Mina and Her BIL Ch. 01

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Mina was 22 when she got married to Sekhar. She was fair and beautiful with small but beautiful breasts and sexy lips. She was a very conservative girl and her knowledge about sexual relation was very less. Sekhar was a busy executive always on travel. Mina started enjoying sex after her first night and her desires started growing more night-by-night.

Sekhar’s frequent tours always made her unhappy. However she was happy with the intensity with which he fucked her when he is back from every tour. Days without Sekhar had become very frustrating for her. It was during one of these trips that her brother-in-law walked into her life.

Kiran, a software engineer, was 3 years younger to Sekhar and one year older to Mina. He got transferred to their city and he started living with Mina and Sekhar. After one month, Kiran fell ill and was at home. The doctor ordered to give him sponge bath daily. Since there was no one to help, Mina decided to give him the bath. While giving sponge bath, mina’s breast used to rub on his back accidentally and that tickled feelings in Kiran. But he respected his brother and tried hard to keep away any evil thoughts from his mind.

Mina and Kiran became very close and they used to share a lot of lighter moments. They used to watch TV together and Kiran at times used to help her in the kitchen by washing vessels or cleaning other things.

Sekhar has given Mina nighties that are semi transparent and tight to wear. Mina used to wear them only in the bedroom and later she had started wearing them after her bath at night. She takes a bath daily before dinner. She was very comfortable wearing the tight and transparent nighty in front of Kiran, when Sekhar is not at home. Somehow she didn’t want to do this when Sekhar is in station. There was a hidden urge in her subconscious mind to seduce Kiran, which she was not aware off.

Kiran had become desperate after seeing Mina in the hot nighty. He could make out the curves in her body. Her sexy midriffs and round thighs always use to haunt him. He could see the linings of her bra and panties and the sight always makes him hard. As days passed on, Kiran’s desire to fuck his sister-in-law intensified. He started exhibiting in front bahis firmaları of her. He always wears shorts in the evenings and stopped wearing shirt. His hairy chest had become an attraction for mina also. Kiran used to stare at her cleavage when she serves him she also noticed it but pretended to be unaware. They used to watch movies together at home and he started bringing Movie Cds home. He always took movies with hot kissing scenes and as they watch together he has noticed that her breathing speed increases and she becomes restless. Also he had noticed her licking her lips at times.

One day Sekhar had to go to Singapore for a 10 day long meeting. Kiran had decided to make use of this wonderful opportunity.

It was on the third day.

Mina went to take bath. Kiran slowly entered her room and hid himself behind the almirah in the room. After bath, she came out wrapped in a towel. She closed the door and put on her bra first. Kiran was shocked to see the beautiful 32 c breasts of his SIL. She was awesome. She dropped her towel! HE was wonder struck. She was now turning to the opposite side and he couldn’t believe the beauty of her perquisite ass. Round and buxom! It was a real treat to his eyes and he was fully erect. She then put on her panty and the tight nighty.

Kiran couldn’t control more. He went behind Mina who was combing her hair and grabbed her by her waist. She was shocked and looked back.

“Hey! Kiran! What are you doing here? Leave my room and me! “

Kiran turned her and hugged her hard. She was struggling to get out of his hands. He was strong. He started kissing her neck and then softly on her lips.

“Didi. I want u. I know u need me too”

“No Kiran, this is not right,” She said in a faint voice.

“It is ok Mina darling. You are so hot and I can’t resist the temptation. I am dying to fuck u. Let us enjoy dear”

Mina was thrilled to hear the word Mina darling from him for the first time. The women in her took over the wife. Mina hugged him hard. He understood that the game is on. He slowly started sucking her lower lips. His hands were caressing her back hair. He moved from her lips to her cheeks and then started sucking her ear lobes. His hands kaçak iddaa slowly lifted her nighty up and pulled it away. She was in her bra and panty and he sucked her lips harder again. His tongue entered her mouth and started licking her interiors. She wanted to moan but the sound didn’t come out. He was caressing her ass and one hand went inside the panty and was caressing her bare ass. He came down to neck and to her breasts. He kissed her firmly over the bra and rubbed his face for a long time there. Then he came down licking, stomach and then naval. His tongue was licking and circling on her naval. He sat on the bed. While licking her naval, his hands removed her bra strap and threw the bra on floor. He lifted his head up and slowly licked on the bottom of her sweet round breasts. After licking both globes alternatively, he stated sucking her nipples on e after another, while his hand was busy squeezing her ass. She was moaning with pleasure and her hands were massaging his hair. He again went down and kissed her over the panty. He started rubbing his nose over her panty while his hands were still squeezing her round ass. He then pulled the panty down with his teeth and kissed her already wet pussy.

Mina pushed him to the bed now and rolled on top of Kiran and straddled him. She leaned over and kissed him soulfully on the mouth, almost devouring his lips and tongue as they kissed. Kissing this way always made her a little hotter and wetter. She was a great kisser and loved to tease with her mouth before fucking. She reached his shorts and removed it. He was also naked now. His hands rubbed her pussy as she was kissing him.

He took her arms in his hands and guided her body a little further up his until her large swollen nipples were just an inch or two from his mouth. He reached up with his tongue and began circling them with it, before sucking them one at a time into his mouth. She was in heaven, she loved to have her nipples sucked, licked and gently chewed on. She reached between his legs as he did this and took his big hard cock in her tiny hand. She rubbed it up and down the lips of her pussy and over her hard clit as he sucked on her nipples. She moaned a little as she felt the tip of his cock against kaçak bahis her. She came down and started licking his balls. He started moaning. She slowly took both his balls inside her mouth and her hands were running through the thick vein on his cock and caressing his tip. He was moaning with extreme pleasure.

She stroked and squeezed his cock between her beautiful legs before placing the head between her swollen pussy lips. She then started rubbing the cock on her pussy lips. He couldn’t control more. He caught her by her ass and lowered her down on him He filled her completely and slowly started stroking. She moaned and pushed down harder and more of it disappeared inside of her.

She sat straight up now and began riding his big cock, and with each push downward a little more of it would disappear inside of her. Her juices flowed down his cock and trickled on to his balls. She was fucking him hard and screaming how good his cock felt and how much she loved cock and how much she loved to fuck. Kiran was massaging her breasts and he came up and sucked her nipples one after another.

Kiran had his hands on her hips now and was driving himself deeper inside her

He took her arms and turned her over then and put her on her back, his cock still deep inside of her as he did. He put her legs over his shoulders and lifted her ass off the bed and began driving that massive cock inside of her, making her scream each time he pinned her to the bed with it. His hands were still squeezing her ass and he went into a lip lock with her. She pushed up as hard as she could, offering him her pussy as he drove his cock harder and harder inside of her.

“Cum in me” she begged. “Cum in me.”

He pushed his cock deep inside her now and held it there as they began to cum together. She squeezing and pulling his ass cheeks to get him deeper inside of her, and him pushing against her and telling her that he was filling her cunt.

Both were tired and exhausted and they woke up after 30 minutes. Kiran kissed Mina on her lips again and he took his hand and placed on his cock. She slowly started massaging it. He was becoming harder. He started sucking her breasts vigorously as his organ continued to grow. He licked down to her and reached her pussy.

She then pulled him up and whispered in his ears – “Not now u naughty, after the dinner.”

What happened after dinner will be coming up in the next episode.

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