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Big Dicks

My first time? I’m a nerd and a “good girl” so would you believe that my first time was at my high school? This is kinda my only badass story in my entire life so I’ve done my best to commit it to memory. Plus, this is really the best memory I have from high school. I had a rough time because I was quiet, really nerdy and into my classes. Here I was, eighteen and ready to leave, but somehow even the sophomores made me feel like less than nothing. I wasn’t one of the hot blondes that roved around the school in skintight jeans, low-cut sweaters and golden spray tans. I was pale, pasty even, with dark hair and no boys ever asked me out. When it was time to form groups in class, I was always left out. I’d walk into the girls’ bathroom and the group crowded around the sink would get very quiet. Twice my locker was broken into and stuff was taken. I had some classmates that were friendly with me, but for the most part I wandered around the crowded halls alone.

And those halls, they were so crowded. My school was one thousand people past capacity and old. It was hell to get from one class to another and the five minutes between periods was never enough. And in September and June, with no air conditioning the hallways were unbearable. The day that it happened was a scorcher. I was a senior with just a few weeks to go before graduation and because of the heat, I was less dressed than normal. I was wearing my favorite skirt, bright yellow and a little short with a navy button down blouse. Sitting through first period wasn’t too bad but by the time I broke through the crush of people and landed in second period I was hot and sweaty.

Second period was Computer Science, my best class and also my fav in part because of Mr. Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes was a new teacher and because he was young, he was very in the know about technology. He was also really hot. It was amazing how many girls transferred into the class once word got around about Mr. Rhodes. But the thing I liked best about him was his sense of humor. He’d crack a wry comment that would go over most people’s heads but I loved listening to him talk in class. Every so often we’d work one on one and I’d feel the connection that I never got from my classmates.

Anyhow, I was dying of heat and sweaty. I sat down at my computer and got to work on the final independent project. I pulled a water bottle out of my bag and took a long swig trying to cool myself down. Mr. Rhodes sat down next to me and started talking to the person two seats down. Definitely made it hard to cool down. I took a longer sip and when I pulled the bottle away, I could feel eyes on me. I turned to look and caught Mr. Rhodes staring but he quickly looked away. I knew water was against the rules at a computer so I put the water away and got back to work figuring that Mr. Rhodes letting bahis firmaları that go without a word was just another thing that made him a cool teacher. Mr. Rhodes eventually turned to me to review my project. He leaned in close a few times to show me something on the computer and I did my best not to notice the masculine scent that was coming off him. I guess the heat and the sweat was getting to Mr. Rhodes too, but the way he smelled made me a little woozy in a good way.

When the bell rang, I grabbed my books and purse and bolted out the door. My next class was all the way on the other side of the school. The crowd in the hall was massive and slow since half the school was heading on their lunch break. Kids kept stopping in the hall to talk with friends, cutting me off and generally making it hard to get to the next classroom. I stopped short when a group of freshmen stopped in front of me to chat. Suddenly, I felt someone bump into me from behind. Technically, I felt something bump up against my ass and while I didn’t date and was a virgin, I knew what that thing was. A hand landed on my hip for just a second and I started to turn around to see what hormone fueled freshman was getting grope-y, but before I caught sight of the boy in question, I smelled him and it wasn’t a freshman. Every so often I’d see Mr. Rhodes heading in the same direction with me, but we’d never literally run into each other before and this was unexpected though not unpleasant.

For a minute we were surrounded on all sides, unable to move, pressed up against each other. He was hard as a rock and his hand moved back to my hip and pulled me towards him. I ground up against him and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath and the hand on my hip squeezing me tightly. I could feel his hot breath against my neck and sweat rolling down my back. I was so turned on that I didn’t even notice when the crowd parted in front of me. He pushed me forward a little and I kept walking. I could feel his erection rubbing up against my ass every time a crowd would slow us down or get in our way. When we reached the atrium where most of the students hung out during their lunch, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me through the crowd and into an small teacher’s lounge. I was hot and my ears were pounding. I did hear a door lock and as much as I wanted to turn and look at him, I worried that if I did, this would all stop.

He pressed himself against my backside and I leaned back against him. He kissed my neck gently and I felt a moan slip through my lips. I moved my hips against him, trying to tease him. His hand slid slowly from my hip and up to my breast. He pinched my nipple, already hard from his kisses and the hallway encounter. His hand then slid lower, down past my stomach. He massaged me through my skirt and my knees kaçak iddaa grew weak. I reached a hand behind me and found his thigh to steady myself. The lounge had a few desks against the walls and a larger conference table in the middle of the room. His hands moved back to my hips and he pushed me as he had in the hall towards the conference table. I put my hands flat on the table to brace myself and I arched my back, pressing my ass hard against him. I was so hot and I needed more from him even if I didn’t really know exactly what I needed. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes to prepare myself and then turned around to look Mr. Rhodes in the eye.

