Mistis’ Adventures Part 83

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 83
Robbi got to school in plenty of time to find a parking space and take a leisurely walk across the campus square to where she would have her class. She found a bench on the lawn just outside, and, since it had warmed up considerably, decided to sit for a while, before going in. She pulled her phone from her purse, and sent a text message to her Mom, telling her that she had arrived, and was getting ready to go inside, shortly. Mom returned her message, “Go get ’em, Sweetheart. Love Ya.” She made a quick check to see if there were any other messages. There was one from Tod. “Thanx for a beautiful A.M. Yr wonderful!!! Luv Ya.” She smiled at his message. If he had been there with her, she would have told him, “I KNOW!!!” They loved teasing and joshing at each other.

A shadow fell across her, and she looked up to see the clerk who had taken care of her yesterday morning. He was smiling at her. “Remember me?” he asked. She nodded, scooting over to make room for him to sit next to her. “I’m Bruce. he offered. “Bruce Mayfield. May I ask your name?” She was surprised. He was much taller, and MUCH more good looking out of his work clothes. “SURE! I’m Robbi Campbell. Short for Roberta. Which class are YOU in? I’m in the “Theory of Programming” class. Professor Hall’s class.” He shook his head in wonder. “That’s MY class, too. You said something about being close to graduating, yesterday. How close are you?” She replied, I’ve got to have 3 more classes for my diploma. YOU?” He told her he, also, needed 3 more classes. The same classes SHE needed.

They chatted for a few more minutes and decided to go on up, so they could find seats together. Their classroom was on the 3rd floor, and they found it, locating seats in the 2nd row from the front. She asked him, “Which Lab have you been assigned to?” He answered that he had Lab on Monday and Wednesday, from 5 to 8. Same lab as she was assigned. Professor Miles had it. Bruce leaned over to her. “Watch him. He likes to throw out zingers. He says it keeps you on your toes. He IS a very good teacher, though. He can make the most bland subjects interesting. I’ve had him, before.” Robbi thanked him for the “heads up.”

The classroom had quieted down from her hubbub of people coming in and getting settled. The door opened, and a short gentleman came in and introduced himself as Professor Hall. He gave a brief “run down” of what they would be discussing, and what he thought was related to the class. “In case you think I’m an old codger, I’m under 70, and over 30. I graduated from M.I.T. in 1967, Sum Cum Laud. I was second in my class, ’cause the first in our class had better legs than I did, and wore shorter skirts.” His remark drew polite laughter. “I know ’cause I married her the week after we graduated. We have 4 wonderful k**s, 2 of each, and, Thank God, they all favor their Mother. She is just as beautiful as the day I met her. They are all just as fascinated by this garbage as WE are. I say that because, if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be here. NOW! I want each of you to stand and introduce yourselves, and, if it isn’t too personal, tell a little about yourself. Thank goodness there are only 12 of you. Now I will have time to help individually, if it is needed. I looked over the class roster, and see I have a pair of geniuses in the class. YOU will have to figure out who THEY are.”

Each of them stood and gave their name, and where they were from, until all had spoken. Dr. Hall, as he wished to be addressed, made notes as they spoke, thanking each as they finished, calling each by their name. He also asked how THEY wished to be addressed. A joker, evidently, told the Doctor, “Call me anything, as long as you call me for supper.” “Dr. Hall, not to be outdone, replied, “Thank You, Mr. Anything.” They received an assignment for the next class, to be held on Thursday, and were dismissed.

