One Night of Pleasure

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After a long, boring day at work, I decided to go out to the club “Insomnia” to let off some steam and may be even get some slut to suck my cock. It’s been awhile since my pecker has had a good sucking and I still haven’t found a woman who could stuff all 11 inches of me into her mouth.

As I entered the club, I looked around and saw that it was wall-to-wall people. Over half of them were female, though. ‘I’m gonna have fun tonight.’ I thought to myself.

I started to make my way to the bar through the web of people dancing in front of me when I saw her. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life. She was wearing tight leather pants and a sheer, black top. Her voluptuous breasts were overflowing her black bra. Her long blond hair was thrashing about as she danced to the loud music blasting over the speakers.

I just stood there, watching her tight ass bump and grind to the music and could feel my cock start to grow. ‘I have to have her.’ I thought to myself and headed toward her.

She never saw me coming as I came up behind her, put my hands on her gyrating hips and pressed my pelvis against her rubbing my hardening cock on her ass. She placed her hands on mine and began grinding her bottom harder onto my bulge. She then began sliding my right hand slowly up her torso and to her breast.

I started to massage her tit with the palm of my hand while pinching and squeezing her pert nipple between my first finger and thumb. She rested the back of her head against my shoulder and I slowly glided my left hand around her waist and between her legs rubbing her crotch. I felt like I was going to explode when she turned around and rested her cheek against mine.

“I’ll meet you outside.” She whispered in my ear. The warmth of her breath on my ear made me even harder and she licked my earlobe before leaving. All I could do was watch her firm, tight ass walk away before regaining my senses and followed her.

As I walked out of the club I looked around for her and saw her standing by a car waiting for me. She motioned for me to join her and I did.

“Let’s go to my place.” She said. “I’ll show you a real good time.”

We got into her car and she started driving. All I could do was stare at her luscious red lips wanting to slide my manhood in her mouth and down her throat.

To my surprise, she took her right hand off pendik escort the wheel and began to rub my dick through my jeans. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and I could tell she had done this before.

We pulled up the driveway of her place and were barely in the front door before she attacked me with her mouth. Her tongue exploring mine as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles exposing my hard cock and down on her knees she went.

She started to tickle my balls with her long nails and gently licked the head of my penis. I ran my hands through her golden locks putting pressure on the back of her head letting her know I wanted to fuck her mouth and she obeyed. Her lips parted and took about half of my erection in her mouth and slowly began to suck. She swirled her tongue around the head sending shots of pre cum into her warm mouth. She slid her lips further and further down my staff and I could feel my head touching the back of her throat.

She then tilted her head up just enough to look into my eyes. She stared at them for a few seconds, gave me a little wink and then shoved the rest of my 11 inches in her mouth. I let out a moan as she began to deep throat me. She bobbed her head back and fourth, sliding all but my head out of her mouth and then taking all of me in again. She continued massaging my nuts and I felt shockwaves of pleasure course through out my body. My knees began to feel weak and I didn’t know how much longer I could stand it.

She could tell I was about to blow my load in her mouth and stopped.

“Oh no. You’re not getting off just yet. We still have lots more to do.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom, which was just down the hall. We reached her bed and she pushed me down. She then started to take her clothes off, slowly, while she did a little dance. She started moving her hips side to side while taking her shirt and bra off. She then turned around, kept her legs straight and pulled her pants down making sure her sexy ass was in my face. I had to fight the urge to cum right there and then.

She finally came to me and pulled my shirt off. Seeing this incredibly sexy woman standing naked in front of me made my dick hard to the point of pain. I couldn’t take it any more and gently pushed her down to her knees again wanting her to continue deep escort pendik throating me.

She took this cue and immediately began to suck again. She again began to tickle my testicles with her nails. She sucked me off mercilessly and I could take no more. A thunderous orgasm traveled through out my body making me quiver. I could feel my sticky cum shoot down her petit throat and she swallowed every drop of it. She slid all but the head of my member out of her mouth sucking it clean making sure there was no trace of my cum left on it. She smiled as she licked her lips and I just collapsed onto the bed.

After a couple minutes, I finally caught my breath and sat up. I was amazed to see that she was now laying on the floor; her legs spread wide open and her playing with her bald pussy. Her finger was gently caressing her snatch and her pussy lips glistened as she spread her vaginal juices over them.

My dick began to harden again as I heard her softly moan as she slid two fingers inside her cunt. Her left hand continued to fuck her engorged cat while she massaged her large tits with her right hand. I had to taste that sweet pink pussy and lay down between her legs. I replaced her hand with my mouth and began to lick the entire length of her cunt. Slowly gliding my tongue between the folds and sucking on her pert clit, she bucked her hips and let out a loud continuous moan as a river of cum came flowing out of her.

I then shoved three fingers inside her pussy, hard, ramming them in and out. I could feel her walls enclose around them as she reached her climax yet again. Her arms and head were flailing about as she was overtaken with pleasure.

When she was finally calm, I crawled between her legs letting the head of my dick rub gently against her clit. I placed my face next to hers and whispered, “Are you ready for my big cock?”

She answered by thrusting her hips up forcing me inside her letting out a soft moan as I entered. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she lifted her ass to keep our rhythm together. My mouth was just over her left breast so I stuck my tongue out and softly licked her perky nipple. She ran her fingers through my hair letting me know she was enjoying this.

I gradually increased the speed of my humping, thrusting harder and harder into her cunt. She was moaning louder, now, and biting on her bottom lip to keep from pendik escort bayan screaming. I then took her nipple in my mouth and began to nibble on it.

“Harder. Harder.” She moaned. And I obliged. I started biting her nipple as hard as I could, thinking she would scream for me to stop, but she did just the opposite. This seemed to please her even more. I could feel her body quake under me as she came yet again.

I’d never seen a woman cum so much before. I figured this one would have done it and she would be done for the night, but I was wrong. Instead, she had me get off of her and she crawled over to the bed. She laid her torso on the bed, keeping her feet on the floor as spread her legs a little.

“Get over here and fuck my ass.” She commanded.

I did as she said, but wanted to tease her a little first. I gently kissed each butt cheek while putting pressure on her clit. My thumb made little circular motions on her nub as I slid two fingers inside her love canal. I then began to slide my tongue slowly up the crack of her ass, stopping to insert my tongue into her rectum for only a second. She moaned at this and I knew she wanted more.

With the fingers of my left hand still fucking her tight little slit, I put a little pressure on her sphincter to get it to relax a little. When I felt she was ready, I slowly began to slide my tool in her tight rosebud. She let out a scream and I sat motionless as to let her small hole get used to my size. She then rocked her hips back and fourth to let me know she was ready for my full length. With that, I shoved the rest of my cock up her ass. It felt so good to finally be inside her ass that I came instantly, but rather than my dick softening, it became harder than before. I slid all but the head out and then rammed it her again.

I reached up and began to fondle and pinch her perky nipple.

“Oh yeah. Fuck my tight little ass with your big cock, daddy. Fuck me. FUCK ME!” she yelled.

She grunted and growled as I pounded her ass as hard as I could and I could feel the cum rising in my manhood. She let out a loud scream and started to convulse as she started to cum again. I jammed my cock in her ass harder and faster as I exploded into her body.

When the last little bit of cum shot out of me, we collapsed onto her bed. I sat up and looked at her now red ass and saw my warm stickiness trickle out of her and on to the sheets.

“I told you I’d show you a real good time.” She said with a wide grin on her face.

“Yes you did, baby.” I replied and then drifted off to sleep.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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