My Birthday

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It was my birthday and for the first time since I can remember, my hubby was not there to celebrate with me. He had to go away on urgent business but he did promise to try to make it back in time for a little celebration. I decided to wait up, just in case he would be back tonight. The children were in bed by 7:30 and I treated myself to a hot steamy bath filled with bubbles. I shaved myself, knowing how much he loved a clean-shaven pussy. When I got out of the bath I was tempted to stay naked as it was a nice summer evening but instead decided to put on my hubby’s favorite outfit. I slipped into a white satin bra, through which my dark nipples were clearly visible and a matching G-string. Finishing the outfit was a small white top and a loose white skirt. I switched of all the lights and the TV before settling on the couch with my favorite book. The only light in the house came from the reading lamp next to the couch I was sitting on.

Mesmerized by the plot as the story progressed, I paid little attention to anything happening around me. I only realized something was wrong when a hand closed over my mouth and something sharp was pressing against my throat. Paralyzed by fear I could not move as a voice whispered in my ear, “Scream and you’re dead.” I just nodded my head in approval. Someone placed a gag over my mouth and pulled something over my head before I felt the sharp instrument removed from my throat. I could hear men talking behind me, but the voices were too soft to make out anything. I tried figuring out how they got into the house because I had locked all the doors and the windows had burglar proofing. Before I could dwell on it any longer, they pulled me of the couch and took me to the bedroom where they pushed me down on the end of the bed.

With the initial shock wearing off, I was now more afraid for my children than for myself. Although I had a good idea what they wanted, I still hoped that they were only burglars. Wondering what was going to happen next, I felt a hand on my knee and again the man whispered in my ear, “You have beautiful children, if you don’t scream I promise that no harm will come to them.” Relieve flooded through me and I bobbed my head in agreement immediately. As his hand slowly slides upward on my leg, I pressed my legs as close together as possible. Noticing my closely clamped legs, he stopped his upward movement and asked, “What is the problem woman, aren’t you enjoying this?” Shaking my head I made muffled sounds behind the bag covering my head and indicated to him to remove the cloth. The man lifted the bottom part of the bag and took the gag out of my mouth to allow me to speak. “Please take this cover off my head, it is covering my nose and I can’t breathe,” I begged. “Before we do that we want your promise that you will not scream.” was his reply. I promised and the next moment they removed the bag from my head. The original shock had gone by now and knowing that they do not intend to kill me calmed most of my fears. When my eyes had adjusted to the dim light, I looked up at my attackers. What I saw made my heart jump and every idea of resistance disappeared from my mind. They were both young men, athletically built with well-toned muscles and very attractive. There bodies were sun-bronzed and they were already very naked, leaving no doubt as to their intentions. The one that was doing the talking was by far the biggest man I had ever seen. Although totally relaxed, his penis was already well over eight inches long and very thick. The other man was also above average but looked very small in comparison to his partner.

Before I could say or do anything, the men pushed me down onto my back and pulled me higher on the bed. They tied my hands to the top corners of the bed while I kept my feet close together. They also pushed pillows under my head, enabling me to see clearly down the length of my body. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to relax as much as possible. I felt a hand on my ankle and held my breath as it slid slowly upwards again, only this time it was sliding between my legs. As the hand slid past my knees I opened my eyes and looking down I saw it pushing my skirt up to reveal more of my thighs as it was moving ever higher.

The contrast of his tanned hand against my soft white thighs stirred strange emotions inside me and I closed my eyes again, trying to banish the lustful thoughts from my mind. As the hand went higher, I could not prevent my legs from parting, giving that tanned hand more room to move upwards. I felt another hand on my stomach just above the belt of my skirt and my eyes flew open by themselves, refusing to stay shut any longer. Concentrating on the hand on my stomach, I watched as it caressed my stomach in small circles, occasionally pinching my flesh. An uncontrollable shiver ran through my body at this sensual touch. Sensing my pleasure, the man with his hand between my legs said, “I see you’re enjoying this, I promise you that you will enjoy every minute of what we’re going to do to you if you play along, otherwise we will have to hurt you.” I could not believe that I was really enjoying what these two men were pendik escort doing to me.

