Mistletoe Inspirations Ch. 03

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She felt a twinge of girlish joy as she let her hand drop from the lock on the door. Before she joined him at the edge of the bed, she slid the cami off over her head and threw it on the pile with the rest. Her panties would just have to wait, as they had ended up on the other side of the room.

With both of them naked, she was sure the groping and kissing would take on a whole new level. When she was back at his side, he didn’t pounce onto her as she had expected. Instead, he ran a single fingertip down her stomach and began to play with her clit, rubbing it gently and carefully.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, not looking up but instead seeming to say it right to her belly. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. Your smile was driving me crazy.”

“Mutual,” was the only word she could say, and even that wavered in a moan that pushed its way out of her mouth when his fingers probed deeper. This time it really was his fingers, not just her own in a fantasy’s disguise.

He brought his fingers to his mouth, licking and sucking them dry of her juices. He sighed in delight and bent to lay her down on her back. In moments, his face was between her spread legs, lapping at her relentlessly. The sudden aggression of it startled her, and she had to arch her back against the wave of pleasure that slammed up into her brain. His tongue was running in circles, then straight up and down, then wiggling into her as his hot breath came in bursts against her. She knew it was early on, but she was already gripping handfuls of bedspread trying to resist an orgasm.

He felt her happy struggles and kissed his way up to her stomach, pausing only to fill her belly button with his tongue briefly, making her gasp in surprise. She could smell herself on his breath as he kissed up between her breasts and pushed them together with his hands, admiring them. After a few slow circles around both nipples with his tongue, he bahis firmaları bit down softly on the left one, just as she had imagined he would. Her right breast was being caressed while her left nipple was sucked and teased into a throbbing ecstasy.

“Oh, God…” she moaned, wanting him to know the extreme effect he was having on her.

“Your red sweater…” he said between licks, “It made your tits look so amazing. I just wanted to reach up and grip one under that mistletoe.”

“Yeah…” she gulped, catching her breath. “I was hoping you would.”

His eyes smiled as he continued to dine on her breasts, squeezing them and moving them around as he used his lips, tongue, and teeth to make her squirm.

“You have no idea…” he began, trailing off.

“Of what?” she asked, thinking he meant she had no idea how much he had wanted to grip one of her breasts.

“You have no idea how much I want to fuck you right now,” he answered, pushing apart her thighs forcefully with his knees. She let out a well-rehearsed moan as he took his throbbing cock in his hand, lining it up with her slick, dripping slit. He rubbed the head slowly through her cleft of juices, leaning his head back in pleasure as she soaked him. She knew it was time.

“Take me,” she said sweetly, knowing it was just what he wanted to hear. In the moment of pleasant shock that showed on his face, hearing her utter those words, she finished her request… “but let me be on top. I’ve been melting all day thinking of riding your thick cock.”

Her words were making him lose his mind, and she knew it. In seconds, she had been rolled over and pulled on top of him, where she had been earlier with a towel between them. Her hand trailed down his stomach and gripped his swelled penis, which was now covered in a slippery layer of her own fluid. His hands were on her breasts again, kneading them lovingly. She lined him up with her again, kaçak iddaa clenching her inner muscles as she pressed the head of his dick into her. He was amazingly thick, and there was nothing in the world that could possibly stop her from wanting all of him. She let gravity assist her as she slid down his cock, letting it fill her up. It seemed to be pushing deep into her gut as she settled down, grinding and rocking against him as his whole cock disappeared inside her. His hands slid down her body and circled to grip her ass, moving her back up and down again..starting to build a rhythm. His hands firmly took hold of her as he began to thrust up into her, meeting her advances.

She couldn’t even believe the feeling. After a whole day of daydreaming about merely being looked at by this amazing creature, he was under her, gripping her naked ass in his hands and fucking her melting core. She rode him obediently, letting her hands press down on his chest and giving her leverage to grind back and forth on him while he pounded into her from underneath. She could hear his pleasure, and she was quite sure he could hear hers.

She couldn’t help but cum on him twice before she coaxed him to stop.

“Your cum feels amazing,” he said, pinching her nipples with both hands as she slowed her rhythm following the second orgasm. He sucked his lungs full of air when she slid up and off of him, taking her feet at the side of the bed.

“Come over here by the mirror,” she suggested, fondly remembering her centerfold pose. “I want to watch you fuck me from behind.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. She relished the cold, shiny surface of the wood against her nipples as he bent her over the vanity, positioning her face only a little over a foot and a half from the glass of the mirror. He entered her quickly this time, wasting no time picking up to a dominant speed as he gripped the front of her thighs and drove into kaçak bahis her tight hole. She watched his face and his chest muscles in the mirror, loving the way his pleasure showed in his body. She experimented with squeezing his cock in different ways using her inner muscles, and found that squeezing him was doing just as much good for her. At one point, he gave her ass an aggressive slap, groaning with delight when she clenched up reflexively. She could feel him really starting to pulse inside her. He was going to cum soon.

“Cum in my mouth,” she said against the top of the vanity, her words wavering with the rhythm of her moans. He began to fuck her harder, wanting and needing to cum after a whole day of the same sort she had gone through. As soon as she felt him pull out of her all the way, she turned and fell to her knees in front of him.

He forced himself into her mouth, and she had to reach up with two fingers to circle its base and maintain control.

“Your lips are so soft…” he mumbled, nearly incoherently, while she stroked him into a complete frenzy. With one firm hold, he held her still with his shaft in her mouth and tensed up, groaning as he shot his cum into her throat. She swallowed it as it spilled in, creating a suction that made him shiver and moan as he started to thrust into her mouth slowly, winding down from the climax. He wound her hair around his fingers as he pulled himself carefully from her mouth, loving the feel of her lips surrounding the circumference of his spent manhood.

When he took a step back, helping her to her feet, she lost her balance and collapsed against him, feeling how hard his chest muscles were against her soft, smooth skin. She felt the insides of her thighs and the cleft of her ass soaked with her own cum, and could taste his in her mouth. He held her against him as her breathing slowed and she caught her balance once again.

“I hope it was as good as you imagined,” he said quietly- practically right into her ear.

She let go of a little laugh, suddenly overtaken with the image of him stopped in the hallway in his towel, smiling at her. If he only knew.

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