my cousins wife

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my cousins wife
hi my name is paul and i want to tell you how i fucked my cousins wifenow im a reg guy witha reg sized cock between 6.5and 7 inches ave thickness and preety mucg the average joe not i have a cousin that comes by to visit is what he says but the real reason is to bum cash off me when he an which isnt very ofter with the exception of 5 or 10 dollars for gas i almost allways have beer and most of the time something a little harder whisis their d**g of choice but its for recreational use only well a few days ago they happened to stop by on their way home and as usual they were hungy and thirsty so i told them the food is in the house the pans in the cubburt and the cooks is on days off so if you want to eat you’ll haver tyo cook it they cooked
9left the dishes for me to wash) and ate then his wife said she wanted to visit her friend and said she wouldnt be long
while she was out my cousin started telling me how she went throughthe moey so i liostened to him tell me that she was getting out of hand and was using more and more s much that he couldnt make ends meet so ha had started to pimp her out but couldnt get much now at this time i would like to tell you some things about her shes not bad looking but has no figure to speak of and to be honest is what most guys call a dead fuck they decided to try selling home made porn to an online site nt hamster and i wont say the name but after they madeit she showed me the first one made by hidden cam and through the entire video she never moaned or showed any kind of emotion i mean even the pror make sounds fake as they sound they show some kind of emotion but this chick was silent even charlie chan made more noise the she did anyway back to the story he said they were so broke they didnt even have gas money because the friend she went to visit wasnt really a friend buthe knew she would come back with something to use to get them home and was sure the last ten busks wouldnt make it back to my house after he finisheda had to ask if he was serious about pimping her out he said he had to get something besides dope for her cunt after thinking about it i knew he was right and i also knew he wasa going to hit me up for money to get home so asaid well if thats already going on and you just said you were going to need money to get home why not loan her to me so i can get something in return for the money i always loan you that you never pay back
he thoughtabout it and said why the fuck not that bich will fuck for almost anything so i asked how much money he was going to need to get home he said twenty would be more than enough i said ok but youll need smokes and thing of than nature as well right he said they would so sugjested that he tell her they were staying the night because i had asked for his help with some electricalwiring and since he knew more about it he could help she was very thrilled about it but agreed to stay the night
well the ten dollars didnt make it to long til she was out again
she went to the bathroom and after a couple mins she called him in as well she told him to ask me if i would hook her up and she would pay me for it later well he hadalready given me the run down so when she went to the bathroom he whispered what shes going tell me to ask you sure enough after a few more mins they both came out and making a joke i said whats wrong she for get how to wipe because i just put a roll in there he laughed and sain no she wanted to tell mewhat her friend had said
i said ok so i got up went to the fridge and as i was getting another beer she slipped out the front door and went to the car when i was walking back i said where didshe go
he said to hide while i do the dirty work i said ok wait a few more mins then go out to the car and tell her i said i would need the money before i would let anything go she came in very upset and was walking back and forth pounting when she couldnt stand it anymore she said well ask your cousin if hell loan ud twenty dollars for gas so we can make back home güvenilir bahis he said to her i did and thats why im staying to help he says that loaning money is no longer an option so again she pouted it must have been ten mins later she went to the bathroon and a min later called him in again when he came out she stayed behind he walked up and told me whatshe was needing and would give herself to me if i would either hook her upor loan my cousin some money to go gut some stuff
i asked how much he said she only wanted twenty so i said look tell her ill loan you fifty so you wont have to ask again later but she stays no less than two hrs and if she prevers to trade then she stays all night so i can have her and we have a deal she agreed quickly because he went in and walked back out like a flash he told me she would stay the two hrs but that was all then he leaned in and said if you put a litte extra i know she will stay all nigh so i put the stuffin a baggie and told him she had to come andget it
she came out and held out her hand i said before this is handed to you i need to know what comes in the packgage she was expecting me to ast that but she said everything
i said explain everything she made it short and clear yo can fuck every hole as long as im here or until tomorrow morning when we leave i said any hols what about positions and such
she said you can do anything anywhere anyway you want
