Older Sister Stays with Me

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For the second time today my phone rang and it was my older sister Riley. This time I decided to answer as she rarely spoke to me and this was a sign that I needed to answer. “Hey bro, thanks for picking up. I really need to talk to you”. Oh no, this was gonna be about money. Now I regretted my actions.

“Do you still have a roommate?” No I answered, thank God that fool and his dog moved out. The guy drove me crazy! Why?

“I need a place to stay for a couple week until my next paycheck and then I can rent a room.” I was feeling loving at the moment and her tone of voice told me to say yes. Riley and I got along for the most part growing up but I had pretty much parted ways with all blood related family members after I became an adult.

I told her she was welcome to stay but no animals! Her dog had recently been hit by a car so that wasn’t going to be an issue. I pretended to care but actually felt better about her staying after hearing that. (Sorry dog!).

Riley is tall for a female. (5’9”) ALL LEGS. She is a good looking woman. I remember when I was about nineteen I walked in her room without knocking and saw her dressing. She had the perkiest tits I had ever seen. Her nipples were big and puffy and her breasts shaped like banana’s. It made me hard almost immediately and honestly I had jerked off to that image in my head many times over the years.

Later that day when I got home from work I quickly cleaned the apartment as my excitement grew. I only had one bathroom so we would have to share to some degree. I had begun plotting how I would get her to show me that body once again.

Riley is a beautiful woman but rarely has a boyfriend. She’s a bit on the crazy side and never lets men get to close to her.

As I was vacuuming the bedroom carpet I heard the bell ring! I wasn’t wearing a shirt and had been working on my body for the last year and wanted to show off. I opened the door and there she was, looking fine as hell! She wore a white t shirt that was tied in the front and short black shorts showing off her legs. She had several bags with her and was struggling holding them. I grabbed what I could and we both laughed at how awkward she was trying to hold them all. As she bent down to drop a few bags for me to carry I immediately got a view down her shirt. Bingo, I saw most of her breast, no bra, This sent chills down my spine, I wanted her so bad.

I went back to cleaning and allowed her time and space to get comfortable. We would occasionally talk from across the room to catch up on our lives. I hadn’t spent much time in person or over the phone with her in the last couple years. The few times I would pass her room I would peek in and shake my head at her body. 26 years old and she was in her prime for sure. She had no idea I was attracted to her like this and because she stood the other direction unpacking, I was able to stare and actually rub my dick through my shorts which thickened me up pretty quick. I needed a release ASAP. I would do anything to play around with her!

The first couple of days went by without any interaction, I was busy with work and she was out looking for a place to rent and also spend time with friends she hadn’t seen in some time. It wasn’t until Friday evening when I got home that I saw my first chance with her. ankara escort She came home having had a few drinks and was acting very silly. It brought a smile to my face as I was happy the work week was over and glad she chose to spend her weekend evening with me. I asked her if she wanted to go hit up the hot tub in the complex. She thought that would be fun but she didn’t pack a bathing suit. I offered that she could just wear a t shirt and shorts. She quickly agreed and I was off to my room to change. We headed over to the clubhouse and found a few people in the tub. Thankfully it was huge and room for more. My sister was not the shy type and got right in. I could tell right away that she wasn’t wearing a bra. In fact I could see dark circles and pointy nipples the moment her breast came back up from under the water. This was the moment when she caught me looking. She could see the look in my eye and knew she had a younger brother in lust.

She must have liked it because she paid no attention to the other people in the tub. Just kept dipping up and down in the water and arching her back to give me the best view of her perfect tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. I wanted to pull my dick out and whack off all over her right there. It felt like my cock was going to explode it was so full with blood.

I enjoyed the show more than I can explain to you. And it was obvious she did to because she couldn’t stop staring at my crotch which had grown quite a bit over the years. I knew I was larger than most men. I have about 8 inches going and the best part is, I have a very thick dick. So much so that it made me a confident man. Women would see it and make a huge deal out of it. I couldn’t wait to “accidentally” show it to her.

We had a lot of fun in the tub but was over it and headed back to the apartment. Riley grabbed my hand as we walked and held it. It felt odd to be honest but I didn’t pull away because it felt good. I was so horny for her. She expressed to me how thankful she was that I gave her this break and allowed her to stay. When we walked in the door, still dripping wet, Riley took off her shorts by the front door. I stood behind her and looked at her beautiful ass in her panties. It was so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. This girl wasn’t shy at all around me and I couldn’t wait to see what was next. She hurried off to the bathroom to dry off while I grabbed a drink from the fridge. As I passed the bathroom with the door wide open I glanced in and she was going to the bathroom with no bottoms on. I could hear her peeing and got a quick view of her pussy as she was spread eagle. She had on just a wet t shirt that was stuck to her body. Her nipples were rock hard. I decided it was her doing to keep the door opened and wanted to test how “open” she was. I leaned against the door and started asking her about dinner plans, just to see if she would tell me to get the heck out!

Instead she ran through some food ideas and kept peeing. Once she finished she wiped her pussy right in front of me. She stood up and looked into the mirror to fix her hair. I couldn’t take my eyes off her bare ass. She noticed and made it even more fun by taking her shirt off. I was in heaven. She concentrated on what she was doing and let me have all the looks I wanted. I watched escort ankara her tits shake and bounce as she put her hair in a bun. She would glance over through the mirror to see how much I was watching. I was hard as a rock by this time.She kept looking down at my shorts to see what she could make out. I knew tonight would be fun!

