My New Boyfriend’s teenage sons and I

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My New Boyfriend’s teenage sons and I
I broke up with my possessive and controlling boyfriend months before our planned wedding and simply disappeared of the radar, telling only my closest friends and family members where I chose to reside.

Eighteen months later I was sitting in my flay, drinking alone when I was browsing the internet and finished up on a chat room site, and slowly, very slowly I felt all my anxieties and the huge emptiness I nursed, starved of human contact, I felt my needs return like a dam had just burst, as I sat, dumbfounded, quietly watching a man I did not know masturbate in silence and all I had to do was let him see my naked breasts.

I felt shame as I realised I wanted him to finish, to see him shoot because of me was like a redemption of who I was, and I felt my hands rise and slowly unbutton my shirt to give him what he desired.
I could not believe it was myself I was looking at in the smaller of the screens, as my shirt opened to reveal my lacy half cut brassiere and to hear him moan for more.
My nipples were erect and sensitive, straining at the lacy see-through material, and I could see their imprint jutting out, as the drink and horniness overwhelmed me and I just fished each breast out and tugged on each nipple, ‘Please fuck me’, I moaned, into my microphone, feeling the hot rush of sexual excitement, seeing my lips fill the space as I lent forward to speak with him, then back away to show the flawless flesh of my breast and rigid nipples now a darker hue.

My desire for sex had returned with a vengeance, and I got up and undid my pants to slide them down and let him see what no man had seen for nearly two years, and suddenly, my screen was full of squirting semen as he cummed on his webcam, and then nothing, after which he ran away.

In one way I was glad he did, as I was seriously shaken at my own level of arousal, I never knew I had that in me, it completely overwhelmed me, but now, alone I still felt the powerful need to interact with a man, I was so wet I had to change my panties, and when I felt inside my vagina, it was swollen enough to take four fingers.

I was emboldened by the bottle of wine I had consumed, and sexualised enough to want to go out and meet a man, any man for the simple act of sex, but fearful he would finish before me and leave me even more sexually traumatised, so I stood by my window, overlooking a green with a row of pubs down at the far end, and played with myself, daring myself to get caught and reward the man with the sharpest eye up into my flat kaçak iddaa for sex.

Sorry, I have to admit this was all in my head, I actually lay on my bed and rubbed myself.

Eventually I did meet someone, he was older than I divorced and had two sons, one was twelve and the other ten, delightful boys in daddy’s presence, who made me feel very welcome as we got on like a house on fire.
There was eighteen years between us but his maturity was what sealed our relationship, he was not pussy for the sex thing, though my body might have actually encourage something, but my mind was still pretty fucked up, and now I had taught myself the dark arts of female masturbation, the primeval urges were less frequent and I found the lack of physicality between us reassuring as his patience with me, dragged me deeper into our relationship.

One winter he suggested we go away for a weeks skiing as the snow up North had been good. His work commitments meant I would travel with both his sons and he would come up on the Monday evening, giving me the weekend to set the cabin up and time on my own with the boys, which is what my story is really about.

The cabin was deep in a wooded area and the road in was merely a dirt track maintained by a local farmer who lived miles away.
We had just made it arriving around eight in the evening and it was really cold and dark and eerie, I don’t know which of the two made my nipples harden, but they hurt like hell as I was not wearing a brassiere.

We had loaded the car with groceries from the local Tesco before we had set off having made a long list from planed meals to snacks. We unloaded as the elder of the two boys started the fire and by eight thirty the car was unloaded and the freezer and fridge packed full, we flopped down exhausted, only to realise their was no TV reception, just a pile of DVD’s.

The eldest boy had poured me a glass of wine and sweetly offered it to me, which I took and kissed him on the cheek to thank him for his hard work. It was as I had bent in to kiss him I felt his hand on my breast when he squeezed it, my nipple burst into a life of its own and sent a spasm down to my crotch.
He was just twelve, he was just curious, I assumed, I was embarrassed as most of the room was candlelit it was dark, but he felt the outline of my breast and the hardness of my nipple in the short interaction.
I let it go, refusing to acknowledge it, I let him chalk it up as a fly feel of daddy’s woman.

