Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 09

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Chapter 09

Miranda is to be trained until broken

Janet paid off the auction house delivery man after bringing the cages into the house, and down to the basement. Without being bruised, her new naked pets were lined up in their cages, waiting upon their fate.

One was looking out of its cage with a scowl, looking as though it might bite. So far it had been quiet, but she didn’t trust it. Human animals could be so treacherous. She would enjoy beating it into submission, as it looked as though it would put up a fight. She looked at the paperwork to see its name was Miranda.

Mimi might be an appropriate name for it, though the decision would be made later. It was important to make it demeaning, with a slight reminder of what it used to be. Every time she used the new name, the pet would have its humble position rubbed in. Much the same as rubbing a puppies nose in its own mess to house train it.

Another had a silly look on its face, whining occasionally, staring intently at the angry looking pet. It looked as though there was some connection between the two, such as a dependency of some kind. She would have to break that, and make it dependent upon her. This one was Geraldine, so following a theme the name Gigi might suit.

The third was squatting in its cage, filling its nails on the cage door. It seemed unconcerned with where it was, or who had bought it. The self-assurance would have to be replaced with timid obedience. The name Feebie, seemed right for this feeble minded one. It would have to be changed, to re-enforce a new personality; FiFi sounded right for a totally submissive pet.

Jane chuckled at the idea of using the demeaning sounding names. She was glad to have purchased three new toys to play with, despite the extravagant price. It was amusing how differently each of the new pets were reacting to being sold.

They would soon come to heel, for she didn’t believe in sparing the whip. It might take longer for the angry one to give in, but they all did eventually. She wouldn’t give up training them, even when they diligently jumped to her every request. Training meant enforcing her will upon them, until completely broken. When they were eating out of her hand, as obedient and eager little puppies, the second phase of their re-orientation would begin.

They would soon be in their proper place, at her feet, worshiping their new mistress.

“If I let you out will you behave yourself?” Janet asked Feebie.

“Yes, mistress, thank you mistress,” Feebie eagerly answered.

After crawling out of the cage she stood up with some difficulty, from being cramped up for an hour or so. She stood compliantly before her new mistress, with head bowed, enjoying the role of slave girl. She had read stories, and fantasised over being auctioned off as a slave girl. Now it had happened she found it difficult to shake off the feeling that it was merely a wonderful fantasy.

Janet looked at the young girl, estimating her age at just over eighteen. That she had stood up showed she hadn’t been trained as a bitch.

“So what are you?” Janet asked.

“A slave girl, mistress,” she demurely answered.

“A good start,” she began to say, when Geraldine barked, seeking her attention.

She looked up at them from her cage, with a pathetic little puppy lost expression.

“Are, poor puppy, do you want out of your cage?” Janet asked, in a patronising tone of voice. “You! Stand there like a good slave girl,” she warned Feebie. Fiddling with the keys she unlocked the cage, and pulled out the new pet by its collar.

“There, there, little pet bitch, you’re so excited to be out of your cage,” Janet said, sounding pleased with the new pet bitch . “You’re a good little puppy, yes you are!” she drooled over her new pet. This one was a lot older than the other two, yet had a fit looking body. Larger breasts and rounder hips gave it a more pleasing, sexy shape.

“You’ve been well trained, unlike the other two. Let’s take a look at you,” Janet said, while stroking her hair, and patting its bare ass.

Holding the collar firmly she felt between its cheeks, reaching for the asshole. pushing in with a finger, she then tried two.

“You like that, don’t you puppy! So you’ve been wearing a tail. Your new mistress will buy you a brand new gorgeous tail. Yes I will, a big fluffy tail, for puppy bitch,” Janet spoke slowly, as though the pet might not understand. She realised it was deeply into the role, though not so thoroughly trained as she liked.

There were signs of puppy mittens having been tied around its wrists and ankles. She felt its large breasts, hanging below, swinging freely as it tried to lick her hand, or anything else that came near. Being older than the other two, it made Janet wonder who had owned such a mixed group.

She felt between its legs, noting how wet and puffy its cunt was. She found its clit and pinched it, to receive a puppy sounding yelp of pain. That confirmed how deeply engrossed in the role it was. She gently massaged its clit, feeling bahis firmaları how swollen it became, and pulled at it between two fingers. She wiped her sticky fingers on the pets backside, and looked it over.

