My Wanton Cousins Ch. 04

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Read Chapter 03 for background to this episode. Your vote will be appreciated.

If I’d told my friends about the previous couple of weeks, they would have had me committed to a mental institution. My current affair with Mimi, a married, female cousin in her forties whom I’d first fucked over twenty years previously, had evolved into an obsession. Not only that, but another cousin, 23-year-old Kelly, had surprised both Mimi and me over the past weekend by joining us in one of our sexual romps after a family reunion. What made the whole thing a soap opera was the fact that Kelly’s mother, Alma – a stunning, Italian beauty about my age who’d expressed an interest in seeing me since both she and I were divorced – was using the excuse that she’d professionally clean my teeth. The only sane aspect of the story was that she was a dental hygienist.

Alma had been excited at the prospect of getting together when she’d thinly disguised our meeting by asking me to come to the dental office where she worked on Wednesday, a “light day” according to her.

When I arrived the door to the office was locked. I rattled the knob and started to turn away but the door opened a crack. Then it opened wide, and there she stood, beaming at me. Until the previous Saturday at the reunion, I hadn’t seen her in a few years, but she’d been as I’d remembered when I first met her when we were both 18: intimidating in her beauty, so that speaking to her had been confined to embarrassed mumbles on my part as a youth. Now mature, she’d retained her petite yet very round and curvy body, with short dark hair and eyes that were nearly black. On this day her flawless Italian complexion contrasted beautifully with the starched white uniform of her profession, which ended slightly above her knees and seemed glued to her ample curves. Everything about her was delightfully round as opposed to angular, but she wasn’t fat…her eyes, breasts, facial cheeks, butt cheeks…all were like perfect circles or orbs. We hugged for several seconds with her soft tits crushed against my lower chest, until she sighed deeply. When we parted she was blushing, apparently agitated about our physical contact.

“I keep the door locked, ‘cuz I’m alone on Wednesdays. Hope you didn’t mind coming here, rather than to my place,” she said, guardedly, as we walked back to her exam office.

“I wondered why at first but, since I needed a tooth cleaning anyway, this is okay,” I said.

“It’s just that…well, Kelly lives with me. She’s a free-lance photographer as you know, and I never know when she’ll just walk in at home.”

And why would that be uncomfortable for anybody? I wondered to myself as I sat in the dental chair. “I spoke with Dirk. He sounded in good spirits,” I admitted. Speaking of her ex-husband seemed to have a cooling effect on her since she ignored me. Dirk was also my only other male first cousin.

“It was great having dinner with you and Mimi over the weekend!” she said, grinning. “I didn’t get to talk with her much, though.”

I wasn’t surprised that they hadn’t gotten very sociable since they’d always stayed apart from each other. Besides, late Saturday night, Mimi and I had been witnessed by Alma in the moonlight, fucking like crazed dogs on the hood of Mimi’s dusty blue Volvo.

“She said to give you her best when she left,” I lied, as I reclined on the fancy dentist’s chair that was more like a chaise lounge, covered in clear plastic and shaped like a flat letter ‘S’. “I wish I’d stayed in closer touch with all my cousins over the past twenty years.”

“That would’ve been nice,” murmured Alma as she looked into my mouth. She cranked down the chair so I was laying on my back and she leaned over me, the starched white front of her 34DD breasts pressing into my chest. As she poked into my mouth with her instruments, I gripped the chair arms nervously as I always do at the dentist’s. “It looked as if you two were pretty close, though,” she said…a remark that was rife with understated innuendo…and maybe a touch of bitchy jealousy.

I drummed my fingers on the end of the armrest and asked “‘rea-ye’,” around her probing instruments. Why doesn’t she just tell me that she watched Mimi and I screwing? I mused.

“Yes, really,” she said, pressing her pelvis tightly against my drumming fingers, thereby keeping them still. She straightened up to look down at me, betraying a simmering lust in her coal black eyes. My hand could feel the incredible heat emanating from her crotch, which caused pulses of blood to stir in mine. She seemed to be breathing heavily, since her breasts were rising and falling rapidly. “You know, I’ve got a confession to make,” she said calmly, while reaching for an instrument. “When you and Dirk did that real estate deal a few years ago I was fascinated with you. Every time I heard your voice I’d have to restrain myself from…well, from making a fool of myself.”

