Morning Pleasure

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Once upon a time a man and a woman started writing together their words flowed in unison. Over the months of writing about imaginary people they started to get to know each other. The woman could not believe she held the interest of such a talented writer. Time passed and the characters they once wrote about no longer monopolized the subject of their exchange. The woman tried to make sure he had a sexy gathering of words waiting for him upon his arrival to work everyday. The following is loosely based on one of those attempts to make sure he had a Hard Monday Morning.

Good Morning, I purr in your ear as I begin my slow downward exploration of your sleeping body. Red fingernails gently trace the shape of your nipples as the sun readies to break the sky. It amazes me how with every kiss I give you I find something new and exciting about you to explore.

The way your chest rises and gradually falls with every breath you take; that little smile as you sleep and find yourself in the midst of what must be a very enjoyable experience. From your ear I just whispered in down your chest I find new places on you that respond to my nibbles and licks and kisses. My leg is over your cock and I feel you respond to my affections, even though you are still half-asleep. Fully aware that you would kartal escort be hard with or without my attention in the pre-awake twilight time of the day, I set out to make sure you get the full satisfaction your stiff cock deserves. You are a never-ending source of pleasure for me and I make sure you know this as my lips caress your inner thighs. .My tongue softly swirls across your iron thigh, trying to catch a curly hair to tease and grab between my teeth. A low moan escapes you as my long nails tickle your outer thighs; slowly I am waking you with my fingers, mouth and eager nakedness sliding over your body.

Hot breath escapes me; my mouth is now at the base of your cock. I take your balls one by one and suck them to life, playing with my tongue and alternating sucking hard and soft. Slowly you start to awaken but you are not yet fully aware of my mouth between your legs. Your cock stiffens as I begin to lick your length, my tongue flat and wet as I slowly caress you. When I push against the underside of your ever-hardening cock and let my tongue sway back and forth over your veins, I feel the blood pulsing within you.

Almost awake now, I begin to move with greater passion, insuring when you shake off the night’s sleep and look down your eyes will be full maltepe escort bayan of the same passion and lust as you see in my eyes. You feel the quick darting motions of my tongue at the ridge of your cock head, teasing you relentlessly. My tongue moves faster then slower, pressing hard then slowly licking your full length again. Wet, flat licks across the very tip of your swollen cock head turn into little flickers, fast and eager. I move over you and you feel my lips open as I press against your cock and push you into my hot horny mouth. Your fat purple head is sucked into my mouth as your eyes open and you realize what is happening.

You feel your cock becoming engulfed by the wet warmth of my mouth. I take you deeper with in me, you grow and begin to move in rhythm with my mouth. Slowly I am sucking you, deeper and deeper, I am making love to your sexy cock with my mouth and you are now fully awake and aware of this morning pleasure.

Moaning, your hips move faster and with a growl you order me to ‘show you’. I am lying at a 90-degree angle to you, my best sucking position. You know this is my way of indicating that I want to taste your cum .I want to fuck you with my mouth, to feel your hands grabbing me by the hair, pushing me hard into your thrusting escort pendik cock as my head bobs up and down and I devour you with lust. I want to hear you moan my name when your breath quickens and you are driven closer to the edge.

Knowing what you enjoy I turn slightly and open my legs so that you are staring at my smooth pussy which is now swollen and glistens with my juices. I want to give you a view of the pleasure I get from pleasing you with my mouth. You see the glistening stream of my cum running down my thigh similar to the way syrup spills over a stack of pancakes. You feel my nipples, hard and elongated as I move them over your muscled abdomen. Although it seems impossible, I feel you swell even more and I know the time is near. My body is one with you and I acknowledge your need. I mouth fuck you madly, pushing you deep down my throat, my tongue in constant motion dancing on your beautiful cock. My mouth is your fuck toy and you use me for your pleasure… Hot and wet, my mouth surrounds your ripe cock. Your hands grab my head and hold me down as your legs stiffen.

One final thrust and your cock explodes in my mouth, flooding me with your cum which I drink with enthusiasm. Throbbing, spurting sweet cum blasts down my throat as you fill my mouth. I grab your hand and quickly push it between my legs, holding it there; you feel my cunt spasm and flood your hand as I cum with you, knowing that my pleasure results from your own. Feeling the effect being able to please you has on me you begin to smile and remain hard for more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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