my discovery

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my discovery
Hello everyone. It’s me again auntie norma,
this is my second attempt to write a story that took place before I got involved with my nephew.
You all know my story of what happened how it happened when it happened told by my nephew now my husband.

technically i’ve been involve with him since day one. But now I want to you all about what occurred during one night. One night out how I learned more about my self another side of me
that I didn’t know existed.

It was shortly before the experience with my nephew I was 24 yrs old or so. I had just gone through a real bad separation working on the divorce went out with some friends. A night on the town to a club can’t remember the clubs name. It was girls night out. We all got dressed all real sexy.

I wore a nice black top showing my soft skin shoulders and much of my cleavage.. short skirt black heels.

Sense we couldn’t decide on particular a spot to go to we just began to club hop we went to one after another at the end we spotted one with real good music very crowed we thought that it must be a good club plus it said women free before 10 it was like 9:35pm we got in line. when we got in we saw women dancing with women group couples dancing males with females all together thought nothing of it..

we sat down ordered some drinks..
I ordered jack and coke right off the bat my friends started to dance and enjoy themselves..I was just setting watching everyone dance I was enjoying the view and the music lots of cute guys there..

all of a sudden a very attractive female came to me rolling in a wheel chair because of what you all know now.. what I had experienced not so long ago.. now I laugh more because of my current situation.. she asked if she could set with me I said sure I guess.. I thought nothing of it just thought se was lonely.. she asked my name she I said norma… gave me hers Roxy..

she was very pretty dark black short curly hair. nice tanned… beautiful red full lips she sorta reminded me of Selena the texan singer that got killed years later…

she was actually built the same way too.. maybe a bit thicker bigger firmer breast not sure size but she was bigger then I was thats for sure..

so after we introduced ourselves we started to talk get to know one another.. I thought nothing of it..went to the restroom and when I got in there. it was packed as I was standing In line to use the toilet. I saw two females walk in holding hands one couple kissed one another while we were waiting…so I was like maybe its just a couple in this club thought nothing about I got back to the table where Roxy and I were sitting….

We continued to converse… she keep telling me how beautiful I was how she loved my eyes my smile and my blonde long hair.

she mention she loved my butterfly tattoo how cute it was and all..

To which I smiled and said thank you to all of her compliments. I told her she looked quite nice too.. that I actually loved her tanned skin wish I could obtain just as tanned and nice and smooth mine is as nice and smooth but with out the tan…

she wore a nice brown top v-neck exposing her nice rounded firm breast spaghetti strap top white tight pants.

I offered to buy her a drink. She accepted

Norma: what would you like to drink ? my treat…

Roxy: what are you having ??

Norma: jack and coke..

Roxy: ok i’ll have the same…what your having…

I went up to the bar to order our drinks
as I walked toward the bar I couldn’t help it feel like she was checking me out it felt a stare and looked back surely enough she was haha.. she smiled I smiled back and continued walking came back.

Norma: here you go..

Roxy: thank you.. girl your really working that dress..

Norma: why thank you.. you think so..

Roxy: oh yes you are.. i’m not sure .. but I think you caught me checking you out…ha ha ha…

Norma: oh yes I did.. I had a feeling you were…are you into girls or something.. not judging just asking..

Roxy: I have to be honest..I hope it doesn’t offend you or make you feel uncomfortable… but yes I am.. and let me just tell you.. you look so sexy…. are you into women???

Norma: well no.. well never experienced being with one..

Roxy: never know until you try it.. you might like it…. (SMILE)

honestly….i was feeling good comfortable flattered after having a bad a experience a lovely girl was actually hitting on me.

During all this time I didn’t even think about what i’ve been though or the fact that my friends were out in the dance floor and left me all by myself..

as we kept talking she got closer and just kept talking she was getting a little more comfortable with me as was I.. maybe not on the same page but yet I was fond of her…at a notice moment we had a moment of stare at each other. I wasn’t sure what was going on
I was finding my self liking her.. I thought nothing I was just thinking maybe its her sweetness and being heartbroken…

I told her about my self and what occurred she held my hand and just told everything will get better in due time and I will find someone better who will appreciate me for who I am. She told me about her experiences which wasn’t much..because of her condition.. to which I responded no way.. your so pretty have a nice figure.. you remind me of Rachel Starr but with the thickness of Selena…

Roxy: thank you.. your beautiful if not even more.. i’d eat you up…


I giggled and said thank you..

Roxy: mmm these drinks are good..

Norma: aren’t they..

