My Boyfriend Hasn’t Stopped Smiling

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Sorry I didn’t call you back last night. My mouth was…busy.

Last night was intense! My head is still spinning a bit but let me see if I can remember everything that happened.

Do you remember Amber Johnson from High School? She was going to be in town this weekend for a job interview, and since we haven’t seen each other since high school, we thought it would be a great idea to get together and have dinner. It would be a good opportunity to catch up and introduce our boyfriends.

We had always kept in contact through college, and even though we follow each other on social media, we thought it would be fun to get together in person. We made arrangements to meet at our house, and then we were going to go to that new sushi restaurant on 6th. We figured we could pre-drink, and then walk to dinner, and then maybe go out dancing or something after that.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Amber lately, but she is really hot. Her freshman year of college, she started to have some serious health problems so she totally changed her life. She dumped her loser, asshole boyfriend, Kevin. I KNOW you remember him because he was the one that grabbed your tits in front of the entire school at that pep rally. He was such a douche.

Anyway, she also started to eat right and exercise. She lost some weight and just started to really take care of herself. She started dating a really nice guy that spoils her and loves her to death and now she looks and feels amazing. She gave me a few recipes for some smoothies that I am going to start drinking. You should start to drink them too.

So they came over and she introduced us to her boyfriend, Matt. I introduced her to my sweet boyfriend, Jeff. Matt and Jeff got along really well all night. They both love sports and technology so they quickly became friends and they both contributed to the conversation. I was really happy they got along so well. If Amber gets the job here, I was thinking they could stay in our basement until they get on our feet.

After last night, I REALLY hope she gets the job.

Before they arrived, Jeff and I had a little tiff. He wanted to wear shorts and a t-shirt but I wanted him to dress a little nicer. I know it was hot, but you don’t have to dress like a bum when you’re going to meet people! I love my Jeff but sometimes, based on his clothing, I wonder if he secretly wants to live on the streets. I made him put on a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt.

He said if he had to dress nice, than I had to wear his favorite dress. At least then he would be able to lust over me all night. I figure that was fair so I wore the black and white dress with the zig-zags on it. It’s the same dress that I wore to your backyard party a few weeks ago.

Well, after we left your party, we came home and Jeff parked in the garage. I thought it was kind of odd because he never parks in the garage. I got out of the car and walked to the trunk and hopped up on it. I slowly spread my legs and touched myself, and then I slowly gave him a strip tease while he stood there, in shock, holding the handle to the garage door. Every since then, the dress I wore that night is now his new favorite!

Unfortunately, my Jeff but he isn’t very adventurous in the bedroom. If I don’t suggest something new, or seduce him into doing it, he definitely won’t experiment or branch out from the usual. He was really surprised the first time I told him I wanted him to take me doggie-style. I think his very religious upbringing just makes him very reserved.

Anyway, I finally got Jeff to put on something nice and I was grateful. When Matt and Amber arrived, they were both dressed very nice. I was impressed with how well Matt dressed and hopefully Jeff will want to dress more like Matt if they start hanging out together.

Amber was in this really cute, short, dress. I thought it was adorable because it had a print tiny sharks. There were plenty of jokes about Shark Week.

It was so funny when Jeff made a joke that she couldn’t wear that dress when she was on her period or else it would attack her and she wouldn’t be able to get it off. I didn’t know how Matt would take it but I was relieved when he not only laughed, but joined in and made fun of Jeff’s shoes. I know Jeff can sometimes be offensive around people that are too sensitive so I was happy we could all just laugh and have a good time.

I’m sure the alcohol helped. We were all starving but our reservations weren’t for another two hours so we MAY have been enjoying the huge batch of Sangria I made earlier in the day.

On Thursday, Jeff and I cleaned up the back yard because we wanted to entertain on the patio. We decided we would sit out on the patio, have some refreshments, and let everyone get to know each other before going to dinner. That was the plan, but it was ridiculously hot yesterday so we just ended up sitting inside. Because it was so hot, we ended up drinking WAY more Sangria than we should have.