Bruce was free for the day, now, as was Robbi. They decided to go to the Student Union cafeteria, and get something to drink. It was on their way to where they were parked. They sat, sipping soft drinks, and getting to know each other better. Robbi told him about her family, except for the intimate details, and he told her that he was from Arkansas. His Father was a Game Warden, and Wildlife Biologist, and his Mother was a Weaver, and an Artist. His Paternal Grandparents lived with them, and his Maternal Grandparents lived about 6 miles away. His Maternal Grandparents, who he called Grandad and Granny, were full blood Cherokee. His Paternal Grandparents were called Grandpa and Grandma. Grandad was a Tribal Elder, and had been hunting, fishing, and trapping for his whole life. He was 79 years old, and STILL could walk 20 miles with a full pack. His Granny was an herbalist. In the old days, she would have been a “Medicine Woman.” They both spoke fluent Cherokee, as did his Mother, him, and 2 older sisters. Grandpa was half Cherokee, and Grandma was Full-Blood Choctaw. This accounted for güvenilir bahis siteleri his VERY black hair, brown eyes, and darker coloring. ALSO his height. When she asked him, he admitted that he was 4 inches over 6 feet. Robbi thought he was one of the most handsome men she had ever met. He went on to explain that his Grandpa and Grandma had been all over the world. Grandpa was a retired Sergeant Major, from the Army. He had served 37 years in the service, and had fought in the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He had at least 2 bowls of “Fruit Salad,” as he referred to his medals, on his chest. He had been required to retire because of his age. He had been stationed in many post here in the States, his final in Arkansas, where he settled. He had been to all the continents, except Antarctica, at least twice. He and Grandma had only his Father, and Granny and Grandad had 3 other c***dren, all of which lived in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad were coming up in a few days to visit, because he hadn’t been home to visit this last summer, or during his breaks. He had had a job, to pay for his education. He also said his Granny designed fishing lures, and, after she had made one, she let them test it, to see if it worked like she thought it was supposed to. She fished every day, no matter what the weather was like. She had a pontoon boat to fish from, and used the hell out of it.

They walked on to the parking lot, and retrieved their cars. His was a pickup. An old Ford, which he was slowly restoring to original. It didn’t take any imagination to see what IT could turn out to look like. It was a short bed, 1961 F-100, that had the uni-body. It was mostly restored, but still needed to be painted. The motor roared to life as he turned the key. It sounded very nice. It had a “3 on the Tree,” shift, 3speed standard transmission. She was parked a bit farther away, and he took her to her car. She described it as a 1978 Plymouth Horizon She liked it because it didn’t use too much gas, with a 4-banger motor, and an automatic transmission. It was a dream on bad or, especially, icy roads, by being front wheel drive, and had loads of room for what she needed to carry. He agreed it was a nice “ladies car.” They laughed and shook hands to part. On impulse she kissed him on the cheek. “See ya Thursday.” she told him.

She drove back to Cathy and Billy’s house. Dad had just called. The man who came to look at the farm had bought it. They had to do the paperwork to close, which would take about 2 weeks, and were going to get their asking price. Minus the brokers fee, they would be getting almost $3 million dollars. They wanted to keep the stock, and would buy 20 head of riding stock.. It was going to be made into a Dude Ranch. The house would be their headquarters, and the Breen house would be used for guests. Mr. Goodrich had also called, and informed them that they would be moving on Wednesday. The house would be ready for them on late Thursday, after a bit more cleaning. Liz had thanked him, and sent their best wishes to both, inviting them to visit at any time. She had caused them all to celebrate when she told them the news. They heard a car outside. It was the ladies, returning from the Doctor’s office. Sharon was the first to enter, followed by Misti and her Mom, and trailed by Betty. Sam had a funny look on her face. Betty was just showing a smug look, like the cat who swallowed the canary bird. Liz shared the news with them, when they all regathered in the kitchen. Curiosity took hold of her. What is going ON HERE?” she asked. Sharon and Misti started laughing. They just had their first examination from Dr. Immellmann. BOTH were VERY impressed.” Sam looked up at the others. “HE was GOOOOOD!” she said. “HE was VERY GOOD!!!” Sharon and Misti both broke out into wild laughter. Misti started, “He had her take off her clothes, and put her on the table, in the big room, so we could all stay together. He checked her boobies, and it made Mama hot. Then he looked inside her pussy, and took 4 samples of her juice, and rubbed them deep inside of her pussy to get them. Then he rubbed her pussy lips to check them, and popped her clit up, to see what it looked like. He looked at a scar on her belly, and his mustache rubbed her clit, too. She came 4 times. We told him we had already told her about the way he treats a woman. He took his clothes off, and he ate Mama’s pussy a LONG, LONG time. Then he stuck his pecker in her. He fucked her for at least a half hour. She came MANY times, and the last time they came at the SAME time. Me and Sharon had to help her get up so he could check Betty. He checked Betty the same way, except he took more time to check Betty’s boobies. She came many times, TOO!” Betty interjected at this point. “I never had ANYONE check my tits like HE did. He DO got a TOUCH!!!” Sharon continued. ” He went in for a sample of Betty’s fluid. He, again, took 4 swabs, from DEEP inside of her. Then he checked her lips, and rubbed the hell out of perabet ’em. He had her bouncing like she had springs in her ass. Then he checked HER clit the same as he did Sam’s. Betty got so many nuts, she squirted. He licked what he could from his face and washed up, He had to look at Betty’s cesarean scar, from the baby, and his mustache tickled HER clit, too. That set her off, again. Then she told him if he didn’t fuck her, SHE was gonna jump HIS bones. He laughed, and then, since his pants were still off, and he had a nice boner, he shoved the meat to her. He fucked her longer than he did Sam. She had to have help getting up, too. She tried to take his tonsils out, kissing him so hard. Then Sam gave him a repeat. He had curly toenails when SHE finished. His nurse was in there while he was fucking Betty. She teased us that her and the receptionist were going to have to use each other for a carpet cleaning, only neither one of them had a carpet He only showed Misti and me the results of our last exams. We are both okay. He told me I would deliver some time around the first part of April, and Misti would deliver in June. It’s confirmed. Mist has a pair of little princesses in her. They both showed the best he had seen, he claimed. William and I decided to name our boy, George. After his Grandad. The next boy will be named Aaron, after his Dad. A girl will be named Julia, after his Grammy. We will play it by ear after that. NOW!!! Where are the guys at? Mike will be here in a little bit.”

