My First Girl Sex Ch. 02

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Then, as I lay there, basking in the afterglow of my orgasms, the door suddenly flew open and two people, obviously a couple, walked in. The man looked like he was in his early forties. He was balding, and a little bit paunchy, but still kind of handsome, somehow. I think it was because he had such a friendly looking face.

The woman was a bleached blonde, and very pretty. She looked younger than the guy, maybe in her middle thirties, and looked like she was in better shape. But the most noticeable thing about her was her enormous tits. You could see them bulging out of her bra under her tight T-shirt.

Suddenly the guy didn’t look friendly. “Jesus, Lisa! For Christ’s sake. What the hell are you doing?”

Lisa suddenly looked very embarrassed. She began gathering up her clothes and putting them on.

“Holy hell, girl!” the guy said, “How long has the store been locked?”

“About ten minutes.” Lisa mumbled.

“Like hell, ten minutes! There’s a customer out in the parking lot who’s been waiting half an hour to get in!”

Lisa slipped hurriedly out the door. I could hear her voice out in the store: “Can I help you?”

The guy turned to me. “I’m sorry. ” he said. “I’m sorry you had to witness all this.”

I’d been getting my clothes on too, and the second I was dressed I scooted out the door as fast as I could, mumbling some apology. I heard the guy talking to his wife: ” Shit! She does this all the fucking time. The goddamn girl’s a fucking nymphomaniac!”

I heard the woman laugh, then the office door closed.

Out in the store, Lisa was giggling.

“Tom and Carol.” she said, “The owner and his wife.”

“So I gathered.”

“Well,” said Lisa, “At least you got your videos.”

Then I realized I’d left my DVDs in my purse back in the office! I knocked softly on the office door, but no one answered. So I gently opened the door and peeked in. I got a hell of a surprise!

Tom was standing leaning against the wall. Carol was kneeling in front of him. She was naked from the waist up, her shirt and bra lay crumpled on the floor behind her. She had pulled down Tom’s pants, and his very big, very erect penis was in her mouth!

“Oh, uh, um… e – excuse me…” I stuttered, “I left my purse and bag in here.”

Carol turned and smiled, still holding Tom’s prick. Now that I saw her breasts naked, I realized just how large and full and delicious they really were! And her hard big pink nipples were sticking straight out from the gorgeous swell of her tits!

“It’s OK, sweetie.” Carol said, “Don’t mind us.” She laughed softly, still gently masturbating her husband’s dick. I noticed a little dribble of fluid oozing out of its tip, which practicaly made me salivate.

But mostly, I couldn’t help but stare at Carol’s beautiful breasts. She noticed me ogling her and smiled widely, then put her free hand up to her tits and stroked them for me.

Then, still smiling, she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, caressing and squeezing one of her hard nipples. I was, frankly, speechless, and my pussy was, for the third time that day, almost unbearably hot and wet!

“Want to join us?” she asked.

“We’re watching movies.” Tom interjected. “We’re previewing some titles. What’s on the TV now, hon?”

I noticed for the first time that there was a TV set on one side of the room, across from the couch. A porn movie was playing on it; two naked women were kissing and exploring each others’ bodies with their hands as a guy with an enormous dick was taking turns sticking it into each of their wet cunts. More nude people were fucking and sucking in the background.

Carol scooped up some DVD cases that were on the floor near them.

“This is either ‘Orgy World 2’ or ‘Women Who Eat Pussy While Their Husbands Watch.'”

“It’s ‘Orgy World 2.'” said Tom. He looked at me. “Want to join us? Want to watch movies for a while?”

Carol had gone back to sucking on his penis. His cock, incidentally, was mouth-watering; at least an inch longer than my husband’s, and half again as thick. I could see why Carol liked him. All the same, it was kind of weird talking casually with people who were having oral sex.

I declined their offer. “I can’t, really.” I looked at my watch and panicked. It was nearly three! “Oh Geez! I have to pick up my daughters at school!”

I ran to the couch and grabbed my purse. Tom shuffled quickly over to me, his pants still around his ankles.

“Here,” he said, leaning down to pull a card and a pen out of his pants pocket. He scribbled something on the card and handed it to me.

“Here’s a coupon for a free movie. And that’s our home number on the back. Give us a call. Maybe we could party some time. We’ll invite Lisa, too.”

Carol had come over to stand by us. She had shed her shorts and was dressed only in panties. They were very thin; I could see her pubic hair and her vaginal slit through them. Her panties had a damp spot running down her cunt. She stood by Tom, casino şirketleri rubbing her nipples against him like a cat in heat.

