My Friends Call Me Jenny

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Jennifer sat at the library table scanning her notes and re-reading various passages of her American History textbook. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and her friend Laurie Salazar had driven her back down to San Marcos, Texas from their hometown of Arlington. Jennifer was in her first semester at Texas State University. Since she didn’t have her own vehicle, she only made it home when she could catch a ride with someone going that way or one of her friends came down to San Marcos and picked her up.

Laurie had dropped her off and continued south to see some friends that live in a little border town just west of Brownsville. Jennifer had a test the next day that she needed to study for, so Laurie hadn’t stayed around. It was just as well. They’d been together since Wednesday afternoon, and Jennifer suspected that Laurie was about as tired of her as she was of Laurie.

It’s not like Jennifer didn’t enjoy being with Laurie. Jennifer was very fond of Laurie, maybe even in love with her, but her life had been running in about fifty different directions since she’d met her, and she longed for the stability of her past existence.

The day before Thanksgiving had been really crazy. While in the Jacuzzi at their friend Cleo’s house, they had been joined by Cleo and Jennifer’s mom Sandy. Jennifer was trying to concentrate on studying for the test she had the next day, but all she could think about was the sight of her mom laid out on the edge of the Jacuzzi and Cleo bringing her off with her tongue. The whole thing had turned Jennifer on so much that she’d fucked Laurie right there with her mom able to watch.

For the sake of what stability of home life Jennifer had left, the four had left the hot tub after that and moved their love making to separate bedrooms. Jennifer forced herself to return her concentration to her History notes. Still, her mind drifted back to later in the evening after the events of the hot tub.

She’d been in bed with Laurie, and the two of them had fucked like rabbits. They always fucked like rabbits every time they were in each other’s presence. It was like they just couldn’t keep their clothes on or their hands off of each other when they were together. Laurie had drifted off to sleep and Jennifer had been thirsty, so she’d gotten up and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

Standing at the bar were Cleo and Sandy, both of them still naked. Nothing odd about that, she and Laurie were still naked too. What caught her eye and made her stop though, was the cigarette in Sandy’s hand. Wow, she remembered thinking. She’d never known that her mom was a secret smoker. What really had blown her away though was seeing Cleo snorting a line of coke that was laid out on the bar top and then handing the straw she’d used to Sandy. Sandy then had taken the straw and snorted two lines of coke off the bar too. Right after she’d snorted the second line, she had casually stood up and took another drag on her cigarette. Like she did this every day and it was no big deal.

Rather than continuing forward to seek out the beer she had wanted, Jennifer had quietly turned and snuck back upstairs. She’d found the bed empty, but heard movement in the bathroom, so she’d pushed open the door to find Laurie sitting on the toilet relieving herself. As soon as Laurie had seen her at the door, she’d smiled and opened her legs a little wider so Jennifer would have a better view of the solid stream of urine flowing down from her pussy.

“Still turns you on, doesn’t it,” Laurie had said?

Jennifer had merely nodded her head up and down as a response. Then she had walked forward and kneeled in front of Laurie, taking one of her firm champagne glass titties in her hands and wrapping her lips around the nipple. As Jennifer sucked the nipple like a baby having a meal, Laurie had sighed and used gentle pressure to push Jennifer’s head down.

Jennifer had yielded to the weight of Laurie’s hands and kissed her way down Laurie’s stomach to her lover’s bare pussy. Laurie had finished peeing but had not washed or wiped herself clean. Regardless of that, when Laurie slid her butt along the toilet seat so that her pussy was right in Jennifer’s face, Jennifer had done exactly what they both wanted and licked a slow path along the outer lips of Laurie’s pussy.

Jennifer had loved not only the bitter scent of Laurie’s pee, but just the sheer dirtiness of what she was doing, and she had sucked her friend’s cunt so vigorously that it had taken her mere seconds to send Laurie screaming into orgasm.

She snapped out of her daydream as soon as she realized her hand was on her own pussy stroking it furiously as she would alone in her own bed at night. She pulled her hand away and squeezed her thighs together, cautiously looking around the library to see if her behavior had been noticed or observed. She shuddered and whispered to herself, “Get it together, Jenny Gordon.”

Returning her concentration to American History, she spent several minutes reading a sidebar article about Martin Luther ataşehir escort bayan King and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Wow, she couldn’t help thinking how terrible people loved to treat each other. As she turned the page in her book a soft voice said, “Hi, Jennifer.”

