Moonlight Ride

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When you first walk into this club, all you can see through the cigar and cigarette smoke, is the glint from the rhinestones on the evening gowns worn by some of the most exotic and most beautiful women imaginable. The lights hanging above shine in a kind of entrancing pattern to catch and hypnotize the unwary, and of course seduce. The music moves through the hot, and heavy air; calling and beckoning to love and be seduced. Blues does that to a body. Calling forth deep, hidden from most of the world, emotion that no man can fight. Dancers move across the floor in a smooth, sexy, delicious motions; causing the most basic instincts sing and call out for a mate. Here we meet two individuals; unknown to them, they will have an experience and a connection never before seen by this crowd.

In many clubs like these along the strip, women dance and love with men, and men hunt these gorgeous creatures in return. Who holds the power here? It’s obvious to one dyke leaning back against the bar. She watches these women play the men, till they are salivating and about to fight over them. Smirking, knowing that at any point she can move up to these women, give them the dance of their life; so smooth, sexy, and powerful; then set them loose on the bystanders and just continue on her lone wolf ways. Dressed in all black, fedora, leather jacket, shirt, and jeans she exudes confidence while sitting back and observing the scene. Drink in hand, she doesn’t even see what is about to hit her right between the eyes.

In walks this stunning woman. Tall, hourglass figure encased in a deep green evening gown that clings to her every delectable curve, she saunters into the club looking for her next meal, a victim of her voracious appetite. She makes her way slowly, effortlessly toward the bar, all the while aware of the stillness as everyone in the club stop to stare at this rare beauty. Who would have the balls to approach and win the attentions of this graceful creature? The cocky and bold step forward to block her path, but with just one look scatters them all out of her way. These would not do. For they are week, and would not satisfy her tastes. She finally makes it to the bar, and looking down the length of it, sees the lone wolf in black, and smiles. Not necessarily a friendly one, but one that says, “You will be Mine”. The game is afoot.

The prey is chosen. Confident in her appeal and the fact that this woman gets what she wants, she works her way down the bar to the wolf to make her scent known.

The Wolf isn’t dumb. She noticed of course the Goddess in Green. Who wouldn’t? Noticed how the lights revealed the shine in her short, curly red locks, how that fucking dress drew the eye to her beautiful breasts and lower to her secret garden of Eden, and clung to an ass that just beckons the hands to caress and squeeze. She thought to herself, “Oh how I would spend hours, licking and exploring every delectable inch of that woman.” Instead however, she played it cool, listening to the jazz playing through out the smoky room. Waiting, just waiting to see if she would approach this hungry wolf. Wolfie didn’t have long to wait, because this seductress wasted no time in coming to pet this beast.

“My name is Jaame,” she said in a smoky, soft voice.

“They call me Tomcat”, I responded. My own voice a little husky from the smoke and the slight rise of desire.

Jaame leaned in closer, and as she did not only did I get a wonderful view of her cleavage, but the smell of her own desire wafted up to my sensitive nose, immediately intoxicating me more than all the booze in the world. She didn’t stop her movements, but instead slid so close that her breasts brushed against my arm, causing a thrill to run up my spine. Reaching behind me, takes my brew off the bar top, and slowly brings it to her red, luscious lips that were just begging to be kissed, and takes a long pull, tipping her head back revealing the nape of her neck. I swallowed convulsively, but silently. She, however, never took her eyes off of mine, noticed, and an evil sparkle came to her gaze that made me want to run through the night and howl at the moon.

I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Would you do me the honor of this dance?”.

She laughed softly, breathing into mine, “Not here, no. But a more…private establishment I would consider it.”

“My place is just outside the city, very private. We could listen to some music, do a little dancing, open a bottle of wine, and get to know each other a lot better than in this dive. That is if you aren’t scared of going with the Big Bad Wolf to her den.”

The challenge was set, but would she go for it? Many women had flirted with this She-Wolf, but backed out at the last second, too scared of the thoughts and images conjured up in their minds. But this woman, this Goddess looped her arms around my neck, laughing out loud.