Tom’s erect penis was inches from my hand. I couldn’t help but reach out, almost reflexively, and take that delicious cock in my hand! It was so hot! It just emanated sexual electricity! I stroked it, and a wave of arousal washed over me! I broke out in a sweat, and actually felt a dribble of sex juice run down my leg! I was so tempted to sink to my knees and suck it!

But I had to get my kids. Regretfully, I let go of Tom’s throbbing member and hurried out. At the door I turned and thanked them and said I’d definitely call.

When I got into the store area Lisa handed me something in a bag.

“It’s a present for you.” she whispered. “A vibrator!”

She kissed my ear. “The tiny little kind you use on your clit! My phone number’s in there too! Call me!”

I thanked her and hurried out. I was nervous about being late for the girls, but on the other hand, I felt elated. I had a new approach to life, new DVDs, a new vibrator, and a whole new set of friends. I thought about Lisa’s naked body and Carol’s gorgeous tits and Tom’s big, thick cock! I could hardly wait to play with them!

But as I drove toward town, I was still horny. My clit was still hard and my pussy was still dripping wet. My whole body was still filled with sexual arousal. I kept thinking about how Tom’s big, delicious penis felt in my hand. I kept remembering Carol’s big, full tits, and that yummy line of wetness up her panties over her slit. I regretted not being able to take Tom and Carol up on their invitation to watch their nasty, horny sex movies with them.

Then, a few miles down the highway, I suddenly realized that it was Friday. I didn’t have to pick up the girls; they were going to spend the weekend with their father, and he was going to pick them up after school.

Just to make sure, I called my ex-husband on my cell phone. I was afraid he had forgotten. But he hadn’t. He was really looking forward to seeing the girls, and in fact, I had caught him on his way to school to get them. He asked me where I was and what I was doing. I told him to fuck himself, and hung up

Reassured, I pulled off at the next exit, turned around, and drove back to the video store.

As I parked I noticed that there were more cars in the lot than before. I went in. There were quite a few customers in the store; mostly men and a few couples. I didn’t see any other single women. I felt conspicuous. It made me nervous. I approached the checkout. Lisa wasn’t there; instead, there was an older, very fat woman at the counter.

“Is Lisa here?”

“No, sweetie. Lisa went home.”

“Are Tom and Carol still here? I’m a friend of theirs.”

I told myself that I was a sort of friend of theirs, in a way. I had looked at Carol’s tits and played with Tom’s penis. I had watched Carol suck Tom’s cock. Those are pretty friendly things to do.

“I think Carol’s in the back.” The old woman picked up the phone. “Carol? There’s a… what did you say your name was, sweetie?”


“Some woman named Lynn here to see you. Yeah, Lynn. Yeah. I think she’s Lisa’s friend. She was asking about her. So it’s okay? Okay. I’ll send her on in.”

She put the phone down and turned to me. “Go on in, sweetie.”

I tentatively opened the door to the office. It was kind of dark. The only light came from the TV set in the corner. On the TV screen two women were making love. One, a very young girl, practically a teenager, was laying back naked on a bed while an older woman in black panties was fondling her, fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other. The girl on the receiving end seemed to be orgasming endlessly, squirming and moaning and spasming in pleasure.

The picture in the video was grainy, and the camera work clumsy, but the scene had an unmistakeable feeling of reality about it; the girl really was having orgasms. She wasn’t pretending, and that thought just set my clit afire.

Carol was sitting on the couch watching. She was holding what I thought was a magazine in her lap. To my disappointment, she had put her shirt and shorts back on, but happily, not her bra. I could see her big pink nipples through her T-shirt.

She smiled at me. “Hi, honey. I thought you had to pick up your kids.”

“I forgot that their father is going to pick them up. He has them for the weekend.”

Carol nodded. I went on: “So I thought that maybe, since you guys invited me, I’d come back and, I don’t know, you know, watch… ”

I glanced at the TV.

Carol smiled broadly and patted the couch beside her. “Well, come on and watch then, honey. I’m glad to see you.”

When I sat down she put her arm around me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I glanced down at the magazine in her lap. Apparently it was a pornographic movie catalog; it was filled with big, full color pictures of people fucking, with casino firmaları little descriptions and prices under each picture.

“We’re updating our stock.” Carol said, “We bought a sampling of some stuff, and I’m watching it.” She giggled. “To see if it’s any good.”

