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I just recently fell head over heels in love for the very first time in my life. Full disclosure folks, I’m no kid, I’m 28 and lead a very successful career with the local police force. I just made detective and I’m well respected by my peers and in the community. I’ve lived in Dearfield all of my life, it’s a great place to live. It’s not a small town but it isn’t a city either. I know most of my neighbors and the condo in which I live would easily cost another hundred thousand if I lived in the closest city. What’s more, even though I’m a cop and should know better, I’m not afraid to leave my door unlocked or ask a neighbor to feed my cat (his name is Mooch) if I’m away or have to work late.

I’m the oldest of three children, I have two sisters with whom I’m very close. Shelby is my younger sister. She’s a lingerie model and very successful. At almost 5’11” and possessing the looks of a blonde goddess, Shelby was headed for success at an early age. She was already a catalog model at 11. By the time Shel hit 13, you could easily tell that she was going to continue with her chosen career. Academically – well, I was the valedictorian and Shelby – she nearly didn’t graduate. If she hadn’t promised mom and dad she would finish high school and if 3-years older brother hadn’t tutored her until she almost screamed obscenities at me, she would not have made it through. While I adore my kid sister, I will admit to having ulterior motives. My friends were always offering me bribes to get an intro to Shelby. Shelby’s bribes were equally good – a glowing introduction to any of her model friends I took a shine too. My virginity was long gone by the time I turned 19 and I had a lists of conquests some of the male models would envy. Shelby was always telling me that I should model. I’m 6’5″, broad-shouldered, blue-gray eyes and dark haired. I tried a few jobs, but I hated standing around all day. I’m a guy who likes to move – I used to be an athlete. I like using my brain. I like action and I want to make a difference in our community. When I told our father I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a police officer, I still say I saw the old man tear up a little. Mom wasn’t as thrilled – she loves my dad with all her heart and has been terrified of getting that phone call one night. Lucky for her, my dad is only a few years away from retirement. All the people on his beat love him, even a few of the questionable types. I think he’ll be around a long time so that he and mom can retire to that place in Florida they’ve been paying off for years.

I have another sister, her name is Nancy. Nancy is nearly 10 years my junior and she’s the sunshine in our family. To think that she wasn’t always a part of our family seems odd and yet, it’s the truth. Nancy wasn’t my mom’s late in life surprise baby – we chose to make her a part of our family, as a group. Everyone got a vote and it was unanimous when my parents signed the adoption papers and made her a part of our family.

Nancy was born in California to Vietnamese refugee parents. Nancy’s real mom worked in the local Ralph’s Supermarket as a cashier. Her mom kept getting in trouble for bringing Nancy to work with her. One day when the manager was giving Kim a hard time, my mom intervened. Dad didn’t think much of this manager, he was sure he was harassing some of the prettier cashiers – which he was. I later arrested him for domestic violence. My mom may only be 5’3″ but I’ve seen her stare down my cop father when she’s upset. This guy didn’t stand a chance and my mom removed Nancy’s mom – Kim – from the store and took her for a much-needed break. That’s when she found out the entire back story of Kim’s life. She and her husband had an arranged marriage and he was not only a drinker, he was verbally and physically abusive. She often brought Nancy to work with her because she was afraid to leave a toddler in the house with him. All of her co-workers rallied around Kim, a pretty, fragile 19-year old with limited prospects. She would not have been able to afford to raise her nearly-2 year old daughter without her husband’s support and her job. She was walking on a tightrope trying to make a better life for her daughter.

Mom offered to let Kim and Nancy move in with us, but Kim stunned her by asking if she would consider adopting Nancy. Kim had family in New York who were willing to help her get a new start, but there wasn’t much more room than they had for Kim. Kim despaired for her daughter if she stayed or left her alone with Nancy’s father. If my family adopted Nancy, she would send as much money as she could and Nancy could choose to keep in touch when she was older.

My mother was a bit surprised, but she had seen the little girl several times before and knew we’d all pitch in when needed. Shelby would love having a kid sister and me – well, mom would work on me. Dad would go along with whatever mom decided. The only factor was having another kid around. We were all busy, including mom, who worked küçükçekmece escort as a legal secretary (that’s how she met dad when he was testifying on a case her boss prosecuted) and was busier than her husband. But after one look into Nancy’s soulful brown eyes and mom was gone. She knew that she couldn’t leave the child to grow up in an unhappy home. Ours is almost nauseating in how well we all get along. We’re not quite the Cleavers or the Waltons, but we’re loyal to each other.

