My first male on male incest

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So before i get started let me clarify that nothing physical happened until i was of legal age. Also this is my first story so please be kind and helpful with comments or ideas on how to improve. Also if anybody has any questions about this story JUST INBOX ME ;). Enjoy

My dad and I had always been close in what some people would call an “odd” way. My mom passed away when I was 3 so dad basically raised me by himself. Growing up we did everything together. Cuddled (sometimes he would be naked) and watched sports, went to games, he would give me baths, and some other stuff. But as I got older I noticed how dad would start to look at me more and more and for longer amounts of time.

Well I love sports so when I made my college swim team i was excited. I loved it. And I was actually pretty good at it. The only thing I wasn’t used to was the “trunks” we had to wear. The coaches could call them trunks all they want but they were more like speedos/thongs for guys. So ya they took getting used to haha. Anyway, my first day of practice I came home still in my “trunks” and went to the kitchen to find my dad. I walked in and noticed dad eyeing me.
Dad=hey how was the first day?
Me=not bad, these (I point to my trunks) are going to take some getting used to though
Dad=ha ya I bet. Don’t worry they look fine. Hey your uncle is coming into town Friday for the big first scrimmage.
Me=oh ok cool. Well I’m tired so I’m going to change and go to bed. I turned and walked towards my room and as I left I saw dad looking at my ass.

The next few days were filled with dad eyeing me up and down and making jokes about me being a swimming stud. So when Friday came I was hoping I could actually win my race. I woke up Friday morning and was at the training pool before dad even woke up. 10 mins before the race started I saw dad walk in with my uncle. Dad and my uncle kind of look alike. Dad is about 6’4 with medium muscle and abs. My uncle was about the same but a bit more muscular.

I got ready and positioned in my starting stand. As dad and my uncle found their seats (right behind me of all places). The gun went off and I was in the water and off to the races. I ended up winning the heat by almost 3 seconds. After the entire meet was over I met dad at the stands.
Dad=hey your uncles bringing the car up front. I have your gym bag so just meet us outside.
Me=ok I’ll just shower quick
Dad=no don’t worry about it your not that dirty.
Realizing I was still in my speedo I ran to the car with my towel around me.

As I got in the middle of the van I was greeted by my dad sitting next to me and my uncle driving.
Uncle=well if it isn’t mr speedy
Me=ha thanks. Glad you could make it
Uncle=no problem body. Seatbelt’s on everybody!
I put on my seatbelt and we headed home
Dad=so didn’t I tell you he fit out that speedo nice?
Uncle= ya you did.
Me=what do you guys mean?
Dad=nothing son you just fill it out in the right areas for a boy your age
Uncle=I can’t disagree on that
Me=oh well ummm thanks


Dad grabbed my towel and pulled off from around me.
DAD=So would you like to see what he’s hiding under this speedo?
UNCLE=I’m kind of driving he joked
DAD=just pull over in this parking lot then
(I thought they were joking until the van pulled in and parked)
ME=what are we doing?
(As my uncle gets out of the van and gets in and sits on the other side next to me) DAD= don’t worry it’s ok. We just want to see what you have down there .
DAD=it’s ok, remember how escort bayan you used to see mine when you were younger? And I saw yours in the tub during baths.
ME=ya I……gues(before I could finish my sentence dad pulled my speedo down to my feet)
DAD and UNCLE= wow
DAD=you have grown since the last time I saw it
UNCLE=hell champ your hung for your age
ME=(sitting there a little embarrassed and nervous) really?
DAD= oh yeah you are. (Without warning he took my limp dick and shoved it in his mouth)
I let out a shocked/surprised gasp but my uncle just put his hand on my shoulder
UNCLE=it’s ok buddy. Just relax.
ME=it actually….hmmm…mm…feels pretty good.
My uncle laughed and watched as my dad deep throated my cock.