“Is it any good?” I asked.

“I really like this series here.” she said. “It’s called ‘Amateur Orgasms’. It’s mostly home movies. It’s all real women actually cumming for the camera.”

Her eyes suddenly looked kind of dreamy, and her voice got soft: “I really like to watch women cum.”

“Me too.” I found myself saying. Hot arousal was starting to rise inside me.

We sat watching the video for a few minutes. It was a new scene. A woman was getting her pussy fucked from behind by one guy while she sucked on another guy’s cock. A naked girl was kneeling beside her, reaching under her body to masturbate her clitoris and play with her tits. Suddenly the woman getting fucked dropped the guy’s dick from her mouth and orgasmed, moaning and screaming, her body convulsing with pleasure.

Carol’s lush body felt hot against me. She was staring at the TV screen, her mouth slightly open with excitement. Her eyes looked glazed. Against my thigh and side, I felt Carol steadily, rhythmically gyrating her hips. I suddenly realized that she was masturbating. She had unzipped her shorts and slipped her hand down her panties. Her fingers were between her legs, gently working her clitoris and vagina as she watched the orgasming women in the video. I couldn’t help but stare.

She glanced over at me. She was breathing heavily.

“This is what I was doing before you came in,” she said, ” I could make myself cum this way,” She spoke casually, as if finger-fucking yourself during a conversation witha stranger were the most normal thing in the world. “But I want to wait. I want to watch movies with you for a while. So hold on just a minute, OK?”

She paused the movie and got up and made sure the doors were locked. Then she picked up the phone.

“Annie? I’m going to be pretty busy in here for a while. Make sure no one bothers me, okay? And if ther are any phone calls for me, I’ll return them later. All right? What? Oh, yeah, sure. If Tom comes, he can come in. But no one else, okay? Thanks, Annie. You’re a sweetheart.”

Then Carol came over and stood in front of me. Slowly, sensuously, she stripped off her T-shirt, stroking and squeezing her big breasts as she did so. Then she slid off her shorts. She was wearing the same thin white panties she had been wearing before. She pulled her panties up so they pressed into the slit of her vagina. She rubbed them against her clit, then she slipped them off and stood before me naked. She danced a little for me, stroking her body, especially her tits and her pussy.

Then she turned to show me her ass, bending over and spreading her ass cheeks open. Her wrinkled little brown asshole and her dripping wet pussy were right in front of my face. I almost leaned forward to lick her cunt and ass, but at that moment Carol turned and pushed her big, beautiful breasts right against my face!

“I saw you looking at my tits, honey,” she purred, “I know you want them.”

I did. More than anything! I rubbed my face against those soft, tender, warm breasts, luxuriating in them, loving them. Then I took one big, delicious nipple in my mouth and sucked. It tasted vaguely milky, which was incredibly exciting. I sucked it and nibbled it and rolled it in my mouth. I loved the nubbly texture of its erection! It was hot and sexual and electric feeling against my tongue.

Carol moaned as I sucked, first on one tit, then on the other. And then she slid down onto the couch beside me, her arm around me. She kissed my cheek again, rubbing her naked breast against me.

“Now then.” she whispered, “I think we’re ready, don’t you?” And she un-paused the movie. She smiled at me, then opened her legs and began to masturbate again.

We watched naked women fuck and orgasm for a while. I was getting just uncontrollably horny. I wanted very much to take off my clothes and jerk myself off like Carol. Or have sex with her. I thought about getting on my knees between her legs and sucking her tits and eating her pussy as she watched the nasty porn.

The girl in the movie was getting fucked by several men simultaneously. They were taking turns putting their penises in her mouth and cunt. As I looked at those erect cocks, thought occurred to me.

“Where’s Tom?” I asked.

I felt Carol stiffen. She sat up.

“He’s giving Lisa a ride home. The bastard. Last time he ‘gave her a ride home’ he came back an hour late with a limp dick. Fucking asshole. Like I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s probably fucking her right now.”

I was sorry I had mentioned it. It had made Carol pretty upset. But on the other hand, the mental image of Tom’s big, hard cock sliding into Lisa’s wet pussy was pretty exciting.

“Maybe so.” I said. “Maybe she’s having an orgasm güvenilir casino as we speak.”

Carol looked at me, then laughed.

“Yeah, maybe she is. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Maybe she’s cumming right this very moment.”

