Nicole and Raymonde

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Nicole and Raymonde
Nicole was a receptionist where I worked at the time and our first interview started badly because I called her “miss”.
In a dry tone, she replied that she was not a “miss”. I immediately apologized, but she seemed to want to ignore me and not talk to me anymore.

Some time later, I met her by chance in town. She greeted me with a smile, I was a little puzzled …
It was hot and I asked her if she wanted a refresh, which she accepted immediately, increasing my astonishment.
So we sat on a terrace and started chatting. The ice was broken.
Subsequently, we began to meet more often, went for walks and found that we had some things in common.
One day, she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him no, and the discussion turned on relationships, couples, partners …
She opened to me and told me she was lesbian. Since I thought she was cute and cute, this revelation made me feel a bit bored, but I could not change it and had to accept it.
She also told me that her friend would soon come to spend a few days of vacation and that I absolutely had to meet her.

Her friend arrived and as Nicole had to work, she asked me to do the guide since I was on vacation and had free time.
So I played the guide for Raymonde, showed her the city and the surrounding area and we got along very well.
The next evening, Nicole and Raymonde visited me in the small maid’s room that I occupied, claiming that they were passing by there.
However, I felt that it was not the truth and that they were hiding something from me.
Taking advantage Raymonde was in the bathroom, Nicole asked me, a little worried about my answer, if they could spend the night in my room.
As I knew that neither could receive a visit I, of course, accepted immediately.
Raymonde returned and heard the news, and it pleased me to see their joy and relief, they kissed me even and it kaçak casino made me even happier.
On the other hand, they refused my offer to occupy the bed. So we improvised, putting at least the mattress on the floor.
That night, I could not sleep because, although they pay attention and are silent, I heard their kisses, I heard their caresses, I heard the slip of clothes …
And knowing that two women were making love just two steps from me excited me and made my imagination work.

The following Sunday, Nicole invited me to go for a walk with her and Raymonde, to have a picnic in the countryside.
It was a quiet, shady spot near a river, far from any home.
After eating, as it was hot, they undressed completely, offering their naked bodies, their curves to my sight and they laughed at me because I was still “dressed”.
So I also removed my swimsuit trying to think of something else, work, anything, not to bend …
Raymonde was lying on her stomach, her head turned towards Nicole and the river and offered me a breathtaking view of her body so feminine and her little ass well formed.
As her legs were a little apart, I also had a perfect view of her pussy and I began to bend.
I was a little embarrassed, in case they saw me, but I could not take my eyes off their bodies and their ass and my cock was getting stiffer and stiffer.
After a while, Nicole, who was lying on the river side got up, offering me the view of her wonderful small breasts, and began to massage the back of Raymonde.
She took her time and her hands slowly down to Raymonde’s ass.
She did not look at me, but I knew she was watching my reaction.
I did not move, I tried to calm the beating of my heart, to think of something else, but my eyes followed this sensual massage and I had the impression of having the cock on fire.
Nicole was now stroking Raymonde’s ass, sliding her casino oyna hand between her legs to touch Raymonde’s pussy.
I was suffocating with desire, trying not to touch myself and start jerking me off.
Nicole smiled, looked up and looked me in the eye, smiled even more and her eyes went down on my dick.
By play, she ran her tongue over her lips looking me in the eyes again, while masturbating Raymonde who now had legs wide apart.
I devoured this scene with my eyes and felt that the eyes were coming out of my head completely.
Nicole continued her little game with the tongue, looked at my cock and, with her free hand, began to masturbate.
I could not stand it anymore and began to caress me while Nicole watched me.
Then she got up, while continuing to masturbate Raymonde, and with a nod, told me to approach.
I was trembling with desire and thought I could not take the few steps that separated us.
Nicole beckoned me and I understood what she wanted: she wanted me to fuck Raymonde as she was there.
I knelt between the legs of Raymonde who let herself be done, obviously savoring the situation, the pussy open and wet.
Nicole spread Raymonde’s buttocks and I dug my cock in this wonderfully warm pussy.
“Be careful,” whispered Nicole in my ear, and I realized right away that I could not cum into Raymonde.
I nodded affirmatively and began filing Raymonde.
Raymonde says only “oh you are stupid, guys” before sighing and moving his ass to the rhythm of my come and go.
Nicole was behind me, caressing my buttocks with one hand, masturbating on the other.
I felt it hurry against me, her breath in my neck, and her pussy rubbing on my ass.
Raymonde was panting more and more and she enjoyed and cumed very fast.
I slowed the pace and came out just before cuming and send my load of cum on Raymonde’s ass.
Then I got up while Nicole spread my cum on canlı casino siteleri Raymonde’s back before licking her fingers while looking at me.
In her eyes, I saw that she too had enjoyed, and at that moment only, I felt that my ass was wet at the place where she had rubbed.
It was a fantastic Sunday!

A few days later, Raymonde had left, I received Nicole’s visit at home.
She told me that Raymonde thanked me again for my kindness and hospitality, and especially this wonderful Sunday at the water’s edge.
“It’s true it was really great,” says Nicole.
“Yes, did not you have that too?”
“Yes of course”
I saw that she hesitated a little, as if she wanted to add something, then she took a step towards me, took me in her arms and snog.
I was surprised because I did not expect this reaction.
Her kiss became more greedy, her tongue entered my mouth while she stroked my hair, back.
Then she began to undress me, her lips still glued to mine.
I undressed her too, opened her bra while her hand grabbed my dick.
In no time we were both naked, pressed against each other, caressing each other.
I caressed her breasts, she stroked my cock and we kissed always.
She nibbled my lips, took my cock full hand, knowing how to make me hard, I touched her ass, touching her pussy knowing how to making her wet.
Still kissing me, she took my head in her hands and went to the bed, pushed me on, lying me on the back, she lay on me.
This kiss did not stop, she will clasps me between her legs and rubbed her pussy on my cock.
Then she got up on her knees and said “be careful please” before impaling on my cock.
I massaged her tits, she had her hands on my chest and leaned towards me to kiss me again.
While her tongue was turning in my mouth, she uttered small groans and I felt her breathing become more and more jerky.
Suddenly she uttered a long groan, stuck to me and did not move.
I felt her vagina contract: she had a beautiful orgasm.
Then she withdrew from me and sucked the glans until I came to enjoy, then put her breasts on my cock while I cumed.

I had the chance and opportunity to fuck two lesbians.

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