Mother and her son

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Chapter 1

When Danny was born, he was told his eyes were wide open. Of course he had no idea where he was, not that he could do anything about it, if he did know. His mother, Norma, was a very spiritual woman and she immediately consulted with her astrologer. Any baby born with his eyes open had to be special. Her astrologer was from India and after rolling his eyes, and muttering something to himself, he told her Danny would either be a great leader, or a saint. That sounded to her like something she read, concerning the life of Gautama Buddha, so she kicked the Hindu out and decided Danny would become a great lover. It was her decision, and she was hell bent on teaching the little tyke how to make a woman happy.

Norma was named after Bellini’s opera Norma, because her mother loved the opera. At an early age Norma’s voice showed promise, it was like the sweetness of a nightingale. She felt she was born to sing opera. They-she and her mother-thought it would be easy to become an operatic soprano. Just learn to speak Italian and eat a lot. Norma’s mother invested a ton of money in singing lessons for Norma. And so Norma was sent to New York City to study. Along with hundreds of hopefuls who also wanted to become singers. She didn’t figure on the girls coming from Europe-Italians, Bulgarians, Russians-all beautiful, busty and showing some promise. And the Japanese ladies had a special charm! There are no records kept to this day indicating how many of those lovelies ended up as porn stars. But as the Bible says, there are many who are called and the way is narrow

It was an auspicious day, when Norma was standing in line at the Radio City Music Hall. It was 5 AM. She was alone and Walter was standing in line behind her. Lines typically go around the block for the early show so Norma babbled about how she was studying voice, and how much she wanted to sing opera, while Walter listened politely, staring at her chest. In his mind he confirmed she looked like a Wagnerian soprano, although she wanted to sing Verdi’s operas. She bobbed a bit, standing there, wiggling her behind for emphasis, and Walter was in love. When a guy says he’s in love, it means his dick is hard.

They had a whirlwind courtship, as it’s called. It meant Norma was pregnant and she had to get married fast or else the family name would take a beating. If she were royalty Norma could go to Paris until the baby was born. But Norma was not royalty, and so her mother made up stories about a premature birth, and the baby would be a go-getter and accomplish great things in life. In the Hindu tradition great beings take their time about a rebirth, and the fact that Danny was early didn’t bode well in Norma’s eyes.

Norma had married Walter when she was 18, and she immediately became pregnant. Walter wasn’t the ideal husband because other than fucking her once a week, he hardly ever spoke to her. Her privates were always wet and throbbing and she masturbated 3 or 4 times a day. She wanted to save herself for Walter but he was out in the garage, absorbed in building model ships.

He was a craftsman, very meticulous, and had the eyesight you needed to thread the rigging on frigates. When she went out in the garage with a sandwich at noon, Walter would mumbled something that sounded like ‘thank you’ but he was always absorbed in his planking or rigging or sanding. He looked down at hobbyists who bought plastic kits. Luckily he had money from his parent’s trust fund, so his garage looked like a machine shop, with drill presses, belt sanders, and instruments surgeons used for heart transplants.

She heard him talking to someone out in the garage. At first she thought it was the TV but he had no TV out there. Was it the radio? No, nothing to disrupt his concentration. Were they astral beings from the spirit world? Could be, but what do spirits know about ship models? As time went on, Walter scared her, and even his weekly fuck session was a drag. He was becoming creepy. One day Walter told her he was going out for cigarettes and never came back. That was years ago, but she never gave up hope. After all, Walter was good to her, and wasn’t an abusive husband. The only problem was, he preferred building ship models to fucking.

Chapter 2

Danny was his mother’s favorite. Her husband came in a distant second. Danny didn’t have a square jaw, and wasn’t muscular. He didn’t look like a movie star, but he was tall, slim and wore clothes well and he wore size 12 shoes. She cooked special dishes for him, she gave him rubdowns, and she tickled his nuts. She loved to tickle his nuts because he got hard and he soon learned to tickle his own nuts. They played hide and seek and she let him hide under her skirts, between her legs, and he could smell her odor, sometimes sweet, sometimes musky. It depended on whether she wore panties, and most times she didn’t. There is something about the smell of your mother’s pussy that you never forget all through your life.

