My Demands Ch. 02

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Note: This will be the last chapter in this mini-series. I’m moving on to something else. But I hope you enjoyed my dealings with Robert and Michelle and Richard. I did. (smile)


To recap Chapter One: I was in possession of a stunningly erotic sex video starring local executive Robert Dunn and his trophy wife Michelle. The video was secretly recorded by Mr. Dunn upon my orders. Several weeks prior to the recording, I witnessed Mr. Dunn backing into another vehicle in a parking lot, then driving away as if nothing had happened.

Well, something HAD happened. I saw it and I wasn’t going to let the guy get away with it. Because of contacts I had at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and by using the Internet, I was able to track down a lot of information about the Dunns and the victim of this “crime”.

I got in touch with Mr. Dunn and began making my demands. He had met every one so far, with the video being the latest. With the sex tape now in my possession, it was time to raise the stakes.

As a nineteen year old college student I could always use cash. But I wanted something more sexually gratifying. Call me a slut if you wish, but this was turning out to be a whole lot of fun. And did I mention sexually gratifying?

Richard Adkins was the owner of the car Robert Dunn ran into. Mr. Adkins was a forty-two year old construction worker with a wife and two kids. Car repair was an unexpected expense he could hardly afford around the holiday season. Now it was just a matter of how to tell Mr. Adkins I had certain knowledge that would help him…and determine what my “price” would be.

I wrote him a letter.

Mr. Adkins: Hi. I’m Justine. A few weeks ago I witnessed an accident involving your vehicle. The driver of the SUV that hit you didn’t know I saw it until I contacted him afterwards. He and I have been communicating back and forth about the whole affair. For a reason unknown to me right now, he does NOT want the police or insurance company or his wife to know about the accident. He has done everything I’ve asked of him so far. One of those things was to provide a video of him having sex with his wife. A copy of that video is enclosed. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?? Her name is Michelle. Would you like to meet her? Contact me using the Post Office box number on the return address.

I had a friend at the Post Office intercept any mail for me and personally deliver it at the risk of being fired. He got to fuck me for his troubles and I got my mail. It was worth the risk.

The response from Mr. Adkins was swift and short.

Justine: I’d love to talk to her. I’m sure her and I can work something out in private. Don’t you?

I liked the way this guy thought. But there always has to be something in it for the middle-man, or in this case the middle-slut. I was doing my good deed for the day—maybe the year—by allowing the innocent victim to exact revenge. What was in it for me?

I let Mr. Adkins know.

Mr. Adkins: It was so nice to hear from you. I’m glad you considered my offer. I will arrange a ‘private’ meeting between yourself and Michelle Dunn. She will not know the true motive of my wanting to meet her. You will enter the scene at the appropriate time. What you do with her after that is up to you. My demand is that I be present and the ‘meeting’ be recorded on video. Please let me know if I should proceed.

He replied in the affirmative. Now it was time to get in touch with Michelle. This one was going to be a little tricky because I had to keep Robert out of it. I spent a couple days working out the details before I was ready to act.

The first task was getting Michelle to come to my place alone. That was best done with a phone call.

“Hello?” the female voice at the other end said.

“Hi. Is this Michelle?” I asked in a perky voice.


“Hi, Michelle. My name is Julie.” I wasn’t going to give too much real information away until I knew whether she’d buy into it or not. “I’m a friend of Rob’s.”

Having watched the video many, many times, I knew that was what Michelle called her husband, at least during hot sex.

“I’m calling because I need you to know something,” I continued.

“Is he hurt?” she asked in a panicky voice.

“Oh no, no. It’s nothing like that,” I tried to sound friendly again. “But Rob is involved in something you should know about. It adversely affects him and, thus, you.”

There was a long hesitation. “Are you with the insurance company?” Michelle finally asked.

So it WAS the insurance company Robert Dunn was hiding from. That information might prove very, very useful in the future.

“No. I’m not with anybody. I just need to talk to you…in private,” I said.

If her husband was being hounded for something by the insurance company, Michelle was probably somewhat relieved to hear it was just ME that wanted to talk to her.

“OK. Where?” she asked.