Roxy: would you like another one…my treat now…

Norma: sure why not..

Roxy: would you mind go getting them for us…

Norma: you just want to check me out huh…( giggles)

Roxy: ummm….nooooo.. why would you think that… ( laughter ) blushing-

Norma: relax mi teasing… i’m quite flattered.. you have very nice smooth skin.. nice tanned silky skin.. how old are you anyways..

Roxy: i’m 27…

Norma: shut up… no your not..

Roxy: i’m serious..

Norma: I was almost going to ask you for an ID.. “ wink ”

Roxy: aww.. really (giggles) how old are you

Norma: i’m older im 23-24… – I’m not sure what I told her but I think I was.. it was close to the time of when my nephew and I..

so… there I go for the drinks and sure enough she bursa escort was checking me out.. I turned back and smiled… she smiled… and I must be honest i’m not sure if it was her friendly side or the drinks but I was sorta checking her out too…

not sure if I should be worried or not its different never felt like this before.. whats going on.. maybe it was her sweetness we were vibing..

Norma: here you go…

Roxy: thank you..

Norma: no… thank you..
so Roxy are you seeing anyone currently?

Roxy: no.. no one at the moment…its hard for me to have a date…

Norma: how so.. what do you mean?

Roxy: well not many people are open to date someone in a wheel chair… well im getting to know someone whos just beautiful a cute blonde that I just met…

Norma: oh my gawd Roxy…
your making me blush….

Roxy: what.. well your so darn beautiful your one hot momma….

Norma: oh wow..never been told that before.. and here I thought no one would even look at me after my last relationship..being I Mexican American.. all I hear is estas bien buena.. things like that.. and after my last experience well.. just keeping to my self now…

Roxy:oh I know what you mean.. I hear men call other women that.. or que rica estas.. men are fools.. I think thats why I became a lesbian.. maybe I can turn you into one 🙂

Norma: oh stop ( laughter )
you might convince me…. ( laughter )

Roxy: I certainly would love to try…

Norma: oh my… it’s hot in here….

Roxy: i’m sorry I hope I’m not offending.. I think these drinks are getting to me…but you are gorgeous.. you remind me of someone but I can’t quiet think of it.. i’m getting tipsy I think
( giggles )

Norma: oh I know me too…3 jacks and cokes….

Roxy: but they are good..

Norma: oh yes they were.. or who did you come with..

Roxy: no unfortunately I don’t drive..
and I came alone I came on a vehicle service for people who are disabled…

Norma: oh I see…if you like when I leave I can take you home…

Roxy: your so kind.. but couldn’t do that I can go with them back home..

Norma: don’t be silly.. its ok Insist…or you can go back to my place.. who do you live with..

Roxy: my parents..

Norma: even better so you won’t disturb them.. stay with me spend the night at my place..

Roxy: are you sure.. don’t want impose…

Norma: no no no..not at all.. I would hate to send you home buzzed..

Roxy: aww your so sweet.. thank you…

and she surprised she leans over and gave me peck on the lips….

I was caught off guards I just sat there and didn’t move a muscle her lips pressed against mine…I was surprised but I didn’t mind it at all.. I mean it was just an innocent kiss…she was buzzed and grateful..

so I thought….

we finished our drink then headed out… she got into the car I folded the chair put it the back of the trunk.. and off we went…

on the way home we kept making eye contact listening to music. Once we got there we went into the house I turned on the lights…

Norma: mi casa es su casa…

Roxy: hablas espanol..

Norma: si claro… mis padres son Mexicans..

Roxy: oh que chevere.. yo crei que eras solo Americana.. por tu color de piel y tu pelo guero…yo tambien hablo espanol.. yo soy boricua….

Norma: con razon…

Roxy: con razon??

Norma: Si con razon.. porque todas las mujeres boricuas son muy guapas y porcierto dicen que muy calientes..

Roxy: te gustaria averiguarlo ( giggles )….no shame in my game..

Norma: ya veo.. no si estas como quieres….
como paco….

Roxy: gracias.. como paco???

Norma: si como paco.. como pacomerte..

Roxy: deveras tu probarias este delicioso manjar… mi chocha sabe riquisima.. te gusta peludita o afietada?

Norma: oh my… nunca las he probado.. la mia esta afietada…. como te gusta mi hogar??

Roxy: jajaja….muy linda.. pero no mas linda que la duena….

Norma: hay gracias…
gustas algo de beber…

Roxy: si como no gracias.. que tienes de beber….