Dad went for it, Shelby was thrilled and me – I was bribed with the promise of a new catcher’s mitt. Of course, I wouldn’t have been mean to my new sister, but I figured I would probably be indifferent. For a new mitt, I could fake it. Only thing – it turned out I didn’t have to.

Nancy walked in the front door holding mom’s hand, looking terrified. Dad and Shel made her feel at home, but to this day, mom says I turned the tide. 11-year old me saw how scared she was and gave her a hug. Mom thinks it was the first time a male ever showed Nancy any affection. She hugged me back and was actually amazed that I let her. For the next several months, Nancy followed me around like a lost puppy. She was advanced for her age, surprisingly so. I had to watch my language – having a cop for a dad, I’d learned some choice words and was trying them out. Nancy was like a little sponge and one of her first words was – a word that rhymes with “duck”. Dad and Shelby were howling with laughter but I nearly got my ass paddled with a wooden spoon. Nancy was delighted that her new word had provoked such a reaction and used it several times until mom convinced her to stop.

If I thought I’d hate being a big brother, I was wrong. Shel and I were close, but she had her own friends and later, her career. Nancy hung on my every word. I was the one who had to read her bedtime stories. Anything with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet or Tigger made her laugh and her entire face laughed with her, especially her dark brown eyes. If I had told Nancy that old myth about the moon being made of green cheese, she would have believed me. She fit into our family like she had always been there. Shelby did love having a little sister and couldn’t wait to teach her about makeup, clothes and boys. Nancy loved her sister, but big brother Adam hung the moon and the stars.

Of course, a few years later, I was 16 and involved with some of Shelby’s friends. She had her modeling career. Nancy was now in second grade and she was almost stereotypically Asian – you know, scary smart? They skipped her twice – to fourth grade and to sixth. She left behind her classmates, but none of her friends. Nancy made friends easily and she kept them. She has friends she has known since kindergarten. When some kids advance, there’s a worry that they might not fit in. Our family never had to worry about Nancy. As she had with our family, she learned to adapt and made herself quite at home. Nancy was tall for her age and didn’t look 10.

A few bullies picked on her, but that didn’t last long. More boys defended her than picked on her. Even at age 10, you could see Nancy was going to be a beauty, as attractive as Shelby, but in her own exotic way. She still had those beautiful eyes but the rest of her was beginning to catch up. Of course, big brother didn’t quite notice. I was at university and preparing for my years at the Police Academy. I was also still involved with a lot of Shelby’s friends and testing my wings. By the age of 20, I could have my pick of girls and as I hadn’t yet found “the one” – my family always believed in the concept of love – I continued messing around. Still, I always made it home for Sunday dinners and always got the biggest welcome from Nancy. She still idolized me and that always made me smile. She was so animated and so inquisitive, asking me loads of questions about my life and school and friends. Only when I mentioned a new girl I might be dating did I see Nancy look unhappy. “You can do way better than HER!” She would scowl.

Shelby would protest that she thought so-and-so was cute and she and Nancy would argue. Nancy wasn’t the only person loyal to her friends, Shelby was too. She had lots of girlfriends and they were always hanging out. My sister’s life was a social whirl, whenever she wasn’t working, she was running around town with a bevy of her girlfriends. I knew all of them and I had slept with several. “Gawd Adam,” Shelby protested one warm summer evening. “Leave some for ME!”