Clara told them that William and Rick were over at the new place taking care of the stock there, and Billy had gone into town to order a load of feed for all of them. The Co-op will deliver orders like he’lll make. They send a truck out straight from the mill. They even have a forklift to unload it. They figure about 2 loads of stuff. Liz told them about the farm being sold, already, and that the Goodrich’s were moving Wednesday. The house would be ready on Thursday. Mrs. Goodrich and their girls were going to redd up the house for them. Betty’s first question was when were they going home for their things. Clara told her that it would take about 3 weeks for Dave to build the house across from the present house, and they would fix up what was needed for both houses. ” Liz and David are getting the new house, and we are getting the Goodrich house. You and Tod will stay with us ’till YOUR house is built. God willing, it wont take more than another 3 or 4 weeks. It’s going to have 6 bedrooms, and 7 and a half baths. They’re gonna cover the back porch, and put a balcony on the front and back for ya. I liked the way Misti and Mikes house is fixed, with a bathroom just inside the back porch, so Daddy said to fix it that way for ya’. OKAY.” Betty rushed over, hugging and kissing Clara, then Liz, crying. “I love you both so much. It sounds like a DREAM to me. I LOVE IT!!!”

Liz added, ” We were gonna build one for Abe and Gail, but they said they would stay with Billy and Cathy ’till they have a couple of k**s. Besides, they want to keep things goin’ with the Younkers, as Abe calls them. He said he wants more time with the girls, INCLUDING, or maybe, ESPECIALLY, Robbi. Gail said the same about all the boys, too. They said THEY have been fucking like a pair of hopped up rabbits, and that their next door neighbor, Mr. Baldwin, is getting all the ass he can from Gail before they move. His helper comes over almost every night to give HIM some pussy. Her husband told her he wants a divorce. He’s in Korea, in the Army, and he’s wantin’ to marry a Korean girl. She told him that was okay. She’s got 3 or 4 guys splittin’ her pussy for her. And ALL of them do a better job than he did.” She bought the pharmacy, and they’re waiting to sell the house, now. HE ALSO said her and Mr Baldwin have tried each other, and have started acting like they night get somethin’ goin’.”

They all looked around at Robbi. “How did YOUR day go, Baby? Is it what you expected?” Clara asked her. She told them about meeting Bruce, and most of what they had talked about. “The boys are gonna like ‘im. He’s an outdoorsman like all of them. He told me he was born with a gun in one hand, and a fishin’ pole in the other. He loves to go campin’ too. Maybe, after I get to know him better, and find out if he’s got someone, I’ll invite him out. He’s GORGEOUS! He’s 6ft 4, about, I’d guess, 220, black hair and brown eyes, dark complected a bit. He’s mostly Cherokee and Choctaw, and built like a brick shit house. Jerry and him will hit it off, too. He’s rebuilding an old Ford pickup. He built an old car in High School. It was a 1948 Tucker. I never heard of one, before. He sold it for most of the money he used to go to school, the first 3 years. His Dad and his Grandpa’s told him how it needed to be, and he made it near original. He even rebuilt the motor. It took him almost 3 years to finish. We have all the same classes, and labs. We figure to be spending a lot of time together. MOST of it perabet güvenilir mi studying, but, at least some of it getting acquainted, better. I figure we might, later, play doctor a little bit. Let ya know on that part.”

