Meeting Jessica Ch. 02

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We got to my apartment complex in about two minutes, as I live only about half a mile from the lab. My face was still burning and I’m pretty sure I had developed a case of blueballs. I noticed Jessica had been watching me out of the corner of her eye, and that she had been sporting a wicked gleam in her eyes, since leaving me hanging, so to speak. As Jessica pulled up in front of my apartment, I already had my hand on the door handle. Just as I was getting ready to jump out and head into the house, she grabbed my left hand and pulled me to her, over the console and gearshift, where she lay a kiss on me, hot enough to send me into delirium, but which actually had the effect of cooling my temper.

I was chastened, and my ire softened significantly. I climbed out, walked around the small sports car and opened Jessica’s door. She took my proffered hand, and I watched, mesmerized as she slid one shapely leg, outside the car, pivoted her hips, then the other, setting her feet on the ground. She stood, effortlessly. I wanted to reach down and run my hand over her lovely skin, and the black stockings just fired my lust. She wrapped her arm around my waist and lay her head against my shoulder, as I took out my key and unlocked the apartment door. “Watch out! My attack dogs are right on the other side of this door, just waiting for some unsuspecting victim to come through it!”

“Ooh boy! I’m scared!” We both laughed. The only way anyone would die from an encounter with my Chiweenie and fluffy mutt, would be to giggle themselves to death. They might lick and kiss you into a state of catatonia, but it’s unlikely. Sure enough, Missy was perched atop the back of my recliner, like Snoopy and his Sopwith camel, waiting for the door to open, her tail whipping from side to side. Satchmo came sidling up to us, like the dork that he is. Both sweet, utterly loving and the best pussy magnets a guy could want!

We let the let the dogs out and went around to the courtyard and backyard, where the puppies play. There is a nice little deck, and over the years, tenants have some decent furniture out there; good enough to have a nice little cookout with a few friends, from time to time. My gorgeous bounty and I sat down on the futon, while the dogs frolicked and wrestled and everything else dogs do outside.

The second we sat down, we engaged in a liplock to end all liplocks. She held my head between her cool little hands and kissed me I the most sensual kiss I have ever experienced. She touch the tip of my tongue with the tip of hers then massaged the surface of my tongue in such an erotic way that I was at her mercy. She wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked softly at it, as if she were performing fellatio on my tongue. My cock was as hard as I have ever know it to be, and it was aching for release.

As awestruck and dumbfounded by this woman, as I was, I actually managed to cup and fondle her breasts through the chiffon fabric of her dress, feel her taut nipples beneath her dress and lacey bra. I slipped the soft, vibrant blue fabric over her shoulder and groped for her heavy left breast, which I freed of its encumbrance. I kneaded the soft pliable flesh and rolled the thick spongy nipple between my thumb and forefinger, giving it a soft squeeze. Jessica’s soft moan enticed me to break the world-changing kiss and take her swollen nipple in my lips and give it a soft suckling. She lay her hand on the back of my neck and held my mouth fixed to her gorgeous full breast. Her head was thrown back and she was sighing and softly moaning from the pleasure she was feeling.

Our other hands were not idle either. Her right hand had found its way back to my crotch and was squeezing and massaging my shaft through my jeans. My right was caressing the pliant, creamy flesh of her upper thighs, between the elastic of her stocking and the humid area of her pubis. Her legs were parted just enough to grant me passage to her mound and every so often, I would cup her there and run my index and middle fingers with feather light touch over her clitoris and labia through the sheer, lacey fabric of her damp red panties.

“I want to swallow your big cock, Baby. And I want this motherfucker pounding my tight little pussy!” bahis firmaları She whispered hoarsely, her light sweet girlish voice, taking on a husky timber. I was lost to the world and more than a little tempted to go down on my knees and plunge my head between her luscious thighs, licking up every drop of her tangy dew. Oh! So fucking sexy!

The dogs had made their rounds of the yard and had just begun vying for attention. With a sigh of great disappointment, I released her nipple from the clench of my incisors, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from my lover’s lips. She stroked my balding head and planted a sweet peck on my lips. As our lips touched just briefly, I glanced up at a forty-something, Iraqi woman watching us, bemusedly from a balcony of the apartment complex on the other side of the fence. She looked almost as disappointed about the end of the show as we were. Engaging her gaze for a few more seconds, I indicated to Jessica with my eyes, that we had an audience, to which see swung her attention to the woman for the briefest of interchanges. As she coaxed me to stand, she angled her torso so the woman had a full view as Jessica brought my head back to her breast, to which I obligingly covered her aureole with my willing mouth. She released my head and we faced each other with wanton, unabashed lust, playing out in our facial expressions.

