Old Friends, New Lovers 2

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I awoke with the sun after a great nights sleep. It was early, about 06:00. I looked over and saw Kathy sleeping next to me and had to smile as I recalled the previous evening. The warm Caribbean nights keep us from using bed covers, so there she was totally exposed. As I looked at her I began to get hard but fought off the urge to begin fondling her and take her once again.

As gently as I could I moved to the edge of the mattress to get off of the bed. I didn’t bother to put my trunks on, because after last night, why bother? I really hoped that our relationships had indeed changed and that we would continue our new found openness. After quietly closing the cabin door, so as not to disturb my new lover, I made my way to the head to begin my morning routine.

I noticed that the door to the other cabin was open and couldn’t resist peeking inside. Michael and Bonnie were cuddled together and sleeping soundly. I closed their cabin door as quietly as I could before I stopped to take my morning pee.

While making coffee I couldn’t help but rehash the events of the previous evening. My wife is way too savvy about other people’s psyche. Prior to yesterday there was no way that I could have accurately predicted how our old friends would have responded to the situation that they were presented. And now, after how things ended up, I was unable to make myself believe that they would choose to accept what had happened and pursue the course that we had set.

After my second cup of coffee I was bored of sitting alone and decided that I would head to shore to retrieve our things. Since we didn’t take too much to shore I could do it alone pretty quickly. So as not to disturb anyone I decided to row to shore instead of motoring. No sense waking the others without reason.

I beached the dinghy and walked to the shelter. I laughed as I saw how we had left our things. There was our cooler, Bonnie’s duffle, and her Roger Roadie and the lube tube were still lying on the table. I thought that it was a good thing that this beach was so secluded. Our rap would have been blown by anyone who had ventured upon this scene. It took just two trips from the table to the shoreline and all of our belongings were in the dinghy. I pushed away from shore and casually rowed back to our boat.

When I tied off of the stern I wasn’t surprised to find that no one else was on deck. I had to assume that they had not yet stirred. I off loaded our things and poured myself another cup of coffee. I let my curiosity get the best of me and ventured forward so that I could peek down into the deck hatches of the cabins. Kathy was still soundly sleeping. And she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, her body looked awfully inviting. Looking at her now sparse bush and bare labia I fondly remembered the process of trimming and shaving her last night.

As I stepped across the deck and looked into the starboard hatch I could see Michael’s back and saw that he was pounding away at Bonnie. He was sweating as he worked on Bonnie. She was face down and her arms were extended against the inner hull. I saw that she was bracing herself as he thrust into her. I thought to myself, it’s true, Michael is insatiable!

I walked back to the cockpit and sat down. As I sipped my brew I wondered what the day would be like. How would our new lovers be like today? Looking westward across the bay I saw a cloudless sky and new we’d have a beautiful day.

A little while later I heard noises in the galley. I turned to see Kathy’s naked backside as she poured herself some coffee. She turned and brought the pot into the cockpit and filled my cup. She looked at me with a smile and said “Good morning!” She bent down and kissed me, a tender, lingering, tip of the tongue kiss. She stood erect and took the coffee pot back to the galley. When she returned she sat down next to me.

I asked her “How did you sleep!”

“I slept really well. And my dreams were delightful. Thanks for letting me sleep in. And what about you, how did you sleep?”

“I slept well also! It’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in awhile.”

We sat in silence as we waited for the other to decide where to go next. I began to get concerned and had to say “I really enjoyed you last night. I hope you’re okay with what we did. How are you feeling?”

She waited a few moments before she responded. “I’m surprised about the way I acted yesterday. Bonnie and I are talking about what’s new in our lives and all of a sudden I’m listening to her telling stories about how you guys got sexually involved with your neighbors, and then their friends. I was caught off guard. My first reaction was negative, but I couldn’t bring myself to say so. And the more she told me, especially about your new club, the more aroused I became. Then she said that the both of you found it all escort kocaeli so exciting and she asked me if, given the chance, I’d fuck you. I was dumbfounded. I really didn’t know how to respond.”

“But what were you thinking?”