Finally she told me to get out and made some gestures while holding her tits like, stop checking me out you perv! I went to my room and got it the shower. I left the door opened to my room and bathroom in hopes she would come in. While I was washing my hair with shampoo she yelled something from the door. I took that opportunity to ask her to grab me a towel and told her I couldn’t hear anything she said. A minute later she was leaning against the counter in the bathroom near the shower and making small talk, asking me about work and my life. I knew it was my best shot to show her my cock as it was thick and excited. I opened the shower curtain slightly and asked for the towel. My eyes were covered with shampoo so I kept them closed but I made sure my cock was fully exposed to her and I decided to not hide it anytime soon. She was very quite as she handed me the towel.

A few seconds later after I rinsed off my hair I could see her through the curtain getting ready to get in the shower. She yelled over the water that she was coming in with me. My heart began to race. I didn’t say a thing, just waited for her. She opened the curtain and as she got in she made light of the situation and even reached out and grabbed my dick and shook it while saying, “keep that huge thing to yourself buddy!” It felt amazing having her grab it. She didn’t let go right away either which made me grow even larger. I couldn’t help myself, I had to touch her. I switched places with her so she could have some hot water and I grabbed the soap to be the nice guy and scrub her body down. She was all for it as she put her hands on the wall to brace and even spread her legs for me. I took that opportunity and began touching her all over. I rubbed her perfect ass first. Deep cleaning and massaging, I knew she liked it. I could hear noises and panting coming from her.

When I was done washing her there I moved up her back and was totally turned on because I got a great side view of her breasts. I couldn’t help myself and began rubbing them from behind her with soap. Because I had to be closer to reach them, my dick kept touching the crack of her ass. She didn’t move an inch! I was very hard by this time so with my cock straight up and down I let it rest in between her soapy butt crack. I moved it up and down to gain some friction. I couldn’t believe this was happening. No words being spoken just pure lust taking over.

After molesting her body I wanted to give her a break and told her it was my turn to get some of that hot water! She agreed and switched me places. She grabbed the soap and started scrubbing my back. She washed my ass real good which felt amazing and then slapped my butt and told me to turn around.

I did as she said and she soaped up her hands really good and went straight for my fat dick. She grabbed it firmly with one hand and with the other she washed my swollen balls.The entire time she kept her eyes on mine. I had no shame and just played with her ankara escort bayan tits while she rubbed my cock. It was obvious her intentions were to milk me. Pure bliss was setting in. I knew she thought the world of the size of my dick and it would lead to other things after the shower. She stopped short of letting me cum and decided she wanted to get out. I was disappointed but I was focused on getting off so I got out right behind her.

She dried off with me doing the same right behind her and when she began walking for the bedroom door, I grabbed her and pushed her onto my bed.

She submitted completely, not even turning around. I climbed on top off her bare ass and started slowly grinding her with my still rock hard cock.

I knew it was on when she began sticking her butt in the air accepting what I was doing. I reached down and felt her pussy sopping wet. I waited no longer and took the head of my dick and rubbed it on her opening. She reached back and tried to grab me closer to her. I went in deep.

Let me just say, my sister had the nicest feeling pussy I had ever been in. She was so tight I thought I could lose it right away. She was warm and it felt so soft. I just melted inside of her. She told me to fuck her. She almost sounded desperate. She came up onto all fours and told me to pound her hard. I reached down and cupped her tits and went to work. It wasn’t but thirty seconds in she was screaming and cumming on me. It was obvious she hadn’t had a cock like mine before. I pulled her hair and chocked her from behind and she loved it all. I wet my thumb and stuck it just inside her asshole and she about lost her mind!

I felt myself getting close and didn’t want any of that so I told her to turn around. Once she did I had the pleasure of sucking on her perfect tits for the first time ever. She rubbed her fingers through my hair as I sucked deep on her rock hard nipples. She grabbed my cock and put it back inside her, hungry as hell I could tell. I was ready to go back to working that tight pussy. I worked my hips to make sure I hit the walls of her pussy and give her the best fuck she’s ever had. She grabbed me close and told me she was cumming “so fucking hard”. This made me lose my mind and not but a few seconds later, I came inside my hot older sister’s pussy, filling her up. I just laid there on top of her, resting against her perfect chest. She scratched my back and let me keep my cock inside of her until it was completely limp.

It was the best fuck I had ever had as well. We spent the next two months of her extended stay fucking all over the apartment. She couldn’t get enough of my dick. It was a little strange to make out with her but every time either one of us would get close to cumming, we would deep french kiss. I loved having her stay. Best pussy ever! We never spoke about what we were doing outside of the bedroom. We acted like nothing ever happened. And that’s what made the sex so good. Secret lovers. Till this day, several years later, she comes over at least once a month to bang. She has a steady boyfriend now but not one visit has ended without her getting fucked hard by me. No words, she just takes her pants off and sucks me hard before getting on top. I love every second of it. I even make her call out her boyfriends name while we fuck. She loves role playing with me and we have the dirtiest conversations when I am inside of her that she her off…

I look forward to the years to come of fucking my beautiful sister and love that she can’t get enough of my fat cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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