“That would’ve caused trouble with some people,” I said, thinking of my paranoid ex-wife as well bahçelievler escort as my philandering cousin, Dirk. I’d been aware at the time that he’d been seeing another, much younger, woman, and I assumed the affair would run its course so his and Alma’s marriage could get back on track. He’d complained to me that Alma hadn’t been to college, she wasn’t as sophisticated as his young girlfriend, and that he’d grown tired of her. I had no idea at the time that she’d been secretly attracted to me, of all people.

“Yep,” she said under her breath and went back to work on me. I focused on her olive skin just inches away, and her fresh smell. “But now it wouldn’t, would it?” she whispered. “I mean, now we’re both more mature, our kids are grown, we’re divorced, and…”. Her sentence trailed off to nothing as I closed my eyes to smell her sweet scent. Thirty or forty minutes later we were finished and she splashed an antiseptic into my mouth and asked me to rinse. “Your gums are in good shape,” she said. “Next time you come in – next week if it’s okay – I’ll give you a deep scaling, then the following week the doctor will see you. Only one more thing to do today.”

“And what’s that?” I asked, trying to rise from the chair, which she gently pushed me back onto, her dark eyes flashing wantonly. I sensed what was coming, and told myself prophetically: again it’s going to happen…it’s the incestuous moment of truth…only this time it’s with a cousin-by-marriage.

She lowered her head over mine and looked into my eyes from an inch away, bathing me with her sweet breath, and whispered, “Just gimme a li’l kiss…’n’ stuff, honey.” Her head lowered and she closed her eyes. Our lips met softly, there was a hint of her darting tongue, and she sighed a bit. Then I felt her hand gently stroking my chest as she snuggled more closely. One kiss led to another…and another, and we both began breathing more heavily. Her feathery touch moved south to my belt, then even lower to the bulge at my groin, which had grown quite large. She’s in a real hurry! I realized, as my left hand wandered over her right breast, which I gently squeezed while she massaged my rising cock through my pants. I flinched at her touch and she took another try at my lips, nibbling at them and fully offering me her tongue. My hands went to the hem of her uniform – seemingly automatically – and I pulled it up as far as it could go, then I started unbuttoning it from below, until it was open to her hips. She leaned onto the chair with one bent knee, placing her fulsome thigh next to my leg – she wore no slip, stockings or pantyhose – and I caressed her flesh’s silken softness from her knee to her vulva, which felt swollen, hot and moist underneath her lacey panties. She groaned loudly and deeply as my fingers toyed with the spongy little pillow of her labia, then I pushed aside the gusset of material at her crotch to feel the large, fleshy inner lips that protruded from her soaking slit. “Oh, Gawd, yes, Derek. Touch me, mmmnn…there. Touch me all over…please!” she begged in a whisper, and began unbuttoning her dress from the bodice down until it was entirely open in front. Two of my fingers slithered into her soaked opening in the midst of her thick black pubic muff, causing a squeak and a gasp, then moans, as I probed in and out of her tender, slick tissues.

She abandoned the bulge in my pants for a moment and in a flash unhooked her bra. The bounty of her heaving breasts spilled out to within an inch of my face and I withdrew my fingers from her dripping cunt, giving her the chance to drop her leg and wiggle out of her panties as I grasped her tits to nibble at their corky, brown nipples. “Mmmm…Alma…” I gurgled as my lips, tongue and teeth struggled to devour her breasts.

Her moans began again as her shaky fingers wrestled open my belt and zipper to reveal my tumescent prick. She grabbed my pants and underwear together and dragged them to my thighs with a little help from my upraised hips, then peeled off her open dress and bra. Naked now, she gushed at the first sight of my cock and whispered, “Mmm, yeah, sweetheart. This beautiful thing is just what I need. It’s unfair for Mimi to have you all to herself!” For a few seconds she dropped to my groin to squeeze my member between her DD breasts – much as her daughter, Kelly, had done to me in her van the previous Saturday – but Alma’s plans for me were somewhat different than her daughter’s had been. She proceeded with a few generous wanks with her soft hand as she watched her fingers from up close worship my veiny dick. That gave way to a couple of wet kisses on my pulsing, purple glans, several circular tongue swipes around the crown, then an awe-inspiring plunge of her mouth down three-quarters of my shaft. “Jeezus…Almaaaahh!” I cried, as the muscles in my torso immediately froze and she started taking slow, full thrusts that engulfed my cock in her clasping throat.

