Morning rounds

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Morning rounds
It was the early in the morning, it was hot out, around 80 degrees out and the day was begging with the sun high up. In racheal’s room, she was laying naked directly on top of her boyfriend, Lucas who was laying beneath her. Due to their late night activities they slept with no cloths on. As their mouths and tongue met, trading saliva with each other, as she was sighs in satisfaction, feeling his lips against hers.

She then pulled away to looked at the time, seeing it she realized she has about an hour to shower and get ready to leave and run some errands. “Mm, babe gotta get ready soon I have to-” without saying a word he gently put his hand on her cheek and turn her head facing back down on him, he wrapped his hands around her and pulls her down on him again making her press her lips on him.
“Babe I mmm.. got to.. mmphm.. get.. rea-mmmphh..” she couldn’t finish what she had to say, as her wording kept getting interrupted by his kisses. Her big round tits pressed against his chest as she felt his throbbing cock beneath her.

With all of that she felt herself slipping into submission again like she did last night, as she started to realize he wanted her to focus on him and please him. She moans into his mouth as she knew she couldn’t deny his request and decided to service him as his women.

Soon after she was now fully being obedient and submissive , as she was in a squatting position,she was between lerrance’s legs, stroking his thick, dark meat in her hands, pumping it up and down. She then licked the underside of his shaft and kissed the tip.
She slowly placed her tongue against it as her mouth engulfed the head passed though her soft lips. She placed her hands on both his lap and started illegal bahis to move her head, slowly sucking and rotating her tongue around his cock. Her mind set was simple, all she cared about at the moment was servicing him and tending to his needs.

Moaning as she saver the taste, feeling his thick manhood fill up her mouth. She looks up at him with her crystal blue eyes that you could get lost in, making sure he was enjoying what she was doing. She bobbed her head showing her effort as her tongue worked around his hard member.

Pulling away from her mouth,she begin to stroke it with her hand as it made a lewd wet noise as, in combination of her saliva and his precum, to her making his cock more appealing.

He was standing now, she was still squatting, with a deep raspy morning voice he gave her quick instructions, “hands over her head and keeping using that mouth” she quivered as she did what she was told, placing her hands on her head, as she then placed her tongue on his crown and slid it in her mouth once more.

The world was distant and silence, her mind was hazy as she focused on pleasing the man in front of her, making sure he was satisfied. She stopped thinking and kept her objective clear. “Mmm.. that’s like that.. after this make me something to eat” he said Sara stopped and looked up innocently “yes sir.” She said and went back to working her mouth. Of course when he’s in this state he’ll ask her for anything but he does feel guilty for doing so and Sara know that too, and is the reason why she does what she’s told, because he doesn’t mean in in a objectified way. But she understood her place that was taught by him, and she learned from him that, his pleasure is her pleasure and tipobet she liked it.

He playfully slid his dick out her mouth, her tongue sticking out a little with a little string of saliva connecting to it, signifying she wants more of it still. His wet cock pressed against her breast, rubbing it up and down against it. Sara looked as she thought how hot it was to see a dick rub on her tits, he slowly rubbed in circles around it, leaving a trail of precum on it. He then pressed his cock on her other breast and did the same thing. He moans a little in reaction from doing this, the feeling of his cock rubbing on her bare tits felt good. “Look up at me” he said as she immediately did, her blue eyes staring up at him. “You want this? Cock back in that mouth of yours?” With a low moan she bit her bottom lip on the side nodding “yes.” She said. “Yes what?” In response “yes sir.” She said still looking up at him. “Don’t make that mistake again” he said it in a deep tone of voice. “I’m sorry sir, this
won’t happen again sir.” She said it in a sincere and submissive way. “Good, now go back to work, I’m getting close” he ordered her, still in her squaring position and hands on her hand, obediently she did was she was told, she leaned it and gave his hard wet member a slow kiss against her lips, showing loyalty and her place as his women hoping he will forgive her.

She slides his cock into her mouth once more, moaning, she started sucking and bobbing her head. After awhile her body felt warm, and heated up from her activities, as well due to the fact it was hot this morning she felt sweat on her body, it was beginning to show on her face, down her neck and below, as her body had a glossy shine to it, as tipobet giriş sweat trickle down her breast and down into the floor beneath her.

She didn’t care though she was focused on her task, he moaned signifying he was close. She sucked faster, running her tongue underneath his cock. “Gonna cum..” he moans as he steps back as his cock slid out of her mouth, she tried to savor his taste before all of it was out. She looked up at him seductively, waiting. He moans one more time as jerked off and thick ropes of hot seed shot out and landed on her tits and a bit on her face, he then put his cock her her mouth one more time, letting out last but of his seed in there, as she moans feeling it throb and shooting cum on her tongue. He slowly took it out as she swallowed his offering.

after she kept her position without moving an inch, as she sat down in her bed to bask on the afterglow. “After you make me something to eat, you will come back here and we’ll continue you this, got it?” He said “yes sir.” Obediently she said it. “Good now come kiss me” he ordered her. She crawled towards him between his legs, putting both hands on his both his laps and leans up and kissed him. It was a heart felt kiss between two lovers. Then her kiss slowly turned into a lustful one, her tongue meeting his and moaning into his mouth, she was letting him know she wanted more.

Afterwards She stood up, as he said “I’m still horny, so you have 8 minutes to be back here, cause I want play with you some more this morning.” He said smiling, wanting and willingly keeping her submissive role she put her arms behind her back and and nodded. “Yes sir, I’ll be quick.” Naked as she is she headed out the room towards the kitchen, she purposely walked slowly trying to make him admire her and it worked. She turned around and blew him a kiss and winked and left. He chuckled a bit at that as he thought about how this was really a good morning, for both of them.

-The end

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