Norma: deja veo..

I go into the kitchen all I had was beer left from the idiot that lived here…i took two..
by that time Roxy was in the sofa..

Norma: oh my.. why didnt you wait you could have fallen.. especially after a few drinks…

Roxy: i’m ok thank you.. thanks for the beer..

Norma: sorry… but thats all I have at the moment…

Roxy: oh no thats fine thank you…

and I sat right next to her and we kept talking she saw my photos and those three boys were my k**s.. which were at his house for the weekend….

Roxy: you have beautiful c***dren.. I see where they get there good looks..

Norma: oh why thank you.. they are my life…

Roxy: I hope to have my own one day…

Norma: i’m sure you will..

Roxy: well if I get lucky.. I can’t I could always adopt too.. and have a started one… 🙂

Norma: oh my goodness… ( LAUGHTER )

as we were close she leaned over and give me my first official full french kiss first it was just lip to lip then she opened her mouth licks my lips… slips her tongue into my month did nothing to stop her… in fact I responded with a kiss of of my own..and my tongue playing with hers as she put her hands on my shoulders then kisses my neck.. and we leaned back she laid over me we were kissing and she puts her hand on my lap rubbing my leg it was getting headed up… slips her hand underneath my skirt in between my legs into my panties starts to rub my clit I immediately start to get turned on… wet my legs start to close holding her hand in between and she just starts to finger bang me with effort I start to loosen up and let her play with my clit as we are kissing..

she stops kissing me and stares into my eyes..

Norma:dios mios.. que me esta pasando.. se siente bien rico.. que manos pares porfavor….

Roxy: uuyy no.. claroo que no mamita.. te gusta???

Norma: aayy.. siii….jo….su puta madre….
no manches..

Roxy: te gusta como hago tu chochita…

Norma: encanta… se siente de poca….

Roxy: quieres que te c***..

Norma: ooo siii.. comeme.. lámame ya tengo mucho que no me comen..

Roxy: deveras carino…

Norma: oh yess.. my goodness.. deveritas…ya lambeme…

as I scoot down.. and she does as well.. she completely removes my panties. Pulls up my skirt she puts her head In between görükle escort bayan my legs starts to lick my clit… never had a woman eat me inside out.. darn it felt so good….

she came up and gave me another kiss on my lips unties my spaghetti stripes my breast come out my nipples were aroused and she starts to suck on them… that felt good..licks them… at the same time squeezes them with her hands.. she has a strong grip I guess because of all that pushing and transfering all that she does..

boy did she know how to use her mouth for someone with very little experience she was doing quite well..

with every lick ever bite she had.. it was driving my crazy… weather it was on my breast or clit..

not sure if all boricuas were the same but this one was freak….my goodness..

she looks up at me and asked me..

Roxy: can I toss your salad…

Norma: what is that?

Roxy: just turn around with your beautiful culito… facing me…

Norma: oh my… no please don’t… then I wouldn’t be able to kiss your beautiful sexy lips..

Roxy: ok mami….

Norma: oh my so sexy…. my you have woken something in me I never thought I had.. I think I like women now..

oh wow.. what am I doing.. this can’t be…

truth be told my family accepted this more then the other side of me.. once confessed they were shocked.. didn’t like the idea too much but still managed to deal with it…now the other thing well still not so much ata all.. which I think everyone would agree and be like.. helloo… of course they wouldn’t like it..


as has me with my legs spread open up in the air now.. her eating out.. I found my self.. caressing my breast pinching my nipples.. squeezing breast…

Norma: o dios….wow.. ughta…que ricoo…
en la madre… no manches…ijosuputa madre…..o sii.. si si.. no parees…

she was driving my crazying…..

she just kept digging in with her tongue.. licking around up and down.. nice and deep sucking me eating me..

Norma: damn baby…. oh my goodness…don’t stop.. don’t stop..oh pleease don’t stop….
hay siiii….no pares mi amorcito lindo.. comete mi panochita… uuuuyyyy…

she stopped and started to finger me..
she had strong hands…

Norma: uuuyyy que rico mueves tus deditos.. uff.. manos majicas… wow…

Norma: Roxy…ummm.. do you lick dick….

Roxy: uh yeah… but I love women more.. why?

Norma: well…. I was thinking.. maybe now I can please you… if you like..

Roxy: what do you have in mind…

Norma: well I have a dildo.. if you like I can use it on you.. do you want me to? ( Smile )

Roxy: look atchu… coming out.. here I thought you were a nice shy girl…

Norma: well I am.. but I have needs too.. and my idiot hubby didn’t do much for me..
but it’s only temporarily… I have my eyes set on someone already I just have to wait for sometime..

roxy: oh really.. how so..

