My Island in the Sun Ch. 2

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After my brief encounter with Alex, I had been feeling even more horny than usual. I had taken to going for long jogs every morning to try and burn off some of my sexual energy, but it had really only been making things worse.

Every morning as I left for my run, I would see all the girls who worked at the bars and hotels beginning their working day. One bar-girl especially caught my eye. She was short, probably about 5’2″, but with large breasts for her frame, and an athletic body with firm legs. She would almost always be wearing small pink hotpants, along with the official bar t-shirt, which was pulled tight by her generous breasts. By now I knew her name was Alice, because last night at her bar she had introduced herself to the whole bar before her and two other girls danced on the bar in front of everyone. It was kind of like ‘Coyote Ugly’ only hot. Today I smiled at her and kept running, maybe I would stop and chat some other time!

I would also see all the girls and guys (but mostly the girls) off for their morning sunbathe, before it got too hot in the afternoon. This was probably most of the reason that my jogs had increased my libido, rather than decreased it. A large number of the girls would be wearing very small bikinis, or large t-shirts with thong bottoms. The girls with t-shirts would usually remove them at the beach and sunbathe topless, as is the custom in Europe. There were also some much younger girls, probably around 18. These girls would sometimes wear bikinis or thongs like the 20-somethings, but more usually they would have more normal bikini bottoms or little swim shorts with t-shirts.

I could see a group of these girls right now, a little way ahead of me. There were four girls. Three were carrying their towels rolled up in their hands, while the other one had her towel around her neck. This one had long wavy black hair that fell most of the way down her back. She had a Mediterranean complexion and was probably about average height, although I really couldn’t tell from this far back. She was wearing a small bikini top, which was white with a thin pink edge, and pink spaghetti straps. Her bottoms matched the top, and were small with pink string sides. She looked gorgeous, and I could see the curves of her ass through the swimsuit as I got closer. She was standing on the right of the group.

One of the other girls was wearing a big t-shirt and small red swim shorts, which were surprisingly showing off quite a bit of her ass. She was blonde, but not so tanned. Maybe these girls hadn’t been here that long. The girl next to her was probably her sister, as much as I could tell from behind. She was a little shorter, again with blonde hair, and about the same complexion. She was wearing a lightish pink top, which it seemed didn’t show off too much, and Pink underwear which weren’t very high, but still seemed to reveal a lot of her ass, even more than the red shorts girl. The underwear had a tiny pink frill on them. It didn’t seem like either of them had a tan line. Maybe they hadn’t been here long enough. Or maybe they sunbathed nude, I thought, smiling to myself. I would have to find out where.

The last girl was the smallest of the group, possibly the youngest, or someone’s little sister or something. She was wearing a short white t-shirt which showed off a little of her tanned back, and a pair pendik escort of white lacy swimsuit bottoms. They couldn’t really be for going in the water though, they seemed like they would be much too see-through. As I approached the girls the Mediterranean girl turned around and smiled at me. I couldn’t help smiling back.

As I passed them a couple of them whistled at me, and the Mediterranean girl yelled

‘You English?’

‘Yeah,’ I turned around and shouted back ‘Why you wanna know?’ I was jogging on the spot a little ahead of them now.

‘We thought you might want to stop and talk to us,’ said the lacy girl. I stopped jogging and flashed them my best smile. Maybe my jog wouldn’t be as much of a letdown as it usually was.

‘Of course, it would be my pleasure. My name’s Jeremy, what’s yours?’ I was addressing my question to the Mediterranean girl, who I had decided was the one I really wanted to get to know better.

‘I’m Rachel,’ she said grinning. ‘But I have to go now, err things to do, you know.’ She moved past me, and grabbed the young-looking girl. ‘Come on Jazz, time to go.’ I wondered if they had some sort of plan to leave me with one of the other girls. I wasn’t complaining, but I would rather have had either of the two that were leaving!

‘So what about you girls, are you ‘leaving’ as well?’ I asked sarcastically.

‘No silly, we’re staying to chat,’ giggled the girl in the red shorts. I was trying hard to keep my eyes of the other girl’s pink underwear and slender legs. ‘Come with us,’ she said. She led me over to a bar, which was already open, and soon we were at a table and my running effort had turned into a drinking one.

The girls talked with me, mostly about themselves, for a couple of hours. I learned that they were indeed sisters, and that their names were Jenny and Victoria (or Vicky). Jenny was the one in the red shorts, and the pink frilly one was Victoria. They were indeed sisters, Jenny was 20 and Vicky 18. I was leaning towards going for Vicky if anything was going to happen, but it seemed like it was strictly chatty chat, at least so far. Vicky did seem to keep leaning on her elbow and looking at me, which was giving me a pretty good view of what there was to her cleavage.

By now it was getting towards lunchtime, and the girls decided they had to be back at their apartment. I got their number and let them go, but inwardly I was cursing. They both seemed pretty drunk after about five or six drinks. It seemed like Vicky had virtually zero tolerance for alcohol, she had got drunk after about two drinks and moved onto soda water for the remainder. I was getting rather frustrated. My jog had been spoiled, I was feeling slightly bloated from lunchtime beer consumption, and my libido had been stirred by meeting such beautiful ladies and getting nothing out of it. Well, I had got their number, and maybe ‘Jazz’ or Rachel would be more interested in what I had to offer than the sisters.

After sitting around moping in the bar for another twenty minutes or so, I decided maybe someone back at the apartment might be worried, and that I should accordingly go home. I trudged out of the bar and made my way back along the now baking hot street towards the apartment. I was almost back when I heard a cry of ‘hey you’ or words to that effect, coming from the side of maltepe escort the street. I looked over to see Alice, the little pink hotpants bar-girl, waving at me. I broke out in a huge smile and wandered casually over to her. She was cleaning tables outside her bar.