I didn’t understand what she meant by that, but I should have. Matter of fact, Nancy might have been more observant than I was at the time. I’ll come back to Shelby later. Right now, all you need to know is that despite an occasional argument, she and Nancy were still thick as thieves and my sister taught our younger sister all the tricks of the trade. By the time she turned 14 and was in the 11th grade, guys were following her around like a pack of wolves. kurtköy escort Shelby had been California-blonde model hot. Nancy was Asian-exotic model hot. While Shelby downplayed her looks at school, Nancy did not. She wore makeup, skirts, high heels and let the pack follow her around. We had found out a few years earlier that baby sister had a genius IQ. She used her brains and beauty to succeed. Nothing happened to Nancy that she didn’t want to happen. She breezed through high school and was Valedictorian. Even though I was newly promoted to detective, I took off a few days to attend the ceremony and be there for Nancy. The smile on her face when she saw me sitting in the first row made it all worthwhile. Not only was her speech incredible, she looked like a million dollars while delivering it. She was wearing one of Shelby’s dresses and she looked like a goddess wearing it. Shelby is taller than Nancy, but our kid sister has a few more curves. This little black number not only hugged them, it bear-hugged them. Now I knew what Shelby had been talking about when she visited me last month. “We need to watch out for Nancy,” she insisted. “I don’t think she’s the doe-eyed innocent she’s convinced our parents she is.”

Of course by then, I knew Shelby was adept at spotting “acting”. My little sister had finally admitted the truth – she liked girls. I actually found out before she admitted it to me after a few too many drinks after my promotion. I had slept with her friend Denise, a gorgeous model from Hawaii. After a really hot night of sex, Denise acknowledged that I was even better than my little sister. I wasn’t completely surprised – as a detective, the clues had been right in front of me and I had been putting them together. She had already told Nancy, who also knew about our sister. She had seen Shelby in a less-than chaste kiss with one of the older models, a Thai beauty named Tara.

On my second night home, my mom asked to speak with me. “Would it be possible for Nancy to come and live with you next year?” She asked. “She wants to get her own place when she turns 18, but your father and I – well, I hate to say this – but I think our little Nancy is starting to become a little bit of a wild child. I think she might try and test her limits, but if you keep an eye on her, she might just tow the line. I don’t think she would ever do anything to disappoint her big brother.”

At first, I was going to say no for selfish reasons. I had recently moved out of my dumpy, 2-bedroom apartment into a nice condo. With a detective’s salary, I could afford a nicer place and even a cleaning woman a few times a week. I’m too busy to clean properly and admittedly, I’m not tidy. I was still dating a model or two and some of the pretty lady lawyers I was meeting weren’t immune to my charms. Having Nancy around might crimp my style.

Oddly enough, when I did say yes, it was also for selfish reasons. I still adored my little sister and I wanted her to be a success. Her going down the wrong path troubled me, both as a cop and an older brother. I didn’t like living alone, I was tired of it. Even if she happened to be my sister, it might be nice to have a pretty girl to come home to. Shelby’s visits and those of my cleaning lady (a hot black girl named Rosie) always brightened my day. I hated doing laundry – Nancy could help with that – and it would be nice to have someone to share my dinner hour. My new place was huge and if I did bring female company home – no “if”, I liked having a varied love life – Nancy could always visit Shelby in her new place or our folks – or watch TV in her room with headphones on. I told mom I was cool with it and now, we had the task of convincing Nancy.

Or should I say, I thought we had the task of convincing Nancy. Mom thought my baby sister would throw up a fuss. Oh, she threw something alright – herself into my arms, nearly tumbling the both of us into the pool. I also had a very non-PC reaction to my kid sister throwing herself at me. It didn’t help that my now-sexy teenage sister was wearing a skimpy, barely-there Lycra bikini I assumed she had inherited from Shelby. “Nope,” my sister said as she set me straight and I tried to hide my – discomfort. “I bought this one myself, with my own money. I’m going to be 18 and Shelby isn’t the only sexy one in this family, right?”

Oh yeah, right. Mom laid it out for Nancy. Sis had to tow the line and keep her marks up. Nancy winked at me as mom was reading her the new rules, she knew I’d be a softer touch than mom. Nancy already had a rep as a party girl as she had started her first year of university and some of her friends were a bit wilder than our folks were used to. Still, they all treated our parents with respect, even if mom and dad didn’t know what Nancy was up to. Big brother sure wasn’t going to ask about her sex life – at 17, it was her business and I didn’t want to know. I figured that Shelby likely did and when and IF it was maltepe escort ever important for me to know, I’d grill my other sister.

