My New Sister Ch. 02

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II – Girls night out

It has been a few rather oppressive weeks from the day Cindy had caught David in her room. At first he was worried that his parents would notice his arm and leg hair missing, or hear him practicing a feminine voice at nights, but he hadn’t any need to worry. Just like many parents as long as their kids were healthy, they glossed over everything else.

His relationship with Cindy stayed the same as it always was. Well mostly. Mostly she ignored him the way she always did, except recently she seemed to be flaunting herself more. Striking sexier poses, wearing petite outfits that barely covered her. David could only shake his head and convince himself that it was all in his imagination.

As the long weekend neared the rarest of things occurred. The whole family was found sitting together at the breakfast table. The conversations were as always fairly idle. How was college? More eggs? Did you see this or that? David was struck board until their mother Carol asked, “What are you up to this weekend?”

David’s head jerked to attention as a little panic swept through him. With a sigh of relief he realized that she was talking to Cindy. Starring he waited anxiously for her answer, hoping it would involve him in some way.

“Mm,” Cindy said through her toast. “My friend Samantha is having a girl’s weekend at her place.”

“That sounds fun.”

“How about you dear?”

“Damn,” David thought. “I guess I’ll try to get a head in some of my classes.” He was already ahead, but they didn’t need to know that. It was all he ever did now. His friends from high school had moved off to colleges out of the city, and although they chatted and gamed online, it never involved him leaving the house.

“I think your father and I will probably have a nice quiet weekend by the pool.”

After additional pleasantries, they all moved off in their respective ways. David couldn’t help to shoot his sister a dirty envious look as they left. She only smiled back “see you on Monday Dave!”

The morning put David in a horrible mood all day. He snapped at people constantly and worse yet, couldn’t focus on his classes. When his last class finally let out it was all he could do not to run for the door.

The house was empty when he got back. His parents would still be at work, but usually Cindy could be found catching some rays by the pool. “All ready off,” he thought bitterly to himself.

Stalking off to his room he was stunned out of his thoughts. Standing motionless he took the sight in front of him in. On his bed laid a sexy cut deep red V neck blouse cut to show the midriff, a plaid skirt, his pulse quickening as he realized it was the same skirt from two weeks ago. On the skirt was a nice pair of lacy panties, stocking and matching bra. By the bed lay a pair of three inch black leather boots.

Fingering the fabrics he couldn’t wait to try it all on. Closing his door tightly he quickly undressed. Happy that he had waxed himself last night he took great pleasure as the cool fabrics brushed his skin. All set he struck a pose in front of his mirror. He felt great, as he twisted from side to side.

“There she is!”

Startled David spun around, to see his sister coming through the door. She was dressed to kill. A pair of lacy sandals weaved up her calf accompanied by a super-mini gave her the longest etiler bdsm escort legs he had seen. The outfit was completed by a tight corset screaming cleavage.

“Come on Dawn, we have to get you ready or we’ll be late.”

Somewhat confused he followed her into her room as she sat him down to do his make-up. “A girl should really know how to her own make up. You should be glad I love my little sister enough to do this.”

David couldn’t help but smile, which hindered things a bit. But slowly Cindy worked her magic and completed his transformation with the same wig from weeks ago. Staring into the mirror he, no she truly felt like Dawn.

The night progressed like Dawn imagined. Everyone chatted idly as movies played unwatched on the TV. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, and she was terrified and kept just on the outside of the group. But all in all, it was the best night she could remember having in a long time.

By 10:30 it was decided to hit the bar. Dawn was so buzzed that it took almost no convincing to get out on the dance floor with Cindy and the girls and show herself off. Halfway into the first song, Cindy’s best friend Sam, pulled Dawn off to the side.

“Com’ere girl, let me show you how to show off properly!”

Gyrating to the music, Samantha pressed her ass and back into Dawn. “Like this,” She whispered in her ear as she slid down to the music, then up twisting and sliding her hands around Dawn. “It’s like sex with clothes. Remember you’re in control. Tease and leave is my motto! Now you try.”