“Finally, someone worthy of my attention. Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

I lead her to my motorcycle, for what wolf worth their casino şirketleri salt wouldn’t have a freaking bike, and started it up. Jaame hiked up her skirt, sliding on behind and wrapped her arms tight around my waist, pressing her breasts into my back. I stopped for just a moment to savor this brush of wonder before realizing she would freeze without something to keep her warm. I got off the bike, and started to unzip my jacket, at the same time handing her my helmet so she would be safe. She stepped up into me as I stripped off my jacket to wrap around her. She slid her arms in, breathing in my scent of leather, and wolf musk that was my very own. I started to run the zipper back closed, letting the back of my hands to brush against her soft, creamy breasts. I then ran my hands down along the flaps of the jacket, and sliding them along behind her in a tight embrace, letting her feel the strength in my arms, bringing her snug against me.

“The price for this ride, is one kiss. Time to pay-up luv.”

She smirked, sliding her hands up my chest, bringing them to the back of my head, tangled her hands in my hair, tilted her head and said just one word.


Then she kissed me as no mortal women had ever kissed me before. Gentle and intense. Warm and wet. Slipping her lips along mine, I lost all sense of where and when I was. She then pulled away, and quirking an insolent little eyebrow, looked at me waiting for me to get my legs back and get my ass on the bike again. I mount up and so did she, sliding her arms once again tight around my waist. I kicked back the kickstand, and revved the engine, letting the vibrations run up along her thighs, feeling her clutch me tighter. Then we rode off into the night toward my den.

Faster, my heart pounds out. I must go faster. I swear at the last stop light, she shifted closer, arms wrapping tighter around me. I’m pretty sure her inner thighs rubbed against my legs. Bloody hell, that feels so good!

As the moon climbs higher in the sky, I feel as if my heart is about to burst, it’s pounding so hard. Up ahead I can see the tree line that indicates that we are closer to home. Thank the Goddess we are almost there. Now would be a good time to plan exactly what I am going to do with this witchy woman who has cast her spell on me.

The moon was at its peak, high in the sky as we pulled up to the darkened cabin. It looks small from the front, but that is just an illusion, it’s bigger on the inside than on the out. I feel her behind me suck in her breath sharply. Is she changing her mind? Does the dark cabin terrify her? I hope not, but if so it will be a long ride back, and a very cold shower later. I press the button to open the adjacent garage, pulled in, and shut off the monster that gives a wolf on two legs freedom. I hold the bike steady as she climbs off the back, using my shoulders to steady herself. I put the kickstand out and let the bike rest against it, then slide off myself, keeping my back to her, praying my den isn’t a complete pig sty.

I start to remove my riding gear, but still when I feel her hands on my shoulders. She moves around to face me, slowly running her hands from my shoulders down to my hands to remove my gloves. I stop breathing. Just stop altogether. Once my gloves are off, she turns to place them on the seat of my bike,; my eyes wander down her shapely back to her lovely arse. Gods above I’m in for a very interesting night!!

A wolfish grin spreads across my face. Ironic? Maybe so. She turns back to face me once again; removing her helmet and shaking her hair back into some sort of order, the red curls glistening in the garage overhead lights. I slowly step just that much closer, reaching to pull the zipper of my leather jacket. Never taking my eyes off hers, with such exquisite unhurried motion, I pull down, once again letting the back of my hand brush against her beautiful breasts. Her eyes grow wide, and then half close, a low sound coming from her throat. I turn her to pull the jacket from her shoulders and toss it onto the bike. Stepping back I lead her out of the garage towards the front door, hitting the button to close behind us. Up on the porch I unlocked the front door, but before I could open it Jaame grabs my hand. I turn to her and really look at her. Absorbing her beauty, I also become aware of her nerves.

In her eyes I could see excitement, a wanting that you only read in woman smut; those historical romance novels with Fabio on the cover. Looking just beyond that, I also saw a bit of trepidation. How can I put her at ease? The wanting in me is unusually strong tonight, normally I am way more aloof and in control. I guess she brings out the beast in me. I give her a gentle smile, one that shows none of the roaring, howling beast struggling to just take her and mate. With that same gentleness that I had no idea was within me, I squeezed her hand and lead her through the front door. She followed with no hesitation, giving me a shy, little smile.