I looked down at her distended jaw as her bow-like bahçeşehir escort lips met my pubic hair time-after-time while she sucked. She watched me with an unblinking stare and I writhed and groaned each time my dick disappeared into her bulging cheeks. Her half-inch long black eyelashes and short, curly hairdo complemented her nude, olive-skinned body beautifully as her pendulous tits swung under her, and – as I looked beyond her bobbing head – her back narrowed at the waist to flare into the round, appetizing hips that had bred her children a generation ago. I felt a guilty thrill as she sucked, remembering that her succulent, 23-year-old daughter, Kelly, had swallowed my load the previous Saturday while taking my cock between her tits. One has to be quick to get ahead of these inventive kids today, I thought, ruefully, as I flashed on the possible sexual habits of my own daughter, also a young adult.

But my thoughts in this regard were misplaced. Alma was pleased that she’d been able to stimulate an ecstatic outburst from me and cooed, “For years I’ve imagined us fucking! I just know it’s gonna be good, Derek!” as she crept up to me on her knees to straddle my angry prick. Her swollen inner labia protruded from her pussy almost half an inch – peeking through her batch of black pubic hair – and were covered with her thick lubricant, an off-white creamy substance that resembled mayonnaise. Her soft fingers manipulated my rod back and forth in her slit, preparing it for entry, then – holding her breath as she eased slowly down over the head – she mewled in her throat with closed eyes. She absorbed me with agonizing slowness, taking perhaps fifteen seconds to completely engulf me. As my rough, rampant cock pushed aside her mature tissues the whining sound emanating from her grew louder until our pelvises met, prompting, “Ahhhhhhhh! Oh, Gawd, yessss!” as she exhaled and her eyes flew open.

She was alive inside. Without moving she moaned long and loudly as her vagina spasmed involuntarily around my embedded staff. I reached up and filled my hands with her heavy tits, which were of the softest flesh, and pulled gently at the thick, brown nipples that were now stiff and needy. She slowly moved her pelvis in a circle, stirring my buried cock around in the hot, succulent mass of her vagina, and whimpered as she looked down at me with heavy-lidded eyes. She dropped her shoulders and grasped my upper arms as I got my mouth to her nipples, and keened high in her throat as I suckled them roughly, one at a time.

“You’re good, Alma,” I mumbled between mouthfuls of nipple, and started to thrust upward.

“Oh-sweet-thing-don’t-move,” she whined, all in one word. “Just…lemme…do…this,” she whimpered, almost plaintively. Then her cunt tightened around me and she rose off of my dick slowly, taking ten or so seconds to milk me with her Kegel muscles.

My head thrashed back and forth from the sheer, sweet, physical agony and she smiled down at me as she reached the zenith of her upward move. Then she reversed her movement, once again taking many seconds to mesh fully with me, her thick vaginal discharge making a soaking threshold of my pubic hair as her body gently repeated its skilled maneuvering. “Gawwwd, dammmn,” I murmured as her vagina continued its involuntary spasms after our loins met. “You’re…amazing…” I mumbled, suddenly aware that I might cum prematurely.

“I like it slow,” she whispered. “I can feel every ridge…every vein…every bump…on your cock,” she added. “I’ve missed fucking so much,” she muttered, this time pushing down onto me a bit more quickly. I jumped at her quicker movement, driving my dick to her cervix, and she giggled as she shifted more toward my feet. “O’ course, fast is good, too!” she said, beaming as she moved her butt in an equatorial maneuver, then rising and coming down onto my rampant dick like some petite, Romanesque love goddess being filmed in slow motion. My prong now struck the back of her vagina each time we pushed at one another. She continued this for perhaps five minutes – with me diddling her clit with my fingers all the while – as her jaw grew slack and her eyes glazed over.

“Slow…makes me cum quick,” she groaned, as her butt continued its protracted, somnolent cycle. “An’…an’…when I c’, cu’…cummm, you’ll know it…’cuz I make a mess!”

“Really!?” I replied, as my thumb fairly flew across her swollen clitoris.

“Nnnggh, Gawd, yesss! Oh, yesss…oh, yess…oh, yes…ohh…hol’ still…honey! I’m cum, cumming…gawd…cummming…shiiiit, I’m cummmmming so harrrrd!” she shrieked, and began soaking us both with streams of her thick syrup. I’d never known that a woman could literally cream on a cock while in orgasm, but Alma proved it could be done. And at that moment it apparently pleased her since she showered me with kisses as I held her shuddering body against mine.

We were both sopping with her thick liquid as she lay on top of me, twitching from bakırköy escort aftershocks and still moaning while her vagina contracted in time with her pulse. My cock continued to respond, throbbing inside her, as if arrogantly reminding both of us that I hadn’t cum. “You okay?” I asked, humbly.