Norma: well.. I cant really say much about it.. but its someone who I love so much.. its just hard to explain and describe….

Roxy: I see.. no te preocupes chica.. If you don’t want to talk about it.. it’s ok..

Norma: thanks for understanding..

and you all know who it was..

so by now I was naked my whole body glazed in sweat.. as was she…i went to look for the dildo..

Norma: i’ll be right back in a quick sec.. don’t go anywhere…

Roxy: I wouldn’t think of it.. wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world..

Norma: oh my… i’ll be right back…

I quickly ran into my room to look for it.. dug into the closet nothing went the drores
and fiiuuu.. found it… strapped it on… went to t he living room and there she was anxiously waiting for me..

Roxy: oh wow that is nice.. and it’s all for me.. please be gentle ( laughter )

Norma: oh I will sweetie…. ( smile )
do you want it in your panochita or culito..

Roxy: pordonde tu quieras… tu metemela…

Norma: mirala.. quien te viera…..
you wild one you….

Roxy: well I have needs too.. watching videos help but I need more..

Norma: oh I know exactly what you mean
I go to xhamster..and others..but like you mention.. it’s not the same.. I still need pussy or dick in my life…

soooo… do you want me to incert in you as we had planed or do you want to try it on me…but i’m afraid if you use it on me I might be too heavy for you..

Roxy: well I can get back in my chair scoot down and you hold your body on my arm handles..and I hold you by the waist…

Norma: oh my gawd.. have you done this before.. you have haven’t you..

Roxy: maybe once or twice (smile)

Norma: oh wow.. quien te viera canija..

Roxy: (giggle) let me get in my chair and scoot down a bit then you sit on my a bit and i’ll insert the dildo in you.. but let me put it on first..

I stand behind the chair holding it steady so she won’t.. from that I immediately help her undress completely and let me tell you wow.. she has a gorgeous figure despite her being in a wheel chair.. wow… nice ass.. great beautiful smooth skin.. her arms shoulders nicely built feminine her breast well what can I say.. equally as amazing nice racket.. nice perky nipples..

well you all know her description…

Roxy: look at you.. anxiously trying to tare everything off.. damn chica.. you really want me to hit that…

Norma: you have no idea how bad I want that in me coming from you.. I want you to really dig into my panocha.. and caress and squeez these titties with your hands…

me prendistes… you got me so freaking hot..

Roxy: oh I know what you mean as soon as I saw you at the club I was just amazed at your beauty.. I knew you were a lady but a freak in the sheets..

Norma: oh my gawd lol.. wow your bad.. but I like it..

Roxy: but i’m good at it…

so now she has the strap-on on…

Roxy: ok now turn around and show your sexy ass.. and let me put this bicho insde your lindo tracero…


Norma: oh my that was hard.. but I liked it…


Roxy: now come back towards me and give me that sexy culito…

Norma: yes. Ma’am…
she starts to insert little by little.. inch by inch slow.. until its all in and I’m sitting on her lap and she holds me by the waist.. and I hold my self on her arm wrist trying not to put a heavy load on her..

Norma: ha asi.. suaveciito… bursa escort bayan siii… asi..ugh…unnggg…oh my… oh yes… o dios…siii.. que rico…

Roxy: you like chica.. te gusta como te cojo el culito… te quite lo santita y te converti en mi putita….

Norma: My GAWD!!! YESSS!!!!… siiii… soy tu PUTA!… tu fiel putita… oh wow.. si si si.. cojeme rico… metemela mas… mas mas… o si…..

no manchess.. que rico…oh my…..

Roxy: oye chica que rico mueves tu culito.. lo meneas rico..


Norma: Uuwwww… that hurt but I liked it..
do it again… 🙂


Norma: oh yeah.. push that dick in baby.. dick into my ass… fuck me like man..

she then grabs me by he hair and puts around my waist and I start going up and down faster higher and harder and that way she pounds my ass like I so desire… with every time she goes in shes breaking the inside of my ass..

after a while we stop.. I stand before her I look at her she looks at me I bend and give a nice long passionate kiss.. I sit on her lap with my arms around her and my legs on her lap she held me with one arm on my waist and the other on my legs..we talked kissed talked kissed we made out if felt amazing never thought I could feel like this with another female I guess i’m was officially bi.

