Old and Young in a Cabin in Montana

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I’ve run a B&B for about 15 years now in the Montana mountain ranges. My house is an old ranch home built by my Great Grandpa and has too many rooms and I don’t have enough hands to clean them all. I don’t typically get many visitors and don’t do it for the money but rather the realization that our town four miles down the road doesn’t have any hotels or really anything for that matter save for a small gas station and grocery store.

Its shelves are filled with goods that don’t expire and snacks that crinkle when you carry them and the bags of feed for all the animals that are kept in the back of the store unguarded and available for pick-up. Our small town doesn’t have much to it, save for a view of the mountains that would rival any Aspen resort and without anyone around which makes it even better.

Some weeks I can go entire days without seeing someone. No one stops by the house and my nearest neighbor is a mile down the road. I have 6 rooms that are available and during hunting season I will often see the rooms fill up with grizzly looking guys that look more like the animals they are hunting then the clean shaven city slickers over in Billings.

There is a large living room set before the fireplace that sits humbly in this ranch and is surrounded by well-worn comfortable brown leather couches in a semi-circle. I never had need for a TV as I don’t care to hear what my newest opinion should be from people that don’t know me or my thoughts. During the days when the suns out, I will spend time on my porch and just watch the sky burn bright then recede to night over the mountains.

This isn’t hunting season so I don’t expect much traffic and haven’t seen anyone but the mailman in the last 6 days. The only guests I have seen recently were the gophers in the fields, the deer eating the flowers and the occasional bear that only comes close enough for me to fire a shot in the air that tells her that the food here is not available.

The only things I have coming up is the possibility of someone from Los Angeles coming by. The caller wasn’t clear on who they were. They said they represented a private party wanting a place that was secluded and free of people where their client wouldn’t be disturbed. I told them I didn’t know who they were talking about, but they couldn’t get quieter than here unless they were dead. I was told to expect them today.

The dead grass from the cold winter stands idly in the warming sky and sticks out against the gray of the mountains behind them on the rolling plains capped with white on the summits where it remains cold. Standing outside my door, I lean on one of the wooden posts on the large front porch and watch a car close the distance to my front door. I guess this must be my Los Angeles guest. It’s a black sedan that kicks up a cloud of dust from the unpaved road stretching to the horizon. My mind holds no contempt for the visitors and instead I feel fortunate that as I get older and the gray in my head and in my beard fill fuller I am still exposed to those that aren’t what I have known.

This place to me is heaven. A place where everything is possible, but nothing is asked. Nature shares her fortune and we can sit idly by and watch her bounty with curiosity.

The car makes the turn into my drive and closes the last tenth of a mile to my cabin before it comes to a stop at the bottom of my steps. The driver side faces my cabin and behind the wheel is a womans face framed by her straight blond hair and a pair of large glasses. Her beauty is evident behind the glass and the door that hides her body. I remain standing in place as she shuts off the car and glances over to me before turning back to her passenger seat where she removes her glass in a fluid motion as she lays those down on the seat and picks up a small bag from the seat.

She turns her body back toward the door and opens the handle as I see the doors seal break and the interior of the car becomes visible. She pushes the door out to its full extent with her foot wrapped in a boot that reaches her calf and above that is her tanned and muscular leg.

She lowers that leg to the dusty ground and slides her other leg over the lip of the cars doorsill and places it by her first foot. She then leans forward causing the loose shirt to slip down displaying her deep cleavage and the hint of a pink bra beneath. She straightens herself once she clears the car and places her purse on the roof of her car before stretching with both arms to the blue ceiling above her head. It seems that she is being pulled upward as she stretches and I also see her go on tip toes and she looks up toward those heavens before I see her body float back down to earth but her eyes remain on the cloudless sky above. During the stretch her body seems to lengthen by two times and her legs seem longer and her shorts shorter as they hardly conceal her private bits and reveal her fitness with their tightness around her small waist and large butt.

Once she comes back down, I see her turn to the car and root around in her purse bostancı escort as I patiently wait for her to let me know of her intentions on arriving at my door. She hooks her purse in her arm and spins quickly on her heel to face me, which kicks up a small dust cloud from her boots that settles quickly under her car.