The moment he looked at me, I could feel him pull away from me. It was like seeing reality set in as his face filled with panic. I didn’t want it to stop. He was so handsome and no one had ever shown any interest in me, let alone the out of control interest that I felt against my back when we were in the hallway. I bit my lip and gently nodded at him. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking exactly, but I slowly dropped to my knees and reached out to unbuckle his belt. My eyes were trained on his face and I still couldn’t figure out if he’d let me keep going or make me stop, but when I unzipped his pants, his put his hand on the side of my head and tangled it in my dark hair. I pulled his hard cock out of his pants and kissed the tip. He hissed, closed his eyes and leaned his head back. I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock into my mouth.

Like I said, it was my first time, but before this, I’d hooked up with a guy on a summer job. This was about as far as we ever got so it wasn’t totally unfamiliar territory, but I wanted to badly to do this well. Every groan from him only turned me on more and by the time he pulled my head back from his cock I was so wet I could feel it dripping down my thighs. He guided me up and propped me up against the edge of the table. He moved in closely and I parted my legs so he could stand between them. I kissed him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He reached up my skirt and I could feel him hook his fingers on the sides of my underwear. I lifted my hips so he could pull them off. One of his hands moved back under my skirt and into my wet folds. I closed my eyes and moaned as he probed my wet flesh. He slid his long finger inside of me and for the first time since we’d talked in class spoke.

“God, you’re so tight.”

His thumb brushed against my clit and I collapsed against him and my breath quickened. Each ministration from him caused a mewling gasp to fall from me. I reached down and put my hand on his forearm and pulled him from me. I unbuttoned my blouse and slid it off my shoulder. He kissed my chest and then sucked on my nipple through my bra. I grabbed his hips and pulled him flush with my body, his kaçak bahis cock rubbing up against my wetness. I wriggled my hips to entice him but he took a step away.

“Please,” I moaned, my voice deep with lust. “I want this.”

He looked into my eyes, his hands holding my head firmly. He kissed me and guided me down onto the table. Suddenly it was all very real. I was in a hot stuffy room, half-naked with my teacher on top of me about to deflower me. Before I had a chance to stop him, he slid into me slowly. It didn’t really hurt, not much anyway, and I didn’t want him to feel guilty. He stayed where he was, letting me adjust, until I finally felt him move slowly. I felt full but could tell from the look on his face that he was struggling to keep his steady pace.

“Touch yourself.” It was a command and almost entranced I moved a hand to my clit and began to rub. My eyes fluttered close and as he began to speed up and I moved my hips against him. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer, deeper. I moaned loudly, or really load enough to get him nervous. His hand covered my mouth, not firmly, but there reminding me of just how dangerous our situation was. I was still rubbing my clit furiously and could feel the pressure building within me. His hand slid off of my mouth and onto the table next to my head giving him leverage. His gentle strokes turned harder and faster and I threw my head back. All at once I could feel myself coming totally undone. My legs tightened, my walls contracted and I bit down on my lip to contain my moans.

When I opened my eyes, I looked down and watched him slide out of me. He was still hard and he wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking it. I’d never seen a man touch himself before. He sped up and then an animalistic groan escaped him. He came all over my exposed stomach. I sat up and watched him do up his pants. I wiped myself down and began to do up my blouse.

I was watching him closely, unsure of what I should say, if I should say anything at all. Finally I had to speak. “Is my underwear over there?” He bent over, picked up my panties and handed them to me. I couldn’t figure out a dignified way to put them back on, so I shoved them in my purse. I pulled out a mirror to try to make myself look like someone who hadn’t just had sex at school and brushed through my hair with my fingers.

“This was a mistake, wasn’t it?” I didn’t want him to say yes. And he didn’t. He moved back towards me and kissed me.

“God, your lips are so red. I’ve wanted to kiss you for months.”

I kissed him again and I was the one who pulled back. He whimpered a little. I broke into a huge grin. Boys at school didn’t think much of my looks, but here was this man who found me so attractive that lost control and risked his job to be with me.

“I should leave first.” I stood up and unlocked the door. Before I left, I turned around to look at him again. He was watching me, smiling. “You know, I graduate in less than a month.” He nodded at me and I slid out of the room.

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