Naked Fun Ch. 02

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Mary was tired from a long day at work. Her job as a real estate agent was not always this busy but an open house was a lot to do and her help decided to skip out on her. Their loss, as the commission would be all hers now! Granted she did not have to work, as her husband, Jim was a great provider with his construction company. Alice, Jim JR. and she had a great life and a beautiful house. She enjoyed the nudist lifestyle he introduced her to many years ago and hurried to remove the clothing required outside the home. It was time for a shower and family time.

As she walked into the spacious shower room that Jim had designed and built for them, she could hear the shower going. “Now, who would be using her shower at this time of day?” she thought to herself. It was a large shower with room for multiple people. A see through glass wall with an open doorway at the end. Through the glass she could see her son, Jim Jr., as he lathered his athletic body and, like his dad, enjoy a pull on his dick. She smiled as this was a common practice for the men in the house, like father, like son.

“Jr! What are you doing in my shower?” Mary called out. She enjoyed the startled reaction of her son as he let go of his dick and pretended to just be washing. Mary had always enjoyed seeing him naked, even more as a grown man.

“Sorry Mom” he called istanbul rus escort back, “you know I really enjoy this shower. If you need to shower why don’t you join me?” The invitation was just what Mary needed and she stepped in to join her son in the delicious hot water. There was plenty of room and even multiple shower heads, but Mary pushed in against Jr with a “this is my place, so make room” attitude. “Mom, will you wash my back?” Jr. asked without missing a beat. Mary was a bit surprised with this but as she looked at his very athletic back she was more than happy to wash his hard muscles. Jr. was a very good football player and loved the swim team. Just out of high school and still training for a college spot he was rock hard to her touch. This sent a shiver of unexpected pleasure through her body.

Still expecting him to run away she soaped up a large shower sponge and began washing his back. After it was all soapy, she leaned in and began rubbing his back with her 38d and very firm breasts. “This will make him jump for sure” she thought. Instead he just moaned with pleasure and said, “Very nice Mom, thanks. Now don’t forget my ass!” So Mary did just that. She began rubbing his hard ass with her now tingling tits. Her nipples hard with excitement. “Now it’s my turn!” she whispered kadıköy escort in his ear. The traded places and while doing so she saw his hard dick as he turned to go behind her. Her pussy was getting wetter now and not with the shower water! Jr. lathered up the sponge and began rubbing his mother’s back. Giving her a good massage know she was very tense from working all day. As he worked his way down her back to her shapely ass, he was even more excited. He had never been this close, in this way before and it was making his dick as hard as a rock! Then to get back at her for rubbing her tits on him he decided to move in and let his hard dick slide on her ass.

Mary was enjoying the massage and all the attention that when Jr’s dick slid on her ass she was too excited to stop it! She was now so horny that she had to have that cock. She just bent over and opened her pussy to let it slide in. There was no stopping it as her son’s hard dick found its way into her steamy wet hole. Jr was also wanting his moms pussy. He had thought about fucking her for some time. His sister Alice had encouraged him to go for it many times. Sharing with him her desire to fuck their dad. The shower had done its job!

Jim Jr. was finally fucking the pussy he had dreamed about for so long. It was so very hot and he could kartal escort feel his mom’s pussy muscles gripping his cock with desire. He knew Dad had fucked Alice earlier that day and now it was his turn to get what he wanted. Mom suddenly stopped and pulled off his cock, Thinking she had changed her mind he just waited for her to run away. Instead she turned around and climbed on him wrapping her beautiful strong legs around his waist. “Put it back in” she begged in his ear and began kissing him with a lovers tongue.

He was trying to get his cock back in that sweet pussy when he felt a set of hands grab it and guide it into his mothers hot cunt. Unknown to Mary and Jr., Dad and Alice had been watching them for some time. Seeing his son have a hard time getting back into his wife’s slippery pussy he and Alice had stepped in the shower also and he put his son’s dick into the pussy his son so desired. Alice was so turned on she began sucking her Dad whose cock was hard from watching his son fuck his wife. Jr. could no longer control his orgasm and began pumping his hot cum into his mother’s willing pussy. Mom could feel it and began her own orgasm, pulling her son in close and milking his cock to get all the cum from him.

As they pulled apart Mary could see Alice sucking Jim and turned to join her. She had recognized Jim’s strong hands as they helped Jr’s dick back into her. As she bent over to suck her husband’s cock she felt her son’s mouth begin to clean her cum soaked pussy.

She was so thrilled that her family had come together in the way she had dreamed of for so long. They all knew that from now on things would only get better.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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