“At my place.” I didn’t want to give her the address ahead of time, so we agreed on a date and ataşehir escort bayan time to meet at a local fast food restaurant. I explained that I’d bring her to my place from there. And I finished by warning her not to bring anybody with her or she and ‘Rob’ would be very sorry. I had no clue what I’d do, but I sounded credible.

The only hang up would have been if Richard Adkins wasn’t able to be at my place at that time. But my fears were for naught as he quickly agreed to be here a half hour before I was to bring Michelle over. So far so good.

My instructions to Richard were simple: Michelle Dunn would be alone with me while he waited in a bedroom down the hall. We decided on a ‘trigger’ phrase, and when he heard it he was to come out. What he did with Michelle was up to him, as long as nobody got hurt. I would be present with camera in hand.

We would each get a copy of the video and then decide how best to benefit from it. I was too excited about what was about to happen to worry about what to do with it afterwards. It made me wet just thinking about it.

Richard Adkins ended up being a fairly decent looking guy; big, strong, imposing. Not somebody you’d want to mess with. But he was extremely pleasant to me when I let him in and he thanked me profusely for the opportunity I was providing. He was a nice guy who, I suspected, was about to do something not very nice to Robert Dunn’s wife.

He asked if I had any scarves. I didn’t, but he accepted the belt to my robe in lieu of a scarf. My heart pounded with anticipation as I left him in the bedroom and drove to pick up our friend Michelle.

She was right on time, looking even more beautiful in person than in the dimly lit video. She wore a tight-fitting sweater and designer jeans. God, she was hot.

I sensed considerable anxiety on her part, a good sign for me and Richard. It was becoming more and more obvious that she and Robert, for all their status, were living in fear of something dreadful. It was my hope to take full advantage of that fear.

Michelle followed me into my home after the short drive. I offered her a drink and had her take a seat in the living room, close to the hallway. She accepted her drink with a shaky hand.

“So, what news do you have for me?” Michelle asked, no longer capable of waiting.

I sat down and didn’t respond right away. She needed to know I was in control. I made direct and serious eye contact with her.

“Well, Michelle, it seems your husband has been a naughty boy. Did you know he was such a lousy driver?”

I saw her entire body tense up like a guitar string. She looked away as if that would make me disappear. Clearly, this was a touchy subject.

I continued. “He was involved in a hit-and-run. I witnessed it. But he doesn’t know that.”

This was risky. If Richard had spilled the beans to Michelle, she’d know I was lying. But why would he go through everything I made him go through and then tell her? I wasn’t sure who he wanted to know about it the least: the insurance company or Michelle.

“I’ll pay you anything you want. Name a price. If it’s possible, I’ll get it,” she said, leaning forward in her chair.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her semi-exposed breasts. There’s no way she couldn’t have noticed and I felt somewhat embarrassed by the time I finally looked at her face.

“I’ll do anything,” she added, almost in tears. Maybe she COULD read my mind.

“Michelle, it really disturbs me that a highly paid executive like your husband can get away with this shit, while the poor middle-class dude he hit is stuck with a big, fat repair bill,” I said with disdain. “I have lots of choices here. I can go to the insurance company. I can go to the police. I can call a local TV station and see if their Looking Out For You squad, or whatever the fuck they call it, is interested.”

“No! No! Please,” Michelle begged, almost coming out of the chair. “I’ll do anything, I swear.”

That’s when she lost it. All the angst going back to who knows when was let out in one long, dreadful burst of tears and sobs. The woman in me felt truly sorry. The slut in me saw a prime opportunity.

I walked over to her chair and sat on the arm. I put my arm around her and let her bury her head in my side while I held her. Her face was just inches from my breast. I could feel the edge of her breast at my fingertips.

“It’s alright, Michelle. I know it must be hard. Things happen, you know.” I waited for my sympathetic tone to sink in. “I admire the fact you are standing by your man. I’d hate for anything to happen between you two because of something he’s into.”

“I CAN’T lose Rob,” she sobbed. “I’d die without him. He’s made some mistakes, but we’re trying the best we can to work it out. Nobody wants to listen to us. And now THIS. Please let me try to resolve it without him getting involved.”

She was regaining her composure just in time. She was practically begging for what I had in store for her.

I made sure escort kadıöy I was facing the hallway and raised my voice a little. “Michelle, there are consequences for everything we do.”