Over the next year, despite some grumbling from mom, Nancy seemed to keep it together. She was earning her own money, working sometimes as a model and sometimes helping a friend cater university events. Whenever she had time, she would come over to my – soon to be OUR – place and add something to her room, transfer some clothes or bring over a piece of furniture she had picked out. She spent the night a couple of times and it was nice to have someone around, especially when she tried to fatten me up with homemade Belgian Waffles. She and Rosie even hit it off and was pretty sure it would be smooth sailing when Nancy moved in.

In the beginning, it was. I had Nancy to come home to and if I was working late, she could feed the cat or tidy up. I didn’t have to rely on takeout during late nights, she would either wait dinner for me or bring it to the precinct. A few of the guys wanted to know who my “hot” girlfriend was. When I explained that she was my kid sister, they backed off. I took my role as Nancy’s protector very seriously and you do NOT want to piss me off.

My social life took a slight downswing, but with Nancy now being 18, I made sure she knew the score. On an evening where I expected to get laid, Nancy hung out at Shelby’s. They had gotten close again, which I figured was good for both of them. Shelby was having a string of bad relationships, too many party girls and not enough substance.

It was all going well until I came home early one afternoon with a splitting headache. I walked into our apartment and caught Nancy making out with Rosie. These weren’t just kisses of someone who might be curious about lesbianism / bi-sexuality, they were really going at it. Their clothes were a bit disheveled as they explored each other on the new couch Nancy had bought for our place. My headache was gone and I didn’t know what to do. Rosie worked for me, but she wasn’t doing anything wrong – technically. The work was done and Nancy wasn’t being forced. Yeah, I was Nancy’s protector – of a sort – but she was also an adult and obviously, sexually active. I didn’t know much more than the fact she obviously liked girls, like Shelby. I exited quietly and quickly, made my way to the pharmacy for some aspirins – the headache was returning – and then I went to a local cafe and poured a few cups of coffee into myself. It was about an hour later when I returned to a spotless apartment and a smiling Nancy. There was no sign of Rosie and I supposed things would be fine.

Not a chance.

“I know that you saw us,” Nancy smiled as she walked towards me. She was wearing 5-inch heels on her now 5’8″ frame and it made her only a few inches shorter than I. Nancy threw her arms around me and kissed me – hard. “I hoped that would happen sooner, rather than later. I wanted you to see that I’m almost 19 and not a kid any more.”

“I know you’re not a kid, but …” I sputtered. Nancy put a stop to that with another hot kiss and pressed herself into me.

“It wasn’t the first time, I’ve had sex with girls before,” Nancy explained. “Lots of times, girls are fun. But I’ve always wanted to have my first time with a man – be with YOU. I was thrilled when you invited me to move in, I thought maybe, you were starting to notice me the way I noticed you. When you didn’t ask me to share your bed, I knew I had to make moves of my own. Adam, I want you to fuck me – tonight and whenever you want. If you’ll have me, I’m here to stay!”

I went for the moral high ground, although I was struggling with it. “We can’t – you’re a lot younger than I am and you’re my sister!”

“You’ve fucked some of Shelby’s model friends who are my age,” Nancy argued rationally. “And while I do consider you my handsome big brother, we aren’t related biologically. If we hadn’t been raised in the same house, you’d probably have me in bed by now and we wouldn’t have had this argument – right?”

Man, she had me over a barrel. I took a good look at the sexy sheer black teddy she had on, which showed off those dynamite tits of hers. In the last year, I swore they had gotten bigger. Her heels displayed her great legs and perfect butt. The minute I allowed myself to think that way, it was game over. One look from those laughing brown eyes and I was lost.

“This is the riskiest thing I’ve ever done,” I said as Nancy moved closer. “It’s against the law and if anyone found out …”

“I bet if you looked, it isn’t illegal,” Nancy rationalized. “No one is going to find out unless we’re careless or you tell them. Come on Adam – aren’t you tired of sleeping alone most nights? Now, you don’t have to if you just take what we both know you want!”

I stopped fighting it and picked Nancy up and carried her to the bedroom. Part of me felt like a groom carrying his bride across the threshold. Nancy had been acting as my wife in several ways, all but one. We were about to cross that boundary and every action Nancy performed told me she wanted that. She kissed me another time with such passion that I nearly dropped her. Lucky for both of us, we were near the bed at the time. I let her down gently and she lifted the lingerie over her head and off.

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