Meeting My Angel Ch. 04

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After our somewhat rocky start, my angel and I were able to get into a more settled state within the first month of our relationship, although it still had its issues. Considering that we did have sex the first night we met, it is needless to say that our sex lives were pretty good. It is hard for me to believe, even now, that I was the first girl she had ever been with because, let me tell you, her sex drive was off the charts. The simplest of acts seemed to set her off, not that I was complaining. Life flowed easily for us and within a week of our meeting. It was almost like we had always been together. She was mine and I was hers. I still had only heartbreak to contend with and she was still dealing with the fact that she wasn’t actually a lesbian and she hadn’t told her family about me, she just really liked me, but we were working on it.

One thing Angie was really good was making me feel comfortable. Part of me knew that she was hiding me, which I had feared from the beginning but I never felt out of place with her. She made me comfortable no matter what.

One Saturday, one month after we met, I walked into my bedroom and I saw my angel standing in front of my full length mirror admiring herself. I watched from the doorway as she turned to look at her hips and thighs. She was wearing only her bra and panties so I don’t think anyone can blame me for watching. I was captivated by my gorgeous girlfriend checking herself out but the more I watched the more I realized that she didn’t look too happy at what she was looking at. I crept into the room and slipped my arms around her before she noticed I was there.

“What are you doing?” I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shiver in my arms from my voice. I grinned and watched us in the mirror. It was like we were made for each other. I was a few inches taller than her, so I was able to rest my head perfectly on her shoulder. Her chestnut brown hair was such a great contrast from my raven black locks that it was kind of funny. Even the difference in our skin was amusing. I was a smooth caramel color and even her cute tan still looked pale next to me. But when it came to her body she was nothing but gorgeous. She wasn’t as toned as I was but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. But we were still different. My stomach had the bare outlines or where my abs would be, should I decide to work them out further, but I never worked on them too much. I wasn’t trying to go out for a body building competition. Her legs were toned but retained their feminine curves while mine were more solid. But I knew what she was looking at. The one place she hated about her body was her thighs. She was always reluctant to show off her body because she thought her thighs were too fat, when in reality they were gorgeous. Succulent and soft without being fat, contrary to what she thought.

“I’m not doing anything.” She lied. I could see the disappointment in her eyes.

I let my hands wander over her stomach. “You look great, baby.”

“You have to say that.” She joked with a fake smile. “If not you would not be getting any for a long time.”

“I’m serious. You are gorgeous and I am lucky to have you.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I pulled her closer to my chest so that she was resting in my arms.

“Yeah, right. You could get any girl or guy you wanted.” I could see a flash of pain in her eyes through the mirror. It killed me to see the pain that she was putting herself through.

“You’re right, I have had an easy time getting people into my bed but you are the only person I want now and you are perfect.”

I kissed her neck but she still didn’t look happy. So I looked back into the mirror and I moved one of my hands up to her face. “Look at yourself. You’re gorgeous. Those beautiful green eyes mesmerize me every time I look at them.”

She smiled at me through the mirror and I moved my hands down to her neck. “And your neck is probably the second best thing I have ever tasted in my life.”

I didn’t have to look in the mirror to know that my baby was blushing. I could feel her warm blood rush to her chest under my arm. I unsnapped her bra swiftly then grasped her perfect 36C breast. “You tits are perfect. I can barely think straight when I see them and if it wasn’t for work I would probably spend all my life with my mouth on them.”

I looked at the mirror and I saw that her blush had crept to her face. I grinned at her but I kept up my work. I moved my hands down to her flat stomach and rubbed my hands around her. “Look at you stomach. It’s fantastic. You barely ever work on it and it is perfect condition. And you waist is exquisite. It’s tiny, not like my giant ass hips.”

Angie laughed and threw her head back onto my shoulder. I reached lower and grabbed her thighs between her legs. “And this” I said in a deep sultry voice. “Let’s just say, I can show you better than I can tell you.”

With that, I quickly picked her up and placed her on the bed. bahis firmaları She giggled like a little school girl when I tried to make my way between her legs but she pushed me away when I finally reached my destination.