“Isn’t that Julies car?” I ask this stranger

“I’m not sure! My car broke down outside of town and Carl at the garage had this car brought over from somewhere and said I could use it while I waited for them to fix my car.” She informed me.

“Did they tell you to come up here for the night?”

“They did. In fact, they said it could be a few days before they get the car working again. I hope you have room and don’t mind the company?” She said with a question at the end. Her look was pleading and asking to be saved. She was a lady that seemed to know her beauty by how she carried herself but didn’t seem to rely on just her looks.

“As a matter of fact, I do have the room. You may be sharing the ranch with one more besides myself. I hope that’s alright?”

“That’s okay with me. Though you seem, to me, to be great company by yourself. I’m Tess, how’re you doing?” She said smiling as she ascended the stairs and held out her hand to shake. Pushing off the pillar I likewise reached out and introduced myself to Tess.

“Jake. The pleasure is mine!” I said as I tipped my old dusty cowboy hat. I realized quickly that I must be quite the sight to one so shiny and young as Tess. Wearing my old jeans with patches that I sowed on from fabric of the old drapes in the basement and my old ratty button shirt tucked into those pants. To her I imagine I looked well worn. All my clothes were clean but so worn that they were faded and would seem like something left on for days.

“Can I get your bags ma’am?”

“Sure you can Jake. It’s in the trunk. It’s not heavy but it has been a long drive and I’m tired.” She said with a smile. I descended the stairs and as I approached the trunk she pressed the button on her remote and the trunk bounced up. When I opened the back there was a simple gray duffel bag and seemed out of sort for such an impressive looking woman. She seemed to travel with purpose and only took what was needed from what I could gather. Even with this she still seemed to radiate brilliance and beauty with how she walked and seemingly owned each space she stood in. I turned and slung the bag over my shoulder and peered up to Tess that seemed to be looking at me like I was a choice on a menu.

“No need to wait on me ma’am, feel free to head on in and choose any of the open rooms.” I told her and she turned and walked in the open house.

“What if I choose yours, where will you sleep then?” She challenged.

“If you do that then I hope you don’t mind my snoring because I ain’t sleepin’ anywhere else missy.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t mind sleeping next to a big strong man.” She said playfully and almost seemed to shake her butt on purpose as her hips swayed through the cabin. “Which room is the best one?”

“Let’s go through them together and I will fill you in.” I answered as I walked her down the hall. “Showing a beautiful lady beds is always time well spent. This first bed is the squeakiest but its big and comfortable. This next room has two bunk beds, but the mattresses are comfortable. The third room down here is the closest to the bathroom.” I told her as we walked by giving her time to take each room in before moving along.

“I thought there would be more rooms?” She looked at me questioningly as we already started walking toward the other side of the house crossing past the kitchen and I opened another room. This room has a King size bed but I don’t think it’s very comfortable.

Looking at her face she looked like she was ready for the tour to be over so I told her the next rooms were identical, only the one we were in front of wasn’t next to my room and all the spy holes I drilled into the wall. I tried to make it clear that this was a joke by trying to hold a just kidding expression on my face and thank goodness she realized the joke but to my amazement she darted for that room I made the joke about and opened it right up and walked in.

“I like this one Jake. That way if you decide to be noisy then I will know.” She stated with a wink. I was quickly realizing that this young woman was beyond my capability and held more cards than even I realized we were playing with. I moved to place her duffel on the bed and looked back at her leaning against the wall staring at my back and butt while biting her lower lip.

“Careful Tess. I may start charging for lewd looks.” I joked with her.

“I’d be okay paying the charge if it came with a free ride around the house!” She came back with another wink. There was truth behind each word, but she held it in jest for the comfort of the both of us.

“I’ll let you get settled while I start fixin’ dinner. I hope that Steak and Potatoes work for you, or are büyükçekmece escort you one of them Vegan folks?”

“Oh no Jake. I love me a good big piece of meat. You wouldn’t be tempting me with your Tube Steak tonight would you?”