I felt the hand between my thighs moving closer to the junction of my legs and could almost not wait for it to touch that most delicate part of me. I was so wet by then that I was afraid they would smell my juices flowing. Suddenly he removed his hand from between my legs and pulled my skirt down. He got up from the bed and I actually felt disappointed that he had not touched me. He stood at the end of the bed not moving, just looking at me, as if he was deciding his next move. He called his friend and they talked quietly for a moment. Turning back to the bed, they tied my feet to the corners of the bed, spreading my legs wide apart. My skirt was folding in between my legs and the mound of my pussy was clearly visible under the thin material. The big man settled himself between my spread legs while his friend returned to my side, caressing my stomach again. The man between my legs put a hand on each leg and again slid his hands upwards. Only this time he was sliding his hand upward on top of my skirt and I could feel the warmth of it through the thin material. The man at my side were also caressing me with both hands now and as they were moving all over the upper half of my body, his tanned hands were sharply contrasted against the snow white satin of my blouse. I let out an involuntary sigh as those hands each closed over a breast and squeezed hard. The thumb and forefinger of each hand took hold of a taut nipple and they squeezed my nipples almost to the point of hurting but still I loved every minute of this “Rape.” Then I thought what I had told my husband a while back, “It is going to be very difficult for anybody to rape me, because I would probably enjoy it more than him.”

A tuck at my waist brought me back to reality and I watched as they cut my skirt of my body to reveal the white silk panties underneath. The flimsy material did not cover much and my clean-shaven pussy was clearly visible. The man that was pulling my skirt of me let out an oath and said to his friend “Look at this pussy! It is the biggest one I’ve seen in a long time. I think we’re going to enjoy this even more than we thought. Open her blouse so we can see if her tits match her pussy.” The other man unbuttoned my blouse and flapped it open to reveal my scantily covered breasts. Both men stared at my big breasts with their dark nipples clearly visible through the white satin bra. “Her tits look even better than her pussy” the second man replied and pinched one of the hard nipples. They untied my hands briefly to remove my blouse before they tied them to the bed again.

The ecstasy of their caresses started again as both men took turns caressing my whole body, paying special attention to my breasts and pussy, peering invitingly through the flimsy garments that protects them. The tanned hands caressing, tucking and squeezing every inch of my body nearly drove me out of my mind and I longed for the moment they would take me. One of the men suddenly kissed me and I kissed him back with all the passion of my taut body without any hesitation. I felt his tongue driving into my mouth and entwining with mine as his lips were crushing mine and driving my head into the pillows. The other man started licking my body, from my breasts, over my damp pussy and down my legs, occasionally biting hard into my flesh. Although it hurt a little, it only seems to add to the urge in my body. After sucking on my toes, he moved back up my body again, while their hands were caressing my breasts, nipples and pussy.

I felt the cold steel against my skin as they cut my panties from my body and I knew the waiting was almost over. As he removed my panties, I heard him whistle softly at the sight of my clean-shaven pussy. He placed the knife on my stomach and I felt his hot breath as he parted my pussy lips with his fingers, shuddering with pleasure as his tongue found my clitoris and played with it. The man that was kissing me pulled his lips away from mine and picked upped the knife from my stomach. I watched as he placed the point of the knife on my nipple and slowly slid it towards the base of my breast. Reaching my chest between my breasts, he pushed the knife under my bra and pulled upwards to cut through the material. As soon as the knife went through the material, my breasts sprang free from their constraints and I could see the admiration in his eyes. They cut the shoulder straps as well before pulling the bra of my body completely, leaving my upper body totally exposed and vulnerable to him. He placed the knife on the floor before returning his attention to my breasts. He took each nipple in his mouth in turn, rolling them around with his tongue and nibbled at them with his teeth. He would take a nipple between his teeth and then he would slowly lift his head. The nipple and breast would stretch upwards until I thought it was going to be torn from my body but yet I enjoyed it so much that I was almost sorry when he would let them go.