Dawn turned around trying to find the beet and copy Sam. Samantha’s hands guiding her as she flowed with the music. “Not bad girl, keep going!”

After a few songs they returned to the group who had found another group of guys. Sam immediately paired off leaving Dawn alone and a bit unsure. Trying to relax, she continued to dance to the music like Sam showed her. A few songs and drinks later Dawn didn’t even notice she was dancing with someone else until she saw her sister smiling at her. Looking back she recognized one of the guys their group had been dancing with. Panic, well dulled by the alcohol slowly brought Sam’s words back to her. “Tease and leave,” rang through her head. Deciding to have fun with it, she danced as Sam taught her, Staying in control and when he got grabby, she slid away to the group adrenalin pumping and continued her grind with Sam.

“You go Girl!” she cried.

The group filtered off through the night. Some hooking up, others leaving to find their own beds. “We’ll I’m about ready to go too,” Cindy yelled over the music.

“Cool,” replied Samantha. “I’ll call the cab, meet you outside!”

Holding hands the two sisters elbowed through the crowed until they found the fresh air outside. “Having fun Dawnie?”

Dawn just smiled.

“You know,” Cindy continued, “I was afraid you were going to be introverted all night. The girls like you, you know. Sam really likes you too.”

Cindy’s wink was cut a short as Samantha grouped her from behind. Kissing Cindy’s neck, causing her to squeal. “Here it comes. You girls are coming back to my place right?”

“Definitely!” Cindy Cooed. “Besides all our stuffs there.”

“What stu-” Dawn managed before they piled in to the cab.

The ride was quiet as Dawn played etiler elit escort the night over in her head. Coming out of her reverie she realized why the others were not talking. Her sister who “sat” on the other side of Sam had her tongue down her throat and her hands desperately kneading Sam’s breasts.

Dawn could only watch as the two went at it. Noting that the Cabbie was also paying more attention to the two girls than the road. Her feelings of being left out again were quashed as Sam’s free hand began to caress her thighs. Slowly brushing at first, then kneading them in time with Cindy’s attention on her tits, then digging in as she drew closer to climax. Dawn’s hand reached out tentatively to caress Sam’s free breast, and was rewarded with a stifled moan. When the two finally broke their kiss Sam reached up and pulled Dawn’s mouth to hers. Passion and alcohol exploded inside Dawn as she kissed Sam desperately, broken only by the squeal of the breaks as they reached Sam’s house.

“No charge girls.” The cabbie said with a grunt.

“Anyone for a night cap?” Sam offered, pulling out a half empty bottle of wine they had left before hitting the bar.

“Sure!” Cindy said as she rummaged in a large bag.

When they were all comfortable around Sam’s small table, Cindy finally pulled out what she was hiding. “Standard rules?” she asked laying the strap-on on the table.

“hmm,” why don’t we play spin the bottle. “First point gets the strap, second,” she giggled, “gets the strap!”

The now empty bottle of wine sun quickly around the table as all three watched it slowly stop on Dawn. “Here you go Dawnie! A night of many firsts!” Sam laughed again and set the bottle spinning between the remaining two.

“Damn,” Sam cursed as the bottle pointed to Cindy. “I was hoping for that one. Getting kinda horny here.”

“Don’t worry babe,” Cindy smiled, “I’ll help you there.”

Smiling back Sam replied, “Now that I think of it, it would be fun to watch your sister fuck you as you eat me.”

Sam and Dawn embraced passionately, Sam lifting Dawns skirt up to allow Cindy access to slip on the strap-on. Secured, Sam knelt down licking the thick shaft of the strap on, then slowly working it in inch by inch into her mouth. A sharp slap on the ass brought her attentions to a halt.

“You made the rules!” Cindy smiled, now naked except for her lacy sandles. “Now back off.” Cindy quickly took Samantha’s place and copied her ministrations on Dawn.

With one last lick she slipped back to lie down in front of Dawn. Pushed beyond all reason, Dawn needed no further invite and as she followed her sister onto the floor, carefully slipping the moist strap-on in.

