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(Author’s Note: After writing the first Mountain Magic, I received several requests to write more about Jesse and Cat. I decided to continue thier story, as there was a lot of unfinished business to see to. For those of you who have read my other stories, you know they are actually small novellas – don’t expect a quick sex scene. But the sex, when you do get to it is HOT HOT HOT!! Enjoy!)


Cat applied the final touches to her makeup, then stepped back and looked critically at herself in the mirror. Her small curvy body was tightly encased in a midnight blue velvet sheath, the deep blue of the dress catching the color of her eyes. A pair of strappy silver heels added a few inches to her short 5’5″. Her dark hair, usually worn straight and unadorned, was swept up in an elegant yet tousled way, exposing her neck and showing off the diamond choker she had placed there. Cat dabbed a bit of her favorite perfume just above the necklace.

Not too shabby, Cat thought, giving herself one last glance. She flipped off the light in the room and headed into the living room of the apartment where Jesse was waiting. As Cat entered the room, she stood still for a moment, giving Jesse time to look and evaluate Cat’s appearance.

Judging by the dropped jaw and stunned disbelief on Jesse’s face, Cat figured that she had done a pretty good job with herself.

“Damn Cat! You are gorgeous!” Jesse said, a light of appreciation in her green eyes.

Cat smiled, turning a little circle as Jesse strode across the room. “What, this old thing??” She leered provocatively at the tall redhead in front of her.

“Witch”, Jesse growled, grabbing Cat up in a firm embrace. Cat looked up into Jesse’s green eyes, and recognizing the desire in them, firmly pushed her hands against Jesse’s chest.

“Oh no, you don’t”, Cat demanded. “I didn’t just spend an hour making myself beautiful for you to dishevel me in 30 seconds. You can wait until later for your naughty thoughts!”

Jesse made a cute little pouty face. “Awww….c’mon Cat. You’re too delicious not to eat up right now! How can you set a 9 nine-course gourmet feast in front of a starving woman, and then tell her she can’t even have a nibble?”

Cat laughed. “Oh you poor starving baby!! As if you didn’t gorge yourself silly just last night on my ‘feast'”

Jess groaned. “Baby, that was eons ago…” She dipped her head to nibble softly on the side of Cat’s neck.

“It was less than 24 hours ago, you pig!” Cat said with a laugh, tilting her head to give Jesse better access.

“Mmm-hmm…just like I said. A lifetime ago”. Jesse was now cruising her lips along Cat’s collarbone. Cat knew this had to stop now if they were going to get out of the house anytime in the next 2 hours.

“No! We’ll be late for the opening. Besides, you know anticipation just makes it better.” Cat gave Jesse one of her wicked smiles, stepping back to give Jesse an once-over. “You look pretty appetizing yourself, Miss Cunningham”.

Jesse stepped back a few feet, holding up her arms to give Cat the full picture. “Oh yeah?” she asked. “I was going for elegant Ellen DeGeneres. How did I do?”

“Wonderfully”, Cat replied truthfully. Jesse had on a light gray pantsuit made of some material that hung just right on her tall lanky athletic frame. With black men’s dress shoes, and minimal jewelry, Cat thought Jesse looked like the most feminine butch possible. Cat rocked up to her toes to give Jesse a light small kiss, careful not to let her dark lipstick rub off onto Jesse’s lips. “I love you so much”, Cat whispered.

“I love you too, beautiful. Now hurry up, we’re going to be late!!” Jess ordered.

Cat laughed as Jesse unceremoniously dragged her towards the door. “Now who’s worried about being on time? A minute ago, you were all ready to be fashionably late!”

Jesse grinned. “The sooner we get there and put in an appearance, the sooner I get you back home and all to myself”.

“Ah-HA! I just knew there was sex behind your motivation!” Cat replied.

“You’re damn right there is” Jesse replied as they walked down to the car. “You would think in the last year that I would have had enough of you…but I guess not.”

“A year already?” Cat questioned, thinking back. “Gosh, I guess you’re right. Damn, wasn’t it just last week that we got back from your cabin?”

“I know”, Jesse replied. “Mountain Magic seems like yesterday. But it has been almost a year now. And you have a brand new show opening in my gallery, consisting of wonderful mountain snowscapes, just as you said you would”. Jesse smiled down at Cat and the redhead helped her into the car, a tender look of love on her face. “You saved me Cat, in more ways than one.” Jesse placed a warm kiss on Cat’s cheek before closing the door and walking around the car to the driver’s side.