“We are going to the beach, remember?” she chuckled as she tossed me aside. I groaned to myself but I did remember that I had promised my girl that we would go tanning on the beach. I got up, in an incredibly sexually frustrated state, and changed into my bikini and a pair of shorts before getting my dogs into my car. Just as I was packing the towels into the trunk I saw Angie from the corner of my eye. She was dressed similarly to me but she was breathtaking. Her shorts were shorter than mine and they were super sexy. Mine were black board shorts that went well with my red bikini. I usually wore longer shorts to the beach since I worked on my tan by my pool but seeing Angie made me want to lock my dogs up and go alone with my angel. I suppressed my selfish urges and kissed Angie before she got in the car.

Once at the beach, Angie slipped out of her shorts and laid herself on the oversized towel to tan. I was at a loss as to why she didn’t tan in my backyard like I did but I agreed to tag along to the beach. I was tossing a Frisbee around with the dogs when Angie called over to me.

“Can you put some oil on my back?” she asked with a lopsided grin that had become her trademark.

There was something about the way she looked at me that worried me, but in a good way you know? She knew something that I didn’t and I had a feeling that is was something interesting. I agreed and made a slow and careful job of rubbing her whole backside with the suntan oil that she had packed. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what she had seen. Three guys were standing a few yards away and they were watching us, no doubt that they had been watching us since we had arrived. Two hot chicks showing up together holding hands, was just too much for three teen guys to ignore.

I did what Angie wanted and I gave the boys a show and I even smacked her butt before I leaned in closer to whisper to her. “I know that you want them to watch.” I growled into her ear.

I could see the goose bumps rise gently along her neck and back but I didn’t say anything else. I flipped her over roughly and kissed her hard on the mouth before turning and going back to my pets. I laughed when I heard the cheering and catcalls behind me. In reality I hadn’t kissed her for me, although I did enjoy it. I did it for her, I knew she got off knowing that people were watching so I obliged her. I didn’t love doing it because I knew it wasn’t for either of us but I just figured that it would help me in the long run anyways. I didn’t want a bunch of teen boys looking at my girl but at the end of the day she was going home with me so it didn’t matter who looked.

I played with the dogs for another hour before Angie let me know that she was done tanning. I did notice that her color was slightly darker but I really didn’t care. I pulled of my board shorts and along with my dogs, Angie and I trailed off into the water hand in hand. I could sense that the teens were still watching but that didn’t stop me from doing the normal things that I would do with any girlfriend, especially one that I cared for so much. I placed a hand on her butt and I pulled her close to me as we walked into the waves. We swam and splashed before playing ball with the dogs. It was another hour before we decided to head back to my place. Angie toweled herself off while I dried my dogs and then myself. I was busy pulling my shorts on to notice when one of the boys walked reluctantly over to me. I looked up at him with a warm smile and waited for him to speak. I could see Angie at my side looking nervous.

‘I’m really sorry to bother you.” the boy stuttered. “But my brother and his friend said that I was too much of a pussy to come over here and talk to you. I don’t want to be a bother but I hope you don’t mind that I came over. I’m not usually this rude, I am so sorry.” the boy was beet red and it almost hurt my feelings to see him so scared of me.

“There is no reason for you not to come and talk with us although it is bad timing. We’re getting ready to leave” I told him as I handed Angie the dog leashes. She looked at me with a quizzical expression but she took the cue and followed my lead.

“Would you like to walk us back to my car?” I asked him, and I could’ve worn I hear Angie’s jaw hit the ground.

“Umm… Yea… Okay.” he said before grabbing the few things Angie had in her arms and carrying them for her. It is always nice to see that the boy, nervous though he was, was still a gentleman. The boy followed timidly and silently but I enjoyed seeing the huge smile on his face. When we got to my car I loaded the dogs then Angie and I leaned against the car to talk to the boy, his name was Jimmy.

“So why does your brother think you would be too afraid to talk kaçak iddaa to us?” I asked before I slipped my arm around Angie. As if by habit she leaned into me and wrapped her free arm around my stomach. She was practically hugging me.