Together, we put my little wench’s playthings in order, straightening her dress just enough to pass a cursory inspection. As we strode back to the apartment, with my dogs bounding excitedly around us, we both looked back to the woman on the balcony, and Jessica smiled broadly, giving the woman a friendly, discreet wave. Surprisingly, the woman waved back, wistfully, turning to head back to her abode. I have wondered if she was wishing she were as lucky as we two are, having her lover lavish the kind of loving passionate attention on her, as she had just witnessed, between us.

As we entered the apartment, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, Jessica gripped mine as if it was the last hand she’d ever hold. As I closed the door behind us, she turned to face me and reached up to stroke my cheek, just before she pulled my head to her and, as before, engaged me with another brain-melting kiss. I swung her around and pushed her forcefully up against the apartment door. She gasped but she smiled wickedly and kissed me again. My head was spinning from the arousal. I had the woman of my dreams in my arms, in my apartment. Life is good!

I had her pressed up against the door, my hands full of her sweet, ample ass. I was running paws down over her asscheeks, down to the bottom, giving each a little squeeze and grabbing them fully and spread them apart. Fuck me! She has a great ass for grabbing and squeezing and playing with. I wanted so badly, right then, to turn her around, lift up that rockin’ dress, shove her up against the wall and plant my cock balls deep in her sphincter. But not just yet. There’ll be plenty of time for that, a little later.

She had one hand holding my head, at the back, running her fingers over my closely cropped hair in back and up over the more balding area up top. The other was rubbing my chest through the fabric of my soft shirt, pinching the nipples, which sent searing shocks to my brain and back down through the length of my stiff shaft and ended in the crown as electric jolts. Or was it the other was around? Don’t know and don’t really care.

Jessica slid her hand down over my belly and grabbed the buckle of my belt, deftly undoing it in a matter of seconds. Then her fingers popped the button of my jeans open and slid the zipper down. She reached in and grabbed a handful of testicles, and played with them, kneading them, squeezing them lightly. She pulled the waistband down and wrapped her small fingers around the shaft of my thick, stiff cock, then took hold of the head and rolled it around under her palm and between her fingers and thumb. Her hands were cool and as she touched me down there, I started, and the manipulation felt so intense, I broke the long sensual kiss and let out a low, guttural moan.

Jessica moved so quickly next, that I don’t really know how it happened. She slipped from her kaçak iddaa position against the door and spun me around, with a push with one hand and a pull on my member with the other, so that we had swapped places. She then brought her lips to mine and just sweet as could be, she pushed her tongue between my lips, took my lower lip between both of hers and began sucking and nibbling on it. Meanwhile her hand had continued to roll my penis in a most distractingly pleasant way. She traded that move for sliding her fingers down the shaft and fondling my balls. She then wrapped her whole hand around it and began to slowly pump it, rolling her fingers over the tip, as she reach the crown. I thought I was going to lose my mind, as well as, lose my load. The fingers of the other hand were still playing with my nipples through the shirt I was wearing.

I was just enjoying the complete molestation of my body and senses, holding her head between both of my hands, and running them through her soft hair, so thoroughly that, when she had unbuttoned my shirt and began tweaking both nipples, I didn’t even notice that she was no longer playing with my dick. This phenomenal woman of the world was pulling at them like they were elastic and gripping the tips with her finger nails. Was she going to rip them off? And just like that she would rub them, as if soothing them, and massage my pectoral muscles. It was all so heady! I had never. Never, never! Had any woman treat me so brazenly like a piece of meat. And I was, quite frankly, enjoying the hell out of it!

Just then, she broke the kiss and traced her mouth down over my chin, to my neck, down the middle of my chest, planting little kisses as she went. She slid further down over my belly which quivered as she touched her soft lips to it. She pushed my jeans and underwear further down my thighs and as she slid down even further with her mouth, from my belly to the swollen tip of my twitching member, she put her lips to it and a just about exploded right there. But she just wrapped her right hand tightly around the root, behind my balls, and stopped the ejaculation from getting started. Her lips covered just the head and she poked her tongue tantalizingly into the hole and rubbed it with the tip of her tongue. Then she would swirl the tip around the head of my pole, and suckle it just like she were taking milk.