At least it led to an amazing bahis firmaları evening…

So everyone was sitting at the bar/island that I have in the kitchen and I was standing near the sink. Matt was sitting at the end of the island and he stood up to tell a story and his arm accidentally knocked over his glass. Sangria went flying everywhere! He felt so, so bad. I tried to reassure him that it was OK but I could tell he was upset that he embarrassed Amber. I told Jeff to take Matt to the den and go relax I would clean it up. I didn’t want Matt to feel bad.

So I kicked the boys out of my kitchen and I got out my cleaning supplies and I started to clean up the mess. Amber was very sweet and she came into the kitchen and started to help me. I handed her a rag, grabbed one for myself, and we started to wipe up the huge mess.

We wiped down the walls, and while I wiped down the lower cabinets, Amber wiped off the upper cabinets. We were laughing and talking about mundane things. She told me a story about Matt spilling a whole plate of spaghetti all over her dress at a wedding they attended together. We laughed and mocked our silly boys.

Then she turned her back to me and she went up on her tippy toes to wipe some of the Sangria off of the upper cabinets. I was still crouching down to wipe my delicious concoction off of the lower cabinets. I looked up to say something to her and I…I became speechless. Because I was down low, I could easily see her panties as she reached high up over her head.

It was extremely sexy.

I shouldn’t have looked. I should have stopped looking. I should have looked away, but I just couldn’t. I wanted to look at her cute butt as long as possible. She was wearing ordinary, black panties, but for some reason, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Maybe it was the way her blond hair floated down over her naked shoulders, or maybe it was because I was seeing something I shouldn’t. Maybe it was all the Sangria, or maybe not…

Unfortunately, she finished wiping down the upper cabinets so she lowered her arms which lowered the bottom of her dress. She walked to the sink and rinsed out the rag she was using. As she stood near me, I had to fight with all of my self-control to not to turn and touch her long, tanned, toned leg.

She kicked off her shoes and she crouched down next to me so she could start wiping the deep red liquid off of the floor.

“Is Matt very adventurous?” I asked.

“Not really. I’ve tried to get him on amusement rides and he just plants his feet like a two year old. I’m surprised that he was willing to have sushi tonight,” she replied.

I was trying to broach the subject without being too obvious. “No, I mean, is he adventurous in other ways?”


“Like in bed. I’m having a hard time getting Jeff to try new things.”

“Matt is usually pretty open to new things. We’ve had sex outside and in his car. But don’t have sex on the beach! Sand and lady bits don’t mix!”

I laughed as playfully as I could and focused on the puddles of wine that had pulled under the cabinets. I looked over at Amber to see how much more wine we had to clean up, and because of the way she was crouching down, I could see right up her dress. Seeing her inner thighs made me audibly sigh.

“I’m really sorry! He is such a klutz!” Amber said, replying to my sigh.

“No! It’s not that at all. I just…”

I shifted uneasily from one foot to another and shifted the rag from one hand to another.

“I’m just going to say this, but please don’t judge me for it,” I said hesitantly.

“I have an open mind, go ahead,” she said reassuringly.

I peeked over the counter to make sure Jeff wasn’t coming, and then I whispered, “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome, but never so much as when you and Matt came through the door. I find you both very attractive, but I don’t think Jeff would go for it…”

She stopped mopping up the wine with her rag.

I continued, “I don’t know if you…I just…I…I should shut up now.” I stood and rinsed my rag out into the sink.

Amber stood up and came and stood next to me at the sink. Right next to me. Our arms were touching. She slowly rinsed out her rag as she whispered in return.

“Matt is jealous, so I don’t think he would ever want to see me with another man.

“I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. I’m really sorry. Just forget I ever said-“

“But he has said that he would be fine watching me with another woman,” Amber said slowly and confidently.

She then dropped her rag and slowly turned toward me and then she leaned in very, very close, paused, and then softly kissed my cheek. It made me weak in the knees and I exhaled heavily. I turned toward her and we wrapped our arms around one another and pulled each other close, and we kissed each other on the lips.

I’ve kissed other girls playfully in the past, but this kiss, this wasn’t playful. This was amazing. Her warm, soft lips slid over mine kaçak iddaa as our breasts and bodies pressed closer and closer together. We stood there, kissing one another for a few minutes, and then I had a BRILLIANT idea.

