Mia Wants to Watch

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In the first part of this story, “Lena Comes to Stay,” we learned that Lena and her 22-year-old daughter, Mia, are staying with Lena’s mother, Kristy, and her husband, Devin. Lena discovers that Devin has fantasies about her watching him pleasure himself. That first part ends with Lena, Kristy, and Devin are pleased to find that they all enjoy watching.


It sort of sucks to be 22-years-old, newly divorced, figuring out a new town and new friends, deciding on going back to college, and trying to prove to myself that I’m still attractive, after being dumped by that idiot back home in Montana.

Well, not “home” any more. I’m thinking I should just stay here, at my Gram’s place, and get into college here. My Mom, Lena, is here, too, to help me get settled. Although I think she likes it better here than in Montana. My Gram, Kristy, is married to Devin. Second marriage. Devin isn’t my Mom’s father.

Anyway, now, on my own, I know I’m acting out a little, asking for attention. Asking for approval. I don’t dress as I should, between bathroom and guest room. OK, I’m pretty much naked. I thought that would get a rise out of Devin, when I walk past his home office door.

“Hey, Devin,” I said, stopping in the open doorway to his office.

“Good Morning, Mia,” said Devin, looking up from his keyboard. “Aren’t you cold wearing so little?”

My light robe was open all the way down the front, and I had nothing on underneath. “Oh, it’s lots warmer here than in Montana,” I said.

“Well, if we ever have other guests, you may surprise them with an eyeful of Mia,” said Devin.

“Maybe they’d be interested in looking at me,” I said, a little snarky.

“I don’t think I ought to be staring at my wife’s gorgeous, near-naked, grand-daughter,” said Devin.

“I wish someone would appreciate me,” I said. “More than that idiot ex-husband of mine.”

“He was – is – a fool, Mia,” said Devin. “You’re gorgeous.”

“And sexy, I know,” I said. “So, you and Mom tell me.”

“You are, Mia, very sexy,” said Devin. “And you’ll find many other people who agree with me.”

“But you’d rather think about my Mom,” I smiled, sweetly.

“I shouldn’t have mentioned that, I guess,” said Devin.

“It’s OK,” I said. “Mom’s cool. I know she has fantasies about you, too.”

“She told you that?” asked Devin, surprised.

“She didn’t have to,” I replied. “I live here, too, remember? At least for now.”

“You know you’re welcome here for as long as you want, Mia,” said Devin.

“And if I’m staying here a long time, I’ll find things out,” I said.

“I guess that’s right,” said Devin.

“So, these sex fantasies you have about my Mom … ” I ventured.

“Lena told you about that?” Devin looked nervous.

“No details,” I hurried ahead. “Just that she really likes them, the sex fantasies.”

“Well, I’m glad,” said Devin. “And that’s enough talk about that.”

“Are you like, fucking, you and my Mom, in these fantasies?” I pushed.

“Mia! Nothing like that,” said Devin, sharply.

“Then, what?” I pursued. “Like oral sex, or bondage, or something?”

“Mia, I don’t want to talk about this,” said Devin, turning back to his computer monitor.

“I guess I could ask Mom for details,” I said. “I can just tell her that you and I were talking about fucking, and oral sex, bondage, and stuff, and see where it goes from there.”

“Don’t … Mia!” sighed Devin. “OK, stop. It’s nothing. Just watching. I think about her watching me.”

“Watching you?” I asked. “Watching you do what? With someone, by yourself, what?”

“Mostly, by myself,” said Devin, blushing. I’d never seen an older man blush before.

“So, like, you’re masturbating or something, and you think about Mom watching you?” I asked. “Is she spying or something?”

“I know she’s there,” said Devin. “I know she’s there, watching.”

“And that’s it?” I asked, disappointed. “You just think about my Mom watching you while you beat off? Do you have to make her do it, in your fantasy?”

“I don’t make her,” said Devin. “She likes it.”