On cue, Richard came out of the bedroom and entered the living room just as Michelle answered, “I know that.”

She turned in her chair with a jolt when she realized Richard was behind her. I moved off the arm and stood up.

“Who…what…,” she stammered.

“Hi, Michelle. I’m the guy your husband ran into,” Richard said with a very serious look on his face. “Justine here was kind enough to track me down and inform me that she knew who wrecked the front of my car. I think we need to talk.”

Michelle looked up at me. “So you…you arranged this so…,” Michelle started to say.

“So we could all get together and ‘resolve it’, as you so aptly put it,” I said. “I’m just acting as a mediator.”

“Justine, why don’t you put this in and start it up,” Richard said, handing me the video of Michelle and Robert.

I set everything up and walked back to where Michelle and Richard waited, eyes glued on the TV. The video started at the point where Michelle, flat on her back on the bed with Robert frantically thrusting his cock into her, was about to cum. Her screams were still music to my ears, despite all the times I had watched the scene.

Michelle was white as a ghost in her chair, her eyes fixated on the screen.

“Where…how did you…get this?” she asked nobody in particular.

“That’s not important,” I answered. “Oh…here. I love this part!”

There was no mistaking Michelle’s orgasm. I quickly looked over and confirmed what appeared to be the beginning of a nice erection in Richard’s pants.

“Anyway, what I was saying was that how we got this isn’t a big deal. What Richard and I may do with it IS.”

“No! You can’t!” Michelle nearly shouted, barely able to take her eyes off the video.

“Yes we can. And we will,” Richard said. “This would be a hit on some amateur porn web site.”

Michelle looked at him with pure terror in her eyes.

“Unless, of course, we can work something out,” he said with a much less threatening tone.

“Name it,” Michelle responded in the most submissive voice I’d ever heard.

Richard looked at me. “Are you ready?”

I walked over to the cabinet where I stored my video camera. After checking the settings, I nodded to Richard. “Ready.”

“Stand up,” Richard ordered a somewhat surprised Michelle.

She obeyed with a look of resignation. I started the camera.

“Take off your clothes,” Richard said.

With the sounds of Robert Dunn showering his wife’s face, neck and chest with shot after shot of cum playing in the background, the lovely Michelle Dunn began to strip. I tried to keep my hand steady as I captured it all.

I zoomed in on Michelle’s lacy bra-covered breasts as she tossed aside her top. Then she deliberately took off her pants, exposing a matching pair of tiny panties. She hesitated for a second before getting a look from Richard that could only be interpreted as ‘Keep going’.

She reached between her breasts and unhooked her bra. ‘This is the sexiest woman I’ve ever met,’ I thought to myself. Then she removed the bra and I walked towards her, never taking the camera off those incredible tits.

I can be jealous of a cute girl who wears a pair of jeans one size smaller than me, or has better hair than me. But it’s impossible to be jealous of a woman like Michelle Dunn. She was a goddess standing in my living room half naked, soon to be completely naked. In awe was a better description of how I felt.

She looked at the camera nervously. Then she pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. I had to zoom back out for a moment to capture the entirety of her beauty.

“Turn around,” Richard commanded.

Michelle’s perfect little ass with the rounded cheeks and smooth skin looked SOOOO inviting. I couldn’t imagine how horny Richard must have been. I figured I’d find out soon enough.

“Now come over here and take out my cock,” he said.

Michelle obeyed like a young child. I followed her with the camera as she glided across the room. She seemed to float when she walked, especially now in all her nakedness.

She knelt in front of Richard and opened his belt. She methodically unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. The pants gathered at his ankles and a sizable tent under his boxers became evident.

Perhaps trying to put off the inevitable, Michelle reached inside the opening at the front of the boxers and pulled out Richard’s cock, rather than taking off his boxers. Richard didn’t protest.

I zoomed in again, standing at the couple’s side. In the view finder I had the side of Michelle’s face and the entire length of Richard’s cock. That is, until it began to disappear between Michelle’s lips. I had this gut feeling that sucking cock was not new to Mrs. Dunn. The look on her face was one of someone doing something that came quite natural.

After maltepe escort a half dozen strokes, the cock was thick and shiny and very, very hard. I pulled back to get all of Michelle’s naked body and the look of delight on Richard’s face. I felt the wetness between my own legs grow and start to seep into my panties. I would be impressed if Richard could hold out much longer.