“They said I can’t talk even talk to a straight woman, let alone two super hot lesbians.” Jimmy blushed the brightest color I had ever seen and he looked down to the ground immediately.

“You are super cute, Jimmy, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to talk to girls, lesbians or otherwise.” I told him. I looked over at Angie and we both kissed him on the cheek. It was only then that I realized that poor Jimmy had only been able to talk to us away for the skeptical eyes of his brother. I kissed Angie and let her get into the car but I grabbed Jimmy and lead him to the trunk. I searched frantically for what I knew I had in there somewhere.

“Here you go.” I laughed as I tossed him a pair of panties that I had planned on returning but I had never gotten around to it. “See what your brother says now.”

I giggled as Jimmy blushed again but I hopped back in the car. I drove the car out of the parking space and I was able to catch up to Jimmy before he made his way back to the sand.

“Hey, Jim” I called out to him. The top was down and he spun around immediately at the sound of my voice. “You don’t think my girl has fat thighs do you?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Jimmy’s eyes got wide and he walked right over to my car. “She’s perfect. You are one lucky girl. Both of you are actually. I would be lucky to be with a girl half as hot as either of you.” I would tell by his seriousness that he meant ever word of what he said. I kissed him on the cheek again just in time for Jimmy’s brother and friend to make their way to the parking lot to see Jimmy talking with me. Now, I must say that I have never been much of a shy person, quite the opposite, I like to be loud. “Hey boys!” I yelled to Jimmy’s companions. The two boys looked over at me and I smiled. “Thanks for sending him over. We had a great time.” Jimmy’s face looked like it was on fire and I didn’t even have the nerve to look over at Angie, she was probably livid. But what happened next floored me.

One of the two boys, he looked like Jimmy so I assumed that it was his brother, called out to Angie. “What about you, honey? You want some of this? If your girl likes Little Ole Jimmy you’ll love me.” he called as he grabbed his crotch. Angie threw her head back and laughed.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” she said in the sweetest most angelic voice. “Jimmy took good care of both of us.”

I can’t even begin to describe how shocked and proud I was of her. She had followed my lead and she had helped a young guy out. It was great.

We got home and, after putting the dogs in the yard, Angie and I went to shower. We joked about our encounter with the boys but it wasn’t too prominent in our talk. She was, however shocked that I had asked him about her body.

“What if he had said that I was fat?” she asked as we entered my huge shower stall. I was thankful that it was large enough for the both of us with no issue. I knew from personal experience that it could fit three people comfortably and four a bit tight. But that is a conversation for another day.

“I knew he wouldn’t because I know you aren’t.” I grabbed the shampoo and washed her hair gently before doing the same to mine.

“You are impossible, Nikki.” she giggled with that sexy little smile of her. I maneuvered her so that she was facing the wall and I moved in behind her. My god, she was sexy. I watched for a moment as the gentle spray of the water drops glided over her succulent form. I stood witness to the fact that the water traveled over her prefect shoulder, down her smooth back, and they continued their trail down to her perfect ass. I watched in wonder and if it hadn’t been for her soft giggle I would’ve watched all day.

“Nicole Martinez, are you staring at me? Anyone who saw you would think I have been denying you sex. And that, my dear, is simply not the case.” she said with her adorable childlike laugh. I smiled and moved closer. My hands grabbed her hips and I pulled her ass firmly back towards me. All I got from her was a surprised gasp and another giggle. I stepped even closer to her and used my feet to spread her legs apart a bit. To my surprised she braced her arms against the wall and pushed her ass out towards me. She was obviously feeling a bit frisky.

“Who’s been denied now?” I whispered into her ear. I relished in the feel of her body against mine for a moment. She was bent over slightly with her legs spread apart a bit. I was leaning against her and since I was a few inches taller I fit against her like we were designed with each other in mind. My head rested on her shoulder and I took her ear between my teeth. I still had one of my hands firmly placed on her hip but my other hand was free to roam . . . and roam it did. First it kaçak bahis went to her already erect nipple and I rolled it between my fingers before pinching and pulling at it.