“Tess, I can’t say I have ever had a woman cause me to blush but darlin’ I am gettin’ all sorts of scarlet here.”

“That’s good Jake. As long as I can be Rhett and we can play Gone with the Clothes.” She said as she walked me to the door of her room before closing it shut.

I worked around the kitchen and the grill for about an hour before I had finished preparing our small dinner. Then I called out to Tess that dinner was ready. I heard the door open in the hall but didn’t turn to greet her and instead finished setting the table and dishing out our dinners. When I was done, I stood and turned to go back in the kitchen and ran into Tess going toward one of the seats. Instinctively I reached around her and grabbed her around her small waist to prevent from toppling her backward. My hands came to rest at the small of her back directly above where I could feel the swell of her rear.

She braced herself by bringing her arms up in front of her which effectively just pushed them against my chest. We stood in this awkward embrace for a minute as we both relaxed in our stance. Me reveling in having such a young and lithe body in my arms and she seemed happy to move her hands around my chest. We looked each other in the eyes and apologized before slowly releasing one another.

As we separated I slowly slid my hands down her thin pink tank top that hung loose between her breasts allowing a view of her ample cleavage and her milky white skin. She wore a matching pair of thin shorts that were a pink, white and red plaid in design. Like her shorts earlier today they stopped just below where the curve of her butt ended. The difference with these shorts was their fit. They were loose and fluttered in the small breeze caused by the wind coming through the open windows in the cabin.

Standing back, I felt something I hadn’t missed in 20 years since my Miriam died. I could feel a longing to hold this young woman in an embrace on purpose rather than the accident that just occurred. I looked at her with a question of where this had come from in my head. She didn’t seem to be aware of my internal conflict but instead simply stated, “You must work out a lot!”

“No Ma’am, haven’t touched a weight since I was just a boy. The ranch keeps me busy and I ain’t got no time to eat like shit these days. Plus, there ain’t no fast food anywhere near these parts.”

“From What I could feel you are hiding one hard body under there. How old are you Jake?” She asked

“Well if my math is right I am just north of 56. Why do ya’ wanna know that?” I answered

“No reason really. Just wanted to know.” She said there wasn’t a reason but with that reply she looked demur and hid the blush that crossed her face. I walked behind her and pulled the chair out from the table, allowing her to slowly sit before pushing the chair into the table. I set her plate in front of her and told her I just got her a glass of water since I wasn’t sure what she drank. I then set my own plate and glass of water at my chair across and at an angle to hers. I learned a long time ago that there’s no reason to be directly across from someone unless you are trying to challenge them.

“I thought you were expecting another guest tonight. Where are they?”

“Not sure there Tess. I figure, if they show up, they do. If not, then oh well, no skin off my back. They didn’t call so maybe they will show-up during the night or tomorrow. They already paid so it’s alright with me. What brings you out this way?”

I just graduated from the University of North Dakota and was traveling over to Washington to start working on my Masters at the University of Washington where my Dad lives.”

“Did you call him and let him know your car broke down here? Wouldn’t want a manhunt comin’ by sayin’ I did ya wrong here”

“Don’t worry Jake I called him and told him where I was and that I would just be a few days late. You wouldn’t do me wrong though would you? I imagine you could only ever do a woman right.”

Fuck me. Is this little girl trying to trip me up! “No, I would be sure to do right by you. A lady should always be treated like a queen.”

As I talked Tess took a drink from her water then ended up tipping the glass to much causing the glass to spill down her chest and wetting the front of her shirt and the lap of her shorts. The cold water caused her to jump from the chair and she flapped the bottom of the shirt which made the ice fall to the floor. I stood and watched her dance and I just smiled at the humor I saw in the situation.

“Are you smiling because my nipples are hard and because you like what you see?”

At this, I looked down and sure enough it looked like she was hiding eraser ends under her wet shirt top. My smile melted from my face çağlayan escort and I could feel my stare stay to long, but I hadn’t seen a woman like this in many years.

“Would you like me to get you a towel there?” I asked, as I was finally able to move my look to her waiting eyes that told me she knew what I was staring at. They told me that I wasn’t the first man to ogle her and I wouldn’t be the last.