“Huh,” I said. “And do you like it, too?”

“We’re done with this, Mia,” said Devin. “I have to get back to work.”

“Would you enjoy looking at me more if I did this?” I asked, putting my hand between my thighs.

Devin stared. I stroked myself. For at least 15 seconds. And he kept staring. It was really hot, having Devin, someone, look at me getting myself off.

“Mia?” Mom’s voice calling from down the hall.

“I’m coming!” I called back. I stopped rubbing myself, and smiled at Devin. “I wish I was coming, with you to see me.”

Devin blushed, and looked back to his computer.

I turned out of the office doorway and walked up the hall to the guest room I shared with Mom.

“Oh, Mia,” said my Mom. “I was just wondering if you were done in the bathroom. I’m going to take a shower.”

“I was just chatting with Devin,” I said. “He was telling me how he’d like you to watch him.”

“What!” gasped Mom. “Devin told you that?”

“I sort-of drew it out of him,” I admitted. “Him liking to be watched. esenyurt escort Him liking to watch.”

“You shouldn’t, you mustn’t, talk with Devin about that sort of thing! About our … I mean, about his … fantasy stuff,” insisted Mom.

I was feeling pushy. “Well, if you let me watch next time, I won’t have so many questions,” I said.

“Next time!” Mom gasped. “Who said there would be a next time?”

“Uh, the person who just told me there was a first time, Mom!” I said, staring hard at her. “So, more than a fantasy, I gather?”

“OK, yes, I admit it,” said Mom, sitting down hard on the edge of the bed. Mom is short and round, mid-40s, long brown hair. Mostly dresses in jeans or sweatpants, and a sweatshirt. It was sort-of hard to imagine her in a sexual way.

“You watched Devin masturbate, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, but don’t keep talking about it!” said Mom.

“Did you do anything?” I asked.

“I told you already, I watched him!” replied Mom sharply.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked. “Did you enjoy looking at Devin? With him thinking about you when he did it?”

“Yes, and yes,” said Mom. “And that’s enough about it. Some people like to be looked at, I guess.”

“Says my Mom to her daughter who walks around the house half-naked all the time,” I laughed. “I can get the liking to watch, liking to be watched thing, Mom. It’s cool. No harm, no foul.”

“I’m going to take a shower,” said Mom, rising. “Get dressed and go help your Gram in the garden.”

“OK,” I said. “What does Gram think about all this?”

“She …” Mom started, then stopped abruptly. “I’m taking a shower, go help your Gram.”

Mom stomped off down the hallway to the guest bathroom. I pulled on shorts and a t-shirt, and some flip-flops, and strolled out back to find Gram.

Gram was pulling weed in a back bed of the garden. She’s mid-60s, and in great shape. She works out at a health club every day, and is darn fit looking. She’s a little busty, like me, but otherwise trimmer and leaner. I’m curvy, without being fat.

“Hi, Gram,” I said. “Mom said I could help you out here.”

“Hi, Mia,” said Gram, looking up at me from where she was kneeling at the garden bed. “When you begin to sag, in a few years, you’ll wish you’d worn a bra.”

“I guess,” I said.

“Sure, you can help me weed,” said Gram. I kneeled next to her and helped her work at clearing the bed.

“You want people to stare at you, don’t you, Mia?” asked Gram. “The way you … dress.”

“Or the way I don’t dress, you mean,” I laughed.

“Yes, dear,” smiled Gram. “Well, you look fabulous, so you can carry off the outfit … or lack of outfit.”

“Ha! Gram,” I said. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Thank you, Mia,” said Gram.

“I guess it’s pretty common, for people to enjoy being looked at,” I said. “For people to enjoy looking.”

“True enough,” said Gram. “We have to use our eyes for something, and other people are pretty interesting.”

“Especially if you love them,” I said.

“Especially when you love them,” agreed Gram.

We worked in companionable silence for a few minutes. The pile of weeds had grown, and the bed was nearly clear.