I drank my glass and before I knew it the bottle was downed and as I looked around pinbahis the youngest was sound asleep on the sofa opposite and his brother had already retired to his bed.

I got up feeling very relaxed and went into our bedroom and undressed for bed, returning wearing my night-coat, to put the youngest to bed, but for some inexplicable reason I decided to pour myself a scotch and thumb through the pile of movies to see if there was anything worth watching.

The first four were just porn and then I remembered the cabin was used for hunting and fishing by men away from their wives and I inwardly laughed, women like porn too and one caught my eye, and I looked at the boy sleeping on the sofa, should I put him to bed first, or just watch some images with the sound turned down?

I got up and went back to my bedroom and fished out a sex toy I wanted to release some of that unnatural energy created by his brothers deliberate grope on my breast, strangely I found it arousing through his curiosity and the fact he found me sexually appealing some twenty plus years his senior.

As I made my way back to the living room I stopped outside his bedroom door and eased it open to see him lying on top of his bunk bed. I went in and stood over his sleeping body and decided to pull his cover over him. His breathing was deep and even, he was to all intents and purposes, in the land of nod, as I struggled to ease the top cover down his sleeping torso, leaning over him when I stopped and smelled is body odour and as I slowly resumed I suddenly felt something on my both my breasts, which were out as my coat had opened up and when I looked down he had an erection which was between and brushing against my nude swinging breasts, as I toiled with the cover on which he lay.

Feeling a cock after all these years touch a part of me so sexually alive was like a revelation, as i listened to his breathing, and then I moved my body in a more controlled way to brush him against y hard nipples, the feeling was electric and his age meant nothing to me, he was just a cock and I shamefully lowered myself until I felt him brush my open mouth, where I kissed it and took him deep inside until he brushed against my tonsils.
The softness of suck young flesh and his scent made me push deeper until I could push my tongue out and lick his crinkled scrotum, now I knew this was what people called deep throating, and what a marvellous treat for a young man to have from his daddy’s girlfriend.

My dirty brain had engaged, just as it had all those pinbahis güvenilir mi years ago, as I bobbed up and down, blowing this k** for all it was worth, that was when I felt both his hands on my head, his fingers entwined with my long hair, and his voice saying what my mind wanted to hear, ‘Suck it you fucking slut’.

‘Did little boys talk like that to older women’ when they were fucking them?

As if that was shocking I felt my housecoat being lifted high over my naked ass, and eager hands all over it and my very wet pussy, his younger brother was now all over me, the boy I left sleeping sweetly, had now joined us, like a sexual ‘Chucky’ and even he was dipping and rubbing my pussy with his small erection going into my hole, along with his fingers hand and fist, I was being fucked by a boy, and the deliciousness of the act and the fact it was happening, was simply indescribable.

No wonder when women are asked in courts of law why they allowed these things to happen, we don’t have an answer it just to wonderful and experience to describe never mind explain.

I willingly surrendered my body to both boys that night. I had them in all my holes, and afterwards when both boys slept exhausted , I too drifted off sleeping as soundly as I had never slept before, and in the morning we all awoke to what could only be described as a white out, we were snowed in during the night with no way in or out, their daddy would not be arriving on the Monday as planned, it was just myself and the boys, now men in my eyes.

I felt alive and seeing my nakedness and the effect it had on both boys who displayed their erections as I purposely brushed against them to encourage them to get physical with me, was a dream. Aided by nature in our isolation our relief was sex, natural and beautiful, an education for the boys and their soon to be step mother, we bonded and loved as no woman has, age was just a number, as was the size of their cocks, which were just as effective as a man’s big one, in and around the entrance of my vagina and anus, but together was a delicious combination of indescribable fucking, enthusiasm, youth and vitality, and for the older boy, his semen was sweet to taste, not like the few drops I had experienced from his father, which was salty and acrid.

I am a convert now, I have found my perfect fucking mate age, innocence and inexperience, and the energy of a sex-starved border collie, yes there is room for long slow deliberate stroke for the older discerning gentleman, but that young cock, let loose on a wet pussy, its so good, I am applying for a teaching post at our local primary, in sex education, all c***dren should be taught sex education, and a friend of my young niece, who is in local politics, agrees with me, what do you guys think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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