My cock started to grow in my dads mouth as he licked my rod and looked up at me. I tilted my head back and relaxed. It felt AMAZING.
UNCLE=your dads been talking about wanting to do this for a long time now
ME=hmmmm really?
UNCLE=yep. And now I see why, your body is great. Would you want to try something?
My uncle unzipped his pants and pulled out one of the fattest dicks I’d ever seen.
He then grabbed my head and guided my mouth down on top of his dick.
I didn’t know what to do so I just did to my uncles cock what dad was doing to mine.
UNCLE=thatta boy
UNCLE=you think he’s ready?
DAD=(pulls his head up from my cock) ya I think so

My uncle picked me up turned my ass towards him then set me on his lap. I could feel his saliva covered dick touching my back. It had gotten even bigger.
UNCLE=ready when you are
(My dad moved himself in front of me and took of his pants and sat down in front of me) (my uncle slapped me on the ass and said brace yourself. With that he picked me up and sat me on his dick)
UGHH!!! I let out a cry of slight pain. But as soon as my mouth opened my dead shoved his now exposed dick in it. I tried to push his dick out and gasp for air but he held the back of my head in place and throat/face fucked me.

As I was gagging on dads dick my uncle started to pound my ass. I felt my ass jiggle/bounce with every thrust. He let out a moan as the pain I felt at first started to fade and reemerge as pleasure. My dad continued to face fuck me as he asked my uncle where he should cum.
UNCLE=well I’m cumming on his nice little bubble butt ass (he smacks my ass)
DAD=hmmmm I’m about to cum.
I was surprised when the saliva in my mouth was replaced with a thick warm liquid.
He pulled his cock out and rubbed it on my face as my uncle pulled out and came on my ass. I sat down in the chair sore and tired.
DAD=now you REALLY need a shower when you get home
We all got dressed and went home.

The whole drive home i couldn’t believe what just happened. I had just been fucked and used by my own family. I sat there silent in a wave of different emotions as we drove home. What shocked me the most was that dad and my uncle were having a normal conversation like nothing had just happened. We got home and i got out of the car and headed to the door. As i opened the door i felt a hand smack my ass behind me. I turned my head to see my dad behind me.

DAD=”hey how bout we keep this little thing between the three of us? No telling how other family members would react if they found out”

A slight rush ran through me at the idea of such a taboo secret.

ME=”ya….um ya sure.” I said as i walked into the house. A few hours passed and my uncle had gone back to his house. I was in my room all showered and cleaned up kocaeli escort bayan and watching tv when dad knocked on the door. I got a bit turned on as i thought about what he could want or need.

ME=”come in.” Dad walked in and walked up to my bed
DAD=”hey son look…..I…about earlier. I’m sorry i just couldn’t resist or help myself. Your uncle and i had been talking about you for a while and it just..” I cut him off
ME=”did you enjoy it?”
ME=”did you enjoy touching your boy?” I smirked a bit
DAD=”well…well ya. Look I’m sorry if it hurt you or..” I cut him off again
ME=”did he enjoy it to?”
DAD=”who your uncle? Yes he said he loved it.”
I smiled a bit. Well then it’s fine
ME=” ya, i see cocks all the time in the locker room. Besides it’s not like i have never been with a guy before. Your just….just um..i was never expecting to ever see or feel the cock of a family member.”
DAD=” ya I’m just.. Well we are sorry.”
ME=”so you both really enjoyed it huh?” I laugh
DAD=”if I’m being honest FUCK YES!”

Hearing all this gave me an idea that got me stiff.

ME=”Ok well I’m going to bed dad. Night.”
DAD=”goodnight son”

As dad left my room I laid awake thinking about something i never thought i would. Who else in my family would or even wants to fuck me?

The next morning i was horny due to everything that was done and said the day before. I felt like being a tease so i got up and headed to my sister’s room. She was away at college so the room was pretty clean. I walked over to her dresser and opened the bottom container. I got dressed and headed downstairs. I got to the bottom of the steps and saw dad with his back to me in the kitchen cooking. I walked up to him and stood beside him facing him.

ME=”so what is for breakfast?”

Dad looked towards me and his mouth dropped and his eyebrows raised as he saw his son wearing a short skirt belonging to his daughter.

DAD=”HOLY…What are you doing?!?”
ME=”what you don’t like it?” I do a slow spin around to show how the beginning of my ass cheeks show just before the skirt hides them.

DAD=”no it’s just i….uh..well i didn’t expect this.” I smiled knowing that being a tease is what i do best. I sat down in a chair across from my dad with my legs unfolded.

