Miss Linda Ch. 05

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Hi. It’s me, the really nice, polite little second grade teacher—who likes tell you stories about her kinky sex life. I know you haven’t heard from me for a while and you have probably been wondering what happened to me. You probably thought I joined a nunnery. No? Well I can see why you wouldn’t think that, given the stories I’ve told you about my sex life. I really wouldn’t make a very good nun. That chastity stuff would be just too hard to do.

Anyhow, I haven’t written because I was busy being a good girl. Of course, that only works for a while, and then you get so horny that you just have to go and do things people wouldn’t approve of, which is why I am telling all of you this nasty story about myself by posting it on Literotica. See, what I really like about doing this is that I know that most of you that are reading this will be masturbating while you read it, and I can just see you pulling on your big, hard cocks until they finally explode and squirt cum all over your shirt.

Okay, yes I know some of you are not guys, and I can imagine what you girls are doing, too. You are sitting naked in front of your computer, pulling on your tits while you read this, and then sliding two or three fingers into your squishy wet cunt. When you get near the end of the story, you will be rubbing that hard little clit of yours until you finally explode with an orgasm that has you moaning and crying. I get hot just thinking about it.

The last time I posted anything on this site, it was a story about how I watched my boss, the dirty old man, jacking off in front of his computer screen while he watched a really nasty fuck flick on it. I was hiding in his closet, and it made me so hot that I just had to masturbate to a climax along with him. Fuck, that was hot, but it was scary, too.

After he left, all I could think about was what a great looking cock he had and how much I wanted to suck it and then have him shove it up my hot wet pussy. It really changed my perspective about the dirty old man. Actually he’s not as old as some of you may have thought based on my prior stories. He is about forty, which really isn’t that old, although it is about fifteen years older than me, which seemed like a lot to me until I saw what a gorgeous cock he has.

After I got a look at his dick and watched how much cum it could spray all over a computer screen, bahis firmaları I decided that maybe he was just dirty, and not so old as I had thought. Now when he stares at my tits as I walk past him in the hall, I push my chest out and look him straight in the eye. I think it makes him nervous, because he always looks away. It makes me horny and I sit in class daydreaming about how I would like to go about seducing him, but not for very long, because if you aren’t paying attention, you will lose control of a class full of second graders before you know what happened.

After a couple of weeks of being a good girl, I decided that I just had to do something about this situation. I know that he usually works late after the others have left, so I decided to hang around and try and seduce him in his office. I pretended to be working in my classroom until all of the other staff members were gone, although all I was doing was reading a dirty book on my tablet. When I was pretty sure that the others were gone, I went to the ladies room and stripped off my bra and panties. Then I went to Mr. Johnson’s office and knocked politely on his door.

He said, “Come in,” and I walked across his office and flopped down on a couch that is alongside his desk, letting my skirt slide up my legs. He rotated in his office chair so he was facing me, and we began to talk about work. As we talked, I unbuttoned first one and then two and three buttons on my blouse. After the third button, Mr. Johnson just lost the thread of our conversation and leaned back in his chair and stared at my tits, which were mostly exposed by then. I could see his dick beginning to bulge under his trousers.

“Is this making your dick hard?” I asked him.

“Fuck, yes,” he whispered in reply.

“Can I see it?” I asked, as I undid the final button on my blouse and pushed it aside so he could see all of my tits while I pulled on the nipples.

He looked at me for a long time like he was trying to decide what to do. I could tell what he wanted to do, because he was unconsciously lightly stroking his dick through his trousers while he tried to decide if he was going to tell me to go away.

I cupped both of my tits and held them up for him to look at. “I want you to rub the end of your cock on these,” I said.

That pushed him over the edge. He pulled the zipper down on his trousers, kaçak iddaa and that beautiful hard dick of his sprung out, its tip glistening with pre-cum.

“Why, Mr. Johnson, you have no underwear on,” I said.