“Nah, these clothes dry pretty quickly. You’ll just have to try not to stare at my hard nipples while the shirt dries.”

I bent down to pick up the ice that was strewn over the floor at her feet and she bent down to help as well. As I moved and grabbed the ice I looked over at her and noticed the scoop of her shirt hung low and allowed me a view of her breasts as they hung tightly to her chest and seemed to defy gravity even in this position. The blood in my body seemed to start moving to my dick and I could feel the bulge push against my jeans.

“If you’re going to stare at my tits then at least you could say something nice about them.” She mentioned without even looking at me.

“I…uh…I’m sorry, that wasn’t right of me to do. I should’ve been strong enough to not look at you in that way. You are a guest here and should be treated better. I’m sorry Tess.”

“Oh Jake. I’m not mad, in fact it’s exciting to me, to know that a man older than my dad wants to look at me. Does that make me weird” she said as she looked at me while still bent over and allowing me the view down her shirt. I slowly stood up and held my hand to help her up as well which she took. We then cleaned the table and I did the dishes.

“What’s there to do in Montana at night?”

“I usually read at night or simply sit in front of the fire and just get lost in the crackle or I sit outside and listen to the world turn slowly in the moonlight.” I told her. I saw her move over to the bookshelf and grabbed an old copy of Black Beauty off the shelf.

“My dad read this to me when I was little. Would you sit with me on the couch and keep me company?”

“I couldn’t deny a beautiful woman’s request, could I?”

“If you did, I would just have to persuade you.” She said playfully as she pulled at the bottom of her shirt causing the already lose fabric to show more of her cleavage.

I sat on the left side of the long couch in front of the fire and Tess sat against the arm of the right side and pushed her legs out to me taking up the space between us. She opened the book and slowly started reading. I looked over from the fire and enjoyed the look of her long legs that seemed to grow longer than they were earlier. I returned to my own book and an hour passed in minutes. I set my book down and looked over to Tess that still seemed lost in her book. She had bent her legs ninety degrees and pushed the cushion towards me in order to keep them in position.

I looked between those legs and could see that her loose shorts allowed a view of sky blue cotton that escaped view to the space between her cheeks. I knew I shouldn’t look but I couldn’t help myself. Since I didn’t see a good ending for me in this situation I stood, adjusted myself so Tess wouldn’t see the state I was in before letting her know to enjoy herself out here as long as she liked and that the fire would die down on its own in time. I bid her a goodnight and as I was walking away, she called out to me. “Remember, I’m in the room right next to you, so if you are going to be loud be sure to let me know, so I can be prepared.”

Her comment made me smile and I could only think to tell her “I sleep like the dead, so if you need me be sure to come in the room with a cannon Tess.”

I left and got ready for bed then crawled under the covers in my flannel pants. With the excitement I had seen today I wasn’t quite sure how my dreams would play out. As I laid down and ran through what had happened, I once again became stiff and my cock stuck out of the hole in my pants and reached 7 inches closer to the ceiling then the rest of my body. Slowly I drifted off to sleep and it seemed that shortly after closing my eyes I did indeed experience the most fantastic dream.

My dick was being sucked by Tess and I could literally feel her fingernails draw down my Chest and through my chest hair before wrapping around my shaft. The more aware of the feelings I was experience the quicker I began to wake up and realize that as I was waking up the feeling didn’t dissipate in fact it almost felt like it was getting stronger. When I finally opened my eyes and looked down, I saw Tess kneeled between my legs with her long hair framing her face as she took me fully into her mouth. When I saw that it wasn’t a dream I couldn’t hold back and without warning I held tightly to the bed as I filled her small mouth with cum.

After relaxing and releasing the bed I saw that Tess never came off my cock and continued her manipulation of my shaft. Once I had lost my erection, she came up for air, looked at me, smiled then crawled up beside me in the bed and nestled in the crook of my arm.

“I hope that it was alright I disturbed you. I wanted to say goodnight and knocked on your door. When I did it opened, and I saw you laying there. I would have let you be, but the light caught hold of that beautiful cock and I just had to get a closer look. And you can tell the rest.” She told me.

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