“Gram, can I ask you something sort of personal?” I asked.

“Sure, Mia,” said Gram, sitting back on her heels and looking at me.

I sat cross-legged on the lawn facing her. With my legs spread like this, hair was visible between my legs, between the tops of my thighs, since my shorts were short, and I wasn’t wearing panties. I saw Gram’s eyes dance up and down a few times, between that place between my legs and my eyes.

“Do you like to look, Gram?” I asked.

“What do you mean, Mia?” asked Gram, with another glance down between my legs, and back up to my eyes.

“You and me, and Mom, aren’t all that much alike, physically,” I said.

“Not so much, Mia,” said Gram. “Is something bothering you?”

“I was just thinking about Mom watching Devin, and him liking that,” I said.

Gram’s eyes got wide, but she didn’t say anything.

“And Mom liking that, too,” I continued.

Gram was still quiet, but listening to me.

“And I like to be looked at, too,” I said.

“You … what do you know. Mia?” asked Gram, quietly. “Did your Mom, or Devin …?”

“Enough, Gram,” I gambled. “Not the details, but enough.”

“Oh,” gasped Gram. “This is naughty. I mean, nobody did anything naughty. Oh, maybe they did, but it wasn’t illegal naughty.”

“Gram,” I said, sliding closer, feeling my shorts ride up higher. Gram’s eyes fell again to my lap. “Do you think liking to watch might be a family thing?”

“Some stuff might run in a family,” said Gram. “And we might be drawn to others with similar traits and interests.”

“Like Devin,” I smiled.

“Like Devin,” Gram agreed.

“That’s one of my questions, Gram. When Devin was with Mom, what was she wearing?”

“Why, nothing …” Gram stopped. “No. We’re not talking about this. I’ve got to get going. I have a class at the club.”

Gram got up quickly, and walked into the house. gebze escort

The next morning, Saturday, I got up late. I showered, and, wrapped in a towel to cover me from chest to bottom, I walked out, looking for the family.

I found Devin on a sofa in the family room, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Where is everybody?” I asked.

“Well, you and I are right here, sleepy-head,” smiled Devin. “Kristy and Lena are out shopping.”

“OK,” I said. “Well, since it’s just you and me here, I have a question.”

“What’s that?” asked Devin, suspiciously.

“I had an idea, this morning, in the shower,” I said, rising. “That you are the only man to have seen three generations of this family’s women naked.”

“I guess that’s true,” said Devin.

I stood up, and pulled the towel off from around my body, and did a little spin to give Devin a good look.

“And all of us like to watch!” I laughed. “It’s all in the family!”

“What are you playing at? What do you want, Mia?” asked Devin, firmly.

“I just want to know how it worked, what you did, with Mom and Gram,” I said. “I understand, ‘you watched,’ I talked with Mom and Gram, but I want the details!”

“You know about me with Lena and Kristy?” Devin asked.

“Yes, but not the details!” I said. “And trying to imagine them is driving me crazy!”

“Why would I tell you? Why should I tell you?” asked Devin.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said. “How about I let you watch me? Touch myself? You’d enjoy that, I’ll bet, based on the other day.”

“I might, and I’m not sure you should,” said Devin. “But what do you want from me?”

“I want to tell me about you and Mom and Gram,” I said. “And, if it sounds sexy, I’ll rub myself while you tell me the story.”

“Oh,” said Devin.

“Sounds fun, doesn’t it?” I asked, sitting down next to him on the sofa, and spreading my legs slightly, resting my hand between my naked thighs.

“Oh,” said Devin, again.

“Why don’t you start by telling me how I’m different from Mom, physically?” I asked.

“I don’t know about this,” said Devin.

“Even if you think my Mom is cuter than me,” I began.

“I didn’t even say that, Mia!” said Devin.

“You must still find it sexy for me to be naked here with you, masturbating for you, while you tell me about the women in our family,” I said.