“Ohh…Gawwd…yes, baby,” she mewled. “Just gettin’ started. Turn me over and gimme some more o’ that sweetness. After all these years I’m not gonna letcha’ go early,” she said, as we both rolled over into the missionary position. The chair was slick with her smelly fluids, so movement on the plastic surface was no problem. I pulled free of her and slid her luscious bottom up to the high point of the chair – the area that, moments before, had underlain my knees when I was on my back – so that her succulent loins were poised and ready for my invasion. My member was covered with her creamy discharge, which I scraped off with one pass of my index finger and thumb. Alma giggled at me, grabbed my hand and licked it clean. “You oughta’ try it,” she said with a grin. “You don’t know what you’re missing!”

I leapt at her invitation, clamping my mouth hungrily over her hairy cunt and sucking hard, vacuuming a slurry of liquid from her depths. Shifting upward, my tongue bathed her clitoris, and air refilled her vagina with a liquid, farting sound as she raised her legs so that her knees pushed back against her shoulders. She trembled and mewled as I flicked at her little button and moaned as I pulled back to look at her quivering pussy. It dilated open and contracted closed as if it had a life of its own, responding to flicks of my tongue every few seconds. Alma was moaning incomprehensibly as I continued my lingual torture, which drove me onward. “Like my tongue, baby?” I asked, teasingly. She gasped something in response that I didn’t understand. “What?” I pressed, while I pulled her toward me – atop the chair – in preparation for a comfortable fuck. At the same time I kicked off my loafers and slipped off my pants and boxers.

“Oh, please keep doing it…then fuck me, darlin’…any way you want,” she whined. I returned to my cunnilingual tasks, reaming out her tasty insides until my tongue felt numb and sedated, and Alma was well on her way to another peak of sexual frenzy. “Nnnn-ggghh, mmmnnnaahh, ohh, ohh, nnnnmmmggaaahh,” she intoned seemingly endlessly as I lapped at her dripping, clutching pussy. Then her hips started jerking and rolling upward, banging my lips against my teeth as she approached orgasm.

It was now or never. My cock was standing out from my loins like a flagpole on the side of a building, and I longed to plunge it inside the hot, welcoming orifice that flexed under my lips and tongue. Slowly I brought my knees onto the bottom of the chair, curling my body to prolong the time until I’d have to break contact between my sucking mouth and her vulva. Then in an instant I did so and grabbed her waist while I plunged my iron-like member deeply into the cauldron of her steaming insides. She screamed and I roared like a buffalo as we met again, again and again after so many years of bashfully remaining apart…separated by our marriages and the now-distant taboo of incest.

I want this, I fantasized, while I drilled into her as she’d begged for more, shrieking her encouragement. I’m gonna cum in you, Alma. Just like last Saturday when I fucked two other cousins – your daughter, Kelly, along with Mimi, together – without your knowing it! I was developing a full-fledged perversion with this fixation – no, this fetish – for my female cousins. What I wasn’t concerned with was: Where or when would it stop?

It gave no hint of stopping for five full minutes…for that’s as long as it seemed that Alma climaxed. She finally brought her legs down from their airborne position for a moment of post-coital relaxation, and when I said, “Over on your hands and knees, sweetheart,” she cooed, and happily assumed that position. “Knees together, honey…that’s it.” She was facing away from me, proffering her magnificent olive ass to my lusty eyes, with the treasury of her cunt lips peeking out from a tuft of black pubic fuzz, down low where her globes come together. I straddled the narrow dentist’s chair, which positioned me perfectly to enter her, and slowly leaned into her pussy, worming my way into her slick orifice until I nudged her cervix.

“Nnnngghh-oooh, Gawd, you’re so deep!” she mewled.

“Mmmm-hmmm!” I grunted, taking another stroke, which caused a little farting noise as our parts meshed again. Then I reached under her torso and cupped her breasts, one in each hand, and began to fondle them gently, using them as handles to gently pull her body back onto my tumescent prick. “Yeah…oh, yeah. That’s the way,” I said, as much to myself as to her. As our pace increased, I slid my hands back to her round, fleshy butt, pulling apart her cheeks to see my prong disappear between her glistening brown labia. As I withdrew, her lips clung to the rough topography of my cock as if regretting the departure of its blood-filled mass. Then, as I returned, her elastic lips reversed their course, welcoming me with a gooey, squelching sound as they accompanied me back inside her body. As they sluiced inside, her rectum swelled out, dark red and shiny with moisture, and seemed to invite attention to it.

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