Mr. Big and the Secretary

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Mr. Big is particular when it comes to his secretaries. Long dark hair, big breasts, and dressed in shorts skirts and tight low cut blouses. He has always had a fantasy about his secretary, Betsie. She was tall, lean, and busty. She always dressed to kill.

Betsie has a secret, she is fascinated by her boss Mr. Big. She has day dreamed about being with Mr. Big several times. Mr. Big seemed to really enjoy the way she dresses. He was caught several times peering down her blouse.

“Betsie, I need a letter typed up. Can you come in here so I can tell you what it needs to say?” Mr. Big asked her.

“Yes, Mr. Big.” Betsie responded. She entered his office and walked over to his desk with her notepad. He has dropped a pen under his desk for Betsie to pick up. She bends over and slightly under the desk to pick up the pen and reveals her ass and pink lips.

Mr. Big reaches out and grabs her ass and almost lifts her off the ground. “Oh, Mr. Big!” Betsie exclaimed trying to steady herself. Mr. Big stands up and his pants are unzipped and his cock is already out. Betsie gets on her knees and puts her hands around his hard shaft. She ataşehir escort gently bit the tip and slowly moved her mouth and tongue up and down his cock. “Oh yes!” Mr Big exclaimed while gripping the edge of his desk.

Mr. Big has Betsie sit on the edge of his desk with her legs spread wide. He sets her legs on his shoulders and starts kissing the inside of both legs all the way down her thighs to her now wet sweet spot. “Oh, Mr. Big, please fuck me!” Betsie exclaims.

After bringing Betsie to a climax they move to the sofa. Mr. Big bends her over the couch with her ass in the air, legs spread slightly apart. Mr. Big enters her slowly and gradually increases his thrusts. The only sounds in the office are soft moans and slapping skin.

Mr. Big lays down on the couch and has Betsie straddle him. She starts rocking back and forth very slowly. Betsie picks up speed while Mr. Big plays with her breasts. He pinches, licks and sucks on her hard nipples.

Mr. Big has Betsie lean over his desk. Her heart shaped ass up and her dripping wet pussy in view. Mr. Big enters anally. He starts off slow and gradually picks kadıköy escort bayan up speed.”Where do you want my cum?” Mr. Big asks her.

“I want to suck you dry, Mr. Big.” Betsie replied. Mr. Big pulled out and had Betsie get back on her knees. Betsie hungrily takes his cock into her mouth and sucks it up and down. She is rubbing her swollen clit while sucking Mr. Big. “Oh yes, here it comes!” Mr. Big exclaims as he cums in Betsie’s mouth. She clamped down and swallowed every last drop Mr. Big shot into her mouth.

After getting cleaned up and fixed up Betsie returns to her desk and Mr. Big goes to lunch. After an hour Mr. Big come back from lunch and goes into his office for a couple of internet meetings with clients in Japan.

“Betsie, I need appointments put into the system. Please come get my notes.” Mr. Big paged her.

“Yes, Mr. Big. Right away.” Betsie responded getting up from her desk.

Mr. Big was sitting on the couch with his pants down. He was slowly jacking off. “Betsie, come here and get on your knees.” Mr. Big instructed her.

Betsie did as she was told. Mr. Big guided her escort maltepe head down over his cock and slowly moved her head up and down. He grabbed her hair and started ramming her head all the way down till she was balls deep. Betsie starts gagging but keeps going. Mr. Big won’t let up. Finally feeling his climax he slams Betsie’s head over him and cums down her throat.

Releasing his grip on her head, Betsie sits up and her mouth is dripping with Mr. Big’s cum. Applause is heard from the TV above the fireplace behind her. Mr. Big immediately turned the screen on to find a room of Japanese had gotten a show. He had forgot to turn off the camera after his meeting. Mr. Big began apologizing to the Japanese. He spoke for several minutes.

Betsie had gotten up and went to his bathroom to get cleaned up. She was breathing heavily and her hair was a mess. When she came out of the bathroom Mr. Big was bowing and saying goodbye. This time he shut off everything.

“That could have went very differently.” Mr. Big said with a chuckle. Betsie didn’t look amused.

“It was quite embarrassing to be applauded.” Betsie replied. Mr. Big walked over to her and hugged her. He kissed her forehead. “They enjoyed the show. They said they needed the entertainment. I think from now on we will keep this out of the office.” Mr. Big explained. Betsie smiled knowing this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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