Cat smiled back, and as Jesse confidently navigated the traffic across the city, Cat sat back in the seat and reminisced, her hand idly drawing random patterns on Jesse’s bahis firmaları thigh. Her mind turned to the cabin named Mountain Magic, and a night with a blizzard unlike any she’d ever seen…

Jesse owned the cabin, but Cat had leased it out for a week through a cabin rental company. There had been a reservations mix-up, and Jesse had arrived at the cabin in the middle of the night, on foot, as the snow and ice had prevented her from driving all the way up the mountain. Cat had mistaken Jess for an intruder, and had damn near shot her. In time, they figured out the mistake, but by morning they were snowed in. For 5 days they stayed in the cabin. Starting out as strangers, they had quickly become friends, and then lovers.

Cat had gone to the cabin for introspection, trying to come to terms with her pride and self-esteem following a disastrous marriage to a cold, unfeeling man. Jess had come to the cabin to get away from the problems plaguing her and the gallery, problems that had all been propagated by an ex-girlfriend, Kate. These same problems were threatening to send Jess’s gallery in bankruptcy, and ruin her dreams. Cat, being a famous artist of not a little talent, had seen the serendipity of their situation, and had promised Jesse that she would show her artwork at the gallery to help Jesse out. And during that week together, Jesse had shown Cat how beautiful and wonderful love could be between two women, even though Cat had never been intimate with a woman before.

Now a year later, they were more in love than ever, and Jess’s gallery was once again strong on its feet. For Jesse, finding Cat was like a publisher stumbling across James Patterson in need of a new representative. Exclusive rights to one of the best artists of the current decade had some major perks. While the gallery had been showing a backlog of Cat’s work, Cat had been working on some new paintings this last year. Cat now had an entire series of mountain landscapes, most of them showing ethereal snowy scenes. Tonight was the opening of the series Cat had named, appropriately, ‘Mountain Magic”.

As the two women arrived at the gallery, it was obvious that the opening was to be a large society event. There was even a respectable crowd of reporters and paparazzi on hand to ask questions and snap photos of the social elite that descended from on high to attend the opening. Jess handed the keys to the valet, and flashed Cat an encouraging smile.

“Ready to brave the masses, my love?” Jess asked in Cat’s ear.

Cat sighed, and gave Jess a thumbs-up. When you were an artist known all over the country, an opening of this magnitude attracted a lot of attention. Attention that Cat was not very comfortable with. But the publicity would only help Jesse, so Cat resigned herself to the interviews, and posed with Jesse in front of the gallery for the photogs.

Eventually, the two women were allowed to enter the gallery proper, where Cat’s paintings were placed around the rooms, each canvas spotlighted dramatically. The rest of the lights were dimmed, giving the entire area a soft, intimate feeling. That feeling was echoed in each one of Cat’s paintings. Though the paintings were mostly of outdoor mountain scenes and rustic log cabins, Cat had managed to capture some elusive quality in the snow-covered peaks and ice-frosted trees. The pictures were graceful and intimate, almost as if the viewer was intruding upon someone’s private fantasy world. They were exactly how Cat had meant for them to be. She had worked tirelessly to depict the emotion and joy she had discovered in the mountains last year.

The largest and by far most popular exhibit was a large life-sized canvas near the front of the building. The painting showed the ubiquitous mountains in the background, glowing with the light of sunset blazing on the peaks. The fading light of the sun in its last moment of glory had turned the snow white mountain top into a firestorm of colors. Cat had used colors so bright, yet full of light; it seemed as though an actual spotlight gleamed out of the canvas.

However this painting had a figure in the foreground, the actual focus of the viewer; a woman in a dark jacket standing near a single tree. The figure’s face was in profile, but the slash of burnt copper and a hint of emerald green around the face would tip off any of those who knew her that the figure was Jesse. Jesse had her face tilted up at the orange and gold mountains, and Cat had managed to somehow convey the wonder and majesty of the scene depicted in Jesse’s face. In the corner of the large frame, just below Cat’s swooping signature was a small placard that read “Not For Sale”. Cat was keeping this one painting, the only one she had done with a person. For obvious reasons, this particular canvas was close to Cat’s heart.

During the party, Jesse had to leave Cat’s side, as Jesse and her assistant Heather had to play host to hundreds of guests. Cat mingled with the crowd, the people around her changing constantly. As the darling of the evening, Cat was in high kaçak iddaa demand, and it seemed as though every person present wanted a moment of her time. As Cat chatted with everybody, her eyes were intermittently searching for Jesse.