Just when Michelle’s pace was quickening and he seemed most likely to be ready to cum, Richard said, “OK. Stand up.”

I couldn’t tell if Michelle was glad or sad to do as she was told. But by the time she was back on her feet, Richard had stripped naked. He really did have a good body and it didn’t hurt to have a large erection. The two of them made a pretty nice pair for my video.

“Go into the bedroom.”

Richard pointed the way down the hallway and I followed them, capturing the gentle sway of Michelle’s beautiful tight ass. As exciting as Michelle’s striptease was and the sight of her giving Richard a blowjob, I knew it would pale in comparison to what would happen next. And I didn’t even have a clue what he was up to. All I knew was, it was probably going to be good.

“Get on the bed,” Richard ordered. I kept filming as Michelle sat on the bed, then gracefully swung her legs on top of the covers.

“Put your hands above your head.”

Michelle looked a little surprised at the latest command, but did it anyway. Her breasts were magnificent, stretched upward by her actions. She held her legs tightly together as Richard leaned over the bed.

That’s when I noticed the belt to my robe intertwined through a couple openings in the headboard. Richard took the two ends, wrapped them around Michelle’s wrists, and tied them tightly together. There was no way she was escaping from that…and I loved it.

Apparently Richard did, too. Because the erection that had dissipated slightly while moving to the bedroom was coming back to life. This was going to be the payback to end all paybacks.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Michelle said in a low, weak voice.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Richard assured her. “By the time we’re done you may be begging for more.”

I didn’t know if Michelle caught it, but his use of ‘we’ was music to my ears. I was beginning to want this woman a little more each passing moment. And now, she was defenseless against anything ‘we’ wanted to do.

Richard climbed onto the bed. His cock wagged ominously above Michelle’s body as he straddled her legs. He let it drop onto her flat, firm stomach, then moved up until it entered the narrow space between her breasts. I moved around the bed looking for the perfect angle. In fact, there was no BAD angle to watch what was happening on my bed.

Richard moved his cock on top of Michelle’s left breast and let it slither back and forth across her nipple. Within seconds the nipple was double its original size. Michelle squirmed, either in protest or from stimulation. I made a mental note to revisit that area later.

Then the cock was moving up towards her face. It brushed across her neck and over her chin. Michelle turned her face so it sat on her cheek. I zoomed in just in time to see it touch her lips.

“Take it, bitch. Suck my cock like you did before. We know you love it. Now take it,” Richard said.

Michelle’s head turned again to face the ceiling. The cock lay across her mouth, waiting for the woman’s tongue. She spread her lips and let it sink between them. Then she rolled her head left and right, licking the hard shaft and embracing it with her lips.

Richard let her suck it this way for a moment before taking the tip and pressing it against her lips straight on. Michelle did not hesitate taking it into her mouth and letting Richard force it as far down as he wanted. In fact, I was amazed at how much of the cock Michelle accepted without any signs of complaint.

“That’s it,” Richard encouraged her. “God, you’re so good.”

It was becoming more and more difficult to hold the camera steady. My entire body was filled with sexual energy with no way to release it. I was equally turned on by Richard and Michelle: Richard because of his muscular body and long, hard, thick cock and Michelle because of her beautiful, naked body stretched out on my bed in total submission.

Richard fucked Michelle’s mouth for another minute or two. As much as I would have loved to watch cum pour from the edges of her mouth, I really wanted to see him fuck her tight pussy. From the movement of Michelle’s hips in rhythm with his cock, it appeared she did as well. Whether the movements were involuntary or not was irrelevant. I think she REALLY wanted to be fucked by this guy.

“OK, babe. As good as you are at that, it’s this lovely cunt I’m really after,” Richard said, pulling his cock from between Michelle’s lips.

He was staring down at her neatly shaven pussy. He positioned his knees between her legs.

“Now open up,” he demanded. Michelle was already obeying before he could get the words out. She spread her legs and bent her knees, presenting her entire body for him to use.

I focused on the lips surrounding her pussy, catching a shimmer of moisture near the bottom. A thin strip of hair rose above her clit. Otherwise, the area was as smooth as her ass.

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