We first meet Danny when he was 22 years old. He’d been to a fancy prep school in Massachusetts, about 20 bahis firmaları miles from Boston, and gave his share of blowjobs to good looking preppies like himself who were so disposed to that lifestyle. When his mother found out Danny was becoming gay, she reacted violently at the thought that Danny would spend precious time sucking some guy’s dick, when she herself had planned on being the main thrust of the investment she made in his schooling.

Now living at home in Wellesley, an upscale town outside of Boston, Danny spent lots of time with his possessive mother. She took him shopping to shops on Newbury Street where lunch at the Ritz Carlton was a bore for Danny. The women who ate there were wealthy and much older than his mother. Norma was 41, and looked 31, her complexion was like porcelain and delicate. Her lips red, always moist, and she always wore silk blouses did much to display the thrust of her magnificent bubbies. Back from shopping, Norma was satisfied that she at last had the whole house to herself, she padded quickly to the bathroom and turned the shower on full blast, then stepped beneath it.

“Mmmm, that’s nice! Oh yes-ahhhh!” Purring with almost kittenish relief under the cold sizzle that splashed across her body, the curvy housewife felt an icy tremor of pleasure course throughout her. She instinctively reached up and cupped her meaty tits, hefting them forward to meet the spray’s sharp sting.

Norma had big, sensitive tits. Her nipples instantly popped erect, their pink textured swirls distending rigidly out from the large creamy globes of jutting flesh that shuddered in her overfilled palms. It was a delicious sensation. Her plump nipples twanged under the cascading water in a burst of response that shot right down into the already-steamy depths of her pussy. It had been such a long time since her bubbies had any attention at all that she couldn’t resist a sudden, wicked temptation.

Still holding her tits outward to capture the full impact of the spray, she impulsively rolled her thumbs across the thick puffy swells of both nipples in an intimate, teasing caress.

“Ahhhh! Oh God!”

She gasped as a sweet pang rippled through the mammoth tits. Her nipples jolted even stiffer, expanding into inch-long spikes of pure sensitivity and aching for more. She flicked the two inflamed buds with increasing urgency, unable to suppress the sparks of hungry need that emanated from her cunt.

“Umm, oh yeah …nice!”

Deftly catching each now-turgid nipple in a firm grasp, she pinched and squeezed them until they twanged. Every tweak sent fresh jolts all the way down into her pussy, melting it in a lather of musky cream that spilled down her inner thighs to mingle with the rivulets of chilly water that rolled over her.

After the past weeks of unfulfilled repression and emptiness, she succumbed to the emotions churning inside her without taking time to think. She slid her free hand down across her broad curving belly, and into the thick auburn patch of fur that covered her cunt.

Her fingers pushed through the rich velvet fuzz of her cunt-bush until they brushed the flared rim of her open, waiting pussy. She sucked in a breath, stifling a little cry of bliss at that first intimate touch. Her cunt was sopping wet. Its pink slick lips pooched wide open, drooling syrupy juices. Her clit puffed out in a stiff enlarged button of awareness as she ran her fingertips across its engorged surface, trembling with uninhibited excitement.

Groaning aloud in a wave of abandon, Norma fingered her stubby clit with an exuberance she hadn’t known since the first days of her marriage. She flicked and rolled the hooded bud until her hips began to arch, and her cupped palm overflowed with blast after blast of oozing pussy juices.

There was no holding back any longer. She could have climaxed then and there, just rubbing the hell out of her hot clit. But now that she’d gotten started, only the full treatment would do. Reacting with all the natural instincts of a woman whose needs had been suppressed far too long already, she eased a finger between the slippery folds of her hair -fringed labia and pushed it knuckle-deep inside her with a single violent thrust.

“Oh my God, that feels so good! Yes, yessss!”

Gyrating her finger around in the slushy chute of her vulva and working it even deeper, she luxuriated in the feel of having her pussy invaded after all these past frustrating weeks.

Of course, it wasn’t quite the real thing. It wasn’t like having Walter’s big hard cock buried inside her. It wasn’t like being stuffed with a throbbing slab of pork. But at the moment the mere sensation of having anything at all shoved up into her pussy was an improvement. And Norma took advantage of that sensation to the hilt as she joined that finger with a second, and then a third.

For a long breathless instant she hovered like that, reeling in the shower and revolving all three fingers in the stretched flesh of her cunt. She worked them in and out with a natural fucking motion, wiggling them around kaçak iddaa in the pried-open lips of her pussy-mouth. At the same time, she smashed the heel of her hand hard against her clit, sending extra spasms of pleasure shooting through her cunt. It all happened quickly, before Norma even had time to admit to herself that it was exactly what she’d intended to do from the first moment she’d slipped out of bed.