Invariably, when Cat found Jesse, the redhead’s soft green eyes were on her. Every time their eyes met, Jesse sent Cat a look of such smoldering desire that Cat was surprised she didn’t spontaneously combust. Jesse’s eyes held a promise of good things to come, and Cat was anxious for the evening to end so she could collect on those promises. The heat and desire continued to pool in Cat’s belly, and her needs only mounted higher every time Jesse shot her another dark look.

At one point, when their eyes met, the gaze Jesse sent to Cat was full of so much heat that Cat’s breath caught in her throat, and she licked her lips nervously. Surely the people around them would notice this seduction, right? As Cat’s tongue played with her lips, Jesse suddenly excused herself from the group she was talking to and made her way across the room towards Cat, looking for all the world like a hunter stalking prey.

Jesse walked up and stood behind Cat, placing her hands on Cat’s shoulders. Cat went very still, sure that any movement on her part would develop quickly into a wanton flinging of her body against Jesse’s, shocking all the society dames around them.

Leaning over to whisper roughly in Cat’s ear, Jess said “Right now, my office. I can’t wait any longer.” Then, incredibly, Jesse’s tongue flicked out and momentarily touched on the delicate shell of Cat’s earlobe. Cat shuddered, feeling that light flick throughout her body, and desperately wanting that quick clever tongue on much more intimate parts than just her ear. The quicksilver shiver raced down her spine, around her ribcage and through her breasts, resulting in a tightening and tingling sensation in her breasts. She watched as Jesse walked away, making her way deftly through the crowd towards the rear of the building where her office was located.

Cat tried in vain to clue back into the conversation around her. She had a distinct feeling that she was supposed to be answering her companion’s question, but she had no idea what the question was. Cat blinked at the older matronly woman in front of her. “Excuse me?” she asked politely.

” I asked”, the woman said with patience “where you got your inspiration for this series. I had thought you were a city scene, abstract type of artist. What possessed you to do landscapes all of a sudden?”

“Oh that”, Cat answered. This question was par for the course tonight, her work currently hanging on the walls being an abrupt departure from her norm. “I took a trip into the mountains last year, and was struck by the grace and beauty of them. They are timeless and eternal, having been here since before man, and will be here long after we’re gone. I found a sense of peace and tranquility while I was there – I felt the need to transcribe that onto the canvas”. This was Cat’s standard answer, in fact the same one she had given to the Art Review critic earlier that night. Granted, Cat was borrowing heavily from Jesse’s own comments about her beloved mountains, but Cat knew Jesse didn’t mind. Cat gave this standard answer with only half her mind, the other half of her mind and all of her blue eyes following Jesse across the room.

“How interesting” was the reply from her companion. The tone of the other woman’s voice let Cat know that she wasn’t fooling anybody. Cat smiled apologetically. The older woman gave Cat a knowing grin, winking one eye. “I do believe I’ll have another glass of wine. Can I get you something dearie?”

“Oh, no thank you”, Cat replied, relieved the woman was giving her a polite way to excuse herself from the crowd around her. She flashed the dame a grateful smile. “I was just about to excuse myself, as I see someone over there I should speak to”. Cat waved her hand vaguely towards the rear of the building. “But it was nice talking to you”.

“Yes, dear, wonderful to meet you as well”, the woman said as she toddled off towards the bar.

Cat took a deep breath, nodded to the others in her group, and pivoting on one stiletto heel walked towards Jesse’s office. Truth be told, she didn’t think she could wait until later tonight either. These openings were always such long drawn out affairs, and this one was sure to be no different. Hell, she would be probably be so exhausted by the time she got home that her and Jess wouldn’t have the energy for sex. So a quick, hot interlude in Jesse’s private office seemed like a great idea. And with the party in full swing on the other side of the door, a little bit of out-of-the-ordinary excitement would be added to their love play. Cat toyed with a smile as she wound her way through the crowd, nearing the closed door to Jesse’s office.

Cat slowed down as she caught a snippet of something coming from the other side of the door. Another woman’s voice, not Jesse’s, was muttering something that Cat couldn’t quite catch. kaçak bahis Hating to eavesdrop, but not wanting to burst in on something important, Cat leaned her head a bit closer to listen.

“….and though I appreciate it, as you can see I’m rather busy tonight. Perhaps we can discuss this another time.” Cat heard Jesse’s smooth voice say.