Shutting the door behind casino firmaları Jaame, I grab up the remote to my stereo for some blues, giving the room a quick glance to make sure it’s not a complete mess. Good to go. The music wafts towards us through the air, setting a mood that makes everything slow down, and sets basic instincts afire. I move past her, a little nervous myself; it had been so long since I have been with a woman, and no one had ever been here for this purpose. Crouching down in front of the fireplace, I glance back over my shoulder at her.

“Beers are in the fridge. Make yourself at home.” I said quietly, then got to work making a fire to both warm the cabin back up, and give my hands something to do.

I listen for her, still facing the fire with my thumbs hooked in my front pockets. Just listen as she moves around in my kitchen; pulling one beer, then two from the fridge and opening both. Her footsteps carry her up behind me, and magically a beer appears in my vision. I take the bottle with a quiet “Sláinte”, and turn to her while taking a long pull from it. After wetting my whistle with a few more long swallows, I set aside my empty bottle, and look around the room for the best place to dance with her. I want to keep it near the fire so that she doesn’t get cold, but the only way to do that would be to move the couch back into the kitchen area. A mental shrug, some muscling around, and Violá, a perfectly sized dance floor of the ultimate romantic class. I turn to her looking satisfied, and find that she is laughing at me. I didn’t have that much trouble with moving the couch…I think… Approaching her once more, finally taking her into my arms; music gently playing, we begin to dance.

I don’t know how long we quietly swayed to the music, letting it seduce us even more than we accomplished ourselves. With her head resting on my shoulder, my cheek laying on her hair for I am a foot taller than she is, her hands on my shoulders, and mine on the small of her back. She raises her head, while bringing her hands to my cheeks, just looks me in the eyes as if to say, “please kiss me now”. How can I not obey? Whatever Goddess wants, Goddess gets. Keeping my eyes on hers, I slowly lower my head down until my lips just barely brush hers. How the devil in me screams for me to crush them, so difficult to fight that urge, but fight it I do. Keeping it gentle, I rub her lips until I feel her hands slide again to the back of my head to take a firm, yet easy grip.

There is only so much teasing a redhead like this one will take, however. Tightening her grip, Jaame deepens the kiss, pressing harder into mine, telling me that play time is over. It’s business time! I smirk against her lips, which in turn makes her growl and nip my bottom lip, I run just the tip of my tongue along the seam of those luscious lips; unconsciously asking for entrance. On a low groan, her mouth opens. In sweeps my tongue to tangle and play with hers for it seems like an endless amount of time. She presses closer, grinding her hips into mine, as we continue to “dance” in front of the fire. At that signal, my hands move from the small of her back, up to her shoulders, along her arms, then down her rib cage; just missing her breasts, and causing her to moan in my mouth.

But my hands don’t stop just at her waist, oh not in the least! They follow the delectable curve of her hips, and back around to caress her buttocks. Flexing my hands apparently causes her to thrust against my thigh, which I had strategically placed in between hers. I squeeze again, just to see if that is indeed true, and with a deep moan she proves it’s true. Feeling her arousal against my thigh, that sweet heat, a deep growl burns up my throat and out into her mouth as I intensify the kiss. Pressing my lips firmly over hers, delving in deep to lead hers in a tango of tongues; my excitement growing with every gasp and moan coming from her. My hands move from her butt to the front of her thighs, sweeping up just missing her core, to her beautiful breasts and those wondrous peaks that have been beckoning my touch since leaving the bar.

My hands curve over her breasts, fingertips just brushing her nipples through that shimmering green dress. At the same time I pull away slightly from her drugging kisses to run my lips down the nape of her neck, nibbling and licking my way to her throat. Her head drops back to give me more access to what I unspokenly ask for. I can feel her hands brushing the hair from my face, and stroking my cheeks. It’s such a tender, sweet motion in the intense heat of the moment. It helps to calm this fire racing through my blood to just animalistically mate, and slow down my motions. I pull back my lips to gaze down at her, wanting for her eyes to open and look at me. After a moment, realizing I had stopped, they did. A question was in their depths of why I had stopped.

“It’s time, sweetheart. I want you so badly, but I will not take you on the floor. Not this first time.”

She swallowed hard, nodded and güvenilir casino grabbed up her beer for a long pull. I move to bank the fire, so you know the house doesn’t burn down. Then, returning, take her hand to guide her to my bed.