“When she asked me about you? For the last few years I’ve been curious about what it would be like to have sex with you. Bonnie and I have always gotten around to talking about our sex lives for like forever. And since you two have been together she’s always made a point of saying that it’s great to be able to orgasm every time you she has sex. That’s not the way it is with Michael and I. I usually have to pleasure myself if I want an orgasm. He wants a blowjob but he won’t go down on me. Where’s the fairness in that? So I just stopped doing it. So for a lot of years now he gets hard, sticks it in, pounds away, cums and then we’re done! So I’ve been envious of Bonnie, and of course, curious about you. But I couldn’t get myself to tell Bonnie “Oh yeah, I’d really like to have sex with your husband!” So I didn’t say anything. ”

“So you don’t regret last night?”

“Oh no, not at all. I really enjoyed everything. I haven’t been with anyone but Michael for so long. You were so wonderful, sensitive and gentle. I have to admit that last night was the most real pleasure I’ve had in a long time. It reminded me of when I was dating. I bet Michael would say the same thing. He was able to do what he’s been bugging me about for so long.”

“That’s sort of how we felt when our neighbors seduced us. We’ve been likes kids in a candy store where everything is free! So nothing’s wrong. You’re happy, he’s happy, and everything is out in the open.”

“Yeah, I guess. Will this affect our relationships? Will we act differently towards each other?”

“Well, I can honestly tell you that I’ve often fantasized about doing what I did last night. And if we hadn’t been seduced by our neighbors, this trip would have ended up being like all the others. And now, if you’ll let me, I’ll make love to you every chance I get.” I turned to her and looked in her eyes as she turned her head and accepted my kiss. My hand went to her thigh and she opened her legs as I slowly brought my hand upward to caress her. I was just starting to spread her labia and insert a finger when we heard noise coming from the direction of the galley. We turned to see Bonnie coming towards us.

“Holy shit Kathy, how can you stand that guy? He hardly slept a wink and wouldn’t leave me alone! I didn’t know a man could keep an erection that long! I guess I should have knocked first. Kathy, it looks like you’re having the same problem! Should I come back later?”

“No, it’s okay. We were just talking and, you know, passing the time until you two decided to join us.”

“Passing the time . . . I’ll need to remember that one!”

And right behind her was Michael. He walked up behind her and hugged her from behind. “Michael, are you hard again?”

“Fuck yeah I’m hard!” He stepped back and started to stroke himself. “I haven’t been this hard this long since I don’t know when. What do you say, want to do it again?”

“Michael, you are such a horny bastard. Why don’t you take a break? We’ve got 4 more days together. Take a swim and cool off.”

Rejected, he walked to the stern and jumped into the water.

Bonnie said “I can’t believe his stamina. I don’t think I got 2 hours of sleep. He wanted to fuck all night!”

Kathy said “He’s like an animal when you let him get away with it. I just tell him ‘NO’ and make him leave me alone.”

“So, what about you two, did you guys sleep or have you been out here all night?”

I replied “Yeah, we did. We went to bed right after you did and slept beautifully.”

“So Kathy, did you enjoy last night?”

“I did, your husband is a good lover.”

Bonnie came over and gave me a kiss. “Yes he is, he’s such a good boy!” She leaned and kissed Kathy and said “Come with me. Let’s go make the boys some breakfast and we can talk.”

I watched the girls head into the galley and wondered what their conversation would be like. Michael climbed back on board and sat down opposite me. He had a huge smile on his face. “Did you get Kathy to take it in the ass?”

“No Michael, I don’t think she’s ready.”

“So what did you do?”

“Check out her bush. I shaved her. She’s pretty clean now, and her clit is so fucking sensitive. She came so many times that I lost count. How can you NOT like to lick that thing?”

“Fuck man, she won’t blow me so I won’t lick her! Besides, I’ve been trying to get her to go bald for a long, long time! I’ve always told her that Bonnie’s bald thing looks great! Let’s make yours look the same. But no, she wouldn’t do it. So case closed!”

“Michael, you are such a dick head! Well, now she’s shaved, and she likes kocaeli anal yapan escort to swallow. You owe me big time! What about Bonnie, isn’t she great?”

“She’s fucking unbelievable! Whatever I tried she didn’t object! I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t want the dream to end. You’re one lucky fucking guy!”

