My fantasy

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My fantasy
I’ve always had a secret desire to be abused by another man while Joe was away and when I finally confided in him of this, he agreed to it as long as I knew it might be painful and humiliating. I said I understood and he set about getting another man to fulfill my fantasy. I awaited the day and soon Joe said he had to go out of town on a business trip and wouldn’t be home for a day or two. When he left, I kissed him good-bye and went into the bedroom and came back out wearing a short black dress, bra, panties, black hose and heels. I was hoping my fantasy would come true right then and I wasn’t disappointed.
I was in the kitchen fixing a light lunch and didn’t hear the door open behind me. The next thing I knew I had a hand over my mouth and I was being forced down on the floor.
“Alright you fuckin’ whore” I heard the man say
“You’re gonna do what I want or I’m gonna fuckin’ beat you” he then added
“You understand?” he added
I could only mumble an agreement and as soon as I did I felt him grab hold of my dress and start to pull at it, trying to rip it off me. He let go of my mouth,
“Don’t hurt me” I pleaded with him; knowing in my mind Joe had sent him here and probably told him what he could do and not do.
“Shut the fuck up whore” he demanded as he slapped my face hard. He proceeded to yank on my dress, tearing it open and finally getting it off me as I raised my arms up. He spun me around, facing him,
“You like being a fuckin’ whore?” he asked me.
When I didn’t answered he slapped my face hard several times as I reeled back in pain,
“Please” I begged
“Answer me whore” he demanded as he slapped me some more.
“Yes, yes I like being a fuckin’ whore” I answered back as he grabbed my hair,
“Get on your canlı bahis şirketleri knees whore” he ordered and I rose up to my knees as he undid his belt, pulled his pants and shorts down and I knelt there staring at his nice hard cock.
“Open your mouth” he said and I did so.
He then grabbed hold of my hair and before I could do anything, he started to piss on my face. I tried to back off but he slapped my face hard several times,
“Take that fuckin’ piss whore” he demanded as he started to piss on me more. I tried to shield my face and he just pissed in my hair until he finished.
“You like that bitch?” he asked me as he slapped my face hard,
I didn’t answer, I was still trying to protect myself from any further piss.
“Suck my cock you fuckin’ bitch” he ordered and into my mouth went his cock.
Still holding my hair he now proceeded to face fuck me hard as I felt his cock pound away at the back of my throat, gagging me as I tried to keep up with his fucking my mouth. This went on for several minutes before he finally pulled his cock out and I gasped for air. As he let go of my hair he stripped off his clothes as I just sat there trying to recover. Grabbing my hair again he pulled my up off my knees and with me bent over, led me into the living room. He then forced me on my back next to the sofa, raised my legs up over me and bent me backwards until my ass was sticking straight up. Climbing over me, I felt him pull my panties down and then his cock rub against my cunt and into my cunt he shoved it. He fucked me hard and fast as I stayed bent over, feeling his hard cock deep in my cunt and starting to enjoy the fucking I was taking when he pulled out and shoved me onto my side. He grabbed hold of tipobet giriş my hair and pulled me up and threw me onto the sofa head first. As I was bent over the sofa, he now took his cock and,
“Fuckin’ whore” I heard him say and into my ass he shoved his cock. The pain shot through me as he now fucked my ass hard and fast, slapping hard at my ass as he drove his cock deep into me. For several minutes we stayed in this position until he finally pulled his cock out and pulling me off the sofa, forced me back on my knees,
“Fuckin’ whore” he said
“You like my fuckin’ cock?” he asked. I couldn’t answer as I tried to gasp for more air. Several hard slaps followed,
“You like my fuckin’ cock you piece of shit?” he then asked
“Yes, yes” I said back
“I love your fuckin’ cock” I added
Grabbing my hair again he pulled me up,
“Suck on that fuckin’ cock bitch” he demanded and into my mouth went his cock again.
“That’s a good fuckin’ whore” he said as he fucked my mouth hard
“You good cocksucking piece of filth” he added. For several minutes he fucked my mouth hard and fast as I tried to keep up with the assault to my mouth. Several hard slaps to my cheeks sent even more pain through me as he fucked my mouth. Normally I would enjoy having my mouth fucked, but this was going a bit beyond what I had previously had. Still I was getting a lusty feeling as he fucked my mouth until he finally pulled out and grabbing me, laid me against the sofa and kneeling over me, arched my head back,
“Suck my cock whore” as he rammed his cock back into my mouth for another fucking. This time I felt his cock go deeper into my throat and gag me even more as he kept up his hard fucking of my mouth. I tried to ward him off, but several tipobet güvenilir mi hard slaps and punches to my tits made that useless and I tried to keep from chocking as he banged away at me.
Soon he pulled out again and pulled me up off the floor, led me by my hair into the bedroom and throwing me on the bed, climbed in and spread my legs apart after he finished taking off my panties. He hiked my dress up and moved in and took hold of his cock and rammed it into my cunt.
“Beg for it whore” he demanded,
“Beg for my fuckin’ cock bitch” he added as he slapped my face
“FUCK ME ” I yelled out
“PLEASE FUCK ME” I added aloud
“FUCK MY FUCKIN’ WORTHLESS CUNT” I added and into my cunt he shoved his cock. He pounded me hard and fast, his balls slapping against me as he drove his cock deep into my cunt. I was now getting thoroughly turned on as he leaned over me,
“Kiss me whore” he ordered and I looked up at him and reached my arms around him and we kissed long and hard as he continued to fuck me. I loved the taste of his kisses as I reeled in sheer delight of this man fucking me wildly and yet kissing me so passionately. Over time we switched positions several times as he fucked me from behind, fucked me on my side, fucked my ass again and finally when he couldn’t hold it off anymore, shot his cum into my mouth as he fucked my mouth one last time.
I was totally drained and just laid there, sprawled out on my bed as he got off me, moved up to my side,
“Clean my cock whore” he said softly and I looked up at him, reached up, took hold of his cock and for several minutes licked and sucked his cock as clean as I could get it.
A hard slap to my face followed when I let go of his cock,
“You’re a fuckin’ good whore” he said and turned and left the room. I heard him slam the door as he left. I didn’t know who he was and still don’t know to this day, but the memory of that day has stayed with me even as I told Joe of what went on. He was glad I had my fantasy fulfilled and so was I.

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