i gave her the baggie and said i want you in my bed in fifteen mins butt naked and ready to fuck she said fine ill be tnere she went to the bathroom for the third time but this time he wasnt invited to join her he told me how he wished she would make some kind of noise when she fucked but she had never do that i told him i would make her scream and brg before the night was through fifteen mins later she quietly walked to my room and got into bed i told him that in a way i it wouldnt be a real fuck then told him i was going to bed but he shouldnt go to bed just just if he wanted to hear her make noise and went to the room
when i got inside the room she was butt naked and on the bed
to make things easier i told her i had been wanting o fuck her since i first met her that seemed to take the tension off so i sweet talked to her making her more comfortable being in bed with her husbands cousin well after almost thirty mins of talking she had warmed up the the fact we were going to fuck so before i got ready for bed i pulled some stuff and told her it was a gift and she need not tell him about it well that was the right thing to say because she not only warmed up she got right friendlywith me so after she did her thing and was still friendly i asked if she wouldnt mind me tieing her to the bed shedidnt have a problem with it i assured her i would wear a condom and told her to lay on her stomach she did so i tied her arm one to each bed post then i pulled her legs together and tied the at the ankles i started to move thing around so she wouldnt know wg=hat i was really doinf was getting the cameras turned on and aimed fight which was the reaon i wanted her on her stomach well i asked if i could leave the lights on she said sure and i walked to the bottom of the bed and climed in as i did i grabbed the ankle cuffs and lifted her legs up towards the ceilng there i then laid her legs over my right shoulder and with my left i slowly slipped on a penis extention i had bought months before when i had it on a told her i was going to give her a fucking like she had never dreamed she would get then i aimed my cock to her cunt and pushed the head in her she didnt make a sound so i slowly started pumping my cock in and out only giving her 3 to 4 inches she finally saidwell are you goint to fuck me or just tease me as soon as she finished saying that i let her have everything at once now like i said before im average say 6.5 but that 4 inch extention made it total almost 11 inches and she had all of it crammed so deep inside all she could do was lrt out a long grunt folloed türkçe bahis by a short gasp
when i pulled out i only pulled half and forced her cunt to accept all 10.5 inces she now was begining to talk everty tme i forced to cunt to take 10.5 i heard hes say oh my god so i started to speed up and she began to cuss sayibng oh fuck fuck fuck fucvk fuckhow bigf is that cock i didnr answer for over twenty mins i was puonding her by then she had started talking dirty she kept saying oh fuck youre making me cum shit fuck your making me cum then sfter she was done she said omg i necver had anybody fuck my like this keep fucking my cunt i want you to fuck me raw my husband doesnt last ten mins and im lucky if i cum at all when he fucks me i put my hands on her ass and opened the cheeks by the way her asshole was opened i knew she fucked up her ass so i asked if i still had the option of every hole she answred shit if you fuck like this all the time then you will own me my ass and my pussy but thers no way i can handle your cock down my throst so please let me take the offer away
i sai i was fine as long as i fucked her ass when i was done fucking her cunt she said well how much longer can you keep fucking i said well most times it pretty short about two and a half hrs but theres times like tonight i wanna fuck longer and it takes me around 5 hrs if i take my time if i power fuck 3 to 4 hrs
she almot yelled out holy fuck ing shit i cant take no two hrs of that cock fucking my
e im almost raw right now so herry up and cum so my cunt will stop cuming so i said ok ill speed up ut im warning you its going hurt when i di ot she said i dont give a fuck just hurry up so you can get that fuck dick out of my cunt so i pushed her legs to her head untied one hand told heer to hold her legs right there on her head a i would try to hurry knowing there was no chace of me cuming with the extension on i started to power fuck her as hard as i could and as deep as her pussy woul let in she was screaming bloody murder while i hammered her cunt i grabber her and turned her on her side and continued to fuck this bitch til she has stopped screaming im pain and started scaeming with pleasure she was telling me she wanted to stay here and her man could go back she had fallen in love with me and would never lean me i know she might of meant it at the time i had fucked her senseless and now she loved fucking my big thick cock she started begging me to stick it up her ass shed wanted fo feel her ass getting stretched and said her asshole was jelous and needed some fucking cock inside right now i pull the bitch the the edge of the bed untied her feet and had her bent over the edge of the bed thei pull her ass open put the head on her rose bud and forcd my cock inro her ass once the head was i i let her have it all balls deep in hdr ass she let out a scream fololowed by crying as i fuck her ass hard and fast im not sure if she passed out from the pain or the exhaustion but after ten mins of puonding on her ass she went limp so i pulled out and went to the living room where my coousin sat looking at the wall with a blank stare in his eyesd i told him he could go sleep in my bed and i would take the couch