“I’ll admit, it is sexy,” said Devin.

“You imagine Mom when you see me like this?” I asked, running fingers through the hair between my legs.

“I imagine your Mom, and you,” said Devin. “With you touching yourself, naked, next to me, it’s hard to overlook you.”

“Go ahead, then,” I said. “Tell me how I’m different from Mom.”

“Well,” said Devin. “OK. You’re taller, you’re bustier, your hair’s shorter.”

“All my hair? Or just the hair on my head?” I asked, tangling fingers in my hair down there.

“All your hair,” replied Devin.

“Oh,” I said, imagining. “What about Mom’s thighs?”

“Lena’s legs are shorter than yours, and her thighs are much thicker.”

“And her tummy?” I asked. “Her bottom?”

“Both much larger than yours.” said Devin.

“But you think she’s attractive, sexy?” I asked.

“I do,” said Devin. “So are you.”

I was absently rubbing myself, and getting damp. “How about Gram, compared with me?” I asked.

“This is very naughty, Mia,” said Devin.

“And you like what I’m doing?” I asked. spreading my legs wide and pushing two fingers in and out of myself.

“I really like what you’re doing,” said Devin.

“Tell me about Gram, and me, and I’ll keep going,” I said.

“Kristy is slimmer than you, with more muscle tone,” sighed Devin. “You’re softer all over.”

“How about her hair, down there?” I asked.

“Like yours, but orangey, not brown,” said Devin.

I kept rubbing. Devin was staring at my hand, fingers working between my thighs.

“Mom’s hair is darker?” I asked. Devin nodded.

“Yes,” said Devin. “Really dark brown.”

“Did my Mom watch you masturbate?” I asked.

Devin nodded.

“Gram watched, too?” I asked.

“They both did,” said Devin. “They made me.”

“They made you masturbate?” I asked.

“Well, encouraged me,” said Devin. “They showed me their breasts.”

“And you liked that,” I pressed. “Both, together?”

“I liked it a lot,” said Devin.

“My Mom’s breasts, compared with mine?” I asked. Damn, this was getting me off, and fast.

“Smaller than yours, softer, saggier, with darker nipples,” said Devin. I saw him squeeze his crotch through his trousers.

“Mmmm, I’m getting pretty wet down here,” I said. “How about Gram’s breasts?”

“About the same size as yours,” said Devin. “But longer, harder nipples.”

“They stick out?” I asked, rubbing faster.

“Yes,” said Devin.

“Do you suck on them?” I asked, getting a little breathless.

“Yes,” said Devin. “Kristy likes that.”

“You saw my Mom naked? You saw her masturbate?” I asked, rubbing hard and fast.

“Yes,” said Devin. “After we sucked on Kristy’s kartal escort nipples.”

“We?” I gasped, getting tingly and close.

“Your Mom and me,” said Devin, squeezing his crotch hard. “Your Gram had an orgasm then.”

“Damn!” I said, loudly, having one myself. It flooded through me like a warm stream, as I pictured Devin and my Mom side by side, suckling at Gram’s tits.

“Thank you,” said Devin. “You’ve given me a lot to think about.”

“No,” I sighed. “Thank you.”

On Sunday afternoon, Devin was mowing the back lawn, and Mom was taking a nap. Gram was fussing about in the kitchen, so I boosted myself up to sit on the counter, giving a nice view up the leg of my short-shorts, should anyone choose to glance that way.

Gram did, a couple of times.

“So, Gram, you can orgasm when your nipples are sucked on?” I asked, casually.

She stopped what she was doing and stared at me, in the eyes this time, not the crotch.

“When you’re aroused, probably,” I added. “I think it might be a family thing, too, but nobody has ever tried it with me.”

“You’ll find the right man, Mia,” said Gram. “Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried, Gram,” I said. “But I don’t want to wait.”

“You can try tweaking or sucking your nipples, yourself,” laughed Gram. “It might work.”