She looked up and saw a boy from her History class standing behind the chair that was across the table from her. She smiled and said, “Hi, JW. What’s up?”

The boy shrugged. He has nice shoulders, Jennifer thought.

“I was trying to study in my room but my floor is having a party, so I came here. I saw you and was wondering if I could look at your notes. I don’t take very good notes.”

Jennifer smiled a little wider and said, “You don’t, huh?”

JW shook his head and said, “No. I just can’t concentrate while I write sh-, I mean stuff down.”

Amused by the way he was about to say shit but caught himself and changed it to stuff, Jennifer tried to suppress her smile as she said, “Gee, that must be why you’ve gotten an A on every test we’ve taken this semester.”

JW blushed and Jennifer thought, oh my God. He’s so shy.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m sorry if I bothered you.”

“You didn’t bother me, silly,” she said as she used her sandaled foot to push the stair he was standing behind so that it was away from the table. “Sit down. You can help me study this shit.”

“I’ll try,” he said as he eased down onto the chair and pulled himself closer to the table.

She slid her notes across the table to him and said, “There you go. You can study those while I read the passages he lectured from.”

“Thanks,” he said as he accepted the notes. “Kind of crappy of Dr. Smith to be giving us a test on the first day back from a long weekend.”

Jennifer shrugged and started reading again. He’s kind of cute, she thought. Glancing over the top of her textbook, she wondered why he wore his hair so short. He had just a little bit, maybe a quarter of an inch, on top and was all but shaved on the sides. What her dad would call a high and tight. He had pretty blue eyes though. They were the lightest blue she’d ever seen, and such clear tanned skin. She liked his muscles too. Not bulky football muscles like Oliver had, but JW’s were smoother and more fluid.

JW pretended to fumble with her notes for a little while before saying, “I never noticed you wearing glasses before, but I think they look good.”

“I got them yesterday,” Jennifer said as she took the elongated ovular shaped lenses with black frames off her face and laid them on the table.

“Don’t take them off,” he said. “I meant it. You look good in glasses. Kind of like that girl from Sienfield.”


“Yeah,” he said. “That’s it. Elaine.”

“She’s very pretty,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, she is.”

“You think I look like her? Pretty like her?”

“In the face,” he said. “Especially with the glasses on, but she doesn’t have your ti…”

“My tits?” Jennifer finished the sentence for him.

JW’s face burned bright red. “No,” he said. “She doesn’t quite have those. Her hips don’t quite catch a guy’s eye the way yours do either.”

“Her hips?” Jennifer teased. “You mean she doesn’t have my big fat ass?”

His face changed an even brighter crimson as he said, “You are not in any way fat, but you already know that.”

She smiled as she thought; I knew he didn’t come over here to study. “You hungry, JW?”

He shook his head and said, “I went to a family’s house after church services tonight and they fed us pretty good.”

“Well,” she said. “I was giving you a chance to take me out for pizza, but if you’re not hungry, I guess I’ll go back to the room and raid my fridge.”

“No. Wait,” he said. “I might be a little hungry.”

She smiled. Sucker. “Cool.”

He carried her books for her as they walked away from the table. He held the door open for her as she stepped out of the library and Jennifer knew he was checking out the way her white cotton shorts were hugging her ass. As soon as they were out in the cool night air, she said, “You go to First Baptist, don’t you.”

He nodded. “I’ve seen you there a few times.”

“Yeah. Sometimes I go with my roommate.”

“I know. Becky’s sweet.”

“Sure is,” Jennifer said. “Maybe we’ll take some pizza back to the room for her.”

“Okay,” he said. “We can eat it back there.”

Jennifer smiled. Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly. “That’s a great idea.”


They sat at a table waiting for their pepperoni pizza to cook, and Jennifer took another look at how hard the torso under his Houston Astros baseball jersey seemed to be. He was very lean, and Jennifer loved lean. Lean and tan. Yummy.

Despite it being only seventy degrees outside, the pizza parlor still had its air conditioning cranking and to her embarrassment, Jennifer’s nipples were on full display under her white halter-top. I should have worn a bra tonight, she thought. Oh well. From the way his eyes keep escort kadıöy finding their way to my nipples, at least he’s enjoying the show.

