Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 5

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Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 5
We got back to the flat and you ran me a nice hot bath. I stripped my lingerie and slid into the bath, soaping my cum drenched body. After a good long soak, I towelled down and you called me through to the bedroom.

On the bed I saw my uniform for the night, a black and white French maid outfit, yum!!

First you told me to turn round and face you, you take hold of my clit and slide a new pink plastic ring round my balls, and slide the sheath over the tip of my clit, lockig it shut with a padlock. A pink collar is tied round my neck and you clip the key to it and order me to put my uniform on and come to the lounge when ready, no need to a bra or knickers you tell me hehe!

I step into the white suspender belt and slide the gorgeous white FF seamed stockings up my sily smooth legs, clipping them to the metal suspender clasps. I güvenilir bahis slide the dress up my nylon legs, the top grasping round my bust. To complete the outfit, some black shiny heels, strapped round my ankles and I totter back into the lounge.

You order me to come give you a twirl and I see you smile approvingly. You tell me to bend over and I feel your hands running up my legs and round to my caged clit, squeezing the balls and sending a shiver up my ass as you squeeze it. I can feel you tieing something round my balls, which you tell me is a stocking to keep me in check, you pull it tie up the crack of my ass and tie the other end to the collar, pulling my clit back and tightly keeping me in place.

You ask me to get you a drink and as I return with a nice glass of wine, I see you’ve put some nice porn on for us to watch. After a few sips I türkçe bahis can tell the wine and porn is taking effect and my fingers reach to yru crotch, tracing them over the tip of your hardening cock. Naughty girl, you tell me and I’m ordered to stand up for correction…..

You bend me over and lift my skirt, I feel the cool breeze on the top of my stocking clad leg snad then smack! My ass quivers as you spank me 5 times, then stroke my ass telling me the safe word to stop whenever I want. I say I’m ok and you tell me I’m a good girl but need to be taught a lesson for trying to play with your cock all the time.

You tell me to kneel on the chair so that my ass is in the air and lie forward on the back of the sofa, I count each time I get a smack, and can feel my legs shaking when we get to 20.

Have you learned your lesson yet? No sir…hehe and 10 güvenilir bahis siteleri more smacks.

My legs are shaking and my ass is quivering and I’m pushing back as you feel me up. I hear you unzip and a cool sensation, you’re lubing my ass…. 😉

You grab my waist and move the stocking from my ass to the side, pulling it slightly so it stretches my balls. You then pull me back onto your cock. I feel the tip probing me and with one full thrust, you impale your entire length into my sissy ass. Building up a quick rythym to fuck me, I’m moaning and groaning as I feel yoru cock throbbing inside as you fuck me. Your good little sissy slut maid!

I can feel you quicken and pull out, you grab me and push me to my knees, grab hold of my hair and push yuor cock into my mouth. My lips wrap round it instinctively sucking and swallowing as hot sticky cum shoots down into my throat. You don’t let go of my head until I’ve felt your cock stop twitching and all the cum has been pumped straight into me.

You let go and smile telling me I’m a good girl and to go get some more drinks before we carry on my correction….

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