My Hot Teacher

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Kevin had just gotten his test back from Ms. O’Hara.

“Oh shit,” he cried out!

Oh now he’s done it. Everybody knows that swearing is not allowed in Ms. O’Hara’s class.

“Kevin, you’re going to have to stay after for that!”

“Oh, great, I’m probably going to have to write something like, ‘I will not swear in Ms. O’Hara’s class’ about 10000 times,” what a way to spend his 18th birthday he thought.

All of the boys liked Ms. O’Hara’s class.

Half of them didn’t even know what class it was, they just liked staring at her, hoping everyday she would drop her pen so she would have to bend over and pick it up.

Glances of Ms. O’Hara’s undies were legendary! It’s only happened a few times throughout the years but the boys would attend class just for the opportunity.

When the final bell rang Ms. O’Hara reminded Kevin of his detention.

“I know, I’m not going anywhere,” Kevin replied.

After the rest of the class left, Ms. O’Hara locked the door, and pulled down the window shade.

“You KNOW I don’t allow swearing in my class and yet you swore anyway,” she scolded!

“I’m sorry Ms. O’Hara. I promise it won’t happen again.” He pleaded.

“I KNOW it won’t, and today I’m going to make sure! Start writing ‘I will not swear in Ms. O’Hara’s class’ on the bulleting board and I’ll tell you when to stop!”

Kevin couldn’t stand-up right away because when Ms. O’Hara became angry, her nipples got erect and started poking through her white blouse.

Kevin was rock hard seeing this and didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of her.

“Get up from that desk NOW,” she screamed!

Oh great, how was he going casino şirketleri to hide that huge bulge in his pants?

Well, Kevin finally got up, and it seemed as though Ms. O’Hara noticed.

Maybe Kevin was just being paranoid but it seemed as though she stared at it for quite a while.

Kevin started writing on the board, but just couldn’t get his mind off those wonderful nipples.

God, I am SO hard right now, he thought to himself!

Just as he was writing his 5th line Ms. O’Hara dropped her pen! Oh my god, is she really going to bend over and pick it up? Holy shit, if she does, I think I’ll just cum in my pants!

Sure enough, Ms. O’Hara bent over to pick up her pen!

“Holy shit,” he said to himself, “I can see her lacy, white panties!”

This was a dream come true for Kevin! All he could think about now was getting home while the vision was fresh in his mind so he could masturbate!

Just then, Ms. O’Hara stood up and out of the corner of her eye, saw Kevin staring at her.

Little did Kevin know she had planned this all along!

Moments later some papers fell on the floor. Kevin thought this was too good to be true! Twice in a lifetime?

Ms. O’Hara bent over and picked them up, and sure enough, Kevin’s eyes went directly over to Ms. O’Hara’s ass!

This time she swung around and caught him staring!

“WHAT do you think you are looking at?” screamed Ms. O’Hara.

“Ummmm, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it,” cried Kevin.

“That’s it!” she screamed, “Bend over that desk right now,” she added pulling out a ruler.

Kevin bent over the desk which wasn’t an easy thing to do considering he was casino firmaları hard as a rock right now!

THWAP, THWAP, THWAP went the ruler over Kevin’s ass.

“This isn’t good enough,” she said, “so take your pants down so I can do this properly!”

“Oh shit,” he thought, “Now she’s going to see me with a hard cock!”

Kevin pulled his pants down but not his underwear.

“Oh no young man, those come down too!” she screamed.

Reluctantly, Kevin pulled his boxers down, and his cock sprang right out!

Ms. O’Hara noticed right away, but didn’t say anything.

Kevin bent over the desk again…

THWAP, THWAP, THWAP went the ruler! again

“Wow,” Kevin thought to himself, “This is really erotic!”

Little did he know Ms. O’Hara was getting very wet during all of this, her nipples were almost tearing through her bra!

“Turn around NOW!” she ordered.

Well, there’s no way to hide my hard cock now, he thought, so he obeyed her command.

“Well Kevin, it looks like my punishment didn’t really turn you off from looking up my skirt! What do you think you’re going to do with that hard cock? Do you think you’re going to fuck me?”

Kevin didn’t know what to say, other than stammer out, “nnnnnoo.”

“SIT down in that chair right now!”

By now Kevin was willing to obey ANY order given to him by Ms. O’Hara!

He sat down and Ms. O’Hara said, “Now show me what you do with that at home!”

“Oh my god,” Kevin thought, “Is she asking me to stroke my cock in front of her?”

“Ummmm, I dont know wh….,”

But before he could get all the words out, Ms. O’Hara said, “Stroke your hard cock, right here, güvenilir casino right NOW!”

Well, Kevin had no other choice he had to now!

Soon, Ms. O’Hara said, “You are NOT allowed to cum! That is your new punishment!”

How the hell was he NOT going to cum? He was SO turned on by now, that it seemed as though one touch would set him right over the edge!

Kevin started stroking his rock hard cock, trying his best not to cum.

After a few minutes Ms. O’Hara unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra.

“I can’t take this anymore,” thought Kevin!

“Do you like these?” asked Ms. O’Hara.

Yes, was all Kevin could get out of his mouth before Ms. O’Hara ordered him to suck on them.

“You are going to suck on these until I tell you to stop!”

Kevin began to suck and nibble on those perfect tits, those perfect nipples…he was just in heaven!

“I’m going to show you another use for that hard cock of yours now,” whispered Ms. O’Hara!

She then hiked up her skirt and pulled off her panties.

Kevin could see how wet she was and was just mesmerized by her perfect trimmed mound.

“Fuck me,” ordered Ms. O’Hara as she straddled Kevin in the chair.

Kevin was ready to explode but his new punishment was ‘not being allowed to cum’.

“I don’t think I can last much longer,” he thought and just then, Ms. O’Hara’s body started to shiver and contract.

Kevin could feel her pussy tighten around his cock!

“I’m cumming!” cried Ms. O’Hara.

That was it; there was no way in hell Kevin could keep from cumming now!

All of a sudden his cock exploded with loads of hot cum right inside Ms. O’Hara!

“Holy SHIT!” he screamed.

“Hey, didn’t you learn anything from today?” she asked. “I said NO swearing in my class! We’re going to have to have another detention because of that,”

Kevin just smiled…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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