I grabbed Amber by the hand and I pulled her into our bedroom and right into Jack’s closet. I grabbed four of his belts and a couple of his ties. I handed half to Amber, whispered the plan into her ear, and then we moved quickly into the den.

Our den is long and narrow so we have it set up so the TV is at the far end of the room. We haven’t done much with the room except we’ve added two large reclining chairs that Jack had in his apartment before we moved in together. We only use the den to watch movies and sports, so it just hasn’t been a priority for us.

Of course, Jeff and Matt were exactly where we expected them to be, one in each recliner. Jeff was on the right, and Matt was on the left.

Amber and I walked up behind them and we put the belts around their arms and chest. We had fastened them together on the way to the den. We then pulled the belts tight and fastened them behind the chairs. Of course, they started asking us what we were doing, but we just ignored them. We knew they could get up if they really wanted to, but it was more symbolic than anything else. We just wanted them to stay in those recliners. We then moved in front of them and tied their feet together with a tie. There was no way to tie their hands down, so we just left them alone, but we were sure the guys were able to understand what we wanted.

Amber and I then walked in front of the TV, faced each other, embraced each other, and kissed. We kissed just as passionately as we had in the kitchen.

I was surprised how quickly the boys stopped protesting when they saw us kissing. They had to be in shock. In front of them was a beautiful blond and a pretty brunette, dressed sexy and kissing passionately. I’m sure they NEVER expected it. They just sat there in stunned silence.

I then turned the both of us so Amber’s back was facing our boyfriends. I slowly lifted her dress in the back as I kissed her. I then looked over her shoulder.

“Dinner is cancelled boys. I saw this,” I tapped her ass with my finger as I held up her dress, “and I just had to have it.” We once again started to kiss.

Very, very slowly, as we kissed, I pulled Amber’s dress up her sexy back and then up over her head. Her blond hair was messed up as I pulled the dress over her head, which made her look even more sexy. I looked down and realized she hadn’t been wearing a bra all this time. Her gorgeous, naked breasts were now in front of me, begging to be touched. Her hard, perfect nipples were begging to be licked.

I placed my left hand on her right breast and softly massaged it as our lips caressed one another. Her soft, tender kisses were amazing. They were like candy, and I wanted to lick and suck on them for the rest of the day.

We slowly started to move down to the floor, first going down to our knees. As Amber laid down on her back, I unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head and threw it onto the floor. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra.

If she was going to be topless, I wanted to be as well. I wanted to feel her breasts against mine. I wanted to feel her soft skin and feel her warmth.

I tossed my bra off and looked over at the boys. They were both sitting there, wide-eyes, looking forward to what was going to come next. Amber spread her legs before me and I slowly laid on top of her. As I kissed her, she took my face in her hands and she held me tenderly.

I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. I started to writhe as I wanted more. Her soft, warm breasts felt magnificent under me. Her toned legs wrapped around me, just as I would do to Jeff. I reached back and rubbed her legs as she tightened them around me.

It wasn’t enough. I needed more of her. I started to kiss down her chest, and then I softly licked her right nipple. I sucked softly, and then I carefully nibbled on it with my teeth, just the way Jeff does it to me. I loved how she moved her back as she tried to put more of her breast into my mouth…but I wasn’t interested in her breasts.

Kissing further down, I started to feel the heat from her pussy. I kissed her tummy and then I kissed all the way straight down from her belly button, kissing slower and slower the closer I got to her slit. I then softly kissed her pussy lips, carefully pressing my lips against her sensitive skin. She spread her legs wide, allowing me to enjoy every inch of her hot flesh. I kissed every inch of her skin that I could see. From her inner thigh, all over her pussy, up her other thigh.

I was just about to do more but we weren’t in the right position. Her leg was blocking me and I wanted our boys to see. I quickly moved up and told her to move over, I slid her in a semi-circle until her head was facing the guys. I went back down in between her legs and started to softly kiss again.

Over kaçak bahis and over I softly kissed her pussy, right over her clit, and each time she would whimper softly. I could now look up, in between her legs, and see Jeff and Matt staring back at me.

Reaching up with my hands, I spread her pussy lips apart. The sound of her wetness was delicious. I could see, hear, and smell that she was soaked. Now I just wanted to taste.