The pets frame would look right with larger breasts, much larger. Once fully trained she would ask a friend, a cosmetic surgeon, to give it enormous breasts. A tummy tuck would be necessary too, so pulling in its waist might as well be done at the same time. She was thinking of moulding this new pet into a dumb blonde bitch.

“My new pet likes attention, don’t you little puppy!” Janet cooed at Geraldine.

Perhaps the facial lips needed enhancing too. She stroked its long hair away from its muzzle, to take a good look at it. Full pouting lips would look good on a dumb blonde bitch.

“I thought you looked familiar,” Janet mused. “Can’t think where I’ve seen you before, perhaps at a club, or a masters house? Silly barky thing can’t tell me,” she laughed.

With both hands holding Geraldine’s face, she turned it toward the light. “Geraldine? Of course, but it can’t be!” Janet whispered, wrinkling her brow in consternation.

She tried to think when she had last seen the woman. Some weeks ago at a committee meeting. The Homeless Trust, that was it. Janet tried to block the funds going to just anyone. Geraldine had argued that anyone on the streets was worthy of their attention, and should be allowed a second chance. The damn woman had won the argument.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the rich bitch with a heart,” Janet scoffed. It was incredible, but the wealthy woman was here at her feet, barking and whining like a pet bitch.

“You have certainly come down in the world. Don’t worry though, you won’t be homeless. I’ll re-join the committee now you’re out of the way. I’ve met some nice girls on the streets, who needed a home and some discipline in their lives,” she harshly smiled, right in the pets face.

“I shall enjoy whipping you into shape, little pet bitch. I’ll mould you into a pathetic, loyal little pet, along with the other two,” Janet said, while pinching a nipple. Geraldine tried to pull away, while whimpering pathetically.

Janet felt elated from having this powerful woman at her mercy. Again she wondered who trained her and put three slaves up for sale. If the bidders had realised who it was being auctioned, the price would have doubled, just for her. This pathetic whining pet had been a pain to many a businessman in the city. With nothing better to do, she interfered in things she didn’t understand, through city and state committees.

Janet closed her eyes for a moment, still pinching and twisting the pathetic things nipples. With a tail up its asshole, she would take pleasure in showing it off to fellow mistresses and masters. Crawling around on the end of a leash, letting the ones who had suffered from her interference, pet her intimately.

Janet could teach it to serve her as a dutiful and obedient assistant, ready to jump at her slightest whim. At meetings it could be shown off as a tame pet, before the other self-important committee members. A demonstration of her power over the creature would serve as a warning to others, and might even gain a recruit or two.

“How pleasant it will be to show off the high and mighty Geraldine, brought so low, to become nothing more than a pathetic slave. Who would have thought you would end up in a slave auction?” Janet laughed, in her face.

Geraldine saw the mean look in this new mistresses eyes, and was no longer willing to play along with the game. The mistress had a tight grip of her collar, choking her, twisting a nipple, hurting her. The humiliation was turning her on, which was a dreadful state to be brought to by such an awful woman.

Her real mistress should do something to stop this cruelty. She tried to look around at Miranda, but the nasty woman kept her face close to hers.

She remembered a past life like a distant, hazy shadow. She wondered if it was true, that she had been a rich woman, and not just a puppy girl. There was a ring of truth to it, but she had been too long subsumed in the game. It seemed as if she had been always been a young girls plaything. It didn’t seem right, but it felt safe and comforting to have a caring mistress.

Feebie looked at her new mistress. It was one thing to have her fantasy fulfilled, but to be subjected to abuse was another. She didn’t like what this woman was doing to the puppy girl, or what she was saying about the training. Her friend had indulged her fantasies, whereas this woman wanted to force her into becoming a pet bitch.

“Leave her alone, you mean bitch!” Miranda shouted. She had meant to keep quiet until let out of the cage. The whole reason for being there was to rescue her two slaves, yet she was the one in need of rescue. It was a mistake speaking out.

“Oh! The pet has a voice, unlike this pathetic creature. Why should I take the slightest notice of something I own? I bought you at auction, so your mine now, PET,” Janet sneered.

“It’s a mistake, kaçak iddaa I shouldn’t have sold them. I’ll buy them back,” Miranda firmly stated.