Because I just got fucked by another female.. and I loved it.. I really needed this.. I feel wanted desired like I can have love in my life again. I dont feel like a failure I can find someone who appreciates.. which I do later on in life ( wink ) ( wink )

as I sat on her lap looking into her eyes smiling but nude our bodies glazed covered in sweat playing with her long brunette hair I tell her…
Norma: my goodness roxy.. I never thought that in that night club i’d find someone as special as you.. someone who would make me feel things i’ve never felt before someone who would help me discover much more of me I never thought I had.

Roxy: well I never thought i’d find such a beautiful voluptuous sexy blonde who had a heart of gold who would not only give me time to talk have a few drinks but would give me the pleasure satisfaction of giving me an amazing wonderful night.

With that we both scream of joy like too excited young teenagers

Both: HAAAAA!!!!!

norma: do you want to make love again or do you want to just cuddle?
Personally I love being in your arms our bodies together your beautiful firm breast close to mine.

Roxy: what ever you want.. i’m game..
we can cuddle.. we can chingar as many times as you want mami… I love to chingar especially with you..

Norma: chingar? You call fucking, chingar?
Oh ok good to know.. I call it fucking. Culiar… and you can culiarme anytime you want…

Roxy: entonces ima culiarte right now..

Norma: uuuwwww… are you can fuck me again right now.. do you want rest a bit.. I dont want over do it..

Roxy: girl please.. I can take it.. you wont break me… can you handle more of it..

Norma: try me.. just because your my first female doesn’t me I cant fuck and keep up with you.. bring it on….
soy mas cabrona que bonita…

Roxy: I see.. but your both cabrona y bonita.. y buenisima!…

and with that she sucks on my breast leaving me a hickey as a souvenir I never had one before didn’t really like them but in this occasion I didn’t bother me one bit I actually felt flatter that a hot chick would want to leave something to claim me as taken…

I thought I would hurt but no she was quite gentle it actually felt nice someone ticklish well it was for me ha ha…

so as we were in her chair my self on her lap her holding me.. I asked her if she wanted to go into my room…

Roxy: oh ofcourse I want to go into your room we can have way more fun there…

Norma: great! Let me take you into my room.. lets leave everything here…

I got up excited wanting more… got behind her and helped push to my room…

Norma: OMG.. pardon my messy room I havent’t a chance to clean up with all that has been going on..

Roxy: no no not at all.. you should see my room it looks like there was an earthquake

I quickly through everything off my bed into the floor moving it under the bed… I pick her up into my arms she was 4’11 110lb 36d breast.

So she wasn’t heavy at all I laid her in the bed I helped her take off the strap-on for time time being..through to the ground I scooted down open her legs exposing her smooth hairless nice clit.

Which I start to lick lightly up and down nice and soft very gentle I suck on it giving soft nibbles
to which se responds…

Roxy: uuyyy siii.. dios… asii…. que rico….sii mamii.. no pareess…. oh my gawd……damn youu… you eat sooo freaking goood…… myy…….fuuuck… yes yes yes yes…..gooood yeesss!!!….

Norma: I never ate a female before… ever.. so i’m not sure if its normal for a fishlike taste but yet tangy all I can say is that I loved fench kissing her pussy..

mmmm.. llllmmmmm uuuugggg mmmm…

I was just digging in with my tongue enjoying her delicious fish she allowed me to eat and i’m not sea-food person…

imagine her laying in bed legs open her caressing her voluptuous tanned beautiful firm breast and me on all fours my underneath her legs eating my way into her sweet delicious tangy pussy..

heaven on earth for both of us me enjoying her and her seemingly enjoying the pleasures of being eaten

I stop eating her and start to kiss her tummy sliding up to her breast lick around her nipple sucking on them nibbling on them kiss her shoulders her neck as I kiss her I sucked on her neck leaving her a hickey as she did to me I kiss her lips softly slowly inserting my tongue into her mouth our tongues meet unite as one our bodies close to one another our breast rubbin against one another hodling hands…

the feeling was magnificent now I was sure I liked women no doubt about it.. but I also loved men well one in particular.

We stopped kissing and I rested my head over her and somehow we both fell asleep in that position just holding hands it was wild passionate night.

Next morning we had breakfast took a bath together played with one another kissed ate each other enjoyed one another one more time before getting ready and head out to take her home.

We saw eachother a few times introduced her to the family they were stunned but eventually accepted her and I introduced her to my lil man but she never knew what occurred after sometime we lost touch and never saw each other again..

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