It could have been the boys watching me, or maybe it was because Amber was so beautiful. Maybe it was the alcohol or just the pure lust, but I was a bit crazy. My mouth latched onto her sensitive, throbbing clit, and I sucked on it hard. Amber let out a gasp, whimper, and moan all at once. I felt her hands on the back of my head, one pushing, one pulling, and her legs closed tightly, trapping my head.

I knew it would be too much, too soon, but I didn’t care. I wanted her to cum on my tongue. I wanted to give the boys the best show ever, and I wanted something more.

My tongue would rub all over her hot clit as I sucked on it hard. She started panting heavily and then her pushing turned to pulling, her desperation turned to desire, her resistance turned to resourcefulness. She sat halfway up and leaned on her left elbow, reached down and grabbed the back of my head with her right hand, and ground her clit into my tongue as hard and as fast as she could.

I loved that I made her to do that. I loved that her body took over and she was GOING to cum on my tongue, which is exactly what I had secretly wanted the second I saw her panties and ass.

Her moans grew louder, and she began to buck her hips more. It became harder for me to breathe but I didn’t care. I didn’t stop moving my tongue and I didn’t stop sucking on her. I also didn’t stop watching Jeff and Matt. Their bulges were now hard cocks, desperately trying to escape their pants. Both of them were now stroking their hidden, hard cocks.

Amber’s moans grew even louder, higher pitched, and more frequent. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would get what I wanted. I held my breath a few more moments and let my lungs burn.

Those high pitches suddenly became guttural moans. Her legs shook against my cheeks, and then she threw herself back as she let out a yell. I stopped sucking her clit and slid my tongue as deep into her as possible. I wanted to feel her spasming around my tongue. I wanted to know I had made her cum. I wanted proof that I had sent her over the edge, and I wanted to taste every drop of her sweet, sweet cum.

Amber laid on the floor, panting, and I slowly got up to my knees. I crawled over to Jeff as Amber tried to get her hair out of her face. She laid on the floor just panting and giggling.

I climbed up and kissed Jeff passionately with my tongue.

“Doesn’t she taste so sweet?” is all I asked as I unbuttoned the top of his jeans.

I unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his hard, hot cock. I stroked it with my hand and then I moved my mouth right over it. I was going to take it in my mouth, but I stopped.

Reaching down, I grabbed Amber by the hair.

“What are you doing?” she asked. I had no idea. I wasn’t really thinking, I was just doing.

I pulled her up and she struggled to get on her hands and knees. I woman-handled her and pulled her over to Jeff. I pointed his cock at her face and shoved her face down. She opened her mouth and wrapped those beautiful lips around his hard, hot, shaft. She sucked a few times before I would take my hand off of her head.

Crawling over to Matt, he didn’t know if he should be angry or happy. I unbuttoned his pants too, reached in and pulled out his longer, but thinner cock, and put it as deep into my mouth as possible, and sucked it long and slow, letting his hot flesh warm my wet tongue. I didn’t care that he was jealous. How can a man be jealous if I am sucking on his cock?

By both of their moans, it sounded like the boys approved of my desires. As I slowly started to suck on Matt’s cock, I turned as best as I could and I looked over at Jeff. His eyes met mine and he smiled as Matt’s long, hard, saliva coated cock slid in and out of my hot, wet mouth. He then looked down at the gorgeous woman sucking his own cock and smiled even wider.

I started to suck a little faster and I gripped on his long cock a little tighter. I had made one of them cum and now I wanted the taste of Matt’s cum to mix with Amber’s on my tongue.

Reaching between my legs, I pulled my panties to the side and I started to rub my pussy hard and fast with my free hand.

Matt started to moan and I could feel him try to buck his hips and fuck my face, even though he was confined to the chair. I felt his hand on the back of my head and I knew I would be rewarded soon. He pushed my head down and then he grunted and then I heard a strained moan. I kept trying to slide it in and out of my mouth even though he stopped moving and his hand was pushing his shaft deep into my mouth.

Matt jerked once and then I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth and throat. As he did, he let out a loud yell. It was a very different experience than when Jeff came, but I LOVED that it was different.

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