing..But if you want”, she walked to the couch, got on her knees, grasp her ass cheeks and bent forward. “Wow..It’s so small”, Jack spoke! She grinned, Jim added “it’s cute! Your butt-ho”, she cut him off “my Gurl Pussy! You fuck my Gurl Pussy, understand”? They grinned “yes”! She sat between them, Jack asked could he feel it? She told him that he could always feel it, they both could. She loved being touched, groped and felt up. Jack eased a hand into her crotch, she slightly slid forward as his finger touched her soft ass bud. Mattie giggled, “don’t be afraid, play with it!’s one size fits all…Jacob put’s his whole hand in there”. Jim’s mouth dropped! “Inside is a spot that really turns me on and he knows exactly where it’s at….So he plays”, she giggled. Jack eased finger after finger inside her until his hand sank in. “Mmmmmm, make a fist and pull it back slowly until its outside”, she moaned as he slowly punch fist-ed her. “Right there, that’s the spot” Mattie moaned as his hand rubbed her prostate, “you’re making butter..Remember that and you’ll be able to get it when you want”. She stopped his hand balling and sat back. “You’re amazing”, Jim shouted! She grinned, “no, I’m just Mattie”.

Jacob sat watching and stroking his cock wondering how far she would take them?

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