“Oh, Jesus, Nikki. ” she moaned as she pushed her ass harder against me. Angie, if nothing else, was in impatient lover. She was slow when she took to pleasing me but when it came my turn to return the favor she always wanted to come quickly. But not that time. I was ready to slow and languid no matter what she said.

My mouth left her ear and moved her hair so I could kiss the back of her neck. I rubbed her hips with the hand that was still keeping her in place but my ‘wandering hand’ traveled between her legs. My angel tried her best to wiggle and thrust her way to my hand but I kept a firm grasp in her hip.

“You will not ruin my fun, Angela Harris. You are going to stay put just the way you are.” I growled into her ear.

I felt her entire body shiver as she nodded. I felt that I had won in some way, although I am not sure why. She would be the one who would be receiving pleasure. In reality it didn’t matter much. In that moment she had agreed to let me have my way with her and that was what I had planned on doing. Now that she was still I was free to wrap my stationary arm around her waist for support as my wandering hand went, one more, to the junction between her legs. I could feel the moisture from in-between them and I can assure you that it had little to do with the shower. I cupped her sweet sex and I pulled her closer to me, in essence bending her over further. My middle finger flicked over her extended clit as a small moan escaped her lips. I don’t know about her but I was in heaven. I pushed my finger into her as I pushed my own aching cunt against her ass. I could feel how tight she was and it was almost amazing how great she felt around my finger. I got into a slow steady motion of withdrawing my finger then gently but swiftly inserting it again. Again I must say that I was in heaven. I could feel her taut body tight around my finger, practically begging me for more. I could see her breaths becoming more shallow and quicker in succession. I could hear her moans and gasps, imploring me to continue faster and harder. I could smell her delicious scent filling the steamy stall and if it hadn’t been for the water falling from above us, I could’ve been more than happy to meet that smell from its source. When I felt she could take no more, I leaned close to her ear and took it in my mouth once again before whispering to her.

“You are so sexy. I could stay here forever. I want you to come for me baby. Right now.” I told her in a husky voice. I could barely control my own breathing as I pounded into her with my hand.

“Oh, yea… Oh my god, Nikki… I’m coming…” with those words I felt Angie spasm around my finger over and over again. The hot flood of her juices filled my palm and I was slightly tempted to withdraw my hand but I knew what would await me if I continued. So I kept up my rhythm as if I hadn’t even noticed her thrashing and yelling. At first she tried to move away from my grasp but when I started bumping the palm of my hand against her clit she screamed out wildly as she started to buck on my hand, begging me to do her harder. I gave into her request and moments later she came all over my hand but I still didn’t stop. I kept going and she kept coming. Over and over and over again. It was only a matter of time before she couldn’t take it anymore and when she finished she slumped into my arms. My poor girl had passed out cold. I laughed to myself as I carried her off to bed and dried her unconscious body. As I dried her I couldn’t help but take a quick lick of the juices that still remain between her fabulous thighs but I stopped myself before I got too excited.

“Enjoy your nap, angel.” I said to her after I tucked her into my bed. I skipped down the steps, after getting dressed, and I made my way to the backyard to give my dogs a bath. Much to my surprise I saw Roxy, wearing only a bikini, in the yard accomplishing the very task I had set out to do.

“I came by to see you, and your pool, but I heard you were otherwise engaged.” Roxy smirked as she rinsed one of my soapy dogs.

I couldn’t do anything but smile and blush at my best friend. I always forgot she had a key to my house and always used it. Hell, I have hers too, but it was still embarrassing.

“You had her in the shower didn’t you?” Roxy took my further reddening complexion as a yes. “I knew it.” She laughed. “I would recognize those screams anywhere. Damn I miss the good old days.”

“Sorry, babe, your turn is over. I only go for one girl at a time, you know that.” I said, joining in on her laughing, as I reached for the other dog.

“Yes I do.” she smirked again. “And since I know you so well, I assume you left her unconscious on your bed.”

I gave her the most serious look I could before tossing a bucket of soap water on her. She wasn’t far behind with a bucket for me. When we finished acting like children I stood back and looked at my attire.

“Looks like I am headed back for the shower.” I said with a mischievous grin. “I hope Angie is awake.”

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