Mountain Vacation with Master Ch. 05

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We lay there in bed for a bit but finally we get up and we go outside. I start to shiver naked in the cold, but we had turned the outside hot tub on when we got back from town and it was nice and warm when we stepped into it.

I sit in your lap, my arms around your neck and we talk, about the books we are reading, how your football team is doing, and just odd bits of this and that. Of course we are kissing, and of course you are teasing my nipples. Sometimes I just curl up into your chest, and sometimes I am sitting upright in your lap.

After a while I decide to be a bit mischievous, and I look at you and slip down between your knees. The water comes to just above my collarbone kneeling in the water, my hands rest on top of your thighs. You look down at me, I grin, take a deep breath, and pop my head underwater. I find your cock and take it in my mouth. When I need to I come back up for air, the water sluicing down my hair, over my face, and down my chest, you bunch my hair up and again I take a deep breath and go back under water, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth, savoring it, staying as long as possible.

At one point I stay under so long you pull me back up by my hair and I come up whining, needing your cock. It is getting hard now and you pull me back up into your lap, sitting me down on your cock, and I gasp as I feel it filling me up again, much deeper than anyone ever has before.

You tell me to put my hands behind my head and I do, pushing my breasts out closer to your face. Of course you do not hesitate at all and bend down sucking on my nipples, one hand behind me, pressing me closer as I try to ride your cock, escort kartal going up and down as I feel your mouth on my nipples.

I slowly ride your cock, feeling the warmth of the water and your body, the cold of the night air on my back. A few times you pull me down and kiss me, your mouth plundering mine, forcing your tongue into my mouth, fucking my mouth with your tongue. My nipples are so sore that they are constantly hard now, like pebbles rubbing on your chest, anything stimulates them now.

I cum with your cock inside my pussy, and I cry out as your mouth sucks hard at my nipples. When I come down from my orgasm you tell me what a good girl I am as I curl up in your arms, wriggling to feel your cock still in my pussy. You do not want to cum yet though and I have to wait. *sigh*

You get out of the hot tub first, and you dry off a bit before heading back inside, but before you do I splash you a bit, laughing. You reach out to grab me and I squeal as you pull me from the tub, turn me around and give me a smack on my ass, laughing the whole time. I giggle as i rub it up against you, but soon the cold drives us back inside.

We both wrap up and snuggle under a blanket in the living room on the sofa, me leaning up against your side, your arms around me, playing with my body. I am languid after the (many!) orgasms I’ve had throughout the day, eagerly submitting to the pleasure of your hands.

You lean down and possess my mouth, eagerly given, the fireplace lit and giving out warmth. Soon you cannot contain yourself and you press my on my back into the sofa, one leg on the floor, the other over your shoulder, and maltepe escort you pump your hard cock deep inside my warm wet pussy.

I rest my hands up by my head and lovingly watch you as you take your pleasure from my body. No asking if I was ready, not even telling me what you want, just doing whatever you want to me. Soon though I am trying to lift up to you, gasping as I feel your cock inside me, moaning out your name as you take your pleasure. You are soon cumming inside me, filling me up with your seed.

You smile down at me and I smile back, sitting back up you pull me into your lap, holding me so very close, running your fingers through my drying hair. You turn on the TV and we watch a news channel for a few moments. We both are drowsy though, so as soon as the fire is down we go take a fun shower, and crawl into bed, my back against your front, your hands and arms encircling me, one hand on my hip the other cradling my head, and we fall asleep.

We were both so very tired we slept straight through till morning. As soon as I woke up, I wiggled my way down the covers and started worshiping your cock, nibbling it, licking, sucking, it feels so good! You slowly wake up and slowly get hard in my mouth. Soon I am bobbing up and down, loving the feel of you in my mouth. I take my time until you just grab my head and hold me and cum inside my mouth. I gladly swallow every single drop.

You pull me up for a kiss and then bring out the rope and tie my hands to the headboard. You leave me like that while you use the restroom, then when you get back you pounce on me and I squeal.

You pick up a vibrating toy and pendik escort bayan after turning it on you start running it over me, on my breasts, down my stomach, passing my pussy, down one leg, slowly back up the other, then plunging it inside me so quickly I barely have time register it! Then you ever so slowly insert it in, then out, watching my expression, my body trying to make it go faster, whimpering in need.

After a few moments my juices are covering the toy and you bring it up to my lips. I open my mouth and first you smear my lips with my own juices before inserting the toy inside my mouth, pumping it a few times, before you return it back to my soaking wet pussy. You grab my hips with one arm and start pounding my pussy with the toy.

I start begging, ‘Please Master, please! Oh please let me cum!’

‘Cum for me my pet!’ You demand. I come so hard I almost scream, but you don’t stop! You force me to have another orgasm, my body trying to bow underneath your arm that is holding me down, trying to close my legs but is no match for your hand forcing the toy in and out, over and over again.

And another one! ‘Please! Please Master! No more!’ I beg.

Finally, you slowly bring me down, tears running down my face, the bed sheets soaked from my juices. With my hands still bound you pull me into an embrace, cooing and telling me what a good girl, what a good little pet I was for you.

Sniffling, but glowing from the orgasms (which i loved!,) I cuddle into your embrace, you tilt my head up and give me several kisses. After cuddling in bed for an hour you untie me and tell me to pack everything up as we need to be on the road soon.

Still a little shaky I put everything back into the suitcases and you put the suitcases into the car. As we are driving off I look back and a small smile comes to my face knowing I will never ever forget such a wonderful weekend with my Master.

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