“Yes, that’s so good I can’t stand-aaaahhh! Uuuunnnhhh!”

Her vibrant hungry body undulated to meet each stab of her pistoning fingers. Careening beneath the spray with one hand clutching at her slickened tits and the other plunging against her cunt, she felt the first quakes of climax shudder inside her. Unable to hold back a sob of sheer uninhibited ecstasy, she cried aloud. “Going to come! Oh fuck, I’m really going to explode!”

Her voice sounded like she was crying, as she whipped all three fingers up her cunt with brutal force, grinding her clit for all it was worth and spiraling toward an explosion of release that she hadn’t known for weeks.

She was in pussy heaven, totally caught up in the sweet chain of orgasms that were wrenched from her pussy with the first honest pleasure it had known in a long, long time. And that was why she didn’t hear the pad of bare feet approaching from the outer hall.

That was why she didn’t see the bathroom door swing open as a sleepy, bleary-eyed Danny walked in on her in a blinking, yawning daze. That was why she didn’t see him jerk to a halt, his eyes bulging and his jaw dropping.

She applied herself to contouring her figure because she knew what his weakness was. It was right there in his tight faded jeans. And his weakness was spreading out from there to all over his body. When he brought her flowers last week, on her birthday, she thanked him with her kisses. She kissed him on the mouth, on each of his cheeks, she kissed his eyes and his ears and his chin and his throat, She held his face in her eager hands and smacked very warm kisses all over it, while she artfully wiggled her thinly clad tits and her naked flesh against him all she possibly could. She felt giddy and hot when at last she stopped with her kissing, and he looked all flush and feverish, and just about to faint. And there in the front of his pants-she had felt it, and now she saw it-his cock had the thin blue material all tented out. She took the flowers from his hand and sashayed off with them, quite confident that he’d follow.

Norma’s butt cheeks were rollicking and squirming and beckoning, and Danny dazedly followed behind them. Her shorts were so brief he could see quite a lot of her bare ass underneath them, and he wanted to get down on his knees and crawl up real close behind her and see even more. He wanted to stick his nose up between those squirming ass cheeks and breathe very deeply, for there was a sweet, feminine animal scent to her kisses that made him want to smell even more of her. He adjusted his rigidly hard cock in his pants as he followed her into the kitchen, although touching his penis in any way at all had become a very dangerous thing to do.

She turned him to face her. She slung her arms about his neck and she thrust her pelvis against his, her hotly throbbing cunt against the base of his cock, and she said, “You got a nice kiss for each of the flowers, Danny. Now I’m going to give you another kiss for the whole bouquet.” Her lips pursed and parted as they moved toward his wide-eyed, lipstick-smeared face.

Danny saw those fantastic red lips coming, with the pearly white teeth with the flashing pink tongue in between them. He had kissed a few girls, but never a woman, and certainly never a woman as sexy and beautiful as his mother. But he wasn’t kissing her, she was kissing him, and she knew how to kiss, all right.

He felt the kiss right down to his toes, felt her soft, strong arms tighten about his neck, felt her big, soft tits push insistently against his chest, felt her belly against his and her naked thighs warm against his legs. And he felt the firm, very warm bulge of her cunt pushing, pushing up at the base of his cock, and now as he felt her slithery warm tongue snake into his mouth, Danny’s cock gave a surge and started squirting inside his shorts.


Danny tried to wrench away from the clinging embrace of his mother. He knew people could die of embarrassment, and just then he wished that he would. Another great surge of hot jizz rushed forcefully up from his balls, through his cock and onto his belly, and suddenly Danny had to cling to his mother for support.

He writhed up against her, shivering and shaking, digging his fingers deeply into her back. Sandwiched very closely between them, his cock gushed again, causing Danny to lose his head and reach down and grab his mother by the ass.

Norma knew very well he was coming, and she felt like she was coming, too. She felt far more than she had with the stupid dildo she hid in her night stand, and this embrace was but the first of many more to come. She crushed him closer, kaçak bahis stabbed him deeper with her tongue, and she thrust her cunt very hard against his jerking, throbbing, spurting cock and ground more of his jizz up out of him.