Cat heard the other woman say something in reply, but again couldn’t catch it. Picturing the inside of Jesse’s office, Cat realized the other person was probably standing on this side of Jesse’s desk, facing away from the door, while Jesse was facing the door. Cat turned her attention again to the voices coming from within. As soon as she determined whether or not she could go in, Cat would either open the door or walk away.

“…joking, right?” Jesse said. “I thought we’d been through this a long time ago. The answer is no, hell no”. Jesse’s voice had taken on a strident tone, alerting Cat to the fact that Jesse was getting seriously pissed off. Cat got worried, and chewed her lower lip nervously. Who would Jesse be talking to like that?

The other woman said something else that Cat couldn’t make out, but the tone of the mystery woman’s voice was soft and seductive. Cat’s eyes widened. Who the hell was in there?

Abruptly, there was a quiet small thumping sound, then silence on the other side. Cat listened harder, and heard Jesse’s voice again, but now couldn’t make out what she was saying either.

That’s it, Cat thought to herself. Whatever is going on in there, it is certainly not business. Cat turned the doorknob and stepped into Jesse’s office.

Only to see Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Kate draped over Jesse’s lap with her lacquered red lips planted firmly against Jesse’s. Cat’s breath huffed out of her lungs forcefully.

Jesse ripped her mouth away from Kate’s. “Cat!” Jesse said. “Wait, it isn’t’…don’t…” A look of horror crossed Jesse’s face as she tried unsuccessfully to untangle herself from Kate’s arms. “Kate, get the FUCK off me!” Jesse yelled into the blonde woman’s face. Kate was still, neither removing her arms from around Jesse nor getting up off of Jesse’s lap.

Kate’s sharp face held a look of triumph. “Uh-oh” she said in a syrupy sweet voice, batting her eyes at Cat. “Isn’t that your new little hottie??” Kate asked Jesse, clinging to the redhead’s suit coat. The blonde turned to face Jesse again. “I think you’ve been busted, honey”.

Jesse stood up, dumping Kate unceremoniously onto the floor. Kate went sprawling across the carpet, and a very unattractive screech issued from her mouth. Sparing not a look for the outraged blonde at her feet, Jesse stepped over to Cat. “Cat, please, you have to believe me…she just jumped on me”. Jesse looked into Cat’s eyes, willing her to believe.

Cat thought quickly through what she had been able to make out of the muffled conversation. It certainly had sounded as though Jesse had been trying to put Kate out. And Cat was secure in Jesse’s love, and trusted her completely. And after everything that Kate had done to Jesse, Cat was absolutely positive Jesse would never touch Kate again.

“Of course I believe you, Jess. I trust you no matter what”. Cat smiled gently at Jess, touching the woman’s arm to reassure her. “That bitch, however is another story”. Cat tilted her head towards the other side of the room, her face taking on a look of anger and icy determination.

Cat stepped around Jesse to face Kate, who had in the interim picked herself up off the floor and was brushing her hands down her black skirt. Kate glanced up, and must have recognized the look on Cat’s face. Kate’s gray eyes darted back and forth between Cat and Jesse, obviously trying to calculate her way out of this mess. “Uh, hi…you must be…Cat, right?” Kate stammered. She held out her hand towards Cat. “I’m Kate…Jesse and I were…catching up.”

Cat looked at Kate’s hand like it was a poisonous snake. Her blue eyes flashed up to Kate’s face as a sneer twisted on her mouth. “Don’t try that shit with me. What are you doing here anyways? I don’t remember inviting you.” Kate just glared back at Cat unresponsively, a mulish set to her jaw.

“I’ve heard all about you and your little games” Cat continued. “I have a pretty good idea just WHAT you thought you were doing with Jesse. A word of advice…”Cat continued, taking a step closer to the blonde bitch in front of her. Cat’s voice was low, raspy, and very threatening. Cat could hear herself, but had no idea how she was making herself sound so…badass. Kate stepped back nervously, bumping into the wall. “Stay away from Jesse. Stay away from me. Stay away from this gallery. You’ve done enough damage, and I for one would be more than happy to see you rot in hell. And you’d better believe I will send you there myself if I EVER catch you trying to fuck with us again.”

Kate glared at Cat with a look of pure hatred. Her gray eyes flicked over to Jesse, finding the redhead looking at Cat with amazement. Figuring the little brunette in front of her to be the greater threat, her eyes came back to Cat, sparking with distaste. “I don’t know who you think you are little missy…” Kate began, her voice dripping with a haughtiness that spiked Cat’s blood pressure through the roof.

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