“So, isn’t this kind of exciting? Imagine being in a room with a bunch of Bonnie’s! The only problem is trying to decide who to do next. So, don’t press her! She’s a different woman today than she was yesterday, and she may surprise you tomorrow. So be patient and just see what happens.”

“Well you’ve been right so far so I’ll try to be patient.”

A little while later the girls brought us food and fresh coffee. I ate a few bites then went into the galley to make Mimosa’s. Bonnie began to talk about what we should do today. Go into town or just hang out. The consensus was we would just hang out.

Michael looked at his wife’s lap and put his hand on her leg. He said “I like your trim!” He moved his hand up between her legs and started to caress her sex. She slapped his arm and said “Down boy! Finish your breakfast like a good little boy.”

After cleaning up the cockpit and washing the dishes, we all went for a swim. There was a little grab ass going on and it wasn’t hard to guess what our hands were doing beneath the surface. When we got back on board we gathered our day bags and retired to the fore deck trampoline to soak up some rays. The girls spread out the seat cushions from the cockpit and covered them with towels. The laid down and began reading their books while Michael and I played some dominoes. After an hour or so Michael said “So Bonnie, I just remembered. You promised to shave me today.”

She looked at him and said “Are you sure you want me to have a razor that close to your dick? I didn’t sleep very much last night and might be looking for revenge!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it myself.” He got up and went to get his stuff and sat on the stern to take care of business. The rest of us just relaxed, enjoying the day. 10 minutes or so later he returned. Loudly he stated “I’m hungry!” He went over to his wife and gently spread her legs as he moved towards her. He started to finger her and said “Can I eat you?”

“Are you sure it’s me you want?”

“Oh yeah lover, you look so sexy with your bush trimmed and I’ve tried to be patient but I just can’t wait!”

She put down her book and said “Bonnie and I were talking while we put breakfast together. She suggested that I try something new . . . use this on me while you eat me.” She reached into her bag and pulled out Bonnie’s Roger Roadie. She handed it to Michael. His eye’s lit up and he said “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talk’n about!”

This looked like it might be fun. I moved over next to Bonnie for a better view.

He began to lick his wife’s labia and worked up to her clit. Then he brought the toy to her opening. He began to shove it in and she said “Whoa boy, how about a little more foreplay before penetration?”

So he stopped and went back to just working with his mouth.

Bonnie said “Michael, you have the sensitivity of a pimp and the touch of a gorilla! Here, let me show you how to do it.” She moved towards Kathy and Michael moved aside. “Is it okay if I show Michael how a woman likes it?”

Kathy looked Bonnie in the eye, hesitated and then said “After all you’ve done for me so far, I wouldn’t think of saying no.”

Bonnie crawled closer to Kathy and said “Michael, a woman is delicate. Try a little tenderness . . .” She moved forward and used her tongue to separate Bonnie’s labia. “Uuummmm, you taste divine!” Then she sucked on one lip, licked again and sucked on the other.

Michael and I were both hard again and I began to lightly stroke myself, glad to see that Kathy was still going with the flow. She had her eyes closed and it sure looked like she was enjoying Bonnie’s attention.

Now Bonnie was working on Kathy’s clit. Alternating between flicks with the tip of her tongue and sucking her. “Now Michael, let me have Roger. Like I said before, I think you’ll enjoy this.” She brought the head to Kathy’s opening and lightly moved it up and down between her labia. Man was Kathy wet! “Michael, don’t just shove it in, tease her. . .” She inserted the helmet and held it there while she went back to suckling Kathy’s clitoris. Now she began to slowly insert a little more of her toy and worked it in and out, just a little at a time. Kathy was tweaking her nipples and making pleasure noises. Now Bonnie had about 1/3 of it in her and Kathy opened her legs wider. “It’s so big! Oh yeah, that feels so good! More, more, give me more! Don’t stop licking me!”

Now Michael and I were both stroking ourselves aggressively, loving this izmit yabancı escort little exhibition.