“You ought to have someone around here to help me out,” I laughed. “You do OK, with Devin and Mom.”

Gram was quiet, and not looking me in the eye, or the crotch.

“That was the only time,” Gram said quietly.

“The only time so far,” I said, gently.

“We’ll see,” said Gram.

“Only next time, I want to join in, or something,” I said.

“Oh, Mia,” sighed Gram.

“If I’m going to be living here, it seems like I ought to be allowed in the household fun and games,” I said.

“It was only the one time!” said Gram.

“Please, Gram,” I said. “Don’t leave me out.”

“We’ll see,” said Gram.

It was a week before I could talk to Mom, to advance my plan. In the meantime, I had submitted admission papers to the local college, and applied for a couple of jobs in restaurants downtown.

In the bedroom on that next Saturday morning, brushing my hair, Mom putting on her bra.

“You don’t really need that, Mom,” I said.

“Says you, the exhibitionist,” said Mom, proceeding to get dressed.

“Are your nipples sensitive?” I asked, and, getting no response: “I think mine might be sensitive, like Gram’s”

“Your Gram told me, Mia,” said Mom, pulling on her shoes, the last stage of her dressing that morning. She stood up.

“You and Gram talked about my nipples?” I asked.

“Yup,” said Mom, and walked out of our room.

That was weird. I wandered into the family room, then the kitchen. Gram was making a fresh pot of coffee.

“Ooh, can I have some of that?” I asked.

“Sure,” said Gram. “It’ll be just a minute while it brews.”

“I’ll just watch it brew,” I said, leaning in to stare at the pot, while Gram started some toast.

“OK,” said Gram.

“I love watching,” I said.

“I know,” said Gram. “We’ve already talked about that.”

“And I love to be watched,” I added.

“We talked about that, too,” said Gram.

I needed to get a rise out of somebody that morning. “Devin saw me, you know, touch myself,” I said.

“I know,” said Gram. “He told me.”

“He told you,” I said. Statement, not question.

“Yup,” said Gram, and took her mug and toast to the table in the family room.

“Oh,” I said, to the empty kitchen. The coffee finished brewing, and I poured myself a cup, black, and went to sit with Gram. Mom was there, too. Just sitting there with Gram.

“So, if I know everything, and you know I know everything, how come I can’t be part of something?” I asked. General question, to the two of them.

“Because there’s nothing to be part of,” said Mom.

Gram smiled at me, and winked.

“I’m going downtown,” said Mom, standing. “Anyone need anything?”

“No, thanks,” said Gram.

“I’m good,” I said.

“OK,” said Mom. “See you a little later.”

I turned to Gram. “Come out with me later? To check out one of the places I’ve applied to work?”

“Sure, Mia,” said Gram. “That would be fun.”

So, that evening, Gram and I prepared to leave Mom and Devin home while we visited the restaurant-bar where I hoped to waitress.

Gram looked at how I was dressed. “No bra, Mia? Does that send the right message?”

“At this place, for sure, Gram,” I said.

“I’m wearing a bra,” said Gram.

“Don’t Gram!” I urged. “You don’t need it! Just layer, like me.”

“I don’t know, ” said Gram. “I always wear a bra.”

“Try it, Gram,” I said. “Girl’s night! Free and easy! If you’re uncomfortable, we can always come home and change.”

“Well, OK, I guess, Mia,” said Gram. “Although it feels very naughty.” She disappeared into her room and returned, with a heavy pullover sweater on. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra.

“Let’s go!” smiled Gram.

“Have fun, you two,” called Mum from the family room. “See you in a couple of hours.”

“At the earliest,” I said. “To get there, drinks and dinner, get back … more like three hours.”

“OK,” chirped Mom.

And, we were off. But we weren’t gone three hours. We got to the restaurant, and it was warm inside. My light sweater came off. Gram was sweating, in her heavy pullover.

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