Her nipples burned hard against Danny’s chest. Her thrusting cunt made each heavy ejaculation painfully sweet. The balls of his fingers clawed their way up her sinuously writhing back and down to her firmly tensed asscheeks again, and still Danny kept on creaming. He thrust back at her soft belly with his straining, squirting cock, and now he stabbed his tongue in her mouth to taste more of that funky sweet flavor that was helping so much in driving him out of his mind.

The insertion of Danny’s stiff tongue in her mouth sent Norma on to new ecstasies. It was stiff and immobile there, but she could feel it clear down in her cunt, right on the verge of overflowing with slippery wetness, and throbbing with life and vitality. She closed her lips on it and sucked. She sucked very gently, sliding her slick, pursed lips back and forth on it while she rubbed her belly against his fine, hard cock as its convulsive jerking’s and spurting’s slowed down to a tolerable level.

Chapter 3

Danny didn’t care about model ship building. He spent most of his time at church, helping the pastor with odds and ends, helping organize announcements. There was always someone having a baby, getting married, or muttering to himself, being released from prison. This wasn’t funny, guys trying to find a job, getting their lives back together. This never would be announced to the good people at church who try to avoid unpleasantness, who were too busy screwing each others’ wives. Even the pastor grabbed what he could from the offerings and the missionaries be damned.

Being at church allowed him the opportunity to cozy up to the more mature women who were married and which women-by what they said to each other-weren’t getting much action at home. Norma was sure to remind Danny that time would bring Walter back, that she never lost faith in him, and she could never imagine Walter in the arms of another woman. He admired his mother for saying nice things about his father, although she didn’t want to spoil the illusion by calling Walter a sonofabitch for leaving her.

Their relationship had matured past the puppy dog phase where he worshipped her titties and now he found himself with his nose in her ass cheeks.

“Hey, Mom… turn over. I want to fuck you again!” He had so much enthusiasm!

“Again, and again! I still need more! I hope I’m not spoiling your afternoon. Do you have anything planned?”

“Yeah, but first I want to suck your beautiful boobs. God, how I love your big luscious titties!”

Norma-the diva-shivered, sprawled on her fleshy posterior, back in her son’s queen size bed. She had her legs spread open, because liked her hairy groin, and it kept him hard. Danny bent over her, giving her some breast worship, teasing her thick dark nipples.

“Aaahhh,” she sighed, loving the pulse of lewd pleasure that made her temples throb and her pussy simmer.

“Your tits must be 40’s at least,” Danny said, leering brightly as his handsome face moved from one to the other.

“Yes, and I need a special bra to hold them” Norma said proudly, her voice sounding excited when she felt the pull of her son’s sucking lips.

Danny, these days, was keeping his hair short. It made him look military, as if he had served his country, but he didn’t have the innate toughness required for military life. He saw himself as a lover, good in bed and mostly useless mechanically. He’d been pampered and selfish, taking advantage of his mother’s vulnerability. When a woman is driven to satisfy her needs, she becomes demanding and irritable. It made Danny feel like a hot-shot, using his cock as a bargaining chip.

Norma shivered and moaned, losing herself in the rapture of incestuous sex once again. He was a tireless lover with a magnificent nine-inch prick she adored.

“Danny?” she asked softly as he sucked and slurped at her fleshy tit.

“I love your cock … I love to feel it getting hard in my hand.”

“Yeah, but go easy. I want to fuck you long and hard this time. Don’t get my prick too twitchy with your fingers …”

“I won’t. I want it in inside me for a long time too. Take it slow, and let me move around it just a bit …”

Norma stroked his cock fondly but gently, thinking back to the first time she touched his prick a few weeks ago. The bathroom door was ajar, so Norma had walked in without thinking to knock. Danny was standing over the sink, jacking off-a spur of the moment thing. He’d gone in just to wash his hands, but while they were slick with soap he got a big throbbing boner as he did eight or ten times a day.

Norma was at first shocked by what she saw, then dazzled by the size of Danny’s member. It was a good two inches longer than her husband’s, and a lot thicker. She asked nicely: “Do you want me to do that?” And Danny had agreed reluctantly, too stunned to object, and shamefaced to think of words to refuse. Norma soaped her hands and jacked his cock expertly, teasing his enormous limb with wavering finger-strokes while fondling his huge balls with the other hand.

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