‘Hi there. Weren’t you here last night?’ she began. I was barely listening, her breasts were making it very hard to hear.

‘Yeah, I think so. Alice, right? Kind of hard to remember, I was pretty wasted.’

‘Well, I see a lot of that. Don’t see many guys as hot as you though,’ she winked at me.

‘Thanks, you seem to be quite blessed in that department as well,’ I said, nodding at her large breasts.

‘Would you like a drink? On the house from us to you,’ she said, winking again and gesturing at me with her breasts.

‘No thanks, one too many lunch beers,’ I patted my stomach.

‘Oh I know how that goes. I have the perfect thing for that. This way,’ she turned and walked into the bar. I followed, with absolutely no idea what was going on. Was she going to give me some sort of advance hangover cure?

I thought we were going to the bar for a crazy cocktail or something, but she took a left turn somewhere, and before I knew it we were in some sort of back room. It was pretty well lit, but covered in cardboard boxes and smelling slightly of ouzo. My cock started to get excited, but I told it not to jump to any conclusions. Alice closed the door softly behind me.

‘Here we are,’ Alice said, spreading her arms out to show me the place. ‘What do you think?’

‘It’s lovely,’ I replied. ‘All it needs is some furniture, some windows and a carpet and you’ve got yourself a room.’

‘Are you ready for my special medicine?’ Alice said seductively. By now my cock was at full attention, waiting for the surprise.

‘Oh yes, most certainly. What’s in this medicine?’

‘Let me show you,’ Alice said. It seemed to me that she was getting turned on. Her face was flushed and I could see her nipples through her bar t-shirt.

Alice kicked off her deck shoes, and then slowly pulled her bar t-shirt over her head. Her breasts were certainly very large, and they had only the slightest bit of sag in them. Her nipples were also pretty large, and were standing out from her body at least half an inch. She had a hard looking stomach, I guessed she must be a workout girl. She pulled her pink hotpants smoothly down her legs. Underneath she was wearing pink and white bikini bottoms, all ready for a trip to the beach. They were small, but not ultra-small, and with some kind of pattern. I didn’t have much time to look at them though, as she pulled them quickly down her legs and tossed them away.

Alice was now completely naked in front of me, and my cock was straining at its leash. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed into a small triangle, but I could clearly see her pussy lips, which were swollen and red. However, it wasn’t my turn to play yet. Alice moved her hand all over her body, softly touching her neck, then her sides, and finally her breasts. She teased the nipples in small circles, grazing them very gently. After only a few seconds it seemed like she tired of this, and n=moved her hand down from her breasts, over her stomach to her pussy, moaning softly all the time. It seemed like this was really turning her on. kartal escort She spread her lips and began teasing her clit. Her pussy juice was covering her fingers as she worked, and her face was turning the same colour as her hotpants. I got the strong feeling that this was what she got off on, masturbating in front of guys. Well whatever turns you on I guess, I certainly wasn’t complaining. However my cock was, and I decided it was time to take the initiative. I pulled my shoes off, and then my running shorts and underwear. Alice was far too busy by this time to notice. I moved over to her, picked her up, and in one motion pushed the whole of my erection into her. It slid in pretty easily because of all the juice she had been producing, but she was still quite tight. Alice gasped and opened her eyes. A fraction of a second later however, she closed them and let out a scream that was loud enough to be heard across Europe. I felt her pussy contract around my cock, and she released more pussy juice onto my dick. She kept coming for almost two minutes, her pussy contracting again and again, and more and more juice oozing out onto me. I kept supporting her weight this whole time, and pushing hard into her pussy.

When she started to come down from her orgasm, I began fucking her hard, picking her up in the air a little and then dropping her back all the way onto my dick. She loved it, and soon she slipped her hand back in between our bodies to start masturbating again. Within a few strokes she had started to come again, contracting and screaming and making her legs wet with her juices. This went on for about half an hour, and Alice must have come about six or seven times. She was covered in pussy juice, and we were both glistening with sweat. We had somehow made our way onto the floor, where she was on top of me, bucking her hips onto me like a wild animal. I kept pushing into her hard, and finally I could feel the cum beginning to build up inside me. I grabbed her ass hard and pushed as far as I could into her, as I began to shoot my load. As I did it I could feel Alice contracting her muscles around me, squeezing all the cum out of me. I could feel it going right into her, three or four good loads worth. I pulled out of her wet pussy, and my cum rapidly started to ooze out of her pussy.

‘Oh fuck that was just what I needed’ I said, stretching and pulling my still semi-hard cock back into my running shorts. Alice was still on the floor, red and panting with my cum oozing out of her still wide-open hole. After a minute or two, when I was already dressed, she began to pull her clothes on.

‘Mmm, that was definitely one of my better ones,’ she said a little shakily. ‘If I need some more of that I’ll be sure to come find you.’

‘Happy to oblige,’ I grinned. ‘I’m here all week.’

I left the bar sweaty but very satisfied. I suddenly noticed that it was almost 3. I had been out on my run for almost five hours. Someone was sure to be worried back at the apartment. I ran the rest of the way home, although really I was sweaty enough after the fuck-session I had just had to explain a fifty mile run.

I walked in the door of my apartment to see Claire standing there. She had obviously seen me run by the window and was set to tell me off in a big way. I cut her off before she could begin.

‘Sorry Claire, can’t talk. Long run, have to have a shower.’ I picked up a towel from the nearby bed and hopped into the tiny bathroom, locking the door behind you.

‘I’ll talk to you later then,’ muttered Claire, slamming the door on her way out.

To Be Continued…

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