May’s First Day Pt. 02

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May, a new university student, meets a handsome older student at an orientation event. She is swept off her feet until she finds herself alone with him in a dark corner of a pub. She is pushed into giver her first blow job, and find that she enjoys it.

“Let’s go,” he said, pulling her up out of her seat and leading her out the door.

Once they stepped outside it was like a spell had been broken, suddenly May was filled with shame, and guilt. What had she done? Did she really like Nick…in that way? She’d never imagined herself in this situation- she had always imagined herself going through a long dating period first, where they would get to know each other slowly and deeply. She had wanted to be in love.

“I think I have to get home now, I’m having dinner with my family, they’re expecting me,” May said, not meeting Nick’s eyes.

“No way, come on… Come back to my place and have just one more drink. It won’t take long; your family won’t mind.” Nick wrapped his arm around May’s shoulders and leaned over and kissed her softly, “Please, for me?”

May hesitated, thinking it over. He had gorgeous brown eyes that were focused on her, and his easy smile made her feel weak in the knees. She’d never understood that phrase- ‘weak at the knees’, until this moment. She felt his gaze everywhere. But what happened on the pub- that was wrong, disgusting, right?

Nick saw her hesitation and smiled gently, “It’s okay, you don’t have to. Give me your number though, I’d really like to see you again.”

May was relieved, and then felt guilty for being relieved. Nick really was acting like a perfect gentleman. She wondered whether the pressure she’d felt earlier had been real at all, or maybe it was just her mind justifying her actions. She had cum from his hands, and hadn’t she enjoyed it? She’d certainly never done anything this slutty before, but her own guilt was no reason to blame Nick. May put her number into Nick’s phone and promised to arrange a meet up later in the week, it was the polite thing to do, and May did not want to disappoint him.

“Awesome, it’s a date then.” Nick grinned and May smiled back.

Later that week:

May had been receiving texts from Nick all week, ‘well, he’s persistent. That’s romantic’ she thought to herself. He’d been asking her for photos, initially she’d sent him an innocent selfie of just her face (she’d taken at least 10 before finding the perfect one). But his requests continued. May took photos of herself in just a bra, then no bra with her hands covering her nipples. She felt instantly dirty, and deleted them from her phone. When he asked for the next photo, a photo of her in just her panties, her hands by her sides and not covering anything, she hesitated.

‘I’m not sure…’ May texted.

‘Please? I bahis firmaları just want to see you properly, beautiful,’ he texted back.

‘Don’t you like me?’ He sent quickly after.

May did like him, but she was still hesitant. She decided to distract herself by watching TV, putting her phone in the other room and pushing Nick from her mind. Her mind kept drifting back to Nick, and how desirable he made her feel. No one had ever taken an interest in her before, in school boys had always gone after her prettier, more confident friends. Why would she throw this away? Taking a photo would be easy, just a few seconds, no harm done.

She got her phone back from her bedroom, and saw that she’d missed a call from Nick.

A text message said, ‘I guess you don’t like me anymore’ and May swore under her breath. She’d only been gone 30 minutes! Quickly, May posed on her bed and took the photo, in her favourite black lace panties.

Almost immediately a text came back, ‘Good girl.’ Soon after came, ‘You make me so hard.’

May imagined Nick on his own bed, naked, under just a thin sheet, his cock hard. He would start stroking himself while looking at the photos of her. May was surprised to feel herself getting wet, imagining the pleasure she was giving him. She slipped a hand down underneath her panties, feeling her wetness, slipping a finger inside to stroke herself.

Another text, ‘Now take the panties off.’ May immediately complied.

She was immediately rewarded with a text, ‘OMG you’re beautiful,’ and a picture of him, indeed naked with his cock grasped in his obviously strong, capable hands. May remembered how her own hands felt on it, how small they were in comparison, and how it felt taking him inside her mouth.

‘I wish you were here to help me ;)’ Nick texted, and May agreed, thinking of how much it would please him. Her hand quickened its pace, stroking her clit, her other hand teasing her nipples.

The next text came, ‘I want to see your pretty pussy. Take a pic with your lips spread.’

May immediately complied, although she was nervous, she’d never seen it properly, apart from briefly with a mirror.

‘Very good, you’re so sexy,’ came the reply. ‘I want you so much.’

May thought of how much Nick wanted her, and how good it had felt to let him use her last time, and then she came, waves of pleasure rolling over her.