“Where are you from, JW,” Jennifer asked.




“That’s down in the valley, isn’t it?”


“I thought it was,” Jennifer said. “My friend Laurie has some friends down there.”


“San Benito.”

“Yeah. I took a girl from there out a couple of times.”

“Oh, yeah. What about right now? You still dating her?”

He shook his head. “No. It was never that serious.”

“Ever had a serious girlfriend?”

“There was a girl out in California that I liked a little, but that didn’t work out.”

“When were you in California?”

“When I was in the Marine Corp?”

“Hold on,” Jennifer said. “Back up. You were in the Marine Corp?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Is that such a shock?”

“How’d you get out?”

“What do you mean, how’d I get out? I served my four years and now I’m out.”

“You were in the Marines for four years?”

Puzzled. He said, “Yeah.”

“Wow. I thought you were the same age as me.”

“Not unless you’re twenty-three.”

“Nope. I’m eighteen. Did you go to Iraq?”

“Yes,” he said. “But I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Okay,” Jennifer said. “My dad’s over there right now.”

“He’s a Marine?”

She shook her head. “No. Well, actually he was, but that was a long time ago. Now he’s an engineer and he works for a company that has one of the rebuilding contracts.”

“Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever. What did you do?”


“Daddy was reco or something like that.”

“Force Recon?”

“Yeah,” she said. “That’s it.”

“Those guys are elite. You don’t get anymore elite than that.”

She shrugged and said, “He never talks about it either. You’re a freshman, right?”

“Yes. You play tennis, don’t you?”

“That’s right. How’d you know that?”

“I’ve seen you work out. You’re pretty good.”

“Not good enough,” she said. “I’m barely holding on to my spot. Do you play?”

“No,” he said. “I just like to watch.”

“Watch what,” she said? “Tennis, or me?”

He blushed.

She smiled.

He smiled back. Shyly.

She slipped her foot out of her sandal and let it brush his shin. When he laid a hand on top of the table, she traced his knuckles with her fingertips. He lowered his eyes and she said, “I think you like me.”

She smiled again as he turned his palm face up and she let her hand rest in his. “What are you majoring in,” he asked?

“P.E. What about you?”

“Criminal Justice.”

“Oh. You want to be a cop.”

“I think so,” he said.

“That’s cool,” Jennifer said. “My sister wants to be a cop.”

“Is she in college?”

Jennifer shook her head. “No. She’s a sophomore at East Arlington High.”

“So, she’s what,” he said? “Sixteen?”

“Fifteen,” Jennifer said. “She’ll be sixteen in February.”

“You got any other brothers or sisters.”

“Nope. She’s the only one. What about you?”

“I’ve got three older sisters,” he sighed. “And they all think they’re my mother.”

Jennifer laughed. “You’re as funny as you are sweet.”

He sighed again and said, “My curse.”

“What’s that?”

“Sweet,” he said. “All the girls think I’m sweet.”

She leaned across the table and kissed his cheek. Then she sat back and said, “Trust me. That’s not the curse you think it is.”

“It is when all the girls want a guy that isn’t sweet.”

Tracing his palm with the tip of her finger, she said, “Not all girls.”

“What about that football player at Baylor? Is he sweet?”

Jennifer laughed and said, “Not hardly.”

“I rest my case.”

She smiled and said, “I’m picking up a pizza with you, so don’t rest it yet.”


JW held the pizza box in his hand and waited, nervously wondering about the moans he heard, as Jennifer inserted her key and unlocked her dorm room door. “You hear something,” he asked.

Jennifer giggled and as she pushed open the door said, “Probably the girl next door with her boyfriend.”

As soon as they had stepped into the room, she flipped on the light switch and to her surprise discovered it was not the girl next door. Her roommate Becky Zamora lay on her back, tan legs spread, knees raised, and was calling to Jesus. Between those tan legs was Tim Finley’s pale ass acting as a pump to drive his cock in and of Becky’s pussy.

Jennifer immediately dropped the pizza and said, “Oh shit.”

Before Becky even noticed she’d been caught in the act of fornication, JW was grabbing Jennifer’s hand and pulling her out of the room. Before she let him shut the door though, she stepped back in and grabbed the pizza box. They were silent until they reached the lobby and both started to laugh. “Guess you’ll never have the same image of Becky in your mind.”