My bedroom you could say is my den, or my cave. It’s located down in the basement, where it remains cool and private. With Jaame’s hand in mine, I descend down into my cave to ravish this Goddess, and sate this hunger clawing at my gut. The four poster bed looms up ahead, and I hear her gasp. The wood is a deep cherry in color, but not pink. Another fireplace sits empty in the corner, last nights ashes gone cold. I turn to her and stand my ground, without realizing that my eyes beg her to make the next move. I am an intimidating person, and I want to please her so bad. Seeing this in my eyes, she comes forward, and like before, runs her hands up my chest to twine around my neck, kissing me gently. My hands go to the zipper of her dress, slowly lowering it down her butt. She untangles her hands from my hair, and lets the shoulders slide down; the dress pools down at her feet, and I stop breathing.

So beautiful, so soft. Her nipples stand erect from the cold, a scar or two on her torso tells the tale of life, her lingerie tiny, but oh so sexy. I bring my hands to her breasts again, cupping their weight while running my thumbs back and forth over the tip. Gasping in pleasure, she lets her head fall back, exposing that wonderful neck, which just beckons my mouth. Brushing kisses along her throat, I rub my fingertips a little harder and faster across the nipples, her hips rock into mine. My lips replace my fingers on her chest, slowly licking, nipping, and nibbling the peaks, trading between the two. Her hands settle into my hair, grasping and tugging, guiding me to where she wants my mouth. Her hands move from my head to the hem of my shirt, trying in vain to tug it off. I move back a little to let it lift off, catching her eyes and seeing the glazed, needy, filled with lust look on her face. With my shirt off she steps back into my arms, and I continue to lick my way across her torso.

There’s only so much a wolf can withstand for only so long, with her hands in my hair, head thrown back I place my hands on the back of her thighs and lift, her legs going around my hips. Keeping my lips and tongue on her aching peak, I move us to the bed, and drop her down on the bedspread grinning as I watch those bountiful boobies bounce. The startled look on her face when she dropped was absolutely priceless, I couldn’t stop the chuckle from my throat.

Seeing me laugh at her, a spark of temper and fire shoots up into her eyes. In a burst of speed, only available to an irritated redhead, she swivels to her knees, grabs the front of my pants, and with a growl yanks me on top of her. Now outright laughing, she rolls me over, straddles my hips and plants both my hands above my head. As she leans close to kiss me, my mirth settles down, and my concentration shifts to how good she feels on my skin. It takes all my strength to just lay there and let her play. Her lips brush over mine once, twice, and then delving deep to play tag with my tongue. She moves her hands to cup my face, angling the kiss to her liking; getting that perfect angle she then runs her hands down my neck, over my shoulders, down my chest; just enjoying the feel of my skin under her hands. I can feel the heat, the wetness from her core on my lower belly, and in a sudden slip I have her face down on the bed and at my mercy.

With Jaame on her stomach there’s no way for her to see the look of absolute lust on my face, which is probably for the best so as it doesn’t scare her off. Leaning over I take her hands in mine and stretch them over her head, tipping my own to run my lips and tongue over the back of her neck and shoulders. I hear her gasp and arch her butt back into my hips, leaving a gap for my hands to run down into to fondle and caress her sweetness. You don’t have to tell me twice. I keep one of my hands holding her wrists in place above her head, trailing the other over her shoulders, down to her hips, then around the front to find her sweetness at her core.

I slowly slide my middle fingertip across her clit, absorbing the shivers of delight that raced through her body, and growling in her ear at her moan of delight. Fingers sliding further down, catching and soaking in her sweetness, moving back up to rub rhythmically over and over that little bud; arse arching and rubbing back into me. Keeping my fingers in motion, I move my lips over to her ear and give it one long lick, just to feel her squirm.

Delving my tongue deep in her ear canal, I thrust two of my fingers deep inside her pussy. Upon entry, what with all the teasing, I feel her muscles clench on my fingertips, and her juices spray over my hand and forearm. Lucky for her, I wasn’t even remotely done yet. I keep my fingers moving, even spreading them apart inside her as if to say “live long and prosper”. The noises she’s making are so wonderful, telling me to keep going until she can’t take anymore. My mouth moves from her ear, down her neck, to her collar bone as my fingers stroke faster, deeper and harder, making her come again and again.

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