Bonnie increased the rate of penetration. 2 strokes, 2 more inches. . . Now over half of it was in and it would all be in before long. She lengthened the strokes so that it came half way out and then went another inch deeper. Now she had 10” in! Kathy had reached behind her and was bracing herself against the edge of the hull to push against the penetrations. She was really getting into it.

Bonnie lifted her head and used her finger to stimulate Kathy’s clit. She said “Tell me when you’re going to cum.” She moved her finger down and soaked it with Kathy’s mucus. When it was soaked she pulled it away and returned to licking Kathy’s clit.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, nice and slow. I’m almost there!”

Bonnie’s finger moved below the dildo and I knew what was coming. As Kathy tensed and raised her pelvis up into Bonnie’s face, Bonnie used her soaked finger to enter Kathy’s ass. Slowly but deliberately she pushed it all the way in. Kathy reacted by saying “Oh my god that feel’s so fucking great!” She grabbed Bonnie’s head and held on tight as she bucked and humped Bonnie’s face and had a powerful orgasm.

When Kathy settled down and released Bonnie’s head, Bonnie withdrew her finger and moved up to Kathy’s mouth. She tenderly kissed her and I watched as they seductively tongued each other.

Bonnie rolled over onto her back and said “Now Michael, it’s your turn. Let’s see if you learned anything.” She spread her legs and fingered herself. Michael moved between her legs and used his tongue to replace her fingers.

I watched as Kathy reached down and slowly pulled Roger out of her self. “It’s so fucking big! I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Bonnie, how could you take one like this up your backside?”

As Michael worked on her, Bonnie was lying there with her eyes closed. She said “The boys were so gentle when they first introduced anal sex. After that first time I learned that I liked it. And it was then that I realized that if they were willing to seduce me so gently, I wanted to please them. And why can’t a woman use men as toys the way they use us?” She pushed Michael’s head away and sat up. “So once I decided that I was going to let Roger have me I just worked my way up to him by letting bigger and bigger guys have me first. Then it was just so sensual and fulfilling. I was so turned on by the attention all of the men were providing me. It was such a turn on to have everyone’s attention on me. Buy the time he decided to enter me I knew I could do it.”
Michael reached over to pick up her dildo and said “Can I use on you? I’d love to see you take it all!”

Bonnie said “Sure, but this isn’t about you so I expect you to get me off.” She reached into her bag and brought out her lube. “Remember Michael, slowly, gently.” She handed him the tube.

His eyes lit up as he accepted it. He opened it and spread some onto the tool. Bonnie rolled onto her stomach and rose up onto her knees. She spread her knees apart and leaned back. Michel was on his knees and he moved close behind her as he brought the head up to her anus and rubbed it around, spreading the jelly. He slowly pressed it forward and we watched the head slip in. He pressed it forward and it was funny to see the look of concentration that showed on his face. Kathy had turned around and was lying on her side. She had positioned herself so that her head was now behind Bonnie and she was watching with obvious interest. I moved behind her, took her hand in mine and moved it to my penis. She absent mindedly began to slowly stroke me.

“Michael, pretend that it’s you who’s in me. Stroke it like you would if you were fucking me.” He began to push it further in and pulled it back just slightly. With each stroke he was penetrating more than he was retreating. “Oh yeah Michael, just like that. Now play with my pussy!” He used his free hand under her and fingered her. “Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck my ass!” Now his eyes were wide as he inserted more and more of her toy into her. It was over half way in and I felt Kathy increase the speed of her strokes. He was intent on his take and it wasn’t long before the whole of it was inside of her. She reached back and held it in as she rolled over onto her back. “Hold it in while you lick my pussy Michael, make me cum!” He was stroking his dick as he lent down and brought his free hand to the base of her toy. Then he put his mouth to her sex. He opened his mouth and greedily began to suck on her lips as he ate her. “Slowly Michael, tenderly, make love to my pussy.” He slowed a bit and used his tongue to split her labia. “That’s better, oh yeah baby, that’s better. I’m so full and it feels so good!”

I reached forward and began to fondle Kathy’s tit. Then I let my hand move slowly down her front towards her cunt. She spread her legs as I got close and I slid my fingers between her drenched lips. I inserted a finger, then two and then I brought them to her lips. She greedily sucked on them.

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