She was a little hungry, not having any lunch, she went into the kitchen and got some of the left over biscuits, and a couple of pats of sausage. Se took out a frying pan and broke 2 eggs into it, using the bacon grease to fry them. She put the sausage into the microwave to heat them and turned the eggs. She put the sausage and eggs on a plate, making a sandwich. It was something she loved. She poured a glass of ice tea, and sat down. She ate them quickly, and washed the dirty dishes and glass. She told them she was going over to see if William and Rick needed help and went out the door. She had changed into blue jeans and a shirt when she came home, and put her boots on just before she went out the door. She had also shed her bra. No need for one at home. And it was much more comfortable.

They heard another car drive up in front. The door opened. It was Mike. He had left a little early, and had hust finished his physical exam. The doctor had told him he was as healthy as a horse, but, since he had spent time in Vietnam, he should watch for certain things. He didn’t know where he had been, but, some of the things could come quickly. He had given Mike a list of things to look for, and wished him good luck. He had reported back to the unit, and his Squadron Commander had told him to take the rest of today, and the next couple of days, off. He had done MORE than his share for his country. He asked where Ben was at, and was told that Mary had called, and invited him over. SHE wanted to get to know HIM much better. The office was being fumigated, and everybody had taken off to not be exposed to the smells of the chemicals used. They would spray, then, after a bit, ventilate the building, so they could work the next day. Misti showed him the pictures of the babies. He smiled and leaned down to kiss first Misti, then pulling her blouse up, her tummy. “Hi Girls. Daddy’s home. I love you. Hurry out so I can play and love with my little LADIES. We’ll have a GOOD time. I want my little girls to laugh for me. I’m gonna teach YOU to pick on MOMMY, and make HER laugh.” Misti pulled him to her and kissed him. I’m gonna teach ’em that their bodies are NOT something to be ashamed of. And I’ll teach them to be ladies, at the same time. Just like our friends.”

They heard another car out front. This time it was Jerry, Mary, Carol, and Ben. They all came in, hugging and kissing the others, Carol and Mary both fanning themselves. “WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN FEEDING THIS MAN?” Mary demanded. “He wore out Carol and me BOTH!!! HE even beats the Energizer Bunny. He split me 3 times, and nailed Carol TWICE!!! We both are hoarse from yodeling, and calling the monkeys. We’re gonna be walking bow legged for a week. If he was any bigger, he would ruin us for the rest of our lives. I gotta admit, it was fun, but he had to help both of us out of bed, and give us both a shower. Thank God he’s as strong as he is.” Ben sat there looking tired, but happy. Sam looked lovingly at her husband. “He IS quite a MAN!” she said. I’ve seen him fuck 6 women until they passed out, then he fucked me 2 or 3 times.” By myself, he can fuck me 14 times in one night, and walk to work the next morning.” Mary added, “He played with my tits all the way over here, after he had fucked both of us near to death. Jerry almost wrecked the car, laughing at us.”

Jerry was still laughing at the two women. “They finally met their matches. Mike. Let’s go see if William and Rick need any help.” They went and got in Mike’s pickup.

They drove over to the Goodrich house. Dave’s crew was a couple of hundred feet away. The 3 men were standing next to Dave’s pickup. Robbi was over looking at the hole for the cellar. Dave called to her, “Roberta! If you don’t get over here, out of the way, I’m gonna spank your butt, right in front of everybody. You STILL don’t have a hard hat on, like I told ya.” She looked around at him and stuck her tongue out at him. “You do, and I’ll piss on your leg.” She came over to him, greeting the new arrivals. “Hi, guys. “How’s the new Daddy doin’?” She looked at Dave. “Okay, Bubba. I’ll be nice for my big bubba. Can I take my shirt off? It’s gettin’ hot.” Dave rolled his eyes. “See what I’ve gotta put up with for all these years. If I let ‘er, she’d run around the place naked. Nobody would get any work done.” William laughed. “She IS a handful, but, a beautiful handful.” Rick walked up and smacked her on the butt with his hand. She turned and punched him in the shoulder. “I’m gonna tell Mommy on you, you monster.” One of the men, wearing a white hard hat walked over. “What time do you want us to call it a day, Boss.” Dave told him to finish laying the lines, and cleaning the excavation, and knock off. He wanted them here at 8 the next morning. The Foreman nodded, and said “I’ll make it so.” Dave told the others, “Let’s go to the house and see what the better halves are planning.”

It was the first day. MUCH had been accomplished.

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