“Well,” he said slowly as he stroked his dick, “I was about to watch a fuck flick on my computer, so it didn’t seem necessary. I notice that you came in here without a bra. Do you have panties on?”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t,” I said, as I pulled my skirt up around my waist and spread my legs to show him my pussy. I reached down with both hands and spread my pussy lips apart so he could see how hot and wet my pussy was. I stopped talking as I slipped a couple of fingers in and out of my sloppy wet cunt and then sucked on them. Mr. Johnson just continued pulling on his rock-hard pole while he watched me.

After a moment or two I said, “Take your clothes off and come over here. I want to suck your dick.”

He quickly complied, and within a moment, he was holding my head with both hands while he fucked my mouth. This was so wrong—face-fucking my boss in his office at 4:00 in the afternoon—and it was so nasty and so good. Fuck! I was enjoying this.

Finally I pulled my head back and leaned back, playing with my tits. “Let’s fuck. I want that big hard cock of yours in my cunt.”

“You are a potty mouth,” he said.

“I know. I get that way when I am horny, and it’s your fault.”

“My fault?”

“Yes. Watching you stroke that big, hard cock of yours is making me so fucking horny.”

“Good.” He sat down on the couch next to me, and I climbed astride his lap and its rigid cock. I eased my pussy down over his cock. Oh fuck! It felt so good. It just filled my pussy up and, when he pushed up, I could feel it pushing against the end of my cunt. I started bouncing on his cock and letting my tits swing back and forth. After a minute or two I just sat down hard to get as much of his cock in my cunt as I could and leaned forward so my tits were swinging in front of his face. He began messaging my boobs and then pulled one and then the other up to his lips. As he pulled each tit to his mouth he swirled the tip of his tongue around the breast and then flicked the end of the nipple with tip of his tongue.

Whenever someone does that, it just sends sparks to my pussy. He finished the second tit and went kaçak bahis back to work on the first, and I just lost it. My cunt muscles cramped down hard on his cock, and the orgasm just ripped through my whole body. I collapsed against him.

As I came around, I noticed that his rock-hard cock was still filling my pussy.

“You didn’t cum,” I said.

“No, I didn’t,” he said. ” I want to come on your tits.”

I could feel the idea start the fire in my crotch again. I rolled off of him and he stood in front of me with his cock sticking straight out. I grabbed his cock with both hands and began to stroke it. It was sloppy wet with my cunt juices. I swirled both hands around his cock as I pulled on it. I could tell by the strain in his face that he was close to cumming.

“Come on. Squirt that hot juice all over my tits. You know you want to. I know you have a lot of it and you’ve wanted to squirt it on my tits for a long time, haven’t you? I will bet you have been dreaming about squirting cum on my tits ever since I came to work here.”

He said nothing in response, but he reached up with his hands and took over my efforts to jerk him off. Fuck, it was so sexy watching him. Watching him jerk on that cock was making me horny again, so I spread my legs and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy.

I could see that he was watching me masturbate, so I said, “Do you like seeing me play with my pussy? I bet you have dreamed about watching me do this while you jacked off, didn’t you?”

“Fuck yes!” He mumbled in response. Sometimes he really wasn’t very articulate for an educator. Even my second graders could express themselves better than that.

I spread my legs farther apart so he could see me masturbating even better.

Finally he lost it. I could see his cock stiffen, and he pulled down on it so it was pointed at my tits. He groaned and began to squirt rope after rope of pearly cum on first my right tit and then my left one. When he finished, I sat back and smeared his cum all over my tits with one hand while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. As I climaxed for the second time, I groaned and said, “Oh, fuck this is good.”

Fucking him had been even better than I imagined it would be. I have a feeling it was better than he imagined it would be also, because now when he sees me in the hall, he doesn’t look away when I push my chest out. He just continues to stare at my tits. I am sure that I will fuck him again, but I don’t want to do it right away. I wouldn’t want to let my boss think I am easy. Only you get to know that.

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