After a while of doing this, and sliding her hands over my shaft and gonads, she slips her lips down the shaft until her mouth was filled with my organ. She worked her head back and forth so the back and roof of her mouth was working over the crown and I was seeing stars. She slowly pulled her head back, leaving a slick, glossy shaft slipping out of her lips. The head popped out of her mouth and she worked on the head with one hand. She put her mouth back over the head again and repeated the same thing a couple of times, allowing her to gather up some saliva to work into the head. Then she put her mouth over the tip and started bobbing back and forth, up and down my cock. As she went the spittle built up and soon my nuts were getting a soaking. When the tip of my organ touched the back of her throat and mouth, she would apply pressure to the underside of the glans, with the back of her tongue and work it back and forth, intensifying the feeling of her sucking.

My hands were relegated to running through my lover’s medium length, dark brown hair, and holding her head in place over my hard cock. One time, though, she pulled her mouth back, licked the tip, and stood up and kissed me. I could taste the salty taste of my own cum on her lips, telling me I had been leaking some over the course of this encounter. She then went back down on her knees and took the head of my dick in her sweet little mouth again, soon working it back and forth, as before. Then she stopped, pulled back and took a deep breath of air. She then put my dick in her mouth, immediately going to the back of her mouth with it, and soon she was pushing her lips farther and farther down the shaft. She pulled back about halfway with her pretty lips leaving a long shiny section of the shaft behind. Then she slid her mouth down the shaft again, and this time she just kept pushing. My woman pushed and kaçak bahis pushed her mouth down the entire length of my somewhat substantial cock, this time until she had my balls completely constricted inside my scrotum, and her upper lip was caressing my pubic bone.

This fantastic dream just could not be true! Jessica had already swallowed my cock not an hour before and here she was doing it again! What freak of nature had I come across, with this woman? I could not believe my luck!

She was moving her head back and forth just a little but it was causing enough friction that I knew I was not going to last much longer. I had an urge to grab her hair and just start fucking her throat like I was fucking her tight pussy, which I had yet to see. She was holding onto a thigh with one hand and fingering that mysterious place between her thighs, with the other. I took a tentative handful and Jessica looked up at me for a second and gave me just the barest nod of consent. She reached back with one hand and gripped mine, giving it a squeeze, and she began bobbing her head backward and forward, sliding my cock back and forth in her throat. She let go of my hand and stuck her hands in the air away from our bodies. That was all the permission I needed. I immediately commenced to shoving her head down on my cock, forcing the entire length down her throat, then pulling back and doing it again. I started going a little faster, with no resistance stopping me, and grinding my pubic bone against her lip, when I had plumbed the depth of her esophagus.

She, being free to concentrate on just sucking my rod and breathing at the right moment had started the sucking action that she’d done earlier, in the car. She was pulling on the head with her throat, using a swallowing action to manipulate me. Oh, bloody, but she’s good! And the suction she was getting had me over the top. In a few more strokes, I was feeling the increasing pressure around my balls and the shaft was aching more and more for release.

Jessica also sensed that I was ready and she lay her right hand over the one gripping her pulling her hair at the back of her skull. The other hand she lay against my belly. She tapped my hand twice to indicate she wanted to control the rest of the action. I loosened my grip and would have just let go, but Jessica pushed on my belly but held my left hand in place around her hair and gave it a quick, somewhat lighter squeeze than just a moment before.

She pulled her head back so that just her mouth was filled with cock and she could get a good grip of my shaft. She started sucking really hard, pulling at the head with her tongue. She would do this intense pull for a few seconds and catch a quick breath and do it again clamping the head of my dick between her tongue and the hard palette of her mouth. I was a little disappointed the she wasn’t going to let me cum down the back of her throat, but really, who cares? She just deep-throated me for the second time in an afternoon. My cock burst and I could feel the cum exploding in Jessica’s mouth, and then, as soon as she felt the pressure in my cock release, she shoved her mouth down the length of my throbbing organ. I was buried as deep in this gorgeous woman’s throat as I could possibly go, and she was using it to milk every ounce of spunk out of the head and shaft and my testicles.

I was rung out and she slipped my dick out of her and let it pop from her lips with a sucking sound. She held the head to her mouth and licked up and down the shaft and around the crown, cleaning what miniscule drops of cock juice hadn’t quite made their destination, yet. She even went down and gave my balls a good licking, just for good measure. She stood up in front of me, smiled coyly and gave me another passion filled kiss. She pulled back and took my hand and led me around to the recliner, where she guided me to sit. She lay her hand softly against my cheek and said, “My man. I love you! I have wanted that, since the first time we chatted online.” She went into the bathroom, leaving me with my head in a fog.


More to come…

I hope you enjoy reading my stories about Jessica’s and my fantasies and real adventures. We are really looking forward to meeting for the first time and we have resolved to let you all in on the adventure.

Thank you for comments and suggestions. My stories will always be open for voting and comment. I look forward to reading them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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