Carol relaxed. “I’d like to see that, actually.” she said. She started to gently finger herself again, then leaned over and kissed my cheek. She nuzzled my neck, her big tits rubbing against my arm. Then she licked and nibbled my ear. She was caressing my neck with one hand. With the other she was feeling and squeezing my breasts through my shirt.

“Take off these clothes, honey,” she whispered in my ear, “Let’s be naked together. Let’s touch each other naked”

I wriggled out of my clothes as fast as I could, then threw my arms around Carol and pressed my body against hers! My vagina was so hot! I was panting with arousal. We kissed deeply, licking and sucking on each others’ tongues.

Her hand was stroking my thigh. I took it and placed it on my cunt, opening my legs as wide as I could so she could feel me, masturbate me, penetrate me! She pressed and rubbed my vagina and clit.

Then she slid down my body and began to suck my tits as she masturbated me. She pulled and nibbled on my nipples, sending hot waves of sexual feeling through my body! Her fingers slid inside my cunt and the heel of her hand began rubbing and stroking my clitoris!

I felt like I was going to cum soon! I wanted her head between my legs! I wanted her to lick me! I gently pushed her head down to my cunt. She dove between my legs and began to tongue my pussy furiously! I was so filled with sexual heat! My whole body was trembling with sexual arousal!

As I shook, she began caressing my clitoris with her tongue in a slow rhythm that just drove me crazy! She was still steadily fucking my pussy with her fingers. Each time she slid her hand up inside me, and each time she deliberately, carefully, licked across my clit, a pulse of sweet sexual feeling would throb from my genitals through my whole body!

I was laying back on the sofa, eyes closed, lost in sexual pleasure. I would have had an orgasm then, but suddenly Carol stopped. I opened my eyes and saw why. There, standing beside us, was Tom. He was naked, and his big, nasty, delicious cock was throbbingly erect. He was playing with himself as he watched us.

I suddenly wanted that cock inside me more than anything else in the world! I hadn’t had a dick in my pussy for so long! I stared at that tasty, exquisite penis. Sexual hunger just filled me!

I sat up and reached for Tom’s penis. It was so exciting to touch it again! I stroked it and fondled it gently, then leaned over and took that big, delicious cock in my mouth! I kissed it and licked it and tasted it. Then I took it deep into my mouth.

It was so sweet to have my whole mouth filled with pulsing, hot cock! But it wasn’t enough! I pulled my face back from Tom’s crotch. I was so horny I could hardly talk. I looked at Tom’s erect dick, then at Carol with utter sexual pleading in my eyes. Carol understood.

“Here, honey,” said Carol, slipping down onto the floor. She laid on her back on the carpet, legs open. “Lay on me.”

I saw just what she had in mind. I scrambled onto her, my head between her legs and hers between mine. We began licking each others’ wet, aroused pussies furiously!

I loved the hot, salty, womanly taste and smell of Carol’s open cunt! And her tongue sent thrills of pleasure through me as she licked my clit, steadily heightening my desire and arousal, urging my hungry body towards orgasm!

Then I suddenly felt something so delicious! Tom had kneeled behind me and was rubbing his cock against my ass! He slid his warm penis-head up and down my ass-crack, then positioned the head of his dick against the lips of my pussy and pushed. It was exactly what I had been wanting! Tom’s big, thick cock slid right up into me from behind, deep up inside my pussy!

God, it felt good! That exquisite cock rubbed so deliciously against my tender, swollen pussy lips as it filled up my hungry vagina! And its thickness pulled and rubbed against my hot little clitoris every time Tom fucked it in and out of me!

Carol was still trying to lick my clit, and I was wildly rubbing my face and lips and tongue against hers!

Suddenly Carol cried out: “Oh God! I’m gonna cum! Oh God, Oh God!”

And her body twisted and convulsed as she cried and moaned in pleasure! Her clit and pussy spasmed and contracted, and juice ran out of her cunt against my face!

I couldn’t stand it! I had to orgasm! Throbs and waves of sexual pleasure shook my body! Ecstasy pulsed through my cunt and ass and clit! My tits and nipples and asshole tingled with exquisite sensation, and my whole body convulsed and spasmed with pleasure! Tom was still fucking me hard as I came again and again, but suddenly I felt his penis throb and squirt inside me, and that set off another whole round of orgasms!

God, that was good.

After we were all through orgasming we laid together for a while. Then Tom got some towels and we all dried off, and after a while we got dressed again.

I drove home that evening on a cloud of sexual satisfaction. I didn’t masturbate that night.

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