“oh, fuck yeah.” Cindy cried, as Dawn slowly worked the strap deeper into her sisters love. “Harder Dawnie! Fuck Me!”

“God that’s fucking hot,” Sam cheered from the side, ripping off her remaining close.

Already passed her first orgasm and working towards a second, Cindy opened her eyes to see Samantha’s slit above her. Eagerly she pulled her in only slightly disappointed not to be able to see Sam and her sister frenching on top of her. Channeling her second orgasm into a low moan she slowly started to lick circles around Sam’s swollen lips.

“Ah-fuck, Cin that’s-” was all Sam could get out before she etiler escort had to bury her face into Dawn’s neck to stifle her screams. After her orgasm rocked through her body she pulled away. “Switch!”

Swiftly changing places Samantha slid under Dawn, helping her guide the dildo into her. “Fuck me!” She squealed as Dawn penetrated her moist love. Pulling Dawn flat on top of her Sam dove her tongue into her mouth teasing and twisting her own.

Slapping Dawn’s ass hard she spun her over onto her back, slipping her legs into the cow girl position. Dawn was mesmerized by her tits bouncing hard in front of her. “Oh god yeah,” Sam screamed her legs tightened around Dawn’s thighs.

Movement caught Dawn’s eye, breaking the spell, as her sister kneeled above her. “Ready for more Dawnie,”

Dawn’s only answer was to pull her sisters dripping clit closer. Locking her lips tightly around the small bud, Dawn began to suck hard, lasher her tongue back and forth.

Slipping off the now engorged Dawn, Sam began to lick her pelvis around the straps, as Cindy hungrily took the dildo into her mouth. The night’s passions finally were too much for Dawn as her swollen member slipped out from her wet panties, coming erect parallel to the strap on.

“Why Cin, You didn’t tell me your sister brought her own strap!” Samantha giggled as she took Dawn’s cock into her mouth, sucking hard while twisting her tongue around her shaft.

Orgasm rocking her body, Cindy sat up, for a respite from her sister’s quick learning tongue. With a sigh she sat back on the floor, “Damn, I need a minute here!”

“Well if you don’t want that one,” Sam said nodding to the strap. “I’ll take it.”

Pulling herself up Dawn’s body the two kissed passionately. The taste of the two women mixed to an intoxicating bouquet. A quick lick of Dawn’s lips, Sam sat back up positioning herself above the two dicks. Seeing what was happening, Cindy helped her lover ease her sister’s cock into her ass. Sam screaming in lust with each inch that penetrated deep inside. Finally to the base, she pulled out again, slipping the strap on into her swollen mound.

Sam screamed breathlessly as the two shafts worked into her quicker. Taking advantage of the situation, Cindy began to massage each of Sam’s Tits, dropping one hand slowly dragging a single fingernail down her abs. Immediately as the fingernail brushed her clit, Sam jerked into a wild spasm.

“That looked like fun,” Cindy laughed.

“Ah-huh,” Sam said wiping drool from her chin. “You have to try it.”

“Can you handle another round sis?”

Dawn smiled.

Slipping into the same position as Sam, Cindy eased both cocks into her. “oh god!”she growled, “Say my name Dawnie!” She screamed as she slammed her pelvis down harder and harder.

“Oh, Cindy! Fuck me! Oh, God!”

“Oh, fuck Dawnie. You- Oh! Fuck I’m cummmmming!!” Cindy fell spasming onto her sister, locking the two hungrily kissing. Pulling herself off, Cindy finally broke their kiss to slide down first taking the dildo into her mouth, sucking off her juices, then taking in her sisters cock.

“Oh, God Cin!” Dawn screamed dragging her fingers into her hair, pulling her mouth closer to her pelvis, driving her hard cock down her sister throat. “I’m gunna cum,” she breathed barely above a whisper, “I’m-” the rest of her words were drowned in a guttural moan.

After slowly getting dressed the three girls sat back with a final nightcap in their hands. “You know Dawnie,” Cindy said. “You can’t really go through life with that one outfit. I think we need to go shopping!”

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