“A mistake you say. Well you’ll have to live with it, that’s life, pet. You’ll buy them back? How?” Janet chuckled.

“The auction price, it goes to me, you can have it back,” Miranda explained.

“Oh really? I’m looking forward to training you all into my obedient pets, no can do!” Janet chortled.

Feebie didn’t like the sound of that. Her fantasy was based around being a slave-girl, not a pet-girl.

“I’ll double the price. You can get someone else,” Miranda said, sounding defiant.

“Three slaves cost a fortune. How can you possibly afford that?” Janet pleasantly asked.

“The auction price goes into my bank account. I’ve got more than enough to double the price,” she boasted.

“Well, that is interesting. A slave with money, who ever heard of such a ludicrous thing? You are very much mistaken, pet. I must remind you, slaves are objects, owned by a master or mistress. As you can see, I am a mistress, and I purchased you. I own your ass, as they say. You, that collar around your neck, the tears in your eyes, and everything else, is now mine,” she laughed.

“That is so wonderful, a slave with a bank account. You three weren’t so expensive after all. I’ve already made a profit, without a single moment of training. Such a good investment,” Janet laughed.

“You won’t get a cent! Let us go and I’ll get you the money, otherwise you won’t know where we live, or have the bank details,” Miranda defiantly shouted.

“A house too! Perfect!” she laughed even louder.

Miranda spluttered angrily, unable to recover from her mistake. There were tears in her eyes now, tears of rage and frustration.

“Let me out of here!” she shrieked.

“There, there, pet, calm down. When you’re fully trained you’ll gladly tell your mistress all about it, every detail. Such a wilful pet needs a lot of training. I take it you trained these two. Your silence reveals all. You did a good job for an amateur, I grant you that much. How ironic it is that you are to receive the ultimate training,” she smiled.

Miranda was silently raging, meeting the woman’s scowl with a fierce grimace.

“Once trained you’ll do anything, absolutely anything your mistress commands You’ll give me the bank account, and sign over the house. That’s when I’ll sell you, pet. I have someone in mind for you, a gentleman with very interesting tastes. Alternatively there’s a customer who keeps willing pets in a brothel, for his special clients. He pays well, for an obedient young pet-girl like you,” Janet explained, with derisory sneer.

“Let me out of here! You’re not a mistress, you’re a nasty twisted bitch!” Miranda raged.

Janet reached for a whip, hanging conveniently above the cages. She swished it with a satisfying cracking sound. With well practised ease she flicked it through the bars, striking Miranda a stinging blow across the face.

“Fuck you! Fuck you!” she shouted, from the pain of a second blow.

“Ouch! Shit! Let go you naughty bitch!” Janet yelped.

Geraldine bit into the bad mistresses calf, ignoring the pain of the whip on her rump. If anything it made her bite harder, with a determination not to let go. The woman was hurting her mistress, and this was all she could think to do.

The keys were dropped, to skitter across the floor, landing inches away from Miranda’s cage. Straining her fingers through the bars, pushing past the pain, she touched them, only easing them further away. She hadn’t yet thought how it would be possible to undo the lock from inside the cage.

She looked up through the bars, feeling pathetic. A pair of legs were there, blocking her view. What was going on? The loud shouting and growling was still in progress.

“A slave revolt!” Feebie gleefully smiled into the cage.

The small door opened releasing Miranda, like a cork from a bottle she popped out, thrusting forward. Unable to rise to her feet, she smashed upward with a fist. Without much skill, she slammed the woman in the stomach, happening to strike her solar plexus.

Janet doubled up, with a great puff of air deflating her, crumpling her body to the floor.

“Help me, both of you, come on, move!” Miranda demanded. Sliding Janet across the floor, they bundled her into the larger of the cages. Miranda slipped a padlock through the hasp, and clicked it shut. She pulled her two loved ones together, hugging them tight.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. I’m really sorry. I’ll look after you from now on, I promise,” Miranda squawked.

The other two cried with her. The three of them were a jumbled mass of limbs on the floor, hugging each other, with Geraldine licking and pawing them.

Miranda broke free, knowing something needed to be done before they were free. They were naked, and didn’t even know where they were.

Feebie was enthralled by the idea of being a runaway slave-girl, and imagined adventures to come. Geraldine was pleased kaçak bahis to regain her true mistress, and was getting in the way, trying to lick her legs and thighs.