As if by some unspoken command, both men stopped what they were doing and got of me. They stood next to maltepe escort the bed talking to each other in soft voices only occasionally pointing towards me. Looking at them, I could not believe my eyes. They were both fully aroused and the bigger man’s penis went well past his navel, looking almost as thick as my wrist. Although the other man’s penis was much smaller and not nearly as thick, he was still huge. To me it felt like they talked for hours, although it was only seconds before the bigger of the two men moved in between my spread legs. My pulse began racing at the sight of his massive head moving toward my hungry pussy. Looking down it seemed even bigger than I previously thought and I could hardly wait for the inevitable.

As the head pushed against my entrance, I thought for a moment that I would never be able to accommodate him and I was afraid that he was going to tear me apart. I felt my pussy lips give way to his enormous head and as he slowly pushed into my wetness and the pleasure of it made my mind whirl. I felt my tunnel stretching more than I ever thought possible and as that big penis slid even deeper, I felt him pressing the lips of my pussy inwards together with his shaft. It felt like he would never stop sliding into me as he kept on pushing deeper and deeper into my body. When his penis was finally fully inside me, it felt to me as if he was pressing the head of his penis to the top of my scull and was splitting me in two. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the thick penis deep inside me, filling me to the limit, marveling at the blissful sensation. The man let out a grunt and started pulling his penis out of me. I wanted to scream to him not to pull it out but even before I could voice my thoughts, he pushed back into me with such force that my eyes flew open and instead I let out a small cry of pleasure. He leaned forward and said, “I knew you had a big pussy but you are truly amazing. Not only are you the first woman to take me fully but you did it with ease.” With this compliment, he began moving in and out of me at a very slow pace.

Before I could reply anything, the other man pushed his penis to my lips and told me to suck on it. The sight of his erect penis with its almost purple head in front of my face was to attracting to withstand and I opened my mouth to let him slide into my mouth without any hesitation. As my tongue touched the point of his penis, I could taste his juices and I sucked as much of him into my mouth as possible. The man between my legs took my erect nipples and started pulling on them as if he wanted to tear them from my body. With pleasure coming from every part of my body, only the vision and sensation of those two massive penises moving in and out of my body mattered to me now.

The man at my head released the bonds from my hands and I could not wait to get them on the two men. As they kept on moving into and out of my body, I grabbed hands full of flesh on their bodies and let my nails rake them with pleasure. The man in my mouth pulled his penis out of my mouth as he reached a climax and shot his sperm all over my face and breasts. The taste of his sperm on my lips and the feeling of it on my breasts seemed to spark my own climax. As my body gave to pleasure, I felt the other man shooting his sperm deep into my body. This made my climax even more intense and I went limp with pleasure. My legs were untied and then the two men changed places. I took the bigger man’s penis in my hands and marveled at the size of it. I could not encircle it with one hand so I used both hands to hold it. I tried but could not get the head into my mouth so I started licking and kissing it instead. As I moved my tongue up and down his shaft, I could taste our mixed juices on it. As the other man entered my pussy, I almost felt disappointed but soon realized that even after the massive penis that was previously inside me, the smaller man could still pleasure me. He was driving into me hard and fast and I felt another climax building quickly. This one was less intense as the first one but it was still satisfying. I kept on sucking the big man until he shot his semen into my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it. I just lay there while the other man was pumping into me, too tired to even move. The smaller man finally reached his climax and as I felt him pumping his sperm into my pussy, I felt serene and satisfied.

The bigger man took me to the bathroom and told me to wash myself. Anticipating that they have not yet finished with me, I took some baby oil and smeared it into my pussy. Looking at the man while applying the oil, I could see he that was aroused by my actions. His penis was starting to grow harder and thicker by the moment. He took me to the sitting room, and pointing to the bar in the corner, ordered me to mix them some drinks. He followed me to the counter and when I opened the cabinet beneath the counter, he pointed to a bottle of scotch on the bottom shelf. Kneeling down to retrieve the bottle, he pulled me back up and told me to stay on my feet when retrieving the bottle from the cupboard. Sensing what he wanted I placed my kartal escort feet a few inches apart and keeping my legs perfectly straight, I leaned forward to get the scotch. I suddenly felt his hand on my neck and he pushed my head into the cabinet. He grabbed me by the hips and pushed his cock deep into my pussy in one fluent movement. Keeping my head in the cabinet, he pumped into me hard and fast. My breasts were bouncing in rhythm with his movement but before I could really enjoy it, I felt him stiffening as his balls pumped load after load of sperm into me. He released me and standing up I saw that his friend was watching us from the door.