May was plagued with thoughts of Nick for the entire week, he was all she could think of. She still felt a slight sense of shame, but it was vastly overshadowed by her lust. They had set up a dinner date on Friday at a trendy Japanese restaurant near the university. Nick requested that she wore a black dress and no panties, and May agreed with barely any protest. She had to go and buy the dress specially, but she had kaçak iddaa to admit, it did make her feel sexy. She arrived to the restaurant early, swaying slightly on the high heels she wasn’t used to wearing, and headed straight to the bathroom. Once in the stall she stepped gracefully out of her panties, folding them into her clutch purse. She breathed out, feeling some of her old nervousness. But she reminded herself that she was sexy, desired, and that she was here for Nick. She walked out and found Nick in the crowded restaurant, he met her eyes and grinned, and May felt confident, more confident than she’d ever felt before.

After dinner Nick led her back to his apartment, at one point pausing to press her against a nearby building and kiss her passionately. He ran his hands up and down her body, slipping up the back of her dress and fondling her bare ass. A group of drunk guys staggered past, giving Nick a thumbs up and leering at her. May was faintly aware that she should be feeling embarrassed, but she wasn’t.

“No panties! Good girl,” he murmured into her ear, his hands moving forward, running over her folds, feeling her wetness. He stopped abruptly, causing her to groan in frustration.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon,” he chuckled, and they kept walking, Nick’s arm around her waist. Eventually he led her by the hand up to his apartment. His apartment was neat, shelves filled with books and black leather couches surrounding a big TV. There were big windows overlooking the river, giving a beautiful view.

“Do you live here alone?” May asked in awe, when they settled together on the couch, drinks in hand.

“I wish I could afford this place alone! No, I have a housemate. Don’t worry, he’s away at the moment. We have the place all to ourselves,” he replied, smiling down at May. After a while he took the glass from her unresisting hand, even though she hadn’t finished.

“You’ll have time for that later,” he whispered into her ear, pausing to kiss her neck gently, his arms around her shoulders. May felt a tingle go through her entire body, and she shuddered. Her hands trailed over his chest, shoulders, arms. They ran through his hair, curling it softly around her fingers. He lent down and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth, simultaneously his hands moved deftly to the zip at the back of her dress. Nick tugged the zip down, then pulled May up until she was standing in front of him so that the dress could slip off, gliding over her curves and landing in a pile around her.

“Take off your bra.” Nick ordered, leaning back into the couch to watch her. May complied, adding it to the pile of clothing.

And then May was standing in front of him completely naked, aware of the fact she was standing in front of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, aware that anyone kaçak bahis on the street would be able to see her right now. But it didn’t matter because Nick wanted her. He beckoned her onto his lap, so that she was straddling him. He started kissing her intensely, his hands on her breasts, fondling and pinching her nipples. May moaned and closed her eyes, lost in the sensation. His hands moved to her ass, squeezing and pulling her towards him.

“Get off and kneel down.” Nick ordered, and May did so. He stood up and started taking off his clothes, until he was also naked. May gazed up at him in awe, his body was sculpted perfectly. His cock stood erect in front of her face, and she instinctively reached out for it, stroking and sucking it. He ran his hands through her hair and whispered that she was ‘his good girl’. May was thrilled to be called ‘his’, and started sucking and licking his cock with more enthusiasm. Nick moaned in response, his arms behind his head, thrusting gently into her mouth.

After a while he pulled her up and laid her gently onto the couch and laid on top of her, pinning her down with his bulk. May could feel his hard cock pressing into her thigh. She couldn’t help herself, she moaned and sighed into him. He reached down and stroked her, he chuckled when he felt how wet May was.

“You really are a bad girl, aren’t you May?”

“Yes, yes I am,” May moaned, and knew it was true.

Nick stroked her clit, and May gasped as he pushed a finger inside her. His finger pressed gently against her, his thumb continuing to rub her clit gently. May started breathing heavily, her hips moving up to thrust against his hand. He pushed another finger inside her, then a third. May moaned loudly and he chuckled, and abruptly pulled out his hand.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you May?”

“Yes… I’ve really never done anything like this before.”

“You’ll like this then,” he murmured, manoeuvring his cock to her entrance and pushing gently. He pushed forwards, until he was all the way inside her. He paused there for a moment, assessing her pain. At first it had hurt, but only for a moment. May felt a new sensation- of being completely filled. Nick started thrusting gently, kissing her lips, ears and neck. He started going faster and faster until he was pounding her roughly, biting her neck. May gasped in pain as he bit, but was powerless to move away. She knew it would bruise, but it didn’t matter. He bit again and she moaned with pleasure.

“Do you like that?” He whispered into her ear, and she nodded, breathless. He reached a hand up to press on her neck, constricting her breathing. May felt entirely powerless, and it was liberating. She let herself go until she was no longer herself, she belonged to Nick.

Nick groaned and pulled out, letting go a stream of cum onto May’s stomach. He scooped it up on his fingers, and told May to swallow it, breathing hard. She did eagerly, savouring the taste of him, licking and sucking his fingers.

“You’re mine now, May.”

“Thank you.”

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