My sister-Part two, the next day

      Yorum yok My sister-Part two, the next day

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Female Domination

My Sister: The next day

After the day of sex I had yesterday with my sister, I didn’t know what to expect when I woke up this morning. I just knew that it was the most exciting sex of my life, and when my sister swallowed my cum, I was in heaven.

When I walked into the kitchen wearing just my boxers, my sister glanced at me and smiled. I knew right then that she probably hadn’t regretted everything we did. At least that was my hope.

Me: Hubby already gone to work?

Her: Yes, he left an hour ago, for another 12-hour shift.

Me: So, what should we get up to today sis?

Her: We can’t repeat what we did yesterday. That was so wrong, and I can’t get over the guilt of cheating on my husband.

Me: No one will ever know but you and I, and it seemed as if you enjoyed the things we did. I thought it was one of the bests days of my life.

Her: I did enjoy it, but last night he asked for a blowjob, and I found myself comparing two cocks and the two tastes of cum. I felt guilty as hell.

Me: Sis, I’m sorry that I coaxed you into something you really didn’t want to do.

Her: That’s the problem; you didn’t force me. I was so horny and I wanted everything we did. I guess I didn’t really think it through.

Me: If it’s gonna cause problems, maybe I should just pack my things and return home.

Her: Why? You didn’t do anything against kocaeli escort bayan my will.

Me: Because yesterday was incredible and I know that I will try to make it happen again. That’s why I have to go.

My sister started to cry, and I felt so badly, I hugged her tightly and told her everything would be okay.

Me: Sis, I’m going to go pack, and then hit the road.

Her: Please don’t go.

Me: Sis, my cock seems to be guiding me and I’m not sure I can trust myself. You must know what will likely happen if I stay.

Her: I do know. My urges are the same as yours, except for the guilt I feel. Let’s just see how the day goes. Will you please stay?

Me: Okay, if you are sure. I guess if I can’t resist you, I can jerk off to ease the pressure, or you could help. How does that sound?

Her: I guess I could do that for you.

Later after lunch we played cards and when that got boring, she asked what I wanted to do next.

Me: I vote for naked 69. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Her: You would, wouldn’t you?

Me: I’m hard as hell and can’t stop thinking of eating your pussy to orgasm, while you suck my balls and cock, and swallow my cum.

Her: You don’t give up, do you? I’m not sure we should do anything more involving sex, because my guilt is going to cause me to confess one day.

Me: Holy crap sis; don’t ever consider kocaeli sınırsız escort that. It will destroy two marriages.

Her: I don’t know if I can keep this from my husband. The guilt is affecting my moods around him and he will no doubt get suspicious, if I can’t explain myself.

Me: Please don’t do this sis. We’ll both end up divorced. How about we have one more day together and then promise to never let it happen again.

Her: I’m sure about one thing and that’s the bulge in your pants. Watching that bulge and talking about yesterday has me stirred up as well. If you can keep your promise I think we should head to the rec room and put on some porn.

After setting up the porn tape, we both undressed and sat beside one another on the sofa. I slipped my hand onto her thigh and gently massaged my way to her pussy. I massaged her pussy lips and clit, while she reached over and began massaging my balls.

Me: Let’s 69 sis; I want to lick your pussy to orgasm, while you suck my cock and balls.

Her: I guess you will want me to swallow your cum?

Me: Oh yes.

She pushed me down on my back and mounted me. My tongue lashed out at her pussy lips and clit, and she began writhing and moaning. I was thrusting upwards with my hips trying to get her to begin sucking. As she engulfed my cock, her tongue swirled around izmit anal yapan escort my cock head, as she sucked it deeper into her mouth. I was determined to find out if she could take it deep into her throat; something my wife would never try. My gentle thrusts signaled her that I wanted to go deep, and she responded. Slowly my cock sank deeper and deeper, until I could feel my balls on her lips. What a great sensation, having her throat tighten on the cock head. I couldn’t hold back and began ejaculating, and she greedily kept sucking, until I was completely drained. She hadn’t cum yet, so I began vigorous tongue lashing on her clit, and then sucked it hard. She moaned loudly and began pushing herself into my face.

Her: Suck that clit, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop, don’t stop.

After she orgasmed, she completely relaxed and moved up beside me.

Her: How long do you need before you can get inside me?. I really want to orgasm on your cock.

Me: Let’s concentrate on the porn, and I’m sure I’ll be ready in five minutes or so.

As we watched the fucking on the screen, I sensed she was getting antsy, so I asked her to suck me until I was hard and ready to go again. She seemed to like that idea, and buried her face in my lap. Her tongue and mouth suction had me fully hard, and her deep throat almost made me cum. I pulled her up and had her straddle me. She gave a loud moan as she was fully impaled on my cock, and she began riding me enthusiastically.

Just as I was thrusting upwards with everything I had, the door flew open and her husband came charging in.

….To be continued.

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