when morning came which was only 3 or 4 hrs after i she passed out i was in the kitchen when he came in he said she was still asleep and he was hungry so i offered to make every one breakfast since i was already making mine he said thanks and went to wake her up she woke up aright but when she tried to get out of bed she was so sore she could hardly move so i told him there was some icey hot and advil in the bathroom cabnet while he went to the cabnet to get them i poured a cold glass of water and a glass of orange juice he took them to her and twenty mins later she came out of the room almost walking like a duck as she waddled ti the table sat down and slowly eat
when i was done aetind i asked him if he would go see what tools were going to needed to finish the job he went out güvenilir bahis siteleri to the back yard and she told me her pussy and ass were hurting real bad abnd might not walk straight for a month but as soon as she could walk againg she was coming back for another fucking like the one she had gotten lastnight
i said you didnt let me finish by the time you wet to sleep she said sleep my ass you made me pass the fuck out the last thing i remember was the house spinning around real fast then nothing until i woke up
she added god that was so fucking greatif i could walk i would love to get fucked again i said well lets get at it she said i cant im to sore my pussy is so fucking raw if i have to pee i wnt be able to wipe clean it burns so much i said well theres that ass i only fucked it for about ten mins she said it might have been ten mins but it feels like ten hours but i promise ill be back to gert fucked like that i will leave my husband if hes says i cant let you fuck me again imnot k**ding ive never had anyone make me scream like you made me scream lastnight she had finished eating and i was picking up the plates when my cousin walked in and said he was finished i asked why he said it was only a couple of loose wires but everythingis fixed i tryed the lights and plugs and he was right they all worked she said she want to rest some more if it was ok we both said it was ok she waddled back to my room and went back to sleepit was dusk when she woke up again and she was feelingbetter so they started gathering their things my cousin said he was going to get their thing and take them to the car when we walked out i saw her going to the bathroom so i quickly went to my room slipped on the extention and went to the restroom
i checked and it was unlocked i opened it just enough to see what shwe was doing she was putting on her make up so i sneaked in and left the door open by the time she saw me i was standing right behind her i thought she was going t stop me but she didnt say a word as i pulled her pants and panties down at the same time i grabbed by the haid and pulled her top the toilet and made her bent over it seat just then i hear my cousin come in she heard him as well and started to stand up nut i still had her hair and forced her back doen i told her to pullher ass cheeks open she didnt hesitate and reached behind her ass and pulled then open i put the hean on her rose bud and forced it inside the like lastnight i drove it all the way in she was still sore and let out a loud grunt as i shoved my cock in but once i was balls deep and started fucking her the pain was replaced with loud moaning as herass and dody ajuted and started to enjoy getting fucked i was ten mins or so into fucking her ass when i decided to try her cunt again she was so fucking wet that my cocvk slid in and balls deep with out any trouble my cousin stood there watching me fuck the living shitt out of her pussy and ass for over an hr she had started shaking so i pulled out put my cock in my pants and slapped her ass as i walked away he asked her why she had let me fuck her knowing he would be right back she said i wanted him to fuck me in front of you so you could see how a real man fucks a horny bitch like me and ill tell you right now every chance i get im coming over here just so he can fuck me if you dont like it to bad im his bitch and ill be his slut he thats what he wants me t be but until you can make me feel liks he does ill be comeing for him to fuck the shit out of me he said well if your his bitch or slut call him back let him fuck you til you pass out like you did last night
she yelled out my name and said baby come fuck yiou slut while he watches i came back and asked if everything was ok she she he wants to see how a real man makes me screan like a bitch anf fuck like a slut getting fucked like a whore so if you want t you can fuck me anytime you want whether hes heres watching or no im your slut to fuck anytime if yu feel like fucking call me ill dive over here juxst so you can fuck you nasty slut
this is a true story to this day she has no idea i used the extension and when she finds out it will be a hell of thing to try to explain but for now she thinks im the greatest lover ever little does she know lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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