New Adventures Ch. 01

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This is fiction based on fantasy involving a married couple and the husband’s desire for gay sex. If this upsets you, please don’t bother reading it. Thanks for any comments.


My wife and I were on vacation, spending some time in Portland, Oregon. When we are away from home like that, we like to do things we would shy away from in our home town.

In Portland, we were out hitting nightclubs. Years earlier we had gone to a strip club called Mary’s. We decided to check it out. It was still hot. Not real classy, but some sexy strippers. A couple of them very sexy — and showing absolutely everything.

The club has half a dozen or so chairs right in front of the elevated stage where the strippers perform. And several of these sexy women would put their pussies right in front of the faces of the guys sitting in those chairs. It was pretty erotic.

After an hour or so, we decided move on. As my wife knows, I am bi-curious and was thinking I would like to see some male strippers. I told her I wanted to find a place where men are stripping like the women at Mary’s, and she said sure she’d like that too.

I did a quick Google search on my phone and found a place called Silverado not far away.

It was a week night and there were not a lot of people there. But a man was on stage dancing and stripping. He didn’t dance that well, but he had a hot body with dark hair and some body hair — a very hot, masculine-looking guy.

My wife and I got drinks from the bar, sat at a table near the stage and ogled this sexy stripper. He was down to his boxer briefs when we sat down, and soon was pulling those down to show off his thick cock. He was definitely a turn on.

Soon he was done and another hot-looking guy took his place. This guy had a lighter complexion and was a much better dancer. He was very sexy. I felt like he was looking right at me as he pulled his underwear down to reveal his very enticing cock.

I was definitely lusting for this guy.

I turned to Shelly and said this guy is so fucking hot, and she agreed.

Then another bakırköy escort guy was on stage. This one was definitely a body builder. He had a big chest and big broad shoulders. My wife said he looks like Hercules. I think she was hot for this guy.

This guy did not dance as well as the second guy, and he only briefly flashed his cock. I never really got a good look at it.

Next, the first guy was back on stage. Once again, I was not impressed with the dancing. But I was more interested in seeing these guys strip than seeing how well then danced. And this guy was very sexy. He had a very hot body.

I got fresh drinks and came back to the table to see the second buy on stage again. He definitely knew how to show off his hot ass and dick. Very tight, sexy body.

I was in a trance watching him when the first dancer came over to me wearing just his boxer briefs and asked if I was enjoying the show. I said “Yes, it’s very sexy!”

He asked if I would like a lap dance for $20. I looked at Shelly and she said “Whatever. No harm in a little fun”

I looked around the club nervously, not sure if I could take this step.

He said “We’ll go upstairs, it will be private.”

So I said “Okay.”

I pulled out a $20 bill, stuck in the front of his underwear briefly touching his semi-hard cock and followed him upstairs.

He had me sit down in a chair in a dimly lighted area and started gyrating in front of me. I opened by legs and he moved in closer.

Again, unimpressive dancing. But I was hard as a rock, incredibly turned on, with this nearly naked guy dancing just inches in front of me.

He bent down and kissed me. Oh my God, my hard dick jumped in my pants. I kissed him back, opening my mouth. but he didn’t open his mouth. Still, I loved kissing him. Without even thinking I reached for his underwear, wanting to pull them down. He backed off and said “No touching under the briefs.”

Yet, when I ran my hands over his body — his abdomen, chest and back — he did not object. He bent down başakşehir escort and kissed me again. I ran my hands down his back and under his briefs to fondle his sexy ass. He did not object to that, so I kept fondling his cheeks as we kissed.

I reached for his dick covered by his underwear. I felt him, he had a semi. He backed away briefly.

This went on for several minutes. A lot of kissing. I was kissing his abdomen, his chest, his nipples and his lips, wanting to see and taste his cock.

I did not get to do that. But touching him, fondling him, kissing him had me incredibly turned on.

Here I was making out with a male stripper as my wife sat downstairs sipping her vodka tonic knowing I was up here getting a lap dance or maybe even more from a hot guy she knew I wanted to have sex with.

It was over way too soon. And I was sexually frustrated because I want to see and taste his cock so fucking bad.

Once back downstairs, I was a little embarrassed as I approached my wife. But she just seemed to think it was a fun lark.

Her favorite, “Hercules” was just getting back on stage. We were both glued to his act. He had an amazing build and danced pretty well, but once again only briefly revealed the package we all wanted to see.

Then the second guy was up, and he really knew how to play it. He had on red briefs and his dancing was incredibly erotic. He teasingly pulled down his underwear to reveal his sexy dick. Again, I felt like this guy was looking right at me.

When he was done, I went to the bar for more drinks.

Moments after I came back and sat down, the second dancer came over to me and asked if I would like a lap dance.

Oh my God! I wanted way more than that. But I told him I couldn’t as I looked over at my very patient and understanding wife.

He held out his hand, said his name is Sam, and asked “Is it okay if I sit with you to finish my water?”

“Of course,” I said.

He was still just wearing his red briefs and he was drinking a bottle of water.

My bayrampaşa escort wife and I were sitting across from each other at a small cocktail table. He pulled a chair next to me and asked us to tell him about ourselves. We told him how we’re on vacation just having a fun, adventurous night out.

As we talked, he edged his left leg next to my right leg until they were touching. Fireworks exploded in my crotch. I held my knee against his under the table. I did not pull away.

My wife was mostly watching the stage where “Hercules” was up doing his number again. With the loud music, it was hard for her to hear our conversation anyway.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my thigh. I looked at him and he just smiled and said “You are a good looking guy,” as he lightly caressed my leg.

Jesus, I wanted him so badly!

Shelly got up to go to the bathroom and gave me a look as if to say ‘be careful,’ and walked away.

Sam said “I think she’s jealous to see someone flirting with her husband.”

“I think she’s nervous to see me flirting with you,” I said as I reached down and caressed his sexy bare thigh.

He lifted his hand from my thigh, brought his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a kiss. Jesus, this guy was making me sick with lust.

I responded enthusiastically, opening my mouth to his probing tongue as our passion mounted. My hand on his thigh, moving to his briefs to feel his big, hot, hard dick.

“You are so fucking hot,” I said as we broke apart. “I want to pleasure you in every way possible.”

And as my hand caressed his hard cock under his briefs, I said “I want to make love to your hot, hard, sexy cock!”

“If you play your cards right, maybe we can make that happen,” he said. “I have one more dance, then I’m off. Why don’t you send your wife back to your hotel in an Uber and come home with me.”

Wow! Could I fucking do that? No question, it is what I wanted more than anything at that moment. My head was spinning with lust, with the possibilities and the possible consequences.

My wife came back to the table to find us sitting as close as we could, his arm around me and my right hand caressing his naked thigh.

She looked at us, then directly at me and shook her head.

He leaned over and said “I have to get ready for my dance. Do it. Tell her. I want you!”

***** To be continued…*****

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