“Wait pet-girl. Later, please,” Miranda had to admonish her, though she couldn’t bring herself to put much effort into it. After all, the bitch had saved them from a dire situation.

Upstairs they found a playroom with sex toys on shelves and in cupboards. In the closet they found plenty of outfits, though nothing decent. Feebie found a bright fluffy ballerina outfit, and was trying it on.

“Just bring it with you, for later, yes and that,” Miranda allowed.

She found a doggy outfit with a range of tails. “Do you like these? OK! We’ll take them too,” Miranda told Geraldine.

In the master bedroom another walk in closet contained normal clothes. The woman was too tall for anything to fit Geraldine, but Miranda found a designer dress that looked suitable. The woman was too tall to have anything for the other two.

Miranda stared thoughtful at the two slaves, then marched them back to the play room.

“Find what you like and put it on,” Miranda told them. If stopped by the police it could always be explained away that she was driving them to a fancy dress party.

As she figured, the neat woman had a key box with each of them hooked and labelled. Four by four looked interesting. She grabbed the keys and glided into the adjoining garage, feeling clever and excited. There it was, big, black and shining, awaiting their escape.

Running back to the slaves, she sighed on seeing they had helped each other into raunchy outfits. “Take out the tail, pet. Just bring it with you. You’ll need a coat over that,” she told Feebie. The see-through outfit would get them arrested if stopped.

She listened at the top of the basement stairs, hearing shouts of protest. She closed the door, for complete silence, without hearing even a muffled yelp. Obviously designed that way, though not to silence Janet’s screams.

In the kitchen she found a large can of dog food, and opened it. A dogs drinking bowl was next, and she filled a bottle with water. Carrying them down to the basement, she glanced at the woman silently glaring at her from behind bars. She shoved the bowl, and dog food through a gap under the cage door. Next, she poured water into the bowl.

She was about to say, ‘he who laughs last’, but just glared instead.

Miranda ran upstairs to the playroom, to check on her slaves. She’d need a large sack for all the stuff they were pillaging. A thought came to her. She had grown up on the wrong side of town, and had to remind herself of the fact. She walked calmly to the bedroom, to scan it carefully from the doorway.

Ornate boxes were full of uninteresting costume jewellery. A bottom draw contained expensive silk underwear that grated noisily when messed up. Under them, stupidly hidden, were expensive looking boxes. She emptied the glittering contents into two pairs of French knickers. She slid them into an inside pocket of the jacket.

Thinking more clearly, she looked for a room used as an office. Vehicle documents were as easily found in a filing cabinet as the keys had been. Contacts would know what to do with them, the jewellery, and the credit cards.

A cash box had a mixture of currency. She wondered how much it was worth. Was it from the sales of slaves to foreign buyers? She would bet on it not being declared in a tax return.

Enough! Time to go. She grabbed a suitcase to pack the slaves chosen outfits, which they gleefully enjoyed; looking forward to trying them on at home. Arm in arm they strolled to the waiting transport.

For a moment Miranda wondered if she would have to reverse out through the garage doors. Just as predictably a control box was found in the door. Pressing buttons with worn away instructions eventually opened the door behind them.

For a moment she looked longingly at the foreign red sports car. With a more practical frame of mind, she slammed the big black monster into reverse, and screeched out of the garage. She sharply turned the wheel in a semi controlled turn to face the road.

They crunched down a stony driveway and into the street without stopping, or even bothering to look. Miranda and Feebie wee chattering excitedly with Geraldine joining in the conversation with barks and whines, as they sped off into the night.


Big John braked sharply. Damn! They had missed their quarry. The bitch had escaped with the luck of the devil. He pulled the van into the drive, no longer needing to be quiet or cautious. They could at least survey the house for a later break-in.

“OK guys, we’ll look the place over, you take the back, I’ll try the front. Look out for alarms and cameras. Note where they are, and what they cover,” John told his friends.

Walking into the garage he looked the vehicles over. Trying a handle, he was surprised to find the garage and kitchen connecting door unlocked. Cautiously he pushed it open, to find the lights on. He scratched his head, wondering what had made Janet flee in such a hurry. No one knew what they were up to. Brandi and Kelly certainly wouldn’t have warned her. Cindy didn’t know of their plan, and would have encouraged them if she had.

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