I poured some scotch into a glass and handed it to him before retrieving another glass for his friend. He downed the scotch in one gulp and handed the glass back to me, indicating his friend and ordering more scotch before stretching out on the couch. I poured two more drinks, filling the glasses halfway with scotch, adding only ice. I took his scotch to him where he was sitting on the couch first, before walking over to his friend. He must have enjoyed watching the big man fucking me, because he was standing there with a huge hard-on as I gave him his scotch. He took the scotch from me and then ordered me to bend over the back of one of the lounge chairs. Hanging over the chair, I felt him parting my cheeks before ramming his cock into my pussy. In contrast with the big man, he started moving slowly in and out of me. Looking up I saw the big man sitting there and looking at us, a big smile on his face. As the man inside me moved faster, I felt the climax that only started previously, building up in me again. He pumped into me full force now and as the pleasure waves engulfed me, he rammed into me hard. I felt his penis jumping and jerking inside me as he shot his sperm into my body.

I left them drinking their scotch and went to the bathroom to clean up again. They didn’t even try to stop me as I walked out. Returning to the bedroom, I dropped down on to the bed, thankful to be alone for a while. Just before I fell asleep from pure exhaustion, I looked at the clock next to the bed. It was just past eleven. They have been at me for almost three hours.

The men awakened me at around one the next morning. They had been drinking heavily since and wanted me even more than before. I felt a warm feeling in my pussy at the sight of their rigid cocks and I realized that I wanted it just as bad as they did. One of them was still carrying the bottle of scotch and by then they had drank almost three-quarters of the bottle. They made me sit up and pressed the bottle of scotch to my lips, ordering me to drink. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and started swallowing. They took the bottle away from my lips and opening my eyes, I was amazed to see that there was almost nothing left. They gave me the bottle and I drank the rest without quarrelling.

They pushed me back on to the bed and sat down beside me. I was already starting to feel a bit lightheaded and closed my eyes to enjoy the effect of the scotch as it started to roll over me. They poured something cold all over my body and as they massaged it into my skin, the smell of baby oil filled my nostrils. Sometimes their hands were barely touching my skin only to suddenly grab a hand full of flesh, squeezing it hard. They would occasionally squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples. Surprised at myself, I loved every minute of this torture and could feel my body responding to their touch. My head started swirling as the scotch took effect but it seemed only to add to my pleasures. The bigger man got onto his back after a while and grabbing me by the arms, he pulled me on top of him. He pushed the baby oil into my hands and ordered me to pour some of it over him and rub it into his skin. I did as he instructed me without any hesitation. As I slid from his stomach to reach his groin area, I felt my pussy sliding over his muscled leg and while I was rubbing oil over the tanned body, I kept rubbing my pussy against his leg. The other man lay down next to his friend and pulled one of my hands towards him. I poured some oil over him, and started to massage it into his skin. The two tanned bodies glistening with oil beneath me turned me on even more and I felt my passion starting to flare beyond control.

Standing on my knees, I took the bigger man’s penis in my hand and positioned it between my legs. As I slowly sank down onto his penis, I felt a tremor of pleasure go through my body as that enormous head slowly pushed my pussy lips apart almost tenderly before entering my tunnel. My body quivered at the thought of what were to come but I kept controlling the urge to plunge his massive penis into my body, instead I savored the slow impaling of my hungry pussy. As his penis slowly pushed deeper into me, I grabbed his nipples and pulled on them, giving him the same treatment they had given me. When I was finally sitting down with his penis fully engulfed in my pussy, feeling the base of it pressing against my clitoris, I leaned forward, licked and bit first the one then the other nipple. Sitting back up I started riding him like a horse. My big breasts were bouncing up and down in motion with my body, my passion rising with each bounce. The other man pressed his penis to my lips and I sucked the whole length of it into my mouth while cradling his balls in my hand.

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