“Well,” maltepe escort JW said. “I will admit, I never imagined we’d walk in on that.”

“Not going to tell any of your friends at the Baptist Student Union about this, are you?”

“I don’t think anyone at the BSU is ready to hear this.”

“Just remember,” Jennifer said. “Rahab was a prostitute and she is in the lineage of Jesus.”

“So is Bathsheba and she willingly committed adultery with King David.”

Jennifer smiled and said, “Where are we going to eat this pizza?”

“I’ve got a blanket in the trunk of my car. We could go to the park and have a picnic.”


When they reached the park, JW took the blanket and Jennifer carried the pizza. He was about to lay it on the ground in an open area, but Jennifer pointed and said, “Over there under those trees is better.”

“Lights better here,” he said.

“I know,” she smiled. “So, let’s go over there.”

When the blanket was spread evenly over the ground, they sat in the middle with the pizza box between them. Jennifer opened the box and broke off a slice of the pepperoni with extra cheese. She loved extra cheese. She held the slice up for JW, so he could take a bite. Then she took two bites before offering him another one.

“How come you got two bites,” he asked?

“You ate already,” she said.

They continued that way until the pizza was half eaten. Then Jennifer pushed the box to the side and said, “I’m full.”

“Me too.”

She turned her back to JW and eased back into his arms. As she did so, she looked up and admired the stars. “God,” she said. “It’s so beautiful out here. You can never see the stars this good in Dallas. Too much manmade light.”

He happily hugged her tightly to his torso and said, “You should come down to Raymondville with me sometime.”

“Mmmm,” she said as laid her head back against his shoulder. “I should.”

In the process of hugging her body to him, JW accidentally cupped one of her breasts in his right hand. He started to pull the hand away, but she stopped it and held it there. The nipple was right there at his fingers, so he softly began to stroke it.

“Nice,” she said. “That feels good.”

Encouraged, he continued to stroke the nipple and began to kiss the top of her head. She turned sideways and offered him her lips. As their mouths met, she let her lips part and their tongues lightly touched, sending sparks through both their bodies.

She pushed back with her tongue so that it meshed with his and they melted into one being. As they continued with the kiss, she rotated her body further around so that she was completely facing him and as she did so she wrapped her legs around his hips. Their kiss broke and he moved his lips down to her neck and softly sucked it slow and easy. She moaned and pushed him away, saying, “That feels good but no hickeys. I don’t like them.”

Their lips met again and as their tongues intertwined, she reached behind her back and untied her halter-top, letting her breasts fall free. He eased her onto her back and began to slowly kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples. She held his face to her breasts as he placed his kisses upon her and she moaned, showing him the pleasure she was receiving from him.

He eased his way down and began to kiss her stomach. Afraid to go any further, he stopped at her belly button, enjoyed the gold stud she had pierced through it, and then kissed his way back up to her breasts. After briefly sucking each nipple, he continued back up to her neck again, softly nuzzling it but stopping short of giving her the hickey she had requested against. Then she brought his lips back to hers and again their tongues were as one.

As she brought her knees up, she reached between his legs and began to fumble at the buttons of his jeans, deftly undoing them and reaching her hand inside to find his raging penis. As she brought his ramrod stiff cock out of his jeans, she lifted her ass off the blanket and closed her legs together so that he could roll her shorts down her thighs. When he had her shorts moved past her knees and down to her ankles she began to peddle until she had kicked them off.

As soon as the shorts were gone, she opened her legs again and guided the head of his cock to her dripping cunt. She placed it along the slit and used it to rub her moist pussy lips. As the head of his cock spread and penetrated the lips of her cunt, she gasped as he thrust forward and pressed his bone in her to the hilt.

They were both so ready that in only a few seconds, she was fighting back screams of pleasure as he grunted and released his load inside her. She wrapped her legs around his and dug her heels into the backs of his calves as she encouraged him to keep thrusting until he was cumming a second time and again was erupting and splashing the inner walls of her vaginal tunnel with his semen.

Then he eased himself down into a lower gear until he was able to come to rest. He started to roll off of her, but she held him in place and said, “Don’t. Just leave it in, and you’ll be ready again in a little bit.”

“Oh my God, Jennifer,” he said. “That was wonderful.”

“Jenny,” she said.


She kissed his cheek and said, “My friends call me Jenny.”

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