ME=”so i’m curious, besides uncle has anyone else in our family said anything about me or my body?”

Dad noticing i wasn’t wearing any underwear could see the beginning of my balls in the skirt
DAD=”why ask? I mean your grandpa always says what a great mature man you have grown into but i don’t get why your asking.” I look at him and smirk 😉
DAD=”you’re not serious are you? You don’t mean you want to try anything crazy with someone do you?”
ME=”i have been hard ever since you and uncle did what you did. It is such a rush now looking back and thinking about it now. I want to see if anyone else is kinky like you and him.”
DAD=”no! No way! There is no way the whole family would all be ok with that.” I stand up and walk over to him.
ME=”that is why we are going to do some thinking and research first. Come on dad. So far we know you and uncle wouldn’t mind it. You said grandpa has talked about me. What about anyone else? What about uncle Timmy? Isn’t he gay? Come on we have to find out and i have an idea of how to find out who would be interested.”

ME=”we will make a list of everyone we think would be interested in at least seeing me not necessarily touching me. Then i will text them a pic kocaeli escort of me. If they respond with rage or negatively i’ll just tell them it was supposed to go to a girlfriend.”
Dad stood there surprised.
DAD=”wow! You have actually thought this out?”
ME=”ya and just leave the rest to me”

So as dad listed off those he thought would be interested i was eating and getting turned on just thinking about who in my family might be interested.

About two hours later dad came to me and gave me the list of everyone to send the pic to.
DAD=”i can’t believe we are doing this.”
I grabbed my phone and handed it to dad
DAD=”what? ” i smirked and replied
ME=”i need someone to take the pic and it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.” I joked.
DAD=”ok.” Without warning dad pushed me onto the kitchen table.
DAD=lift up the skirt a bit so they know what they might be getting.” I listened and lifted it a bit as he took the pic. He then turned me around and slapped my ass.
DAD=”lift up the skirt, let them see your bubble butt to.” I did and dad took the pic.

I took my phone and sent it to the list of relatives we made. A few hours passed and there was no word from them. Then one by one replies came in. Of the list that we made only two people off of the list replied in a bad way so i just told them it was supposed to go to a gf. As i looked at those who replied in a decent way i got a bit hard as i read their replies out loud. “DAMN!” And “don’t know how or why i got this but i’m not complaining :)”. i showed dad the texts and he was shocked.

DAD=”no way! No fucking way!”
ME=” HA! i told you. Now we wait a week and then at thanksgiving reunion i’ll show you my final plan.”
DAD=”ok. If you say so.”

So all week long i couldn’t get the idea or more family members touching and seeing me out of my head. Finally thanksgiving day came. That morning i woke up rock hard. I was about to but on some briefs and my pants when i got an idea. Instead i headed to my sister’s room and grabbed a few things. I got dressed and headed downstairs. Dad and i got in the car and took off to my uncle Kevin’s house (the one who fucked me) because he was hosting the family reunion. As my dad drove i couldn’t stop thinking about what might be about to happen when we get there.

DAD=”what are you going to do or say if someone says something or asks you about the pics?” He worried.
ME=” just relax and leave it to me. Besides even if anyone was going to say anything about getting pics like that from a relative i doubt they would tell other people in the family about it. Just relax.”
We arrived at the house and as soon as i walked through the door i was getting looks from those of my family who replied in decent way. Their looks of confusion and wonder kind of turned me on a bit. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to everyone who had replied positively to my pic text. I sent a text saying “nobody say a word about the text. Not everyone here received those pics like you did. Just wait till all the other family members leave and ill explain everything”.

I sat down and tried to control all the hormones building up inside me. Everyone sat done at the table to eat the thanksgiving meal. As i finished my plate i went and sat back down. About two hours passed and goodbyes were said and hugs were given and some family members left the party to return to their homes. I looked around to notice everyone who had replied to my pics was still here. I stood up and took a deep breath

ME=”ok now that they are gone everyone follow me. And NO! the kids can’t come with you.”

I put in a kids dvd for the kids to watch as i guided everyone else into the living room. THIS WAS GOING TO BE FUN 😉

PART 2 coming soon

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