Mother Became Wife For Son

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Mother Became Wife For Son
I am Vasu age 28. I lives in southern part of India. There are four members in my family my dad raman age 53 and my mother Janu age 50. And my brother sham age 25.

At this age I am still unmarried. Several times my parents fixed my marriage. But it all got cancelled because of my brother. Five years ago he committed a crime. He tried to kill our uncle but he failed. But the court punished him. Everybody says that he had a physical relation with my aunt.

After he got out of jail he became a outlaw .I tried to change him but I failed. Our village folks feared him that is why nobody willing to give me a girl. My brother is not living with us. But the bad name he made still living with us.

When lot of marriage proposal got cancelled I decide not to marry. What to do I have physical need. Porn videos and magazine didn’t help me. I wanted the real thing.

One day I watched the porn movie series named ‘ taboo ‘ that was all about mother and son i****t. That porn movie changed my view to my mother. I started to lust my mother she is not that kind of beautiful she is mixed colour and bit fat .Soon she became my jerk off fantasy .

Days passed weeks passed months passed. My lust increased bahis siteleri I know I have to fuck her anyway. I tried my best to seduce her then I made a plan. My family owns a shop. Me and my dad managing it. Me or dad one of us must be in the shop. One day I went to home to pick up some item to the shop.

While passing I saw my mother washing the dress. I can see her boobs. That day my desire became unbearable. That day night when my father was out. I called my mother. She came from the kitchen. I made her sit and talked her about my sex problems.

Mother said please wait son you will get a girl. I asked her what if I don’t ?

She became silent. Then I presented my real problem.

Mother only you can help me now. Please help me.

Mother : how can I help you son

Me: you can fulfill my desire .

After hearing this she became very angry. She started to shout ‘ how dare you to ask me like that I am your mother don’ t forget that.

Her reaction made me angry too

Me : I don’t need a mother like you. You don’t understand my feeling. I never touched a women in my life. All because of your son that outlaw. He spoiled my life. Its over. I am done .

After saying this I went to my room.

When my dad came bahis şirketleri to home my mother told him everything. He knock my door. I became very scared when I open the door I expected a slap. But nothing happened he smiled at me .Then called me to have food .

While having food dad said ‘ son sooner or later you will get a girl. Don’t worry about that .

I just nodded my head ..

Dad started to speak again ‘ your mother told me something is that true ‘

Me : sorry dad I lost my control. It never happen again

Dad : son I am a man. I can understand your feeling. It may take years to find you a girl. My other sons bad name rise day by day. I can understand you can’t wait that long. I can say your choice is good. If you can keep it as a secret then you can have your mother.

Dads word put a bomb in my heart. I looked at mother. Mother looked at me .

Mother started to shout ‘ what the hell are you talking. You lost your mind. How can I sleep with my son ?

Dad : please understand dear. Our son is a good man. He didn’t go to a brothel. He came to you .We only got each other. Please help your son

Mother : but it is sin

Dad: you know what in ancient times .It was not a sin .It became sin after canlı bahis 17th century .

Mother : please I can’t do it .

She then went to her room. Dad followed her .

I got very disappointed. I went to my room. My all fantasy vanished.

Soon I heard a knock on my door. When I open the door I saw my mother. I got a instant hard on. She slowly came inside. I saw my dad sitting in the dining table. I asked him how she agreed .

He said ‘ son after a lot of fight I offered her some gold ornaments ” don’t waste your time go and fuck your girl ‘

After saying good night to dad. I came to the room she was sitting on the bed. I was in a very hurry. I throw my lungi (a type of cloth we wear in home ) to the floor. My 6,5 inch erect dick got its full power my mother looked at it she then looked at me.

I asked her to suck my cock. I expected a refusal to my surprise she did as I told. She started to suck my cock .

That moment I decide she is my girl. I said’ mother I will buy you more gold ornaments. Please be my wife.

She stopped sucking my cock and said : I am your mother. You fucking your mother. Remember that.

Then I started to hug her. A 100 times I kissed her I really enjoyed her boobs. When we start fucking. I started to shout her in loud. You bitch you will become my wife. You will bear my c***dren. Aaahh.. That fucking got wild. My bed started to make sound. I fucked her about 30 min. When its over she started to weep. I kissed her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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