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Ever since moving into her brand new Docklands apartment Shanie had been wondering about her next door neighbour. Each evening, when she arrived home exhausted from her new job in the City, Shanie tended to head straight for a perfectly chilled glass of Chardonnay as she curled up on the settee in front the usual rubbish on the TV to help her to unwind.

She knew from when she was shown round the block by the agent that her lounge shared a wall with her neighbour’s. At around 7 pm each evening, around the time she heard her neighbour come in from work, she’d noticed that she could hear voices. For the first couple of weeks she couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. She could hear moaning, and it was definitely sexual. But she was pretty sure that there was just one woman, in her late 40s, living there and she never heard the doorbell ring or any visitors coming or going.

Eventually Shanie realised, her neighbour was addicted to porn. Lesbian porn – there was never any hint of a man in what she could hear. Once she realised Shanie couldn’t help but turn her mind to what her neighbour was up to. She imagined her naked on her sofa. Despite being some 20 years older than Shanie, she was extremely attractive. Long, firm legs which Shanie had never seen out of amazing, expensive spike heeled shoes. A great ass which was always shown off in tight fitting, short skirts. And perfect large breasts which swung pendulously as she walked. Shanie shuddered as she imagined her neighbour without the skirt suits she saw her in every morning as they both left for work. Of course in Shanie’s imagination she kept the spike heels on though, they were so incredibly sexy.

The more Shanie thought about the sexy, mature, confident woman next door, playing with her slick wet pussy while she watched other women playing with slick wet pussies, the harder Shanie found it to think about anything else. She tried to find other ways of occupying her time but nothing could truly distract her from the thought of casino şirketleri what was going on next door, or from the now almost permanent wetness she felt between her legs.

Another week or so later Shanie couldn’t contain herself anymore. She turned the TV off and rearranged her furniture so the settee was against the wall, making sure she could hear as much as she possibly could. She’d stripped off as soon as she got home from work and lay herself down on the sofa. She could hear the sound of girls reaching orgasm as she started to play with her own ample breasts, pinching the nipples as hard as she could so they stood on end and then taking each breast in turn with both hands and bringing her erect nipple up to her mouth so she could lick and suck on it.

When she could wait no longer she allowed her right hand to slip between her legs. She gasped as she lightly touched the opening to her pussy when she realised how silky wet it was. She didn’t know it was possible to be that wet. She slipped one finger inside her engorged hole and gently pushed against her g-spot feeling the gush of juice covering her hand as she did so. There was no way she was going to be able to hold off for very long. She added another finger, and another and started to pump her pussy her hard. She could hear her juices flooding out and covering her hand and the sofa. As her pussy started to contract she pulled her hand out and furiously started to rub around her hard clit. As her body writhed on the sodden sofa she could hear herself moaning louder and louder. She suddenly realised that the soundtrack next door had stopped and had been replaced by a noise almost identical to that which she was making. Her sexy, mature neighbour was now masturbating with her. Listening to her as she reached her shuddering climax. And as Shanie heard her neighbour’s final orgasmic moan she knew that she had to get closer to the woman next door.

The next day, after struggling to get to sleep as her mind had raced all night casino firmaları imaging what she could to with her neighbour’s body, Shanie got home early. It was a warm sunny evening and she took a book and a glass of wine out onto the balcony. Moving her lounger into the sun right on the edge of the balcony she noticed that she could see quite clearly into her neighbour’s apartment. Not only that but she could just see the settee where last night her neighbour lay masturbating with Shanie.

As Shanie looked in, the TV came on and while for once Shanie couldn’t hear she could see her neighbour walk across the lounge, totally naked save for those come fuck me heels. Her breast were amazing, still firm despite their size with beautiful large, dark nipples that stood out willing Shanie to take them in her mouth. Shanie gasped as she saw the smooth hairless pussy, an exact match to her own. As the neighbour bent down to put in her DVD of choice Shanie could feel her own nipples stiffen as if the two women were in competition.

The neighbour fast forwarded to what was clearly her favourite bit and Shanie was mesmerised as she watched a cute blonde girl lick the tight pink pussy of a brunette with enormous breasts. Shanie could feel the familiar longing between her legs as her pussy started to pulse and her cream started to flow into her silky panties. Nothing could prepare her for the sight of her neighbour, legs spread on the sofa which Shanie was sure had been moved ever so slightly closer to the balcony doors…and ever so slightly closer to Shanie and her aching wet cunt.

The neighbour was sucking on her nipples. Her breasts so round and enormous that she was able to take both nipples between her lips at once. She moved her hand down towards her pussy and Shanie squeezed her legs together enjoying the pressure on her snatch as she did so. She was jealous of her neighbour, knowing that she was able to pleasure herself while Shanie simply daredn’t given she was sitting on her balcony. But güvenilir casino there was no way Shanie was going to miss the show as she was desperate to find her way between her neighbour’s legs and to taste the sweet juices that poured from within.

As the pussy licking continued and intensified on screen the neighbour turned so that both feet were on the floor. She was directly facing Shanie and Shanie could see her opening her swollen pussy wide with both hands as if she wanted Shanie to see deep inside. Shanie longed to be inside that gaping pink hole. To nuzzle in the depths of her neighbour’s womanhood and to drink up her juices.

As the neighbour started to fuck her pussy hard with three fingers, Shanie allowed her hand to drift down in between her own firm thighs, just gently brushing the outside of her pussy lips through her shorts and panties. Her eyes stayed focussed on the glorious sight of her neighbour rubbing her clit hard, her back arched, her feet now in the air. Shanie knew from her own experience that her neighbour’s climax was close. Sure enough Shanie saw the juices shoot from her neighbour’s pussy and knew that she had one day to be on the receiving end of that. Knew that she wanted her face covered in her neighbour’s cum and to lick that amazing cunt clean afterwards.

Shanie headed inside and slipped out of her shorts. She needed to orgasm and she needed to orgasm now. Sliding her soaking panties to one side she leaned against the wall that attached to her neighbour. As she thrust one, two and then three fingers deep into her pussy she knew her neighbour was listening and she started to moan loudly. Already her pussy was dripping onto the floor.

Shanie took her fingers to her mouth and licked them dry wishing she was tasting her neighbour’s juices instead of her own. Shanie started to work her clit furiously, every now and then plunging her whole hand deep inside her contracting hole as more juices gushed out of her. Soon enough she could wait no more and as she screamed to orgasm a flood squirted from between her legs. She was totally spent and collapsed to the floor surrounding by the ejaculation of her explosive orgasm and contemplating what would happen next between her and her neighbour…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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