My Secluded Parking Lot

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My Secluded Parking Lot
Recently, I was checking out some local walking tracks looking for a good spot to go out in my short shorts and pantyhose. The idea of finally going out in public in pantyhose gave me butterflies just thinking about it. I was searching hard ( no pun intended ) to find someplace safe with only adults likely to be present.

While looking for a “safe” spot on Google maps, I noticed an abandoned parking lot that caught my eye. I am always on the look out for a good outdoor place to “play” and take photos. This looked too good to be true! It was huge and was completely covered by trees on all sides blocking any view from the road. It was also not far from a great, partially wooded walking path. So, last Friday I set out in my shiny tan pantyhose, very short mesh shorts, and a sweatshirt for an adventurous day outdoors.

My first stop was the walking trail and as I pulled up I was relieved there was not many cars in the gravel lot. My heart was racing bahis siteleri as I stepped out into the bright sunshine. I was immediately aroused as I felt the combination of the warm sun and cool March air hit my hosed legs. I set out on one of the trails and was getting harder and harder as I walked feeling the cool breeze make its way into my tiny mesh shorts. Looking down at my legs, my CdR Super Lucido pantyhose looked like glass in the sunshine. At that moment I realized, any one that sees my will definitely notice I am in pantyhose.

As I was rounding the first curve on the path, a pair of middle age ladies came around the corner. They were quite a bit away and as they got closer they definitely quieted down, whispering to each other as they passed me. I thought to myself they were probably just confused by a man in pantyhose. Then I looked down a realized just how obvious my semi-hard cock was showing through an outline in my shorts.

After trying out bahis şirketleri a few other paths, I realized there was so few people out on the paths, it was not quite as thrilling as I thought. I decided to head over and scope out my new found secluded parking lot.

Pulling into this abandoned parking lot was a little eerie at first I will say. The driveway is just off a main busy road but is completely lined by tall trees. Once I made it down the drive, the giant concrete pad opened up into a maze of nooks created by years of overgrown trees. I half expected to see someone else parked with similar “intentions” but as I made my way around I found I was the only one in my new secrete spot.

I picked an area way back in the corner to give myself time if a car did pull in down the drive. I stepped out and realized just how perfect this was with the cars buzzing just on the other side of the tree line but being totally out of sight of the public.

As I set up illegal bahis my tripod and started shooting a few pics, I was already becoming less concerned about someone catching me and completely immersed in finally posing and playing outdoors. I moved further and further away from the safety of my car and getting braver as I started pulling my shorts down in the sunshine. I shot for a while and decided “I have to make a video here!”.

I set up to shoot a video in a spot about middle way of the lot that was much too far from my car to make it back if needed. This only added to my excitement as I stepped in front of the camera. By this point I was rock hard and new I would explode once I pulled my hose down and started pumping. I leaned against the concrete wall again feeling the perfect combo of warm and cool in the air hit my legs, pulled my shorts down, and could not help but to immediately relieve my throbbing, dripping cock. Within seconds I was shooting a huge load making its way to my shorts and hosed legs. All the time knowing if someone were to pull in, I would most certainly be caught.

Needless to say, this is only the first of many trips to my new secluded parking lot. Hope you enjoy the video!

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